Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another boring day...

I know I didn't write this when it actually happened but about a month or two ago, my dad got me a heater! ^^
It was extremely useful since it got really cold from the last couple months and so I'd use it at night. The little Suppo-chin took a liking to it. x3

She likes the fireplace too but it's broken right now so she has to take the heater. lol
I still think this pose is so funny. xD

Since I'm already on a roll with my doggie pictures, here's a couple more cute/funny poses!

She looks up...

And goes back to sleep. lolz .......... I love my dog.

I was going to upload this picture on the last post but I was too lazy. See, I did buy a $30 perfume if u didn't believe me last time. To the right is my fav lipstick so far. It's a light nude pink color from Revlon and I got it on sale for around $2. Further right is the origami star thing I finished. Thanks to Aunty Shari who got me the cute star glass bottle. On the left is the green bear thing that I bought a long time ago and it's holding the egg that my cuz Brandon got me. hehe, I'm so sentimental.

Today I was pretty bored so I took my dog for a walk and then just cooked stuff. I made somen salad, miso shiru, and rice. Wooooooooooooooooo-!!!! Asian sensation~!!! v@o@v
I *accidentally* put too much miso in the miso shiru so I had to dump some out and then add more water. It was kind of a pain in the butthole.
And when I was getting ready to chop up the lettuce for the somen salad, there was a caterpillar on the lettuce. I was sort of grossed out since I watched animal planet before and got paranoid out about finding sliced up snail in the lettuce and getting encephalitis and dying. o_O
I washed the lettuce extra good.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Internet obsessions, all-nighters, and other stuff..

I haven't really updated with whatever I was shopping for recently so I'll be writing an entry for that.

About a month ago, I went to a local target and bought a harajuku perfume in the love scent. At first I really didn't care for it but I eventually got used to it. >.>
Now I really like the smell. lol
It has a distinct flower scent and like most of the other scents of Harajuku Lovers, there's a slight initial smell of alcohol when first sprayed... but it goes away afterward.

The thing cost me about $30 but I think it's worth it. The smell lasts for a REALLY long time. I put some of this perfume on my jacket and it's been a couple months and the smell hasn't faded off yet. It's also a nice collectors item if you like kawaii doll things. x3

Online, I got really obsessed with Vocaloid. I knew it existed for some time from that Miku icon. I did wiki the thing but I didn't really understand WHAT vocaloid was. Fate has it, I was watching a yt vid on how to color on Sai and this very addicting song was playing. I figured out where the song was from and it happened to be a vocaloid song by Miku (Last night, Goodnight <-- very addicting song)! 0.0 From there, I just went ahead and searched up all these other vocaloid songs and there you have it! My obsession with vocaloid at its best~! After listening to most of them, my favorite vocaloid is Gakupo. I love Gackt so it's not exactly surprising. x) I also like Kaito and Meiko. Although I don't like many of Meiko's songs. She's not the most popular vocaloid but her voice is nice. Today..... or yesterday, I pulled an all-nighter. I didn't get to bed by 4am so I decided to just suck it up and stay awake. I did this on Saturday too but I crashed around noon since I wasn't doing anything. -___-v I suppose that's what messed me up for today. Well, no naps or I'll just have to force myself to go to sleep early tonight. You're probably wondering what I did to keep myself awake. To answer that question, I was watching Avatar (not the movie). It's an awesome series. I can watch it over and over again and not get bored. I also cooked a bit. Made some bagel pizzas. Mmmmmm ^^ I'm pretty awake right now and I'm waiting for Karyn to wake up. She's supposed to be going shopping with me today. My dad made a bet with me that I'll crash this afternoon. He bet me a dollar. Not that I care. I won't be sleeping today. I'm currently searching for this certain kind of jacket. Here's a pic:

Cute ne? I'm getting really tired of my black jacket. It's just so blah and I'm tired of looking so emo. This is my ultimate search item while shopping. Ganba-tte!!! >:o

I've decided to keep one blog

If there's any confusion to why I've bracketed dates from the last 6 or so posts, it's because I've moved all that information from my other blog to this one. There are a few dates out of order within the last couple months.

It's sort of making me torn when I write in blogs if I keep writing in the new one. I dunno.. it's like the feeling of building up on something unnecessary because I already have a blog with quite a bit of seniority over the other. So, I shall continue writing in this blog. ^_^

So pissed today [1-2-2010]

Don't you hate it when little things tick you off? That's what happened to me today. I was all ready last night to wake up early and prepare breakfast and go to work. But, as the universe works, not everything turns out the way you want it to. I woke up late, granted, I didn't have time to pack any lunch and I had to drive the long way to the bus stop, wasting gas. Then, I get on the bus and head to work. I guess it was okay from there. At least I didn't forget the cake I was going to give my co-worker.
Before I go to work, I want to buy lunch so at least I have something to eat. So far, I've only eaten one korokke that someone made. Of course, today is one of the days that Elias decides to call me and ask me to come in earlier. I can't exactly refuse since I'm such a pushover and I know he must be dying of boredom. I go straight to work without buying any lunch. T^T

December Update [12-27-2009]

Today is my last day of work for the week and I'm so happy since Christmas is officially OVER-!!!! ^___^
Now I can focus on New Years, the more important holiday of the month. u.u

I recently found this cool blog with a ton of Japanese recipes. I'll be looking over that for now. Arigatou Maki-Saaaaaan~! I'm excited because I got this idea to make New Year Soba (Toshikoshi Soba) and I do love cooking. Sadly, I've been unbalanced and been mostly baking. So far, I've baked cookies, cakes, and mochi (note: learn to make butter mochi). I should've posted pics on here but the chiffon cake that I attempted wasn't as good-looking as I hoped it would look and with the others, they were nothing new. I still have to perfect the chiffon cake.

Back to the soba, I'm so excited and I can't wait to go to the Pacific Ocean Market downtown to buy ingredients and some other goodies. ^o^

My interests in Japan Deco and fashion have also been revived so I might actually be enthusiastic about shopping for a change! Perfect timing, right after Christmas when all the sales come out!

I finally finished re-reading the last Harry Potter book. My interest in the Twilight books died out while I was reading Breaking Dawn. Then I switched to HP. My only question at the end of that book is where all the people who murdered went when they were killed. Did they go to the happy place Harry went to after they died? That wouldn't make sense since they wouldn't deserve such happiness in the afterlife but then Voldemort's ripped soul was there so I don't know...

This semester of school ended and I'm finally free of artistic obligation. Now I spend my time drawing what 'I' want (which is mostly anime/manga styled drawings) and it has never been better. x3

I took to watching Tenchi Muyo [the original OVA's] with Karyn this past week. This series is hilarious. Me and Karyn were loah (laughing our asses off) the whole time. You can say we were re-fueling our 'Asian Sensation'. We also listened to Big Bang and Gakupo Vocaloid throughout the night while I drew anime. lol

We both sort of got out of the drama watching phase although Karyn is nagging me at night to watch dramas. The thing is, I haven't found a decent drama for a long time and have yet to search for another one that's worthy of our time.

I'm really proud of myself right now since I sent Grams a New Years letter. I haven't written to her in a long time and I feel somewhat bad about it. Buuuut.. she's never really written back so can you blame me? It's sometimes difficult to get the motivation to write to someone whom you dont' know if they care or not whether you're writing to them.

That's about it for now. Cooking/baking, anime/manga, dramas, music, and shopping. That's my life for now.

Awesome drama ToGetHer [11-1-2009]

Okay, to be truthful, I had to try watching this again after the first time because when I first watched this drama, I got really bored and didn't even get through episode 1. This is one of those dramas where you sort of have to stick it out in the beginning until the real action starts which is towards the ending of ep 1. It's not too much of a wait. :)

The story starts off with Momo (Rainie Yang), an agoraphobic otaku who's walking home with a life size Prince Kashaba anime cardboard figure. She's going back to her apartment complex. Somewhere else in Taipei, celebrity Mars (Jiro Wang) is going through problems with negative publicity and he's losing his house and many other assets of his once successful life. His manager who's also his best friend eventually rents him a room at an apartment. Mars is also forced back into school by his manager and eventually runs into Momo. He pisses her off by signing her Prince Kashaba manga book. Little does Momo know that the apartment room that Mars is renting is in her own complex and she's the landlord!

These two butt heads throughout the entire series with Momo gradually giving Mars advice that she learned from her Prince Kashaba manga. There's also the 'other guy,' Jia Sen (George Hu), Momo's long time childhood friend who has "the intelligence of an 8-year-old" and an undying crush on her.
This is a very heartfelt type of drama and it has a lot of dramatic points that bring you to tears. I really do recommend it because it's cute and has a ton of great themes and morals to learn.

Jiro Wang is sooooooooooooooooooooo hawt!!! Rainie is so lucky! x3

My long weekend [10-13-2009]

I was so surprised at how long this past weekend lasted. I think it's due mostly to the fact that I woke up super early. xD
On Friday, it was a fairly normal, boring day, just chillaxing after the week of school. Then Saturday rolled by as usual and then on Sunday, that's when things got interesting. I woke up a lot earlier than I usually do because I wanted to see my cousin, her bf, his bro, and her kids and have breakfast with them (in case I didn't get a chance to see them again).

I woke up at about 6:00am and got ready to leave by 7:00am. Me, dad, and Karyn drove up to Loveland to pick them up from the hotel they were at. It was a very nice hotel, an Embassy Suites I believe. It was hilarious because I called Tiff when we got there and she didn't pick up her phone a couple times. We found out a little later that they slept in. lol It's funny because it seems like something I might do.

We actually went up to their room to meet them and saw Chuck's brother, Sean first. He was very nice and friendly and then we saw Tiffany, Chuck's parents, and the two kids. They are so cute! I was surprised because Takeo was tinier than I thought he would be. x3

After they came back down with us, we went to a Village Inn and had breakfast there. It was nice and we all caught up on a lot of stuff. Dad was talking to Chuck and Sean a lot about the upcoming Bronco's game. >_>

Once we finished breakfast, we all went back to the house and Tiff and everyone got to see the house and yard. It was a nice visit. It was too bad mom couldn't see Tiffany as she was sleeping. I was surprised that Marc came up out of the dungeon to say hello.

So um, yeah, after that, Tiff, everyone, and Dad went to the Bronco's game and sadly, I wouldn't be able to see them when they got back because I'd be at work.... Although I am proud of myself for waking up early to join them for breakfast (waking up early is really not my thing. I'm a night owl).

My sleeping pattern was REALLY messed up after all of this. I believe it started from Saturday when I went to bed at my usual time and got maybe 5 hours of sleep. The next morning on Sunday, after breakfast, I was somewhat thrown off (any sort of change in my schedule throws me off balance) and went to work. Well, you can leave that to imagination. And then, Sunday night, I think I went to bed REALLY late. I'm seriously not sure why, but I ended up going to bed at about 3:00 in the morning. Then, monday, I wake up at 3:00 in the afternoon. -__-

I have to work on sketches for my painting class so of course with me being a major procrastinator, I end up working on the sketches throughout Monday NIGHT into Tuesday MORNING at 4:00am. At this point, I'm somewhat afraid to go to bed (I might not wake up) and so I go to my mom's bed because perhaps sleeping in unknown territory will make it easier for me to wake up from the alarm. It does work so I get up at about 7:30 and work through the day with 3 hours 30 min sleep. It worked out better than I thought it would, omit my stupid neck cramp that hurts sort of bad when I move too much... And then tonight, I try going to bed really early, 7:00pm in hopes of getting back on a good schedule but my sleep is broken and now it's 12:13am and I'm wide awake... Life can be so complicated... Although a good thing that came out of it is that I actually dreamt about something and I'm trying to get ideas for my abstract painting assignment. I dreamt about walking pidgeons [LMAO] so maybe I'll draw weird people walking pidgeons and a mixture of other dream things. lol

My oddly eventful week [9-19-2009]

Miss Saigon

On Tuesday, Sept. 15, I went with Mom and Karyn to the play called Miss Saigon that was playing south in the Arvada Center. It was a rare thing as plays are continuously moving from state to state. I haven't been to a play since I was in elementary or early middle school. I was pretty excited but I didn't expect to be SO impressed by the actors.

They were all very talented and I was so moved! I was teary-eyed on a good few parts and then cried at the tragic ending. It's one of those plays that give you the chills on a lot of parts. I was so into it.

The story of Miss Saigon is about a girl (Kim) that's sold to a whore house in Saigon, Vietnam and she meets this American G.I. soldier because his friend bought her for him. He's initially against the entire whore house thing but after he finds out that Kim is a virgin, he falls for her innocence and purity. The story revolves around Kim and her life of how her love, the American soldier Chris, tries to get her to America with him but fails and her life of waiting for him to return to her and the son she fathered by him. It's a very sad love story.

There was an intermission at the half point of the play so we went out to get some snacks (at Karyn's suggestion). They were somewhat expensive in my opinion but Mom was saying that we have to "support the economy" and "live the moment." She's right in a way, but that's mostly for her case because I'm poor. So, we got, as I remember, Coke, a Twix bar, and M&M's.

Overall, my Mom gave me this wonderful experience and I love her for it. I don't think I would've considered going to a play if she hadn't suggested. We're planning on seeing the Phantom of the Opera play if it ever comes out.

I noticed at the theatre that there were a lot of senior citizens working there. It thought that was interesting, and cute in a way. lol

The ride to Mom's schoolMe, Karyn, and Mom went drove south to her school on Wednesday. It was a far drive, but I do have to get out of our little suburban neighborhood. We were going to go to this Vietnamese restaurant for lunch around there for their yogurt but found out, much to our dismay, that it was a lot farther south than we thought. And not wanting to get caught in unnecessary traffic, we just went to the college, its library, and then headed home.

The library at Mom's school is so quiet, it's uncomfortable. Even then air doesn't seem to move, making the setting stagnant. Not even a breeze. But I bet they don't put a fan in because it would be deemed, 'too loud'. In the end, I didn't enjoy that library much because of the uncomfortable atmosphere of over-seriousness. Not that I'm against it, it's just not my thing. I'm sure that doctors and all those medical people have to study extremely hard with remembering all the scientific info so of course it has to be quiet. But damn, they should crack a window in there!

The school was overall deserted. There was a volleyball group playing on the campus but that was all the action that we got. It was all odd because it was a weekday.

We got what we were looking for there so after that, we headed back home but stopped by an Ace Hardware store to get the Exacto Knife and glue I needed for class. Luckily, they were both fairly inexpensive.

Then we went to Baskin Robins and got ice cream... lol, we're all fattening up for the winter. I dropped mine though, the lower half of the cone. I was so sad.. T.T

I then proceeded by leeching off Mom and Karyn's ice creams. hehehe

Horse Riding

So yesterday, I went to a horse ranch with my dad and sister. It was a very fun experience. I do love my dad for being so outgoing with activities and for taking us to ride horses. He does all the research, directions, driving, planning, everything. He would've made a talented tour guide or host.

So when we got to the ranch, the 'wranglers' picked out our horses. I got this cute horse named Monkey. x3
He was a beautiful black-red color. He liked to eat the grass while we went on the trail. lol
I felt a bit bad for him because our tour guide, Rachel told us that he hadn't been on that hike for the whole summer while all the other horses did. He did a great job though.

The whole while when we were all riding up the mountain, I was feeling so bad for Monkey because he would have to climb up pretty steep rock hills and go down pretty steep rock hills. I was a little afraid that he would slip and we both would go tumbling down the mountain. o_O
But we didn't so I was happy.

The funniest thing though, was that Karyn's horse kept farting! lmao!
And a little insider joke... Well, maybe I shouldn't say. Oh, why not. Karyn herself farts a lot at home and so I was thinking that it was so hilarious that she got paired up with a horse that's exactly like her! Hahahahaa

So, after the horse ride, we went walking around in Estes Park and that was pretty fun. First, we got ice cream from Dairy Queen. Next time, I'll probably tell Dad not to buy from there any more because the cute, independent candy shops also sell ice cream and the diary queen one wasn't all that good. I'm sure Dad thought the same.. There are a lot of old candy shops on that streets and so we went to a few of those and got chocolate strawberries, toffee, and cotton candy.

Dad wanted to go out for lunch there so we went to this restaurant and since I wasn't hungry and try to avoid beef, I had a salad. Dad and Karyn had their burgers and fries.

After all that, we headed back home but stopped by Panera Bread because Dad wanted to get Cheese Bagels for Mom. ^^

That was basically my day. Then I went back home and got a message from my 3-D Design teacher telling me that the class critique would be on Tuesday opposed to my assumed Thursday.. Great...... But it WAS nice of him to give me a notice or else I would've probably gone into class on Tuesday, embarrassed because I'd be the only one with a horridly unfinished project. I did very much appreciate that, even though I would go to the studio in the morning on Saturday to be followed by many unfortunate events.

For an end, I thank my wonderful Mom and Dad for giving me these fun opportunities and privileges to expand my mind.

Books [9-17-2009]

Here's my Twilight obsession at its best. @.@
This book was from a Marshalls that my mom and I were randomly at shopping for a new comforter. This is sooooo a collector's item but it's interesting. Maybe I'll put a picture of the inside one day.

As for the books, I don't think I have the 'collector's' fever there. lol
For the first one, we have the movie picture opposed to the iconic "apple" cover. I've re-read the first two so far.

Oh! There's the last one. xD I usually have at least one book on my bed. I'm currently re-reading Eclipse.

I'm trying to re-read the last HP book but I guess I'm too caught up with Twilight. xP