Saturday, April 4, 2009

Reasons why I dislike my boss at times

I thought I'd make a list to organize my thoughts and also to vent.

1. He makes me feel stupid and unintelligent by comparing me to others.

2. He compares me to my mom, making me feel inferior (as he seemingly has such a friendly relationship with her) which is completely unfair as she has a good 25 years of more life experience than me.

3. He always claims to be "just joking" with me but still his jokes make me feel really bad about myself. To give an example, today, he make a joke that sounded like this:
"I just met this guy, he's a really nice guy, very intelligent! I always thought Japanese people were intelligent, what happened to you?"

3. He always nags about me not answering my phone. When I miss one of his calls, he goes ballistic and tells me that I NEVER answer my phone and bitches about it constantly.

4. He never really listens to me. This includes arguments. He just walks out the shop before I have a chance to say anything. Also, when he's arguing and asking a question like"Why don't you answer your phone?" I give him an answer and then he says "no, no,.." and then repeats the question.

5. He doesn't seem to want to get to know me better at all and improve our manager/associate relationship, linking to the problem with him not giving me a chance to have a good chat with him. I always hoped that he would eventually get to know me better as me and not as some shadow of my mom. It's been three years and not much improvement aside from the fact that he finally calls me by my name.

I'm considering changing jobs but I'll just have to figure out what kind of job exactly would be good to replace this one.

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