Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The day before Christmas

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!! 

I've decided to stick around at home today and tomorrow.  It's just so crowded in stores during Christmas time and I like to avoid the traffic.  xP

I think it's okay to have a simple Christmas.  Today, I vacuumed my room and dusted out my bedsheets.  Doesn't it sound great to sleep in a dust free environment on Christmas eve? lol

At least someone seems happy about it... x3

During holidays or any day where a special dinner is in order, in our family, each of us contributes by cooking or buying at least one dish.  Mom made turkey and chicken.




I made "Vermont Curry."

 "with a touch of apple and honey" 

 It was good but I didn't taste any apple or honey.  Guess you could say it had a hint of sweetness..

I bought Melona bars too.  These things are expensive! 5 dollars for a box of 6!

Almost forgot, my bro bought a spinach pizza.  It had an interesting taste; a combination of spinach puffs and pizza.

Tonight, I'll probably snuggle with Scruffy and watch some Christmas television.  image

Merry Christmas guys and happy holidays! 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Idiot driver making right turn...

Today while I was on my way home from driving my sister to work, I came across one of the most stupid drivers I've ever encountered.  I've been lucky not to run into many crazy drivers in my lifetime but then again, I don't drive much to begin with.

Back to my story, I was on a one lane road, passing a lake with some neighborhoods to my right.  About 5 cars away, I see a large, vehicle... sorry, can't say what kind of car it was but it looked similar in size to a GMC.

So that car looks as if it's waiting to make a right turn into my lane.  I'm driving at about 45mph and that car is slowly inching its way out.  I think that like most cars, it's going to wait until I pass because obviously I have the right of way and I'm clearly in sight.

Right as I'm about to pass that car, maybe 6 feet between me and them, they start to make their turn!  They do this as if I'm not even there.  I'm going too fast to stop, and my mind is in overdrive.  I know that I can't stop, so my best bet is to swerve to the left.

I barely miss hitting them.  Adrenaline is coursing through my veins by now and I'm in fast-n-furious mode.

Looking back in my rear view mirror, I can see that car has stopped mid road with a car waiting behind them.  I find it amusing that they were so shocked.  I mean, they should be.  Their idiocy almost cost them a bad accident.  The hit would have definitely caused them more damage than me as their driver's side was located on the point of impact.

This situation made me feel somewhat triumphant in a way because hopefully, this whole incident could have shaken some sense into this careless person.

I've run into stupid drivers before, and every time, I would be the one having to slam on my breaks or yield to them as they got away with their stupidity, time and time again.

Well finally, for once, I had the upper hand. 

- They would have gotten hurt from this possible accident much more than me.

- They were the one making the wrong move so they can't hold anything against me.

- They had to stop to make way for ME.

And I could see that they were shocked.  Perhaps, shocked at their own great mistake.  They could have gotten severely injured simply because they couldn't take the time to look to their left.

I really hope that this experience has opened their eyes and will make them think before making decisions on the road.  Especially when turning right.

She's eating again! ^^

I've been very happy for these past few days and am so thankful because my dog is finally eating again!  I felt like I had a large weight lifted from me because she's finally starting to recover.  It's one of the worst feelings to see a dog refusing to eat for so long.

Recently we've been feeding her this low fat dog food the vet prescribed us.  She's okay with it but I can tell she really wants the food we used to give her (a mixture of homemade chicken and rice w/veggies).  I'm also glad to see that she's finally starting to drink water on her own.  No more giving her water through a syringe.

She's starting to walk again which is great because she wasn't moving around much for a good 4 days.  On the 5th day, she started accepting food and sitting up.  We were all so relieved.

The weather has let up after a long cold front and my dog is enjoying the warm sunshine.  Dog's always enjoy the simple things in life. ^^

Anyway, thank you so much for listening to my worries if you've been reading.  Lady is doing much better now and I'm feeling so thankful.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sick dog...

Hello again.  These past few weeks, the weather has been relentlessly cold and along with the bad weather came bad news for my dog.

She got sick this past Friday, throwing up throughout the morning and not eating.  We took her to the vet and got the news about her pancreatitis.  They also mentioned issues about her heart murmur and possible kidney issues but she's old, 14-years-old to be exact, and that kind of news doesn't shock me...  I just felt bad for her because the vet told us that pancreatitis can be very painful for a dog.  Anyway, she got prescribed pain, nausea, and antibiotic medications and we took her home.  They told us the only thing we could do was to make sure she didn't eat anything for 48 hours and after that, see if her symptoms improve.

It's been about 4 days and we've been giving her water through a syringe because she eventually refused most of the water we offered her.  She hasn't eaten at all since her diagnosis.  It's so strange not seeing her eat because she's usually so crazy over food.

I've been reading up on pancreatitis and most of the forums say that it really just takes supportive care and eventually, the pancreas should settle down.  The thing that worries me is her loss of appetite.  Luckily, I found a site that talks about what to do with an anorexic (without appetite) dog.  I know it's not a cure or anything but it gives me some hope.  I really don't want to watch my dog waste away to skin and bones if I can help it.

That said, I'm not sure how often I'll be writing on my blog for the time being.  My mind is so occupied with my dog that it's hard for me to think of much else, even Christmas.

Anyway, you all have a wonderful Christmas and I'll be doing my best supporting my dog.  :)

Happy Holidays!

TV Series: Once Upon a Time

'Once' weaves reality with fantasy in a surprisingly effective way.  This show is clever in creating anticipation through the possibility of introducing new fairy tale characters with each new episode.

The protagonist is un-traditionally, not a teenager.  I had expected someone younger with the fairy tale theme tending to use younger actors for the protagonists in media.  Well, 30 is the new 20, right?  The story starts with Emma Swan (played by Jennifer Morrison) alone on her birthday and she just turned 28.  She's conned by her biological son to visit the elusive town of Storybrooke, located in a distant corner of Maine.  The inhabitants of this town are are under a powerful curse by the Evil Queen and cannot leave or else, "bad things happen."

Despite Emma's persistent furrow in her brow, I'm very charmed by all the actors in the show, including her.  I especially like the character Rumpelstiltskin.  He has a great back story and I'm glad the writers gave him a "more-than-meets-the-eye"kind of appeal.

Robert Carlyle does an excellent job with his part as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold.  He creates an interesting sociopath of a character.  Although initially appearing creepy and hostile, this version of Rumpelstiltskin is hiding something deep down so we can't label him as simply, evil.

The same can be said of the Evil Queen/Regina played magnificentally by Lana Parrilla.

This woman is great at making herself appear sweet and genuine but then turn around and immediately change her demeanor to a grade-A cold hearted b*tch!

It's amusing to watch her and I'm amazed at how she toys with my emotions.  She can really make me hate her in one moment but in another, make me feel sympathy.  That's a talented actress for you.

And she plays the part of the possessive adoptive mother so well!  She's in a consistent cat-fight with Emma over Henry (pictured right) throughout the show because he's Emma's biological son and Regina's adopted son.  Speaking of Henry, he sure is annoying in the first few episodes.  Not intolerable, but annoying.  So annoying, that there were moments where I wanted to punch him.

So far, he's been okay.  They've toned down the whole, 'overly-enthusiastic-that-it's-cringe-worthy-kid' act about halfway through the first season.  At least now I have some sympathy for the kid.  That reminds me, I wonder why the writers never elaborate on why Henry is so against Regina, a.k.a. the Evil Queen.  I mean, okay, she's the Evil Queen but she's playing this persona of his adoptive mother and the show has never shown her doing anything to earn his hatred of her...  That makes the first 3-5 episodes all the more frustrating with the confusion over his defiance towards his adoptive mother.

As a final thought, if you think this show promises happy Ella-Enchanted fairy tale land, you'll probably want to find another TV show.  After watching through season one, I can say that 'Once' is quite dark.  Creepy even.  Sure, there are light moments, but of course, towards the end of the season, it gets darker and darker.  It's not unlike a horror movie where you don't want to continue watching it at night but you can't stop because the suspense is killing you.  The story is great.  That, on top of the possibility of a new beloved fairy tale character being introduced will keep you watching.  There's a fair share of blood and gore and towards the end season one and some disturbing crime elements that somewhat creeped me out during the night.

I highly recommend this series to the fairy tale enthusiast and anyone who wants a show that brings an interesting, and darker twist to fairy tales.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Workplace ethic: complainers are endearing?

This is something I've observed over the years of working at a variety of jobs.  There are two people involved in this situation: The enabler and the complainer.

The conversation is usually small talk with the complainer well, complaining in a whiny kind of way, and the enabler smiling, laughing, agreeing, and making it seem like the complainer is the most endearing and interesting person in the world.  I really don't get why this is.  I mean, I don't like listening to others complain all day..  Not in a whiny manner that is.  Maybe it's because I have a more proactive approach to my problems.

I personally don't like this behavior because it reinforces bad work ethic in the workplace and it lowers morale.  This is the evolved complaining culture of America where complaining is a conversational topic anywhere and anytime in a work setting with little to no consequence.  It's non-productive and sadly, contagious. 

It also baffles me why some people actually like these complainers!  They treat them like they're a cute little kid whining about why they don't like something except for the fact that they're a grown adult that honestly, looks ridiculous.  It's really annoying and in a way, frustrating.  It's sort of like being in high school and seeing the stereotypical 'popular kid' win over everyone even though you can see they've got a bad personality.

Does anyone else notice this behavior in their workplace?