Monday, July 30, 2012

Dry summer

It's been quite dry this summer, physically and metaphorically speaking.  We haven't had as many summer storms in the late afternoons.  It's a bit depressing since I do miss the rain.  I remember being in Washington state to visit my dad and sis and it seemed to be always raining there.  Why can't the weather be more balanced? 

Reflecting on what has happened so far, I began my summer going to Hawaii to visit family and we stayed for a week with well planned out activities to keep us occupied.

The we got back, had a nice laid back time in June just doing a whole lot of nothing.  Well, actually we did start to move shit in the house down to the basement because it WAS planned that we would be getting wooden floors in July.  But uh oh!, plans were changed when the damned thing was re-scheduled a whole month later.

So here's all my stuff in the basement including my computer and it's dark and cool down here which I admit, is very nice but it makes me sleep so much longer! D:

I also miss my room.  I go up there sometimes just to hang out because it's like my own sacred space where I can find peace.  

So while I'm in the basement with my sis and bro, mom goes on an obsessed craze painting almost every room in the house.  We sort of just left that to her.  I don't much enjoy painting the house.

Now after mom's painted, she's been a bit more annoying to everyone in the house, grumbling about this and that.  Some of what she complains about is understandable but it seems like she's going overboard.  For example, my dad works all day and when he comes home, all he wants is some TV time and sometimes she complains to him to get up and do something else.  I'm thinking, "WTH?!  He worked the whole damn day.  What does a guy have to do to get some relax time?  Is that so wrong?!"  There's a lot of those kinds of situations.
 It's like the simple activity of watching TV or being on the computer is a sin.  More the TV than the computer.  It makes me start to wish that she was still preoccupied with painting, lol.

Mom also is insisting that I move out with my siblings for the "experience" of moving out.  So basically, a temporary 'live-on-our-own escapade'.

I guess that's something I should be expecting but we're an Asian family with strong culture values.  Moving out when we get married or suddenly have an independent streak is sort of the way things are done.  In this aspect, I wish my mom was more traditional but unfortunately, she grew up in a slightly dysfunctional family.  Tradition isn't really her thing. (-__-)

I wonder why the typical American cultured parents push their children to leave so early.  I mean, kids can be independent if they have a stable job that can support them if they WERE to move out.  I think this is one of the reasons why the nuclear family culture isn't nearly as strong in the USA and why there's so many parents who are in nursing homes.  There's also the problem with American children having bad attitudes compared to other countries and I'm sure this is also because of parents pushing their kids to grow up too fast.  This makes children think they know it all and if they act like smart asses, that makes them more 'grown up'!  Kids these days have to learn to gradually respect their parents.  The longer they are around them, the more they can have more mature influence.  That's just how I feel but it would take a lot more to explain the relation between filial piety and how children grow up to become more mature and respectful people.

Back to the main topic, we may or may not be doing our little temp-move-out in a few months but I always expect the unexpected.  I don't really have such a huge issue with moving out with my siblings.  The only thing really holding me back is my dog.  We've had him for only a year and I love him so much.  I don't want to leave him behind this way.  He's not only my dog, he's my baby.  I just love that little dog to death!  (">^<")

How can I even THINK about leaving this little cutie? (>.<)

I even suggested that I could just pay money as if I were there with my siblings and remain at home with my doggies.  I would even go shopping for food with my bro and sis to help them with meals.  I'm that desperate to stay with my baby doggies.

I have all the skills I would need if I were to live on my own.  I know how to cook, clean, shop for food, do my own laundry, wash my own car, conserve electricity..  Hell, if I don't know how to do something, that's what the internet is for and I ALWAYS use it if I have any kind of question and I mean ANY question, even the stupid ones.

In my honest opinion, the ones who truly should move out and gain these valuable characteristics are my bro and sis.  They both aren't much of cooks, nor do they really clean and respect the space they live in, nor do they give a shit about conserving energy, nor do they even help with taking care of the doggies.  I think THEY should be the ones to move out.  I would go so far as to suggest that I can pay as if I were living with them in an apartment and stay home with the doggies.  I don't think they would go that far.
My parents might need me to help look after the bebes anyway.

Those are my thoughts right now.  I don't want to move out because I want to stay with my bebes.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises :DDDDDD

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OOOOOOOOOOOMFG!!!  This movie was seriously the freaking BEST of the summer!  I don't think anything's gonna top this one.

The theater was pretty crowded seeing that it was only a few weeks after the mass shooting incident (my condolences and prayers go to those victims).  I felt bad for those people while sitting in that dim theater before the movie.  I thought about how horrified they must have felt when the realized that there was a real shooter trying to kill everyone there......  I probably can't even imagine.  They only wanted to watch a good movie!  I find it really sad that there are people in this world who feel like they have the right to take the lives of others, especially innocents.  That man who killed those people, he's not only a murderer, he's a thief.  He didn't just kill them, he also took them away from family/friends who loved them. 

Well, the movie was nothing short of amazing, as expected of Christopher Nolan.  It was spectacular actually.  I went into that movie expecting all kinds of senseless violent scenes with guns galore.  But it actually didn't appear that way to me.  All the action and fighting scenes seemed to have purpose and there was a good amount of hand to hand combat which was cool as I wasn't exactly in the mood to just watch people shooting each other up.

I found it really funny that a lot of the cast from Inception was shifted over into the Batman movie.  I swear I saw like, 4 of them.  I was half expecting to see Leo Dicaprio pop out somewhere.  lol

"Wait a minute..."

  "How can half the cast of Inception be in the movie except me?!"

Sorry Leo...

This film was great because it showed some serious character development from Bruce Wayne.  He seemed so vulnerable and human.  He learned that he had to have fear to become stronger.  I see this theme reoccur in lots of shows.  It's that whole, "Once one accepts their fear, they become a stronger person" type of theme.

I think they look good together, don't you? 

Anne Hathaway did a great job with her catwoman role.  She was baaaaaaaaaaad.  x3  And kicked some serious ass.  I commend her on getting away from her cute princessey roles and evolving into this badass heroine.

Another thing I liked about this movie where the sweet rides.

Especially THIS one~! <3

I'm sure a lot of others noticed this awesome motorbike!  I've gotta get me one of these. xD

Of course I CAN'T forget the sexy and talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt-!!!!!!!!!!! (*__*)

"If anyone's gonna kneel down by a deserted sidewalk looking to the side with a concerned expression while also creating a serious, innocently boyish, sexylicious, AND sophisticated aura..... it's gonna be me sweet cheeks."

"Oh and btw, I''ll probably have my own movie coming up."


Yeah that's right, spoiler alert but the end of the movie hints that JGL is gonna have a big role in possible sequels as Robin.  I couldn't have picked a better actor for that role.

My reaction?








my body is ready Pictures, Images and Photos

JK........... but seriously.



I also saw these two Batman Dark Knight Rises parodies, probably the funniest I've seen so far. xP

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man: A sleek revamp of the series

I went to see The Amazing Spider-Man with dad earlier yesterday and I really liked it!  I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical of Andrew Garfield playing the role of Peter Parker but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he does fit the role, nicely.  I've gotta stop this bad habit, judging before watching, dammit... lol

My dad didn't seem to enjoy this film as much as I did.  He was saying something about it being too similar to the first Spider-Man movie and gave it a 6/10.  I thought, OMG is he serious?!  This film is almost nothing like the first besides the fact that Uncle Ben dies. :\  Some people's powers of observation are sadly weak!  (>_<)

I feel that this film is deserving of a 7 or 8/10.  The pace was a bit slow imo but it was well balanced with action and romance scenes.  It also seemed more innocent and not as emotionally heavy as the first installments of Spider-Man by Sam Raimi.  I think it's because this movie focuses more on Peter Parker's experiences while only in high school.  He doesn't appear to age beyond that in the movie.

For some reason, these scenes with the chick cleaning off wounds of a sexy shirtless guy really turns up the heat.  "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes......!"   (""">3<""")

Speaking of hot, this is one of the scenes that really got to me in a romantic way.  They wouldn't have had to say a single word and just by their actions, I could feel the strong emotions from both of them.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have such amazing chemistry!  This was one of the things that I truly took home from the film.  They make a really nice couple and I mean, REALLY nice.  This film made Andrew Garfield so sexay too!  xD

Overall I thought the cinematography was cool and artistically done.  'Revamped' seems to be a good word to describe this film.  It really does have an updated quality in the scriptwriting AND appearance.

The scene above with the web in the sewer is one of my favorites.  It was a really neat way of showing Peter's more 'spider' side building his web but also using it to find the lizard-man through vibrations with all the different pathways.  Very creative imo, and kudos to whoever thought of this tastefully and resourcefully done scene.

I also found the humor nicely executed in this film.  Especially with the use of technology like in this same sewer scene with Spider-Man lounging on his web playing some kind of game on his cellphone.  lol

I feel like I enjoyed watching Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man because he was so refreshingly upbeat and funny!  He never really seemed to wallow in emo-ness for long.  It was a pretty big change from the more emotional portrayal by Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man.

I found that I liked this more happy-go-lucky, playful, and comedic portrayal of Spider-Man's character.  To me it was a welcome change because who doesn't want a superhero that isn't melancholy all/most of the time?

I look forward to the sequels for The Amazing Spider-Man and hope that Andrew Garfield continues his great new portrayal of a much less emo Spider-Man and of course, Emma Stone can continue doing her thing.  She's great with whatever movie I've seen her in so far being a smart and witty girl.  ;)

K-Dramas on Netflix: Secret Garden

I've started seeing lots of new K-dramas popping up on netflix.  My sis is already addicted to the Boys Before Flowers (BBF) drama, even though she's re-watching the episodes.  When I watch it again, I can see how ridiculous and cheesy the script is.  It's probably the outrageous scenarios that make that drama entertaining.  I also laugh because I wonder if some of the dramas are legit..... because the subtitles for BBF are HUGE, lmao.  Honestly, on some of the wordier parts of the drama, the subtitles literally fill half the TV screen.

Back to the main topic, most of the Netflix K-dramas are the ones I've already watched a while back such as BBF, Winter Sonata, Playful Kiss, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Protect the Boss, Lie to Me, etc.  There's actually a search genre for Korean dramas on the Netflix website I think.  Type in something like Korean TV Shows.

I recently got to watching the one called Secret Garden starring Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin.  To my surprise, I've gotten somewhat addicted to it.  I've gotten to about episode 4 or 5 where they finally have their "soul-switcheroo."

I wanted to mention that when I first saw this promotional picture, I was kind of turned off by it..  It may be because in the deeper part of my conscious, it reminded me of this Taiwanese drama called Meteor Garden with a similar poster layout..  hmmm.

Another funny thing is that when I saw THIS new promotional poster which I did like more, I still thought it resembled another drama's poster, more specifically, You're Beautiful.  lmao  

See the connection?  lol

I didn't think that I would ever see Ha Ji Won again after that flunk of a drama I watched of her when I was in middle school.  It was that drama where she was in Bali and omg, for a drama that started off so good, it ended so badly!  :(

But no matter, the past is past.  I actually find myself liking Ha Ji Won's performances.  She does a pretty great job portraying tough, independent, and sassy 'poor girls'.  I guess it's something about her being pretty yet having a very down-to-earth quality.  It makes her characters a lot more beautiful and real.

Ha Ji Won kinda holds a special place in my heart.  Maybe it's because for me, she's one of the first actresses I've ever watched in a Korean drama, especially a drama that I actually followed when I was only 13-years-old!  Hearts in Bali, why did you fail me???  D:

And the lead male actor!  Hyun Biiiiiiin~~~!!! <3 <3 <3  

I don't think I've ever seen a more handsome Korean actor.  Hyun Bin has this sort of aristocratic quality about him.  So it feels very natural watching him playing these snobby, rich tycoon-type of characters. 

I hear a lot of other drama scripts jokingly quoting him based on his physical attractiveness and now I know why.  This is the first drama I've ever seen him in and he does live up to his reputation! :D  
I mean, have you seen his cheekbones?  I've never seen anything like them!  IMO his face really looks like it was sculpted and chiseled because it's so angular! 

*Sigh* Hyun Bin also has such beautiful eyes..  Oh no, I'm fangirl-ing on him already. 
"I'm sexy and I know it."

Speaking of pleasing on the eyes, I also noticed this other actor in Secret Garden, Lee Philip.


Honestly, the first time I saw him, I thought he looked slightly off, like his eyes were too close together or something, lol.  But then I realized that it's mostly because he's so PRETTY!  
 This dude could seriously pass for a girl.  

I think K-drama producers purposefully make him and any other "pretty-boys" wear their hair long like this because it pleases the fangirls who go for the more feminine look.  And when I say 'pretty', I mean the guys who can pass off as girls with makeup.

I found this online somewhere and it's confirmed it for me; Lee Philip is a true pretty-boy. 

Overall, I really like Secret Garden so far.  It definitely passed my expectations and it's different from other fantasy dramas because it seemed to build the relationship between the two lead characters for a good few episodes before throwing in its fantasy twist.

I hope I can find more good K-dramas like this one to watch on Netflix because it's so much nicer to watch dramas on a big screen TV instead of on my computer. x3

Friday, July 13, 2012

Cooking fried food is a B**CH-!.... But SO worth the efforts.

Yes in every sense of the word, I do mean that.  But in the nicest way possible.

Somehow I got tangled up in making chicken katsu for my bro after another one of his 'deals'.  I went ahead and said I would make chicken katsu within the week.  True to my word, I did.  It turned out great too aside from the fact that I was in the kitchen 5 hours straight cooking AND cleaning.

Here's the results:

I made a double batch so that's probably the reason why I took so long...  But at least the katsu lasted more than a day!

My bro also requested I make korokke which is a Japanese potato mixture shaped into flat ovals, dipped into batter and panko, and fried; it's similar to any other type of tempura except it's potato mix.  I ended up cooking the korokke the next day because I was just too exhausted from cooking the chicken katsu.

The korokke turned out great too but I ran out of panko *waah* so I couldn't fry all of them.  So the first few korokke were the same color and texture as the chicken katsu but all the rest turned out more yellow-ish because of the lack of panko flakes. lol  They all still had the crispy texture so not a total loss if not for aesthetics.

So crispy...  (">w<")

Moral of the story is, frying food is a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.  You might get splashed with oil which hurts like a bitch, have to clean up the monstrous mess you make, and plan to stand up for a loooooong time.  The results are generally always worth your efforts if you plan right but the benefits will be for whoever gets to eat right away; most likely, that won't be you, lol.

I believe I started frying the chicken katsu at 7pm yesterday and didn't get to eat until midnight...  (T^T)
The korokke wasn't nearly as bad with the prepping but I was sad that I ran out of panko and couldn't finish the job with all my little potato patties.

I also made dog food today.  I'm seriously contemplating on buying a vegetable slicer, more specifically, a carrot slicer.  We cut baby carrots to mix into the dog food and to me it's a certain form of torture cutting all those little carrots into tiny pieces..  And when I think about buying a vegetable slicer, I also wonder if I should get a juicer.  I saw it on this show with the girl making fresh juice for her dad and thought that what can be any healthier than making your own fresh juice?  I hope these things don't turn out to be too expensive.  Ugh, I'm trying to save now too, bleeeeeeeh......

Friday, July 6, 2012

My computer reset itself...

I spent all yesterday night trying to do a system restore on my computer and after all those failures, my computer decides to reset itself to factory setting. (-___________-)

Kind of annoying given that I had a ton of pictures and music saved on there but I guess shouldn't consider this such a bad thing.  I mean, I could never really feel safe shutting down my computer without wondering if it would be able to restart again (my computer had issues with restarting).  And I did get to back up a lot of pictures of my dog so it's not a total loss.  And anyway, even though I took tons, literally, thousands of pictures from trips, their main purpose was to show family when I got back and I DID get to do that.

In the end, I'm surprised that I'm so calm about losing all that info on my computer.  I guess that gives me incentive to create more pictures and memories and store them in a safer place for the future.

At the moment, my computer is running pretty well without all the extra programs I used to have.  There's just the fact that it's not connected to any internet but that can be easily fixed if I buy a new wi-fi usb drive.  I can't find the CD to the current one I have an unless I find it, it's virtually useless.  :\

I'm still continuing my summer with making lots of patbingsu for me and my parents (esp. watermelon patbingsu) as it's sooooo refreshing and a note to myself, GREAT job on posting the Korean food pictures BEFORE my computer wiped all my files.  I give myself a pat on the back for not procrastinating!  :D  The sweet azuki beans just ran out today after mom ate a patbingsu before work (she's addicted) so currently I'm boiling more of those.  I also made another batch of sukjunamul.  It turned out a lot better this time since I used less salt.  *An important tip in cooking is that you can easily add something but it's not so easy to take it away; it doesn't hurt to use less of it (I'm usually talking about sugar or salt).  Now that I think about it, I seriously have to get off my ass and start cooking different kinds of banchan (Korean side dishes).

I've now got most of the stuff moved out of my room.  I just have to find a place to put all my clothes.  I'm starting to sleep in the basement already because I feel I should get used to my new living arrangement while I have the chance.  It's really nice and cool down here.  I'll be stuck in the basement for about 10 days with the rest of the fam while the wood flooring is being put in.  I'm so excited, our house will be more like a traditional Japanese/Korean household with wood floors! \(^o^)/
I'll have to figure out what to do with the doggies while all this is going on.  They can't stay in the basement forever. (>_<)

I'm my brother's room right now on mom's computer and my mattress and most of my things are already here in the basement with me.  I recently borrowed a lot of library books to pass the time.  A few are quite interesting with one of them being about how to artistically chop food and an international book about different kinds of sushi. x3  A cool thing is that I found a book called "The Just Bento Cookbook" by one of my favorite bloggers, Itoh Makiko!  I'm so happy that Itoh-san finally has her own cookbook!  It's very clean cut and nicely made.  Most of the other books I borrowed are vampire/romance books, lol.  There are times in my life where I can't stay away from dark romance fiction.

I might go out soon and buy some movie tickets to see a few that I've set my eye on.  One of the movies I definitely want to see is that new Amazing Spiderman movie.  I also want to see the Pixar Brave movie, I heard good things about it.  Sis insists that she wants to see Ted.  I feel like that movie is gonna be so raunchy... xP

Dad is watching Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows upstairs.  I tried watching but I couldn't get into it.  So I went downstairs to finish watching episode 9 of the k-drama, Big.  Sherlock holmes is very visually appealing but storywise, it seems meh.  Sherlock and Watson also have these arguments between themselves where most of the time I don't know wth is going on, lol. 

It's actually raining today, so much that I couldn't even give my doggies their late afternoon walk. (T_T)  I usually don't like to go outside in the mid-afternoon because it's like an inferno oven at that time.  It's been so hot these days that I felt like it wouldn't rain again for a while if not at all.  According to the weather forecast, it seems like the thunderstorms of the summer have finally kicked in, at least for roughly a week.  We seriously need the rain.