Saturday, November 27, 2010

Disney's Tangled: Beautiful, Engaging, and Magical

I saw the Tangled movie this past Thanksgiving with my sister. I usually don't like to pay full price for AMC movies but I gotta say, this is one of the best $21 I've ever spent on a theatrical movie. Even my sis, who isn't much of a critic, said that this was wayyyy better than the last 2D Disney flick, The Princess and the Frog. She said that she felt the magic with Tangled but not with the other movie. I think so too.
I honestly wasn't expecting much from Tangled, just because a lot of the animations that have been coming out lately weren't so great. The trailer also had all this crappy music paired with it so I was like, okaaaay, is this going to be like one of THOSE movies?

But this was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The 3D animation was absolutely gorgeous and a real treat to watch. The story was also funny and moving, with endearing characters. There was none of that mainstream shitty music. The songs in the movie were original with the characters singing and beautiful orchestrated music. This is probably my favorite Disney movie as of now.

This movie is a twist on the story of Rapunzel but it was a really awesome improv by Disney. The story was so interesting and kept me watching throughout the entire thing. And the main characters balanced each other out extremely well. Usually either the guy or the girl takes the center stage but they were both pretty equal in that respect.

Flynn is so hot! I was like, sexy Disney character? And he's MEANING to be? wtf!! So sexay!!!! XDDDD

The horse, Maximus and the chameleon, Pascal, didn't talk at all but they had such presence!

The setting of the movie was extremely gorgeous. It makes me wish that I had a cool fresh green forest like that near my house. ^^

I won't say much more or else I'll spoil the movie. It was just amazing all around. Very well rounded and well deserving of being the 50th animated movie from Disney Studios.

I think I'll probably even buy the DVD when it comes out. The movie is THAT enjoyable to watch.

Stupid, annoying, asshole people

NOTE: I will be swearing a lot in this post so if you're offended by that kind of thing, don't read this. In any post that is labed 'rants,' there may or may not be cussing/swearing in it. You have been warned.

I don't like to write about stupid shit that's going on in my life on my blog but sometimes, it is bothering me so much that I just HAVE to write about it somewhere.

This past Thanksgiving week, I basically had to bust my ass off cooking, cleaning, and repeating that process from Monday through Thursday. To clear things up, there is the question, "Why was I the only one who had to cook?" Well, me being me, I am a pretty kind hearted person. My mom is busy with her clinicals for school and my brother is just a lazy bastard so I can't say much more there. My father and sister were out of state so it's not like they could have done anything. I stepped up to the plate the week before when my mom said that she wasn't going to cook anything for Thanksgiving and took the responsibility of cooking the entire Thanksgiving dinner for the family (excluding the chicken katsu that my brother agreed to make when I mentioned it to him).

I think I did alright on Monday. Actually, Monday was quite a nice day. Everything went as planned, shopping for the ingredients, spending some leisure time shopping for my own things like clothes, and then coming back home, giving the doggie her attention for the day, and then starting on the cooking. I made about a few dishes that day. I was going to space out the cooking so I wouldnt' be too overworked.

The next couple days were a bit more tough. I think I had been doing most of the cleaning/cooking thing on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then on Thursday, I wanted extra money so I worked that morning and then came home to make the Turkey.

This day is when the hell started, I'm pretty tired out because who knew that cooking only a few dishes would take so much time out of two days? So when I'm coming home from work, I have my December bus pass (I had gone and bought it ahead of time). It's about 5 days before this month ends and the bus driver is like, "aren't you supposed to have the gray bus pass?" I'm thinking, 'wtf?....... gray? The November bus pass is fucking green you idiot').

I said that I had the December bus pass and I had been told before that it was okay to have the next month's bus pass a few days or so ahead of time. He let me get on the bus without having to pay anything but then when I sit down, he starts to talk shit and bitch about it being 5 days and the cost of the bus is $8 and then multiply that but two and then multiply that by fucking 5 days. There was also this old bitch sitting in the front and she was talking shit with the bus driver too. It's not like I don't have a November bus pass. My brother actually had it the week before and just didn't return it to me. I had also gone on the bus before with a different driver and he was cool with the December bus pass.

I'm on the bus, thinking about how I'm gonna cook that turkey and prep it. I haven't actually cooked a turkey before. I get a call from my co-worker and I briefly tell her about my experience on the bus but I'm being nice and I talk no shit about anyone, even if they were talking shit about me and bitching about a stupid bus pass that's only 5 days early.

I can understand that they might have been all like, "oh my god, the wrong bus pass! The world is gonna end!!!" but yeah, I just brushed that off. Okay, so my brother didn't return my bus pass or maybe I should have gotten it from him. Whatever. I accepted their bitching just because I accepted that I was a bit at fault.

BUT THEN! We are getting off the bus, I'm thinking I'll just call it a truce and say thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to the bus driver for letting me get on with my bus pass, even if he was bitching about something so trivial (it's not even a week early but he and that stupid bitch were making it seem that way).
So when I'm walking off the bus, the old bitch who was sitting right in front of me, I swear she said something along these lines, "At least I had the right bus pass, hahahaha." I was thinking in my mind at that moment, "omfg, is she fucking kidding me? How can people still be going on about something so stupid. She could at least say that to my face, cowardly, ugly, BITCH, BITCH, BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And it sounded like she was saying it to make herself seem better too. I didn't say anything at that point. I just gave a slight nod to the bus driver and got off.

I thought about it and maybe she's just jealous and sad with her life so if she has the chance, she would just put down other people to make herself feel better. That's how insecure she is. The bus driver was a bit of an asshole too. He seems nice and like a typical jokester but it's like he likes to cause conflict if there's an opening for it.

So that was my morning. I hate these types of people in the world that try to make your life miserable just because their life is probably miserable. They can all just go to hell. Bitches.

After that, my day was alright but then my mom was being kind of a bitch at the end of the day, talking about how I was the dishes in the toilet or something. I dunno, maybe one of her metaphors. I'm a clean freak. Why the fuck would I wash dishes in a frikin toilet? At that moment, my brother says, "You wash the dishes in the toilet? Are you an idiot?" After being unfairly judged like that, I laid down the line and said that I wasn't going to wash dishes anymore if everyone thinks that I was them in a toilet. WTF...
So now I'm just going to wash my own dishes. Everyone is on their fucking own. They can wash their own damn dishes. I keep to my word. So people better not piss me off or fuck with me.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Games update: Final Fantasy XIII

I can't believe it but I actually got the opportunity to play FFXIII~! I don't even have a PS3 or XBox but my bro was nice enough to let me borrow his and his friend had the game so he let me borrow that. Awesome points to both of them!

I finished this game a while back, probably in June or July 2010. So sorry that I didn't make a post after that.. I guess the summer laziness got to me. xP

The game, I must say was absolutely beautiful. The graphics, story, music, and everything was truly lovely and I really enjoyed playing it. The battle mode was also very quick and ran smoothly.

A lot of people say this game is boring which, I would say is true to a certain extent. Although the story and everything about the game is gorgeous, it drags on for a long time and the plot is highly linear. When I say linear, I mean that there are no side quests and the story just plows straight ahead. There aren't that many supporting characters with backgrounds aside from the main ones so maybe that's what makes it so tiring and even boring. It's good to have tension in a story and anticipation but if the story is offering what's next so quickly without any time to create tension, that's what makes it boring.

I thought that one thing cool about this game was that the main character was a strong female lead. That in itself was pretty awesome. Go feminism! lol

Lightning is the first playable character and obviously one of the main protagonists. The creators said that she's supposed to be like the female version of Cloud from FFVII. I think they did that justice. She is a badass afterall and probably the girl-crush of tons of chicks around the world. That makes sense to me because she does have a very masculine air about her.

The story begins with people on a train in an event called "The Purge" and the people on there are being evacuated from the floating continent called Cocoon. Lightning is with this dude Sazh and he's sort of tagging along with her for his own reasons. The plot follows the points of views from each of the main characters on their journey to complete their 'focus' before they run out of time and turn into beings called 'Seith' which are monsters. I won't say any more or I'll spoil the story. Final Fantasy always likes to keep us confused and reveal things slowly.

You meet a few memorable douches along the way... Note, the guy above. He was probably the douchiest of them all. Even more than the old bastard pictured below:


In the end, it's a pretty cool game. But be prepared for a good 45+ hours to finish this bad boy. It's long as hell.

The pic right above is two of the FFXIII games. Although there is a Final Fantasy XIII, there are three versions of it (Agito isn't included in the pic). I really wanna play the one with Noctis (the silver haired dude). It looks really interesting in a more serious version of Kingdom Hearts kind of way. It's funny too because I'm soo into K-pop and stuffs so when I saw Noctis, I thought about how he resembles Eli from U Kiss in certain pics. lmao

They look really similar in these pics right? I mean, just imagine Eli with the exact same hair and same colored eyes. He'd make an awesome cosplay. xDDD

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Korean dramas (how do I still have time for these?): You're Beautiful K-Drama Review

This drama, called "You're Beautiful," is one of the most recent that I've watched through and finished. It was a little boring in the beginning but if you get through that episode or two, it gets really interesting and fun.

I think that the actors were chosen well, it seems funny to me because it has the typical archetypes of characters. Like the quiet, serious guy who never seems to get the girl, the happy-go-lucky naive guy, and the main dude who is kind of an ass yet funny and eventually gets the girl. I was a little surprised at how long it took the main guy to change his attitude though. He did have some slight character changes but it could have been more. The main girl was P-R-E-T-T-Y over-the-top naive so it made me sort of annoyed at her for the most part.

Here's the main dude. I thought this scene captured his "true" self. lmao

The story is about this nun chick who has a twin bro. He is overseas going through some kind of cosmetic surgery rehabilitation so his manager cons the girl into disguising herself as a dude so that she can join a band in her brother's place. So ya, the typical gender-bender drama. I've seen a few before like Hana Kimi but it wasn't as good as this.

Sexy beast.

It's really funny, especially with the main dude who actually has a quirk; he's a germaphobe. lol He's pretty hot in this drama. I didn't think I'd care for him with his super emo hair.

The only peeve I had with this drama is the fact that the lead girl can be so LAME! I mean, she did the stupidest things that make me think, really? Are you seriously that dumb!? It made me sad for the actress who had to play someone who had almost no common sense. I mean, I know there are the 'naive girl' AKA 'stupid girl' characters in dramas, the most notable being Ariel Lin in 'It Started with a Kiss' but she was known for being stupid from the very beginning. I actually had some respect for Park Shin Hye before she started to act like she got brain damage after moving into those guys' apartment. (-__-) Sorry if I sound harsh but she seriously got into some of the most stupid situations and she acted like she had no backbone most of the time. She did toughen up at the end but by that time, I was like, meh.

Before this drama, I was watching Cinderella's Sister and somehow, enjoying it (it's fairly dramatic and I'm usually not into that). I think I just liked how the heroine was so strong but also had weaknesses that she tries to hide. Then there' s her stepsister who is sort of like a foil to her character. Very fun to watch but I still haven't gotten to the end yet. I started watching Goong. Woot! They finally posted it up again! It's been so long but for whatever reason, the copywriters liked to attack that particular drama. I'm trying to get through it quickly just in case the vids get taken off again for god knows how long... D:
That's been stalling my finishing up with the Cinderella Sister drama. I've almost finished watching it but then I got into Goong. lol

There's actually sooo many interesting looking dramas coming out right now. It's fun going on mysoju and checking out what's new. Thankyuuu so much mysoju! Don't know what I'd do on boring nights without you!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ZOMG, Five whole months without a post?!!!

Hey, I'm back again. It's been so long and so much has happened since June.

It's crazy. To start off, I changed my major around September time.. Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaah... -___-;;
Awkward to admit now seeing my previous posts about how I was so much more enthusiastic about the whole art/media design thing.

I finally got myself into uni and yet it's so much different than what I imagined. So cliche right? It's sad, but I've learned to accept my mistakes, learn from them, and move on. It's the only way to live without drowning in regret.

I think I was doing alright in the beginning but then I get a nervous breakdown (a story for another time) and then in another class, I'm having issues with having the right program and my grades suffering just because of a program version. In the end, I drop that particular class and everything just snowballed from there.

Over this short period of time, I'm surprised at how much I learned about myself and my truest, personal values. I think that this is something that probably can't be taught and has to be learned through experience. It's a very precious thing to know one's values. I feel sad at times at how little I knew myself for these past years; but then again, I'm happy that I've found a bit more about myself this early in my life. There are probably worse cases in the world.

We're all working on film in class right now and it's so not my thing... But! I have to get through this. It will only make me stronger in the future I guess. I seriously do NOT want to think about another group project though, especially a group project working on a film.. Maybe I won't even have a chance to get a partner and then I can ask the teacher if I can work on my own. I have a group project right now for another class and although I am fortunate with having such great group members, I still prefer to work solo on these types of things. There is so much coordination involved, I wonder how directors do it.

Putting all the art stuff aside, based on my new found personal values, I've decided to get back in the medical field and work to help people in that way. I think that I might get more self satisfaction out of something like that. And it helps that I have a fairly extensive biology background in school. I also like my free time so it's nice in the sense where the work won't be "coming home with me." I've found that having deadline pressures is not the way I want to live my life.

So, that's all that's happened with school. Changed major and sticking it out for the rest of the semester. I wish myself luck towards the end because I will need all that I can get.