Sunday, August 28, 2016

Final chapters

I've been feeling more nervous about this semester of nursing school for some reason. I should be happy, ecstatic even. But I feel anxiety. I thought about this a lot while walking with Max and it occurred to me that, this is probably because this is a final chapter. I think of life being in chapters. There are the chapters of grade school, chapters of high school, chapters of a first job, etc. This happens to be a chapter of nursing school and it's going to be over in a little over a few months. It's kind of unreal, because it's played such a large part in my life.

Even my classmates in nursing school, whether I like it or not, play a large part in this chapter. I personally like the changes of classmates in college classes and I didn't really like how we were essentially stuck with our 'cohort' for the entire two years of nursing school... But that's how it is. I always thought to myself, I wonder when I'll be able to be free of this class. And now that it's happening soon, I'm just feeling anxious. It's a bit infuriating. I should be happy, but I'm not.. exactly. At least not right now at the beginning of this semester.

I think I'm anxious and feeling nervous because there will be an unknown after this. During nursing school, I always knew that I would be continuing with another semester. But after this, there are no semesters. It's job hunting from here and getting out there into the real world. I know this is an exciting thing, but it also makes me scared. I'm sure that once I get out there, it will be different. My fears will decrease because I'll vanquish the unknown. I'll get used to it, I'm sure. I just hope that I get over this anxious feeling soon. I've got a lot of planning and studying to focus on. (>_<)

Friday, August 19, 2016

Daily Blog 1

Today I woke up pretty late... later than I wanted at least. For some reason, my body likes to wake up at around 11:30. OTZ  I even set my alarm for 7:30 and woke up at 7:00. Yet me being in my lazy summer mode, stayed in bed and ended up falling asleep. (>_<)

So after I woke up, I did my hygiene routine like brushing my teeth, putting in my contacts, etc.

I then proceeded to go downstairs for some breakfast, err, I mean lunch. There was no one home when I got up so I was free to make whatever food I wanted. Yah! xD
(The thing in our family is that my grandma is on a strict diet and I feel awkward making food around her that she cannot eat. More often than not, she will ask for some. I am limited in when I can cook or bake because she usually cannot eat those foods. I know it's sad but that's just how it is.)

Before I ate anything, I drank a full glass of water. I always do this because it helps to re-hydrate the body after a long sleep (especially for me, hehe) and boost metabolism. It also helps with weight loss in the long term because the stomach is filled with water and not as much food is eaten.

After that, I got some eggs out of the fridge and put them in a pot. I filled it with water and set it on the stove to boil. When I boil eggs, I get them to boil first and once they are boiling, I put the cover on the pot, shut off the stove, and start the timer for 12 minutes. Once 12 minutes are up, I remove the eggs and place them in ice water so they are easier to peel. :)

While the eggs were boiling, I got some oatmeal, added water, and placed the bowl in the microwave for 2 minutes.

We had no rice left from yesterday, even though I cooked it just 2 days ago... I had to make more. I made three cups of brown rice

I cut up two apples for some fiber.

I finished preparing food so it was finally time for me to eat my lunch! I ate my oatmeal, some toast, a boiled egg, and a slice of pound cake. I'm aware that the pound cake is a little out of place. I had also cut up the pound cake into neat little slices because no one wanted to slice a piece before eating. (=__=) I seemed to not have enough self control so I ate the ugly slice that was on the end of the pound cake loaf, lol.

While eating my lunch, I watched some youtube. I tend to do this when I am eating by myself. I really love watching Rafirafee's videos these days so I was watching one of her monthly favorite videos. 

Max was playing outside during this time. It was warm and sunny. I poured some dog food for him after eating.

Once lunch was finished, I went back upstairs to make my bed. This is a habit that I have been building since the beginning of this past year. I like it when my bed is neat and comfortable all day.

For the next couple of hours, surprisingly, I didn't watch any TV shows! I let Max in the backyard when he wanted to go out and brought him back in the house when he was tired of playing. I finished writing a blog post I started last week. It was more of a productive early afternoon.

My Mom and Grams got home at around 14:00. I'm glad that I boiled those eggs because that was part of their lunch. :D I ate with them but I just had some delicious roasted squash Mom made and the sliced apples.

I texted with my school friend. I am sad at the fact that she will not be with me in the last semester of nursing school. This is not the first time my friends did not end up in the same class as me so it's nothing that new. I just really wished she would be with me throughout all the semesters because we got along together so well and I don't have the best rapport with others in the class. I wonder if it's because they're at such different life stages than me?

The weather has gotten very stormy this afternoon. I love it-! \("^o^")/ Cozy weather is the best.

I played some Fatal Frame II. I use a walkthrough because that's how much I suck at that game. OTZ It was fun and I got through another chapter of it.

Later, I drank wine with my parents and we had cheese and crackers. I really have to lay off that stuff because I've gained weight this past summer. D: It's a bit depressing. I checked myfitnesspal and the last time I used it, I was only 108 lbs! I've gained quite a bit since then. And I'm a short person so even a couple of lbs is not good. Plus, I'm Japanese so *ugh...* we have a stricter BMI scale.

While we were drinking wine, we were sitting outside in the backyard. The weather was so nice. It was around 19:00 and it was cool and breezy. The sun was low in the sky. I really wanted to stay and drink because we were all outside together. Even Grams was outside. But I had to walk Max so I put my drink in the fridge and took him. It was a good walk though. I tried to walk a different route than usual.

Later, I watched the last few episodes of Mr. Robot. I was planning on watching just one episode but they were so good, I just finished off the first season. Now, I'm very excited for season 2. It's not on Amazon Prime right now so I'll have to find another way to watch it.

I took out my thick pink blanket. The weather has finally started to cool down (well, in the evenings at least) and when I have my window open, it gets a bit too cold for the thin blanket. After setting up the new blanket, I felt so comfortable! 46

I stayed awake longer than I wanted.. but I've found over time that I really can't control what time I fall asleep unless I'm on a strict schedule (which I'm not).

My computer was on sleep mode and it turned itself on at about 3:00. That was freaky... I've been reading too many urban legend stories.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

WarnerBros DC Animated Movies: Pt 1

Yes, I have been filling the void, as my brother has told me.155

After the end of Game of Thrones season, The Flash season 2, and Young Justice I felt this large hole in my heart... T-T

So I went off in search of something that would inspire me once more and discovered the DC animated movies! I heard that the newer ones had very nice animation, similar to a high quality anime and I thought, why not?

And that was the start of my binge watching. I thought I'd give a light review of each. Some were very awesome, some were just pretty to watch. It was interesting how a studio that made such great movies could have such bad ones too. I like consistency...

I'll start with my favorites.

1. Son of Batman

By far my favorite DC animation. I love everything about it. They animation style (especially), plot, and character development are all well developed. The animation kind of looks anime inspired but with none of the 'kawaii' content. It's very fun and amusing watching Batman's relationship with his son form after never knowing he had a son. I also love how Damian had to transform from being simply an assassin to someone with a sense of mercy.

2. Batman: Under the Red Hood

This movie has a very good story. It kept me hooked throughout the entire movie because I wondered when Jason Todd would show up again and why he was so angry with Batman. Character designs were okay but not as sleek-looking as Son of Batman's animation style. I felt like only Jason was animated with closer attention to detail compared to the other characters.

3. Batman: Assault on Arkham

This movie was so much fun! There's something about 'bad' characters doing whatever the hell they want that's so liberating. I like how each of the characters in the Suicide Squad had to get organized and find a way to work together. The animation is top notch. I think that if DC doesn't do the anime-ish style, they should use this style for character designs.

4. Justice League vs Teen Titans

Back to anime style. This was the first DC animated movie I watched. The style is anime inspired and this movie isn't afraid to admit it. In fact, there's a DDR scene and this (kind of awkward) magical girl transformation scene. I didn't think those were necessary but they put them in for some reason. I guess the director likes that kind of stuff? The story was pretty cool, going into Raven's backstory and stopping her evil dad from destroying the world.

5. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

I've heard people complain about some of the character designs of this movie (well, mainly Superman's design). Personally, it didn't bother me terribly, since the significant characters (The Flash and Batman) are okay. Some also argue that they wish the movie didn't force feed Batman down our throats. I haven't had too much of Batman yet so it doesn't exactly bother me although I can see their point. It's supposed to be a movie about Barry yet they have Batman playing a big role in it. Well, I would think that even The Flash needs help sometimes so I was glad they had another big character to support him. Another thing that surprised me about this movie was how ultra violent it was. There were guns and all but having someone be-headed, having a person's chest ripped open to reveal their beating heart, and finally a close up of someone being shot straight through their brain? I'm honestly surprised this wasn't rated R. Well, as long as little kids aren't watching this.

6. Batman: Bad Blood

I thought this movie was engaging enough to follow through until the end. The animation has continuity with Son of Batman which I appreciate. I also enjoyed seeing different characters of the 'Bat Family'. One of the things that really bothered me about this movie was the villain and their/her weird plot. I didn't really understand her plot to brainwash those people and Batman. Not that I really know Talia's character, but I never took her to be the type to want to 'have' someone even in a brainwashed state. It's just kind of strange because the last time I saw her, she was leaving peacefully to have her son raised by his dad. And now she comes back just wanting to brainwash him? I found that very out of character among other things she did.

7. Justice League: Doom

This movie was fun, if not a bit over the top. The animation was clean and flowed well. The designs of the characters were also nice; they were similar but not quite on par with Young Justice's designs. It's basically about how Vandal Savage hacks into Batman's files and steals his info on other JL member's weaknesses. There were a few that were a bit lame like Green Lantern's but I just went with it. I appreciate the movie explaining Vandal Savage's origin story. As someone who hasn't read the comics, it helped me to understand his motives just a teensy bit better even though his reasoning was still stupid. Overall, still entertaining.