Thursday, December 24, 2015

Cooking for Christmas

So much cooking today...! (~ - o -)~

Even though I only made two things.

Every year, I cook something for Christmas and New Years. Usually the traditional Japanese dishes because well, I'm Japanese... and it's convenient since I already know how to make this stuff.

I've posted what I cooked on Christmas before but almost always, it's chicken katsu and Christmas cake.

A nicer Christmas cake/hot pot from (2014)
Christmas cake (2014)

At times I think I should be more spontaneous and make a different kind of Christmas cake besides the standard strawberry shortcake. But I'm too lazy to learn to perfect a new recipe...

 That's pretty much all I did today. A lot of cooking. I don't think I left the house, wow.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Winter break!!! Yaaassss!

It's been about a week into my winter break. Time goes by too fast... (T-T) I have tried my best to make the most of my time. So that means more reading, watching all the TV shows/movies/anime I want, supplemental studying, pampering my skin to the max, and cooking & baking for my family because that makes them happy! \(^o^)/

I've been having a really nice time though. It's so nice to not worry about studies and passing exams. I actually got through the first year of nursing school. Can you believe it? And this last semester was so challenging for me. I'm honestly a bit worried for next semester where we'll have two classes at the same time instead of just one. Although the last class we had, it was like two classes in one with OB/Peds being two completely different animals. OB is seriously a whole other world. One of the biggest things I experienced was seeing a baby being born and watching procedures in the OR.

I'm trying to come up with some kind of study schedule. I'm thinking about printing out one of those schedule outlines and using that just so I don't waste too much time. I also made it a point to read more.

So far I've 'skimmed' through a couple of books. One was an aromatherapy oils book and another was a book on underage drinking (for psychological nursing next semester).

With Christmas right around the corner, I've also been doing a lot of cooking and some baking. I enjoy doing it for the family. ^^

My aunty is visiting from Hawaii around Christmas. Gotta prepare so she can eat all kinds of yummy foods! I plan to bake a Christmas cake for her, my grandma, and the family to eat on Christmas day. Maybe I should make two because we usually eat the cake on Christmas eve... I wish my sister or brother were more interested in cooking and baking because I do so much of it. It would be nice to get some help.

Some of my old coworkers found me on facebook. I had a handful of friend requests and I'm here wondering who requested elusive me. I hate facebook for various reasons. I only have one because of peer pressure from the family. I never go on it unless someone I know friend requests me or less commonly, sends me a message. It's interesting because people will friend request you but rarely ever message you. It's sort of like we're just collecting friends, family, and acquaintances just to collect them... like trophies.

I have more fun with an anime friend site I found. At least I can have some interesting online conversations, no strings attached.

I'm also happy to say that I reconnected with an old youtube friend. I used to edit Disney Music Vids (DMVs) at the same time she did. We also had really cool penpal conversations with each other for years until youtube changed its design and all our messages were lost to cyberspace. With the help of Line, I can talk with her again. It's great that we can still talk again.

I've found some new youtube channels that I like watching. One of the youtubers has been an amazing role model and influence on me to be more organized with my time and to do a better job at studying. I'm not that good at studying and she really helped me to make studying not something to be dreaded but instead productive. I first found her when I saw a video of Anime vs Real Life and it was so cute and funny, I eventually watched her other videos. She is very organized and a great role model. Her name is RafiRaffee and she is a youtuber from Indonesia.

I also really enjoy watching Einshine. I'm not a hardcore anime fan or anything but I just find him hilarious and adorable; so I watch him too.

There is not much else going on right now. I just thought I'd check in and write a little about the happenings atm. No school so I have all this time with so much potential.

I hope everyone else is having a nice winter break!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

College 60% Life 40%

Hello again. For some reason, every time I have an epiphany or just the urge to write about my life, I'm in the shower of all places. And by the time I get to my computer to actually write, I don't know what I should say...

But I'll try my best.

I'm in my second semester of nursing school. Not working, just school. And it's actually okay. I don't feel like my life is consumed by school and I feel like I have adequate time to study. I also feel super fortunate that I don't have to work while doing this because, well, that would kind of really suck as it would leave no room for life.

So I can say, because I'm not working while in nursing school, in this second semester, I can still have a life. :D Albeit a simple life, since I'm on a strict budget.

For 'fun', I've been doing what most people who are trying to save money do when they have no rights to spend on leisure.

And that is watch movies and TV series and K-dramas and Youtube.

From this past Halloween, I've been trying to be brave and watch some super scary movies... Movies that will give me nightmares. I tried a few that I found online. The first one I chose was surprisingly a comedy though. I should have done my research.  ORZ

1. The Cabin in the Woods (horror/comedy, omg fail on my part)
2. The Babadook (not as scary as I thought it would be but not bad)
3. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (I was not super scared or freaked out so another fail)

I just wanted to find a really scary movie and pretty much failed. lol

I still have Sinister that I haven't watched yet. I've also heard that the Thailand movie Shutter was super scary. One of these days...

I'm starting to wonder if I just don't get that scared of horror/thriller movies anymore.
My parents never seem to get freaked out by scary movies. So I've made the hypothesis that perhaps it's because I'm more mature now and seen enough horrors in reality. So now these movies just don't seem that frightening anymore. :/

I did see a cool movie called Cloud Atlas. It was recommended by one of my favorite youtubers, Comicbookgirl19.

I really enjoyed this one because of the various settings and deliciously detailed costume, makeup, and set designs.

I also liked the idea of people being reincarnated into good/evil/neutral and they could be different genders, race, etc.

I loved how I actually had to pay close attention to what was happening to really understand the film. The challenge must excite me I guess.

The new American Horror story series came out with their new season, Hotel. I'm excited to see if I'll like it. I've seen Murder House (my fav so far) and Coven. I wasn't really interested in Asylum and Freak Show. Hopefully I like this new series because I do want to get back into American Horror Story. (>w<)

What else... I really love this app I started to use for texting called Line. I believe it is originated in Japan but its creation is also credited to Koreans, Chinese, and Americans.

I think it takes emoji to a whole new level because it has 'stickers' which are just what the name implies, stickers. Instead of tiny emojis, there is much more selection with stickers. They can be anime, cute animals, animated, Disney, Sanrio.. pretty much anything where a person can design a set of expression stickers.

The stickers are bought with 'coins' that you can earn either through Line games or by purchasing them. To put it simply, a set of stickers cost from $0.99-$1.99, which imo really isn't that bad for a set of stickers that last indefinitely. I mean, irl, stickers often cost more than that.

So far, I've gotten one of my friends into it and I've been trying to convert my sis over to it. XD I also found another friend who already has Line. It's super fun finding stickers to convey my emotions in whole new ways that simple emojis never could.

The new Korean dramas I've been watching are Healer, Yong Pal, and Mask. I've added them to my drama list. They're all very good. Not really romcoms though. Healer is an action/romance, Yong Pal is a medical/romance/drama, and Mask is a melodrama with some moments of comedy. I mostly watch Mask for Ju Ji Hoon though. ------------->
Welcome back sexy!!! \(">///<")/
xD How I've missed that guy..

I finished one Korean drama called Oh My Ghost. It was actually quite funny and exciting with the whole sexual aspect of it which is so uncommon in romcoms. It also had a violent and dark twist which was a surprise with how light and fluffy it seemed on the surface.

I've also been watching BuzzFeed Youtube videos. If anyone hasn't watched them, you should, especially if you're a millennial like me! I seem to favor BuzzFeedViolet. ^^ They just seem really funny and relatable.

That's about all that's been going on in the 40% of my life that's not dedicated to nursing school. It keeps me sane if you know what I mean. But the school is okay. It's been an interesting journey for sure and I enjoy learning more about how this world works, especially in the health care field.

We're currently learning about vaccinations and why they're so important. And the anti's and why it's so bad not to get vaccinated even though it doesn't seem like we get these specific diseases anymore. Has anyone else heard about the Disneyland measles outbreak? Gross much? D: I've also heard about my mom's friend's brother passing away from Polio of all things. And I found that so sad because there is a vaccine for Polio... Long story short, get your vaccines.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Things I've learned this summer

Hello, it's been too long!

This summer has been fairly productive for me.  I finished the first semester of the RN program a few months ago and I've been working a summer job which keeps me pretty busy.  Grams from Hawaii is also moving here and I'm so excited for that. I wonder how common that is with other grandmas moving to an insanely new place at that age..

I've been thinking about some things I've learned as I love, love, love personal growth so any wisdom I've attained, I like to share it and keep it in record. (^v^)

So here's some things I've learned this summer.

1. Saving money is difficult because you start to feel like a hermit in your own home.  But 'free' activities don't necessarily have to be watching TV all day. It's good to expand your mind and find the fun in simple things like DIY's, grocery shopping, and going to the library for a change of pace and scenery.

2. Never, ever, ever feel like the mall is a good place to go to on your own if you feel lonely. Like going on facebook when you're depressed, it's a similarly bad idea.

3. Olive oil is not really a good facial cleanser.  Trust me, it causes breakouts. Just use cleansing oils that actually say they're cleansing oils.

4. Coconut oil hair mask is a great idea but it's a real b*tch to wash out of your hair.

5. Pinterest is your bff if you're bored, on a budget, and need some inspiration.

6. Using a CC cream as a makeup base makes a significant difference in how good your skin looks.

7. It's not as easy as it looks to stand up for yourself when you've been wronged because we feel so victimized, embarrassed, and pathetic when it does happen.  But if you do stand up for yourself and let others know, you'll feel embarrassed, but you'll also be making a change and if anything, letting go of the poison.

8. Save yourself the hassle and request a separate check when eating out with friends.

9. It's good to take your time while shopping for anything. Stop the rushing and enjoy the moment.

10. Take breaks at work, even if you have to force yourself. You're more productive if you do.

11. The Fung Brothers are amazing!

12. Don't easily give out your social security number over the phone. I know this sounds like a no brainer but you'd be surprised how thrown off guard you can be if that question pops up. Try negotiating and ask if you can use your driver's license or id instead.

13. It's cool to be spontaneous but it hasn't really worked well for me when I grocery shop for ingredients. I either A: give up on what I want to make or B: make bad choices for a weird recipe.

14. Anime is your friend when you're sad!

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Wind Rises: A short review

I went into this movie pretty much blind since all I knew about it was that it was about airplanes.  Eventually I discovered that the movie takes place during the Great Kanto Earthquake (1923) and around WWII when engineers were creating the kamikaze fighter plane (Mitsubishi A6M Zero).

I noticed similarities this film shared with Howl's Moving Castle in the way the planes and their sound effects were used.  The planes sounded alive; I was wondering if an actual person made the sound effects of the planes.  The earthquake also seemed like a living creature.

Any scenes of war's destruction were hauntingly metaphorical which I appreciated because instead of distracting, it complimented the movie's focus: creativity and passion of flight.

I usually like the move to make as much sense in context as possible and since "The Wind Rises" takes place in Japan, I would watch in in Japanese.  Alas, subtitles weren't really working too well for me so I watched it in English.
I actually didn't mind the English voice acting and I thought the English voice of Jiro suited him quite well being calm, quiet, and soothing.  It must've been because Joseph Gordon Levitt lent his voice and he can do no wrong in my world.  I also thought Jiro's friend Honjo's voice actor fit his character with him being more of a snarky/blunt kind of guy. The comically short and sharp-tongued boss Kurokawa was voiced by Martin Short and I think he did a great job with his role. His angry/shrill voice just molded so well with Kurokawa's expressions and the end result was hilarious.

The themes of the movie revolved around WWII and obviously those are touchy subjects that would be treaded carefully.  I think Ghibli succeeded in making this film ultimately poignant.  Yes, there were scattered scenes of lightheartedness, but the underlying fact of the matter is that this movie takes place during a war and even though engineers wanted to create beautiful flying machines, these machines would eventually end up as tools of war.  The characters liked to make a point of this in their dialogue many times.

I enjoyed how the story alternated between gains and losses caused by love, war, progress, and natural disaster.  There are some people that might sum up this movie as being rather depressing.  I was close to label it this way.  But thinking back, it's more of a mixture and the main thing I took from the movie was that technological progress will happen even if these creations will be used in destructive ways.  It appears that the movie was trying to get the message across that engineers of the time were not trying to create warplanes for killing.  They were passionate inventors who only wanted to create the best planes possible and to advance technology past limitations.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Starting summer with an unexpected rainy season

It's been a little over a weeks since the first semester of the college program finished.  I'm happy to say that I passed and I'll be moving on to the second semester in the fall. \ ("^ v ^") /  I'm sad that some of my classmates didn't make it to the next semester; I hope they can figure out a new path in their lives and new opportunities.

Before this semester ended, I tried getting a summer job applying online and although I got an interview, I realized that because of my school situation, I'm not the most ideal candidate for many jobs.  Fall semester will start in a few months requiring my full-time commitment and because I would probably have to quit after a few months well...  it decreases my desirability by a lot.

I recently texted my manager from a previous job, begging politely informing her of my new found summer availability.  She hasn't texted me back but it's only been a few days and in my experience, she only texts back when she has a valid response.  I hope they have extra hours this summer.

The weather has been very rainy/cloudy.  Kind of like Seattle weather actually and it's really been bringing my mood down! D:  I'm not exaggerating.  This weather has been persisting for weeks without end.  When was the last time I saw a blue sky?..  I can't remember. 

I've been somewhat of a nerd and have been getting some reading assignments done for next semester.  It's been going slow but at least I'm reading the damn book, right? lol  If only reading textbooks was as easy and fast as reading good fiction...

Of course, anime watching is a given and I finally finished Psycho Pass 2!  It was pretty awesome but did not meet the caliber of the first season.  And I don't really think it's because of the absence of Kougami.  Maybe it's because the wrong side characters were emphasized, leaving out greater, untapped potential from others *cough* Ginoza *cough*.  Btw, Ginoza got so hot in this season!  Character development at its best. 


I think I should try finishing Guilty Crown but it's been so boring for the first few episodes!  I need more patience with these things.  I hear really great reviews about it but if I can't get through the first few eps....  

Oh yeah, something exciting that's happening this summer is that my youngest cousin will finally visit us from Hawaii and my grandma is going to be moving in with us!!  I'm very excited because I've always felt somewhat lonely with our family out here with no other relatives and we'll finally have more family here.  I'm feeling very optimistic about this because my grandma has been lonely, living on her own for so long and only seeing family (even when they're all living on the same island) a handful of times a month.  So maybe she'll be happier here with us and having someone with her most of the time.  Maybe her health will improve!

Now I can show off my cooking skills by making her all kinds of food.  XD

With Grams moving here, my parents are making some renovations around the house (like the bathroom) which is also exciting. 

I started outlining/coloring some old drawing of Ash and Pikachu.  I liked creating the tree.  Maybe I'll do more practice with tree coloring.  It's more fun than I thought. 

I'm no longer pursing a career in the arts but I still find myself enjoying it.  I've been going through old drawings and adding color to them.  That was one of my big problems.  I would always start on a project but give up on it too soon and leave it as a rough, unfinished drawing.

I can't think of much more to talk about...  I got this really kawaii mug from mom recently.  She knows my taste too well. 

I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer.  I hate hot weather but with with all these cloudy and rainy days, I'm actually wishing for some sunshine. o( > ^ < )o

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Life Update: 2015-04-12

Hello again. I haven't done one of these life updates in a long time. I'm sure many can guess that it's because nothing interesting has been happening lately and I have no interest in writing about my boring life. orz  *Warning, emo post below*

But I suppose that recently, something has been quite eventful; I've finally started the college program I've been waiting so long to get into (a little over 2 years to be exact) and I'm almost finished with the first semester! \ ( "> v <" ) / I think that if people have been reading my blog from the beginning, it will seem like I've been in school for-f*cking-ever which is kinda true and kinda not. I've been in and out of school for the past almost decade to be exact.

I would say that my life is about 70% school and 30% 'me' time. I'm extremely fortunate and lucky enough to not have to be working during this program. There are some people flip-flopping their sleeping schedule, working night shift and doing this in the day and it makes me feel sick thinking about it.
I've worked night shift and let's just say it has left me with some mental scarring and the start of my hormonal acne adventure.

Maybe it's because I have no social/work life outside of school or maybe it's because I'm so focused on saving what money I have and avoid buying things and having fun.... I feel so blah and unmotivated. I think this is reflected really well in my instagram. When I look back at older posts, I notice that I put so much more effort into making fun pictures and maybe just the way I saw the beauty in things. Pictures I post now are good quality (imo), but kind of boring and lifeless. That's what I think anyway.

So what do I do with my 30% me time that doesn't involve going out where I can spend money? It's limited. I usually just walk my dog, or watch movies, or play otome/video games, or do a DIY facial, or play on my phone, or cook/bake, or daydream, or study more...  It's the life of a homebody, really.

If a person can't spend money, it's like a form of independence/freedom has been taken away.

Again, I am so grateful that I'm not working during this program, but it seems to have come with a price (small as it is) and that is a social life or just life outside of school. Consequentially, this ties in with my feelings of isolation from my peers. I have this need to hide my living and work situation from others, therefore, being less truthful with them and having to distance myself. Sad, but true. Yeah, I could tell them the truth. But I've already seen this happen with another girl who was more open and people made comments and joked with her as if she were rich. Wtf.

I'm lucky enough to have met another girl who has a similar living situation as me and although she works part time, it's not like the common work other people in our class are doing. So I feel a closer connection with her. (^^) We're also pretty close in age.

I hope that once I finish this program (if I get to that point), it'll enable me to move to wherever I want to go. It was my purpose from the beginning; Being able to find a stable job in this terrible economic job market we have today. I'm quite bored where I live and I guess it's a mixture of not finding enough people with similar interests as me and not being interested in what is offered where I live. I'm sorry, I complain a lot... xP

There are many times where I daydream and wonder if I were to move west, I would find what I am looking for in life.

I don't want to end this post on a depressing note so I'll mention how I cracked my Galaxy phone again. Yes, this has happened before and I tried to fix my phone, causing me to most likely, have to spend more money to fix it.. I shopped around and found the lowest price to fix my phone was $165. It was not too bad because I found another shop that was gonna charge me $185 + tax. D:<

This place that I got my phone fixed through is called icracked and they did a very nice job, even putting this screen protector thing where the front of the screen appears to have an extra protective layer of screen on it.

Okay, so this is what happened with icracked. I'll start with what icracked is. is an online service where you contact an appointment manager to make an appointment for you with a tech in your location. In the US, there are techs all over the country. So they make this appointment (and if I were you, I would find out and confirm how much the fix is going to cost you). The nice thing is that you can choose your appointment location. I chose to meet the tech after my class ended on the college campus. He had a t-shirt with the company logo on it so at least I knew he was legit.

So as we talked, he told me that all his supplies were in his truck and that he would need to take my phone to there to fix it.  Okay, hold up!!! In my mind, all kinds of red flags were going off like if this guy was going to try to kidnap me or steal my phone. I made it a point that I was NOT going to follow him to his truck. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and let him take my phone to his truck but I would wait in the library.

So I waited and after about 40 min, I went out and he was waiting with my phone. I was thinking, ''OMG!!! He actually didn't steal it!!!!" lol

I made the payment with his credit card swiper attached to his phone and he said that the receipt would go to my email. Everything went smoothly and I feel like I can trust and that it is not a scam.

I'm now keeping my phone in a protective case forever. The first time I fixed my phone, it cost me around $250 and I had to spend another $165 less than a year later because in the most ironic way, I dropped my phone while I was trying to put it in its case. *fffffffffffffffff...* Yeah, you can laugh, it's ironic and hilarious.

Now, I'll get back to baking cookies to give away. I'm trying to use up all the granulated sugar and white flour we have because our family is moving away from processed white sugar and flour. Did you know that sugar ages the skin? I'm sorry, it's depressing but true. That means no more added sugar for me if I can help it. It's so hard and uh, physically impossible to avoid sugar altogether but at the very least, I can avoid added sugar.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Group work in college sucks

1. Usually, by this time, everyone has their own 'life' so it sucks that much more if we need to meet outside of class.  Peer bonding?  Gag me.  Sorry, we're not a club or sports team, and I don't wanna see these bastards anywhere but inside our educational institution!  Don't even get me started on people being late when we agree on a time to meet.

2. Most people are lazy and won't take initiative to do work. When someone responsible finally steps up to the plate, delegates, organizes, and puts in a lot of effort because no one else will, they're instantly labeled as one or more of the following: bossy, uptight, overachieving, attention whore.

3. More often than not, the hard worker in the group is under appreciated and exploited while the so-called popular, lazier one in the group seems to get all the thanks and credit for doing a small task.  What... the... fuck?

4. Since college instructors don't aid in the delegation of tasks, the workload of the group is almost always unbalanced.  No matter what, some asshole in the group is gonna benefit from all your hard work without lifting a finger.

5. If you are one of those diamonds in the rough who is passionate and works hard, you won't be able to do everything your way.  Yes, you'll have to nod and smile and agree in favor of the more often than not, idiotic popular vote.  Yeah, yeah, this is the real world and you can't always have it your way.  But shouldn't we be in control of what little we can while we're in school? 

6. I'm sorry, but in most cases, I hate working with groups of people.  Because unless you get along swimmingly or work with like-minded, and at the very least, motivated individuals, you're screwed. 

Can't study, let's gif surf

This is basically me when I try to get to my studies.  I'll sit at a desk, telling myself that I won't go anywhere until I devote at least an hour or two studying.

I start to study and realize that I need to use the internet to look up some material.  Telling myself that I will not get distracted, I search the info necessary and then, somehow, s-o-m-e-h-o-w... I always end up gif surfing.  You might be wondering, "why not just turn off the computer then?"  I've tried, and the result is me looking like an idiot staring off into lala land after about half an hour.

This time it was ALoK gifs (I got my sis addicted to the series and we've been watching it. lol).  Has anyone else watched this show?  I'm in love; the animation is gorgeous, the plot is incredible,  omg, too much awesomeness... I can't even.

If you're ever feeling frustrated in life, just go gif surfing.  Trust me, it's definitely one way to feel better.

Allow me to indulge in my unhealthy addiction to gifs. 

So true, right???

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Why I don't believe that a vegan diet promotes healthy skin

Not to knock vegan diets, but with all these health promotions about going vegetarian or vegan and the benefits of 'healthier' skin...  I feel like it's slightly misinforming the public.

On the other hand, I'm not saying that a vegan diet is completely bad, because it's true that there are a number of health benefits from switching to greens.  It's just that it does NOT guarantee better looking skin in the long run.  I'll explain my reasoning later.

As for me, my main motivation for eating healthier is to feel better, manage my weight, and to achieve the best skin health possible for me.  I eat lots of salad, especially as a meal, but I am not a vegan nor am I vegetarian.  What I like to do is limit the amount of meat I eat.  Not cut it out completely.

So why would not eating meat, fish, or dairy foods be bad for your skin?

Because of collagen production.

Adequate collagen production is the key to all skin problems having to do with aging and appearance.  Collagen is the binding network of protein fibers in the skin that keeps it elastic, looking smooth, and preventing it from sagging.

The way our body's skin gets is collagen is by making it.  To do this, the skin uses building blocks such as amino acids.  Where do we get amino acids?  From protein. And if you think about it, collagen is found in the body of a living animal, not exactly in a plant wouldn't you say?  There's also zinc and vitamin B12 to think about (there is a deficiency commonly found in vegans and vegetarians) and higher amounts are found in animal sources.  Not only that, but the bioavailability (the amount of the nutrient readily absorbed by our body) is higher in animal sources.

Fruits and veggies have tons of great vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the skin.  But they lack one of the most important building blocks of collagen and that is amino acids, which are best found and absorbed in the body with animal protein.  Depriving skin of the building blocks it needs to produce adequate amounts of collagen can be detrimental if you want your skin looking its best.


Sunday, March 15, 2015

New otome game blog!

Hello! Thank you to everyone that commented on my last couple of posts on otome games!! I also sincerely apologize because I've deleted those posts off this blog and posted them in a new one.

It's called Otome Love and here's the url:

I've been playing quite a bit of these games and I don't feel like I can organize them well on this blog. It's one of those topics that kind of demands its own page. x)

So if anyone's interested in reviews on playable characters for Voltage otome games, then feel free to check out that blog. I'll be posting reviews there. (^_^)

Happy reading!

-- Minapi

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dealing with hormonal acne

So it's been a few months, and I've been... dealing with this beast called 'hormonal acne'.

What is hormonal acne?  It's when you're out of high school and you finally got out of that horrible teen acne stage.  You didn't think it could get any worse...  But guess what?  It can!! (-__-)

I started to notice that I was breaking out with inflamed acne around the top of my forehead, in the middle of my cheeks, and along my jawline.  A lot of the acne was the painful type, under the skin (cystic).

At first I thought that there was something wrong with my skincare regimen.  I thought about if my skin was the oily type and maybe the moisturizers I used were clogging my pores or maybe my cosmetics were comedogenic (pore clogging).

After trying and failing many times with different products, I found that it wasn't the products at all and that the cause was something far more sinister and underlying.


If you're wondering how I came to this conclusion, I found it through face mapping.  Face mapping is basically an old Chinese belief that acne in different regions of the face point to different body systems out of whack.  According to face mapping, acne along the jawline (which I never used to get before) is caused by hormone imbalance.  From there, I did research on hormonal acne and that's how I got my answer.  Everything finally made sense: the sudden onset, the acne along the jawline, the acne being cystic...  I finally found the answer but now I'm stuck figuring out the cure.

I'm sure that this acne problem is also due to stress.  It's no secret that women in this day and age are subject to higher levels of stress than previous generations due to higher education and higher demands from careers, balancing relationships, family life, etc.

The biggest challenge for me is just trying not to be bothered by it and covering the acne up with makeup during the day (which thankfully does a good job).  Acne really does lower self-esteem and can make a person feel very helpless.  I think I can relate much better to people with severe acne problems now that I know how it feels not being able to easily get rid of it.

I've tried a lot of things that are said to help:

  • Excluding dairy from my diet
  • Drinking more water
  • Eating more fruits and veggies
  • Exercising more
  • Thoroughly cleansing my face each night
  • Adequately moisturizing
  • Wearing sunscreen

I'm sad to say that it hasn't really given me any results yet.  But I really don't want to go on hormone therapy or use medication.  I just don't believe in messing with the internal workings of my body any further.

Maybe it's because I'm in college and have to deal with chronic high stress..  So once summer vacation hits, I won't feel so stressed out and my skin might improve.  That's my theory anyway.

We'll see what happens.  I really hope this is just some shitty stage that my skin's going through that will eventually pass.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Random thoughts

1. When you see people driving in cars, do you ever make judgments about them based on what kind of car they're driving?  Like, "oh, a middle aged man driving a van...  He probably has kids." or "old man driving a BMW. That must be his retirement car."

2. I've gotten really into smartphone otome games.  It makes me feel like I'm using my imagination again. If anyone judges, I say, "At least I'm not playing candycrush all day."

3. Some wise lyrics from a 2pm kpop song: "Energy is the gift of youth, distress is the poison of youth."

4. It's amazing what perspective can do. It has the power to make old problems look like nothing.

5. Don't postpone happiness.  Be happy NOW.  Make the most of any situation you're in.  Make the most of life.

6. Do your best! You won't have regrets if you know you're giving it your all.

7. Don't worry so much about the future that you forget to live in the present.

8. Why is it that watching Pokemon makes my worries fly away?

9. If you're ever wronged by anyone and feel angry at them, try to think about all the bad things they didn't do to you.  They might not seem like such a terrible person if you think that way.  Sometimes, thinking, "it could be worse" will help you keep your calm and your sanity.

10. Worried about waking up early?  Adjust your schedule so that you go to bed and wake up at the same time.  You can still do the fun things you did late in the evenings.  You'll just be doing them earlier in the morning.  Hey, that's something I can wake up to!

11. 'Fuzzy fleece' is the cold terminator.  Seriously, try it.  My freezing feet get hot with just one pair of those socks.