Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An Cafe New PV

This is a really interesting yet inevitable change that the band went through. I mean, here's one of their older and more commonplace MV's below:

A lot more lighthearted ne? I still like the change though since goth visual kei is always sexy.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Commemoration to Bad Couple

My next favorite drama that I just began watching on mysoju. I highly recommend this one. I've never actually gotten so close to laughing out loud before. The girl in this drama is REALLY funny. A must watch if you like lighthearted/feel-good dramas that are also romantic (in a cute/funny way) and sexy.

The basic storyline is that there is this woman, Dang Ja, that has a successful career as a fashion editor but wants to have a child. Only problem is that she is against the idea of getting married. She seeks out a man with the 'perfect genes' and eventually comes across this guy named Gi Chan who is said to be perfect in every way by a matchmaker lady she comes across. He is a botanist that seems to have no interest in women. Dang Ja is persistent though and does everything in her power to seduce him into making him sleep with her to get his 'genes'. Gi Chan is against the idea of having a child without marriage and commitment while Dang Ja is the exact opposite.

Booze!!!...... Jus' kidding!

I recently had a strawberry daiquiri to celebrate and it was super sweet! I shared it with my sis and parents so I didn't get any effects from it. I've never, ever been drunk before if that's believable.... Well, there was this one time I was sort of 'drunk' after I got drugged for my wisdom tooth removal and was heavily sedated but that's about it.

I'm always afraid of what I might say when I'm drunk whether it's something hurtful or if it's something super embarrassing about myself that I don't want others to know. >_>

Today, my manager was actually so nice! I did write a kinda mean entry about him earlier about his faults but sometimes, he can be sweet.
He bought me a breakfast strawberry jamba juice thing and it was pretty good. You can say that the cup of that was considered my meal for the day and I didn't have to eat my lunch I packed. It was that filling.
I'll say that I agree with my last coworker's metaphor about him being like a sour candy. He's sour on the outside but can be sweet on the inside... If that makes sense. lolz

The road trip has actually been advanced to Monday instead of Tuesday. So I'll be going there then. Hope that it's fun since I've never ridden in a car for over 2 hours.
I'll be sure to take some pics.

I may actually be able to go to Washington state for a trip after all. My dad was telling me that the flights were opening up during the last week of May. I won't expect to be able to go in the end but it would be fun if I could. Then I can check out all the Twilight places. xD

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Random update (note: pictures are from a couple months ago)

Babykins enjoying the sun after the unexpected frost. Sooo cuuuute! >.<
Isn't this just cozy? lol
I'll probably do a compare picture with this one. Now it's all green and sunny so wouldn't it be cool if there was this same picture except a summer scene? x3
Frosty tulips~. Sad thing is that out of the 10 tulips, only these two bloomed... T.T
Pink really is a strong color after all.

May 14th, 2009:
--I find it so hard to organize my thoughts these days. It's very frustrating at times. I'll bet it's because I'm having this internal debate on whether I should attempt enrolling into one of two colleges. I finally got the transfer class guide for one but also the other. I'm telling myself that I'll try going for whichever one is cheaper.
One of the colleges also wants me to add in 12 or so computer designs with all layers intact for them to look over to see what I can do on computer design programs (i.e. photoshop, photoshop illustrator, etc). That kind of sucks in a sense. Especially since I finished my photoshop class recently but I wasn't confident at the time to make anything special. All the files I have are simply touched up pics.
At least I found something though. I'll be finding out the tuition costs soon..

I'm still going to take summer courses this year. I've paid for them and everything so they're set. I'm actually looking forward to it. Drawing II. and U.S. History. yaaaaaaaaaaay. lol

Today while driving to the school campus to pick up transfer class info, I happened to bring up the topic of a road trip and that sparked my dad to come up with the idea to take a drive over the mountains to a small town in the northwest of our state. And we may hit a hot spring on the way. I'll be sure to take pictures of the scenery since I've heard that it's very nice. ^^
We will be heading out next week Tuesday.

Right now, I'm working on some pen/ink, watercolor, and marker artwork that I'd like to finish this summer. I'm one of the worst procrastinators so in reality, it isn't likely that I'll finish them. >_>;

I finally got my hands on some copic markers~! I'm so happy! x)
I think I'll call it an early birthday present from my mom because she bought me two. They're rather expensive too. Around $6.50 for one marker!!!.. But luckily, they were 30% off. I got the skin tone markers and they work SO well! Maybe I'll get more, if I can prove to myself that I can color effectively with the hand-me-down Tombo markers I have.

Yesterday I bought watercolor so I'm gonna try that out. My favorite type of media is probably watercolor and/or pen and ink. I've also found that I'm starting to really hate color pencil coloring. >:(
I had to do a couple of color pencil art pieces for school and I was getting so sick of them. It's like you work so hard to make something look nice with color pencil and in the end, you're never really satisfied with the outcome.

Enough of my art rambling for today. I'm going to finish up the drawing so I can paint or ink it in...... I'm actually a bit afraid of inking this particular picture in because I drew it so well.
That reminds me, I'll have to fix my copy machine to give me a piece of mind when making coloring decisions. ^_^;;

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I want to go outside!!!!!!

I want to go outside sooo badly today!!!! But I can't. It's so sad. I'm working right now and on break time. -__-

It's always like this. Every time the weather is super nice, I'm either stuck at work indoors or having to work on some project for my classes.

Grrrrr... So unfair.. And when it gets to later summer, the weather will be too hot. Right now, it's Spring so the temperature is perfect for just sitting out in the sun enjoying the atmosphere.

It's really very therapeutic. I recommend people sit out in the sun to relieve stress. Wear sunscreen though. Don't wanna get premature wrinklies.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Vampire Diaries, pretty good story and why Stephenie Meyer did NOT copy L.J. Smith

After reading Twilight, this is the next best thing that's ever happened to me. I know that in the beginning, there's the main character that's a stereotypical, spoiled, blond girl who's super popular and gets whatever she wants and of course first impressions would make the average person immediately have distaste for this character.

I gave it a chance though and I didn't regret my decision. She's actually quite a strong character that's deeper than she seems. She also has two great friends that are quite amusing, especially the psychic one.

The male lead of the story is this brooding vampire named Stefan and he's very similar to Edward with his "I'm a monster" self-hate attitude towards himself and his dark, sexy, and mysterious outward appearance.

The love rival is none other than Stefan's older brother Damon and he's the direct opposite of his brother. He's arrogant, selfish, and can be very cruel. He does whatever it takes to get what he wants. He does not hesitate to quell his instincts and purposefully feeds off of human blood, gaining more and more 'Power', as the book calls it.

Basically, Stefan is the new kid in school and Elena (the main blonde girl) wants to have him. So she tries her best to get to know him better. He's cold and distant to her in the beginning for his own personal, mysterious reasons and it upsets her. On homecoming night, she is humiliated by him once again and pushed over the edge so she impulsively leaves with losers from the football team on their little escapade to the local cemetary. Stefan eventually saves her from this drunk bastard who tries to take advantage of her and then they're together (kind of).

Later in the story, Stefan saves Elena again, ends up telling her his secret about being a vampire, and then brother Damon steps in. Very compelling and interesting story, even though the vocabulary isn't all that advanced. I haven't heard any stories like this in a while except for maybe in multiple manga stories/asian dramas with the two brothers being rivals, main girl is beautiful reincarnation/look alike, tragic past memories with emotionally scarred people,... etc, etc.


I've read a thread or two online that had some serious comparisons between the all popular Twilight and this book, The Vampire Diaries with speculation that Stephenie Meyer copied ideas from L.J. Smith.

I don't believe that Stephenie Meyer purposefully copied ideas from this older book. Her writing style is quite different with the advanced vocabulary and then there's the fact that her writing is is first person while L.J. Smith's Vampire Diaries book is written in third person. The many side characters are also vastly different, even the love rivals.

Both themes and ideas are common knowledge in my eyes. Of course, there would be the hero (vampire boy) and the heroine who would HAVE to be human for the book to have any appeal. People who read vampire romance novels consist mainly of females who of course, are human and they'd relate to a human girl most, making the book more popular.

The vampire male hero would have to have appeal of being mysterious/angsty and have to feel guilty and hate themselves for others to have sympathy for them. Most people will feel more sympathy for a character with some virtue instead of one that's overly arrogant and selfish. I'm not surprised at the similarity with the main vampire guys of both books drinking animal blood as a substitute for human blood. The idea of synthetic blood is already common in books from Charlaine Harris, Suzan Sizemore, and the Vampire Knight manga...... (I mean c'mon! They have comparisons too but nobody bitches about their similarities).

The story plays out with:

1.) the girl taking interest in the guy/vice verse
2.) the guy saving girl who starts to speculate about what he is
3.) leads to the vampire guy revealing his secret
4.) then the love rival steps in
5.) love triangle ensues and obstacles are formed
6.) eventually they all overcome this and the main hero and heroine live happily ever after

It's all a very simple formula for a vampire romance novel genre and although it's cliche, it still has high appeal in all its various forms.

With this said, I really don't believe that Stephenie Meyer copied ideas from L.J. Smith because with the vampire romance theme so common nowadays, most writers of this genre could come up with a similar idea without even reading Twilight or Vampire Diaries.

*And Tiff if you've read this long rant, sorry that I haven't commented any of your entries of late. I've tried a couple times and for whatever reason, they never posted.
Perhaps I'll reply to you on them when we email. ;)

So glad I have this blogger...

I'd just like to state to myself and whoever reads that I'm so happy that I've discovered blogger. It's not necessarily that I want a ton of people to read it and have it become this huge popular thing. I just see it as an 'internet diary' where I can sort out my thoughts and let out my frustrations (if I have any).

But it's kind of sad in a way because it's making me lazy to hand write things. Typing is just so much easier for me because it's quick and fast with just a tap of my fingers.

Hand writing is dying out. How sad..
That reminds me, I'll have to practice my script.

Artist block?

I seriously can't think of any good ideas for creative art right now. It really sucks. I believe that it's because I'm all caught up in college class planning.

I recently visited the MGD counselor of our college and of course, that led me to having to see yet another counselor. The whole problem was that I wanted to make sure the classes I took at this college would be able to transfer to the other college. It turns out that only 'academic' courses are guaranteed transfer and all other MGD courses are questionable.... shit.

I also have to make an appointment for my re-badging because where I work, we're required to have badges renewed every year...

Okay, so back to my artist block. It's so weird. Sometimes, I'm full of ideas and others, I have no idea of what to create. I'm hoping that it won't be this bad if I actually do get a career job in a creative art field where I have to be coming up with ideas constantly. Such pressure... lol

I guess all I can do right now is sit back and try to let this episode pass me by. It's happened before, believe me.