Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year: 2013!!!


Happy 2013 everyone-!!!  LOL, not the most elaborate setup above but ramen always tastes delicious on cold nights.  ( b ^ . ^ )b  

I can always save the elaborate Japanese styled New Years food for another day when I'm not so lazy.

 Must do closeup...

You might ask, why ramen and pizza?:
A: Pizza is one of my loves so it always tastes good.  Imo, pizza is so awesome because it adds this festive vibe to almost any occasion, don't you think?!

I'm spending my New Year chillin' at home with the sis.  Our parents went out to party.  Doesn't our family sound so reversed right now?  xD

I made a makeshift kotatsu which was a big feat for me; I never really got to that project in a long time.  I might have started 'Project Kotatsu' at least a year or two ago.

I wanted to make a model of a kotatsu to see if I would like the idea of having one.  So far I really like it and it's pretty comfy to sit under the blanket, even though there's no heating unit underneath.  We also don't have a new couch yet so the kotatsu model I made is a great gathering place for people in the family.

It was very simple to create; I got a twin sized comforter blanket and draped it over our short coffee table.  I also got another two blankets (one fleece and one quilted) and used that as the mat under the table and grabbed two couch pillows to sit on.

I didn't buy the heating unit yet because I've recently gotten into the whole EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) thing that causes cancer; The kotatsu heater does give off a certain amount of radiation so I was getting paranoid about it, lol.  I also found that I would have to make sure to get a really hefty voltage converter because the kotatsu heater is a very powerful heating unit that can possibly burn the house down; It heats up maybe 40% hotter in America than Japan.  After more research, I found that a lot of voltage converters used for heaters just shut off on their own because they're too weak.  So I dunno, perhaps I can make do without the heating unit.  On the bright side, it'll save me the cancer causing radiation and the possibility of burning the house down. :)

 *Sigh...* But despite all my doubts, I really wanna be HER!!!  ( > . < );;;

Who knows, I just might get a kotatsu in the future...  It would definitely benefit me because my room always manages to feel like an icebox even with the house heating on (the upstairs heating SUCKS).  And it could save on basic heating.  I'll blog about it if there's any progress with 'Project Kotatsu'.  x)

I decided to end my year by going to work today. I'm not sure if it was the opportunity to make money or the fact that I would be finishing off the end of my year by working hard that possessed me to do that. 

Enough of work, I got to go home earlier which was cool.  My sis is still getting over the stomach flu so it's too bad she had to feel so sh*tty right before the new year.  She even failed to finish her instant ramen which is weird because she loves the stuff, even more than me.  I luckily passed by this winter season without getting sick so I'm so thankful!  \( ^ o^ )/

To end this year, my skin feels so yucky...  Sort of like I'm breaking out and my skin is strangely oily, bleh...........  I suppose I have been neglecting my usual skin care routine with the facials...  
This might have been because we had our uncle over recently and so a lot of my attention was focused on being a good host.  Sorry skin! 

But on a good note, I successfully made my uncle a bento box for his trip home so he wouldn't be hungry on the plane.  He called me back when he got home and thanked me again because he really enjoyed it.  Just those words make me really happy to make bento's for people.  ^^  He even shared some leftovers with my grandma and she liked it too.  I sent home sourdough bread with him because that's the only thing my grandma wants from our state, lol.  She was super happy and thanked me three times!  Anyway, when she's happy, I'm happy.  So for my uncle's trip here, we did pretty much everything we set out to do for him during his stay AND I also remembered to send an omiyage (present) back with my uncle for my grandma.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.
I feel so awesome right now. (" ^ T ^ ")

I honestly don't have any New Year's resolutions.  Call me what you will but I feel like I'm making resolutions for myself all the time throughout the year and I wonder why I should wait to make any at the end of the year.

Tomorrow I'm gonna indulge and chillax while catching up on some of the games that I've been neglecting for much too long, such as TWEWY, KHDDD, FFXIII-2, etc....  I'll probably watch some Kyle XY too.  I've gotten so addicted to that show... this calls for another blog~!  My sis is also addicted so it must have some kind of appeal.  She usually doesn't get into the stuff I watch, hmmm... 

As for movies I must watch this New Year, one of them is "Les Miserables."  My mom really wants to go to that one since she got so addicted to "Phantom of The Opera" and is now into the dramatic musicals.  I'm quite interested myself and look forward to seeing a new drama and Anne Hathaway's performance.

Anyway, Happy New Year of 2013~!!!  This is gonna be an awesome year!  Let's make the most of it!  :D

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Making sushi for my Uncle

My Uncle from came over to our house to visit a couple days ago so I was pretty excited to cook him some of my special dishes.  We rarely get visits from relatives, mostly because we're the displaced ones, living super far away from everyone else...  Sometimes I forget what it's like to have relatives and other family over so I get really excited to show off my hosting skills when I get the chance!

One of the dishes was miso soup which he really liked and I whipped up some sushi this evening.

Soooo delicious....

He really liked them and said they were "Ono" AKA yummy. :D

I'll probably make him a bento box for the plane ride back.  I did that for my other Uncle who visited the last time.

I think there's something really special about homemade bento boxes besides their obvious beautiful and cute appeal.

It's not just food, but the time, effort, and care someone gives for someone else.  I really like making bentos because in my mind, I feel like they bring people a lot of happiness and that makes me feel happy.  (* ^ x ^ *)

I'll be going to church with my Uncle tomorrow.  It should be an interesting experience as I have never been to a church service before. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Perfectly Natural Long-Lasting Makeup

The majority of the items I used for this makeup look.

It's about time I post a new tutorial!  Here are some tips and tricks that have worked for me when I needed the most lasting, non-smudge, and non-cakey makeup for a long day.  I have semi-oily skin so depending on your skin type, this look may or may not work for you.

For lasting makeup, I feel that the most important features to focus on are the skin, eyes, and hair.


To start, I always *lightly* moisturize by getting maybe half a pea sized amount of facial lotion (I personally use Alba Botanica), rubbing it in both hands until smoothed out, and patting it on my face.
This may seem like it will make your face more oily but in fact, it prevents dry skin that will make the foundation look flaky and it also can pat down already dry skin on your face so it won't show up when you apply your foundation.

For foundation, I like to stick with BB Creams because they work so well for me.  I feel that BB Creams are the best types of foundation to create a smooth and natural finish to the skin.

The Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm Triple Function BB cream has been my running favorite for at least a couple years now.  I like it mostly because it has an acceptable SPF factor of 25 PA+++ and has long lasting power, enough for me to last about a day with minimal oil buildup.

I sometimes switch around the type of BB Cream I use, depending on the day; A good example would be if I planned to spend a significant amount of time out in the sun.  If that were the case, I would use my Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream...

... or if I'm having a good skin day, I might just skip BB Cream altogether and simply apply a light facial sunscreen (I use Shiseido Kesho Wakusei Sun Block SPF45 PA+++) and then use a compact foundation (I use MAC Studio Fix) in my T-Zone or just areas that usually get oily on my face.  I also apply it under my eyes because I have horrible under-eye dark circles... ( T ~ T )

This is a recent fav BB Cream of mine, the Missha [Matte] BB Cream SPF20 PA++.  I mostly like this one for its clean matte finish and I feel that this works well in the dry winter months; It has a a thicker consistency which works well for holding in moisture.

I use the Beauty Blender to blend out the BB Cream (dampening it with water first for smoother application) but if you want a cheaper alternative, simply using your fingers to smooth out the foundation works well too.


Too Faced Shadow Insurance has been my favorite for a long time for eye shadow primer.  It prevents eye shadow creasing.  Funny thing is, I believe I wrote a blog about buying this a few years ago so that must mean that you really get your bang for your buck with this item.  It also has very easy removal of product opposed to Urban Decay's Shadow Primer (freaking annoying bottle).

This is the CHEAPEST, and my most favorite eyeliner of all time.  The Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner has never failed me in terms of being a non-smudge and easy application eye liner.  It is also easily removed with water so I'd keep this one away from the waterline or under the eyes.  For me, it works perfectly for the top eyelid.

***TIP*** If you decide to extend your eyeliner past your actual eye shape, I highly recommend that you use false eyelashes, at least on the outer ends of your eyes because if you don't, you have a potential chance of having this eyeliner smudge under your eyes.  This happened to me today and the only thing I didn't do was apply the falsies to the outer edges of my eyes.  Like I mentioned before, this eyeliner is great for the upper eyelid but it doesn't hold up too well against water and oil.

I like to stick with neutral eye shadows for the clean and natural look.  I think any light color palette will do but if you want to know what palette this is, it's the Tarte neutralEYES volume II eye shadow palette.

In the top left corner, I use that as a base on my eyelid.  The top right corner has a slightly darker peach color which I also use to build color on the eyelid.  The bottom left corner has the highlight that I use under my brow bone and the bottom right corner is what I use in the bottom outer corners of my eyes.

***TIP*** If you want your eyes to appear brigher, you can get a very light highlighting eyeshadow color or just something glittery and apply this color to the inner corners of your eyes.

This baby is what I use to curl my stubborn eyelashes.  It's one of those Japanese brand compact eyelash curlers and I'm not sure what the name of it is but I've found mine on and/or ebay.

Here's a little trick you might like.  Say you want waterproof mascara.  I've found waterproof mascaras but they are a BITCH to remove so I came up with this technique.  I first get a mascara that isn't so waterproof like this Almay mascara.  It claims it's waterproof but it's actually a pretty weak formula that's easily removed with some baby shampoo and water.  First, I give my lashes a coat of this...

... and then I use any kind of CoverGirl waterproof mascara because anyone who uses lots of drugstore brand mascaras will know that CoverGirl has the BEST waterproof mascaras of ALL TIME.

CoverGirl mascaras are so waterproof, that they even remedy my issue with my under-eyelid getting smudges from my upper-eyelid; If I put just a small coat of this stuff on my bottom lashes, I almost never have any smudges even when my eyes water. This particular CoverGirl mascara is the Exact Eyelights brand which I LOVE because it has worked so well in being so buildable and also being the ultimate waterproof mascara.  It also contains very tiny grains of glitter which seems to make the eyes appear brighter.

Now if you want to take your look a bit further while still staying fairly natural, you can take some false eyelash glue...

... and get some 'flared' false eyelashes (make sure they are flared).  If you cannot find just the ends of the flared eyelashes and instead get full on eyelashes likes the ones above, simply snip off a little less than half of the eyelash leaving more of the flared end (*my thumb is indicating how much to snip off) and glue the remaining edges of the eyelashes to the outer corners of your upper eyes.  This will greatly enhance your look without looking too over the top.  It's also much more comfortable to wear and much easier to apply. :)


This may or may not sound weird but my main lip balm is Vaseline.  I don't know WHY but my lips appear to be allergic to many kinds of chapsticks and form some annoying dry rash when I use them.  So I ended up using Vaseline.  

A lip tint is any easy way to color your lips without having gross residue of lipstick or lip gloss. I bought the TonyMoly Cherry Pink Lip Tint and although it has initially nice results, it's not very long lasting.  I have yet to find a better lasting lip tint.

I bought this Apricot Stick in Korea while looking around in Etude House.  It has a cute lip color, lasts fairly long, and also works as a sort of chapstick.  


To finish off this look, if I feel motivated, I lightly contour my faceThe bronzer I use for contouring is by Stila.  I long lost the original compact it came in so right now, it's in an old foundation compact.

This is the small brush I use for contouring the sides of my nose.  I dab it in the bronzer, tap on the edge of the compact to get the excess product off, and contour my nose.

I use this larger brush to contour under my cheekbones, along the sides of my face, under my jawline, and under my chin.  I dip the brush into the bronzer but I don't tap off the excess product from this brush.  I don't think you have to be as minimal with contouring the sides of the face opposed to the sides of the nose because over-contouring always seems to be more apparent on the nose than anywhere else on the face.

For my eyebrows, I will either use a darker brown shade of eyeshadow with this slanted eyeshadow brush...

... or use my favorite eyeshadow pencil, the Etude House Drawing Eye Brow. 

As for the hair, I usually just tie mine up in a ponytail because it helps with keeping it tidy.  I feel that any updo will work, especially in a fast paced working environment.  The main thing to remember is to not let it get too oily throughout the day (if you have oily hair), especially bangs if you have any.  I read somewhere that baby powder works wonders for oily hair.  I have yet to try this trick but when I do, I'll be sure to blog about it!   

I have used this method of applying my makeup many times and I always feel confident that my skin looks bright, healthy, and most of all, natural-looking.  I don't like heavy-coverage makeup, even if it makes the skin look perfectly flawless.  Flawless=FAKE imo and I'm personally not into that kind of look because it just seems too much like I'm trying to hide the real me. 

And this concludes my tutorial on how to make your makeup perfect, natural-looking, and long lasting.  Hopefully this look will work for you as it works wonders for me! ( ^ W ^ )

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This just made my day

So you know how life goes, there are some days that will be amazing and some days not so much.  Today was a nice day, fairly pleasant with nothing too dramatic except towards the ending of my day where I happened to get one of 'those' people who ever so slightly, threw off my groove.

But then I got home and got my two games in the mail~!!!  There were two packages on my desk and I was thinking that it might be makeup or some other item that I ordered online but they were my games.  \( "^ 0 ^" )/

It's one of those moments in life where your mood isn't all that great but then something happens that brightens up your day.

I couldn't wait so I started up the Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance and watched the beautifully animated opening sequence.  The game itself is great fun and a treat to feast your eyes on.  I didn't think I would like playing the game in 3D but it's actually more engaging that way; I only use the 3D on low power though.

I've only played maybe 10 minutes into the game and I'm already getting the "flowmotion" action going. ( o"  > w < "o) <  Tanoshiiiii-!!! )

I hope they add, and slightly improve this new innovation to future Kingdom Hearts games because it's just so awesome how quickly you can zoom around the environment THIS early in the game.  I remember in the first Kingdom Hearts games, you would have to wait until you got super glide to get anywhere that fast.  This is actually much faster than superglide.

I haven't gotten that far in the game yet but hopefully I can play a bit more tomorrow.  I also like those cute little pet/spirit things to keep you occupied, lol.  They sort of remind me of Nintendogs.

As for TWEWY, I didn't open that game yet.  I'll probably start playing tomorrow along with Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.  I wonder if it's such a good idea to be playing 3 games simultaneously.............  Haha, JOKE, why not?

I don't really know why I took a pic of all my Nintendo game consoles....  I guess it's cool seeing a size difference in the three, lol.

Monday, December 10, 2012

It's so cold these days!

I thought I'd post an official blog just about what's going on in my life right now.  The weather has gotten really cold... more like freezing actually.  The temperatures are dropping to the 20's..

Today I was off from work so I decided to make some hot miso soup!  ( *^ v ^* )


There's nothing quite like a hot soup or stew to combat a cold house.  It's funny because my dad claims that we have a lot of food in the fridge but all that 'food' he's talking about is the leftover pizza from last night.  lol

I know that in Japan, miso soup is considered more of a side dish or an appetizer but when our family makes it, it's more of a meal.  Along with the miso paste and dashi powder, I usually add:
- yellow onion
- tofu
- wakame
- daikon (sometimes)
- egg (sometimes)
- green onion (sometimes)

... and we eat it with a cooked mixture of brown and white rice!  The tofu adds a lot of bulk to the soup so it's quite filling.  I like to add the yellow onion slices because it adds a certain spicy sweetness to the soup and makes it taste so much better!  I've gotten so accustomed to adding yellow onion that I can tell right away that the soup tastes different (not as good) without it.  ;)

I went out with my mom today to the dog park just an hour before the sun went down and it was so freaking cold!  I was even wearing maybe 3 layers of jackets.  But Scruffy had lots of fun and the cold didn't seem to affect him at all.  I honestly don't know how the 20 degree weather didn't bother that little dog...  We even had to catch him before we left because he just didn't want to go and kept running off when he saw us gaining on him with the leash. lol

After we got back home, mom and I headed off to Target because that's what we do in suburbia when we're bored. xD  She bought a few tea snacks such as chocolate pretzels and I went and got Scuffy some new squeaky tennis balls.  It was so cute because he was literally shaking with happiness when I handed them over to him~!  I think I should I have taken a picture but I guess I'll have another chance because I still have some of those squeaky balls in the net.  Scruffy just loves new balls.  lmao

Then this evening, I got a fairly big surprise because my sister actually was interested in watching a new Netflix K-drama series with me.  So we ended up choosing Heartsrings.

It had some cute actors that I remember from You're Beautiful and I heard good reviews about it.  I was also highly interested in Park Shin Hye playing a normal, non-stupid character for once.

We actually liked it enough not to fast forward to the next episodes or opt out of watching it.  My sister even asked to watch ep.2.  I think this is a BIG deal for her because she's one of those Lee Min Ho worshippers who thinks he's the hottest man alive and that no other guy will surpass his hotness.  She essentially refuses to watch other dramas simply because the guy is "just not as hot as Lee Min Ho."  ( -__________- )  Yes, I am blood-related to this girl...
But apparently, she accepted Jung Yong Hwa so I dunno, maybe he'll help her get over her LMH bias.  xP

I personally think that this drama is quite slow moving but not necessarily un-enjoyable because of it.  My sis jokingly made remarks like "when will it get to the love parts???" lol

Hopefully we will continue to use this drama for the 'sisterly-bonding-time' that we haven't had for a while.






The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall (on Netflix) is another show I plan to fully watch someday because my mom is so into it and I'd like to make jokes about it to her.  She's had the play on almost all the time since she's watched it so I've pretty much watched about 85% of that play already and have a ton of those songs stuck in my head. I've also gotten fairly addicted to Ramin Karimloo's vocals, even going as far as having a bias for him playing the Phantom...  But he really is an amazing performing singer and actor.  Here's a video of him singing if you don't believe me.

And one last random thought, I've been trying to find a nice, cute sweater but can't seem to find anything acceptable because I'm so picky...  I saw one at the store I work at but when I tried it on in the fitting room, it just didn't sit right on me..  But it was seriously nice and the color, material, and stitch was perfect!  It even had these cute elbow pads.  Maybe I'll try it on again if I see it. I mean, it was on sale and over-sized sweatshirts are pretty cute these days right?  :3

Anyway, Good Night world-! ( " - . - " ) z z Z z Z Z Z

Friday, December 7, 2012

A good yet strangely annoying day at work

[WARNING: This entry contains large amounts of foul language and ranting.  Read at your own discretion.]

Today was actually a very productive and good day at work for me.  I got a lot done in terms of organizing and putting things where they belonged.  The time also flew by.  The only issue I had lay with this particular coworker who came to work with me in my area today.

As associates, we can pick and choose which area we want to settle in and it's a maximum of two associates to each area.

So anyway, one of my coworkers, let's call her Two-Faced Betty (lol) decides to work with me in the area I originally settled in AND got to first, may I add.  I call her Two-Faced Betty because when you first meet her, she seems like a really sweet old lady BUT my impression of her was immediately shattered after my explanation below...

To start off my morning, I go around the store, greet customers, and ask them if they need help with anything.  And here's the catch, I honestly don't think this is due to me simply not being at the register at the right time, but Two-Faced Betty is getting all the sales, even the ones with the customers who I greeted and offered help to.  I also observed her behavior; I would be at the counter right next to the register and when a customer started walking up to it, she would rush in out of nowhere and say, "I can help you over here!" and literally jump right in front of me who was walking toward the register.

I recall talking with another coworker on one of my first days and she mentioned to me that Two-Faced Betty "never leaves the register."  So basically what she was telling me was:

1.) Two-Faced Betty is lazy and pretends to be doing work when she really isn't, and most importantly
2.) Two-Faced Betty is a register hoarder.

Now remember how I mentioned that THIS is one of the reasons why I despise the sales goal with all of my hate?  This is my first experience with this particular situation and it was NOT pleasant.  It was SO unpleasant that I even when I tried to think that the sales goal isn't a big deal, it didn't work to console me..  I didn't really know how to approach her about what she was doing.  My issue isn't with the fact that she's 'stealing' my customers, in fact, I don't think that at all.  It's not like I own customers just because I talk with them or help them.  The customers will choose which associate to go to in the end, we don't have much control over that.  What I'm seriously bothered by is the fact that she rarely left the register and she didn't even take the time to go out on the floor to put away product so that I could have a turn to ring up customers.

To put the icing on the cake, she even asked me to ring a customer FOR her while she went off to do something else!!!  Me being naive and thinking that she means that I can ring the customer under my number, thanks her for it but then realizes that the register is already punched in under HER number...  Thinking back, I wonder if I should have canceled the started transaction process and punch in MY number instead.  I seriously felt like a total loser in that situation.  I think next time, I'll probably just cancel the transaction and punch in my own number.  If associates want someone to ring a customer for them, they shouldn't be asking their fellow associate (unless they're a good coworker who doesn't hoard the register all to themselves), they should be asking a support associate who has no sales goal.  In that situation, I honestly felt like she was rubbing the sale she got in my face.

She also asks me to do a task that SHE should be doing such as finding pants in a certain size (luckily for me, I didn't process what she said as I was engrossed in my own work and ended up not doing anything, mwahahaha).

To end this rant, I believe that Two-Faced Betty is evil in the way that she's a sales hoarder who doesn't care about her coworkers and thinks it's okay to walk all over them to achieve her own sales goal.

It's so ironically funny too because she likes to ask her coworkers what their sales goals are and yet I wonder why she's so nosy about it..  I mean, she obviously doesn't care whether any of the rest of us reach our sales goals or not.

Another irony, she also appeared soooo shocked that I had a negative sales goal by the time I got back from lunch.  I thought, "That's partially because you glued your ass to the register all f*cking morning!!!"

And now for all my feelings [in order] for Two-Faced Betty...:


I only had a pathetic 7% of my sales goal completed by the time I left for lunch and one of my customers from who knows when must have returned something while I was gone because it was freaking -1% when I got back and I only had 3 hours left for the day.......  Lucky me.

At that point, I already had the sick mentality where I wanted to see how far I could fall with that sales goal and how bad I could get it before I left for the day.  In that moment I Honest-To-God, wished that I would have the most ultimately, stupendously, HORRIBLE sales goal EVER by the time I finished for the day so I could show it off and talk to people about how Two-Faced Betty wonderfully contributed to my worst sales goal in the history of time.  Unfortunately for me, I actually got to around 50% of my sales goal which wasn't bad enough to give any real impact to my claims.  Booooooo...

I'm still not sure how to approach this situation without coming off as a total bitch.  I guess for now, the best solution is avoiding Two-Faced Betty and just working with another coworker in a different area the next time this situation arises.  She can put away the freaking items in her section on her own because I am through with her sh*t!  I guess if she somehow ends up asking me if I'm avoiding her for whatever reason, I'll reply with my coincidental bad luck on sales while with her and continue to avoid working in the same area with her at all costs.  ( -___- )

Next time I see Two-Faced Betty on the floor, this will be me..

Thursday, December 6, 2012

*~The early check off of my Christmas WISHLIST~*

This was supposed to be a post about my (consisting of mostly electronics) Christmas Wishlist but I'm changing it slightly since a lot of the stuff on the wishlist has already been bought, lol.

I shall now tell you my story...  It all started on Black Friday.  I was so happy that Target decided to open earlier on that day because I had to work the next morning and this was actually my *FIRST TIME EVER* going out to get something on Black Friday!; I didn't really want my first experience of shopping on that day to be too traumatizing....  ( ~ . ~ );;

I was thinking that most people would be at Thanksgiving parties at 9pm but I was surprised to find that a lot of other people were actually waiting in line at Target possibly HOURS before I even got there at 8pm!  I thought, "Dammit, don't these people have somewhere else to be?!"  orz

This was my mission: 

1.) OBTAIN - PS3 ($199.99)...

2.) AND the Nintendo 3DS ($149.99)...

I had to wait in line for about an hour in 'freeze-your-ass-off' weather but it actually proved to be worth it, even when I was in line a whole store away from Target!

Here's my internal thoughts at that moment of triumph

I somehow obtained that PS3 super easily and I even went back to see the damage maybe 15 minutes later and there were still more there.... but unfortunately for the 3DS, the line seemed too intimidating and I had a friend with me who wanted to get the eff out of that store. xD  It wasn't even that busy in there.

So I don't have the Nintendo 3DS but I find that the original price of it isn't that bad after Black Friday is over; It was about $169.99 afterwards, only $20 more...  I eventually broke down and bought that 3DS.  

That's two items checked off this year's Christmas Wishlist!  I'm currently using the PS3 for watching Netflix because the stupid Xbox 360 requires me to pay an additional fee for using Netflix which I think is total bs.  Microsoft is being waaaay too money hungry..

I'm using an HDMI cable and it works wonders with the PS3! I swear, while I'm watching K-dramas on Netflix with the PS3 on HD, I can literally see the pores on their faces. lol  The HD also seems to 'fix' the ginormous subtitle issue I had mentioned in earlier posts.  I still have to test this fact with Boys Over Flowers because that drama in particular had ridiculously large subtitles.

I also successfully attached my Xbox 360 with another HDMI cable (that I purchased for less than $2 btw) to the TV and the game is so much clearer!  It's too bad I didn't decide to get an HDMI cable before I started playing that game. (>__<)

***BTW, I would love to mention the fact that a person should not spend over $5 for an HDMI cable.  I spent less than $2 for mine on ebay and it works great.  Also, when stores claim that the more expensive HDMI cables work better or are more beneficial than cheaper ones (which usually aren't cheap at all unless they're under $5), they're lying.  ALL HDMI cables generally have the same functionality and properties.  And if you do get a defective one, you should know right away because HDMI cables usually either work perfectly, or don't work at all.  Just try doing some research and you'll find that you shouldn't have to spend much for the HDMI cable.  This is just something I learned recently because I wanted HD on my TV which had that option and had to look for some deals for HDMI cables online.  
And one last bit of info, the HDMI cable does work for both video AND audio.  If you have limited outlets in your TV but have two HDMI ports, you can usually hook up multiple game consoles if you're using HDMI cables.  I have a really simple TV and even THAT has two HDMI outputs.  I hope this info was useful.***

After Black Friday, I was searching online for some video games that I wanted to play but never got the chance to in the past as I was probably busy with life or just too cheap to buy the games for full price. xP

Right now I'm playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and it's quite the engaging game!  I admit I had a very biased opinion of this game when I first found out about it.  I thought that the graphics looked bad on the Nintendo DS and wished that they would have put the game on the PS2 instead, lol.  But after playing it, the creators proved to be quite adept at making the graphics look as good as they did with the console they had to work with.  I also appreciate the little sound effects they used (since there's isn't much live-action dialogue) such as the character's laughing sounds or Roxas' depressed sigh or the sound of the trio nomming on Sea Salt Ice Cream.  x3

I bought a couple other games such as The World Ends With You...

And Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance..

I haven't recieved the last two in the mail yet but I'm anxiously waiting!  xD  Can you tell I'm a Square Enix junkie yet?

And so, these are all the items from my wishlist that I've already bought.  I actually got some fairly good deals online for the games, paying no more than $22 for each of them.

I'll list the prices below because I'd like to calculate the subtotal damage:

PS3: $199.99
Nintendo 3DS: $169.99
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (used): $14.99
The World Ends With You: $19.99
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance: $21.99
So the subtotal is................................     $426.95 !!!!!!  \ (@__x) /

That about how many days of me working?...  lol

The rest of the electronics on my wishlist are probably things I won't get till maybe a year or so later..  The first is the Samsung Galaxy Note II:

Isn't it beautiful?...
 Here's a size comparison between this and the Samsung Galaxy III

I am absolutely infatuated with this phone's cover design!

I'm sort of a cult Samsung believer because I have so many Samsung Electronics such as my phone, my TV, etc..  lolz  I actually got my Samsung Infuse smartphone for FREE!  And this is all due to  my patience and waiting for the prices to go down.  Hopefully I can get something close to free in the future for the Samsung Galaxy Note II, haha me and my wishful thinking!  :D

The last wishlist items are mostly Square Enix videogames that have not yet been released on the market such as FFXIII Versus, FFXIII Agito, FFXIII Lightning Returns (might as well finish off the triology right?), and KHIII.  

What's on your wishlist? :3