Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lioele Water Drop BB Cream

I was initially planning on buying the Missha Watery BB Cream but since it was continuously out of stock, I decided to go with the Lioele brand.

I think that this BB cream is very pleasant in terms of smell, texture, and coverage. It feels very cool and hydrating on the skin and even though it's a light formula, it does a nice job of evening out my skin tone.

The only thing that slightly irked me is that on the picture below, the product states that its name "Water Drop" comes from the water droplets that apparently form while applying. Well, I don't know if I got a dud or not but I never got to witness this phenomena with my BB cream. :/

Aside from this, the Lioele Water Drop BB Cream does a nice job with evening out skin tone while staying light and hydrating. It's nice for the summer when you don't want to wear thick makeup.

Like all other BB creams, this one helps to heal blemishes as well as provide good coverage.

If you have medium to darker colored blemishes and want a BB cream to cover those, I don't recommend this one because it didn't cover up any darker blemishes I had.

This formula is very light and breathable for my skin and I don't even feel like I'm wearing any foundation when I use this.

I usually squeeze a little less than a dime sized amount, apply it to my face, and brush on some translucent powder. It's been working out really great for me as the weather is getting hotter and more humid. If I have blemishes, I simply add some concealer. :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Japanese Pa Lashes Haul/Review

On my recent trip to Washington, I visited Uwajimaya and in their gift section, they have these Pa eyelashes. They currently cost $3.50 each which isn't bad because when I shop online, I usually see them for a very similar price. I didn't have to worry about shipping there and so I bought about 10 of these.

After using these eyelashes, my feedback on them is that they are indeed a little more on the stiff side in terms of the part of the eyelashes that you adhere to your eyes. Although I think it's okay because they're not super stiff like the Hime or Pretty&Cute lashes.
In my experience, the stiff lashes are usually a lot more difficult to get on your eye and they can easily fall off. They're also a lot more uncomfortable if you don't fit them to your eye just right.

When I buy lashes, I have a preference for the lashes with the flares on the ends. I feel that they look more natural and they have a bit more edge. They're very effective in lengthening the eyes.

I've also tried out their bottom lashes and well, I didn't really have much luck with those because of the stiffness. It made it a bit more difficult to put them on and my left eye kept on watering up in the corner. I suppose it wasn't a good day for bottom falsies... -.-

I think that Pa eyelashes are okay for a select few top lashes like the natural ones with the flares but for bottom lashes and the demi looking ones (darker and thicker lashes), I'd probably steer clear of those because in my experience, the darker and thicker the lashes, the stiffer the base.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Saving more Water

I know, I know. It's so late to be doing this. But better late then never right? I was thinking about my mom always telling me that I waste so much water in the shower. For a while, I didn't think much of it because I have a sister who wastes so much more water than I do. But then I took a shower this evening and after thinking about it and she's actually right. I really have to stop running the water so much and at a high pressure too.

Today I lowered the water pressure and turned the water off between washing my hair, face, and body. I realize that I usually leave the water running while washing my hair and face and it really does waste a lot of water.

I thought to myself that if I put the water on lower pressure so less comes out of the faucet, I can essentially enjoy the hot water for a longer time because I would technically be using less water. So it's a good trade off if one stops to think about it.

It will always be my lifelong dream to have a Japanese style bathroom. I feel like their way of bathing is really efficient because instead of standing under the shower for a long period of time to enjoy the feeling of hot water, they use controlled amounts of it to wash BEFORE they soak in a tub of hot water that they can save for about a week. They can do this because they're already clean before soaking in the water. In some cases, they even use this water for washing their clothes! The Japanese are so efficient that they even connected the bath tub water to their washing machine. I feel like the Japanese are so lucky because most of the population get their own mini hot tub. 欲しいです...

It's important to be as resourceful as we can to save water because it affects all future generations living on this Earth. What if you have children, nieces/nephews, or just younger people than you who you care about? Think about what their life will be like if everyone keeps wasting water. Also think about all other wildlife on this Earth. We only have one planet to live on and we should appreciate its resources it gives to us and not waste it.

T.M. Revolution: Such powerful vocals!

I think the first time I ever heard T.M. Revolution was when he sang "Heart of Sword" for the Rurouni Kenshin series. I recall getting really addicted to that song. So recently, I had the pleasure of hearing T.M. Revolution make a comeback in the anime series once again when I heard the anime Soul Eater's 1st opening song, "Resonance."
OMG, it sounded so amazing, my ears were very happy that day! I think that the opening song of an anime is also vitally important because one of the reasons why I stuck to watching Soul Eater is because it had such an amazing opening song (I thought to myself, this song is great, the anime must be too! lol) and that they used the freakin' legend, T.M. Revolution!!! Can't get any better than that!

T.M. Revolution, aka Nishikawa Takanori is a Jpop/Jrock singer and actor in Japan who is immensely popular because of his song work on so many popular anime and his futuristic, updated, and fashionable image. I believe that his main song genre is technopop and Jrock, both in which he alternates between. His vocals are very versitile as he also sings ballads.

T.M. is also part of a band called Abingdon Boys School where he provides the main vocals.

I love his music because all his songs have a distinct powerful energy that I don't see in many other Japanese artists. His voice has great strength and heart and I can always feel beautiful emotion when he sings. I'm also a fan of his 'voice rolling'? I'm not sure what the technical term is but I think T.M. Revolution is THE master of it. ^^

Here's a few of his songs that I fell in love with.

Soul Eater 1st opening, "Resonance" by T.M. Revolution

"Howling" by Abingdon Boys School

If you haven't listened to him yet, you should because he's an amazing technopop/Jrock artist and his music is fun, powerful, and most of all, full of energy! :D

Sunday, May 15, 2011

No Falsie Makeup #1: Eyeshadow for Eyeliner

False eyelashes seem to be all the rage these days and along with applying mascara, makeup gurus and many other girls seem to be using them. I agree that they give eyes a big extra boost and open then up like nothing else can but using them too often can make us start to rely on them a bit too much. I was one of these people and I started to feel like it was unhealthy that I couldn't rely on my own natural eyelashes to do the job.

I have a friend who uses false eyelashes almost every day and her eyelids don't look so great. Sometimes they're okay but others, they're red, swollen, and dry. This hasn't happened to me yet but I think about it sometimes. Putting eyelash adhesive on your eyelids probably doesn't do any initial damage if done correctly but I'm sure that over time, it can start to show damaging effects as I saw from my friend.

So I decided to create these "No Falsies" looks for eye makeup to give the eyes a break if you want to go for a lighter makeup look without using false lashes. I know that there are a lot of other makeup looks out there without false lashes but I noticed that when I used them, I would STILL feel insecure because I didn't have my falsies on. Something was missing. So I tried a few different things and I came up with some solutions that are similar to basic eye makeup, but with a little something extra.
I think these looks I use are a good transition from the dramatic eyelash makeup. It's all about adding dimension and length to the eyes and not too much about the mascara and how long your eyelashes are. I try to distract from the eyelashes and create different things about the eyes to focus on. For this look, I used brown eyeshadows as I was inspired by the makeup from Japanese fashion magazines.

Without further ado, here's my first tutorial on "No Falsie Makeup." ;)

I don't know how common this is but it's one of my favorite things to do when I'm in a rush and/or planning on a long day.

I usually like to use the darker eye shadows (duh) in place of eyeliner like black or a darker brown. This works really well if you want a softer look to your eyes. Another good use for this method is if you're anticipating a long day and are worried about your makeup smudging which is why this look forbids eyeliner of any kind.

I took some pictures of the steps and slapped them together in photoshop. The pictures weren't the greatest so I thought I'd make up for it with a little photoshop action. xP

For my eyeshadow palette, I used the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes (it's the picture at the top).

Hope this tutorial helped! ;D

Should we still be buying CD's???

Every time I take out my old CD's and look over them, I think to myself, WHY are companies still selling them?

Seriously, all music is starting to become electronic and on the computer. We can easily 'buy' music from itunes and store them on our hard drives. People can also 'pirate' music from non-legal sources with little to no consequences. I admit, I've done it before.

So why are CD's still being sold? I guess maybe this is being aimed toward the population that still hasn't moved on from their good ol' CD players. But c'mon, even cars are starting to become compatible with mp3 players like Ipods and Zunes.

My prediction is that CD's will eventually fizzle out like the record player. It can still exist, but it will be rare.

I don't really mind this kind of change because it would save a lot of plastic and other materials for making the CD's and their cases. Maybe it's good that we're trying to make things more compact. It would take up much less space in the landfills.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Organic and Cruelty Free

Recently, I've been getting into the cruelty free and organic products for facial washes and lotions. For recent classes, I did my reports on animal cruelty and although I haven't researched much about animal testing with cosmetic/beauty products, I know in the back of my mind that it exists. During the last few weeks of the semester while doing research for my last speech on the animal exploitation of pet stores, I came across the Draize Test that scientists use on little white bunnies and it's truly sickening. They basically strap the bunnies heads into a brace/lock, force their eyes open, and drop toxic substances into their eyes, in many cases causing them to go blind, simply to test if some lotion or eye makeup will harm OUR eyes.
Imagine if you were one of those bunnies and how horrible it would be. You don't have a choice. Of course with animals, people don't give a shit.

I'm not saying that I'm a true vegan nor am I saying that I'm some kind of saint because I don't use products tested on animals; I've probably purchased countless products that have tested on animals in the past but I am trying NOW to stop supporting animal testing by NOT buying products that test on animals and taking the time and effort to SEEK OUT cruelty free and organic products. With all the advanced technology we have today, I don't see why humans can't stop their barbaric and cruel ways against animals. We're truly the stupidest, foulest, and most ignorant beings on this Earth because we do idiotic things like pollute it, fight and kill each other, and most of all, act cruel not only to our own kind, but also to other creatures just because we can and we have power so we abuse it by exploiting them.

Enough of my ranting. Sorry, I can get really carried away when it comes to cruelty to animals and I am so ashamed of myself for all these years of ignorance and basically turning a blind eye to what kind of hell is going on behind pretty packaging and convenience.

*****Before I begin, if you want to find out which companies test on animals and which don't, you can easily find them by googling or even faster, here's a link to the website where they have conveniently marked hundreds of companies who do or do not test on animals:

I've found another link to aka KARA for some Korean products too (since I also love Korean makeup and skin care products):

Okay, now lets start with the reviews~! :D


For this picture above, please try to ignore the St Ives and Aveeno in the middle and focus on the EOS and Yes to Tomatoes. I was still an ignorant idiot when I bought the two middle products which aren't so great anyway.

I don't want to repeat this all the time so I say now that all the products I review are paraben and cruelty free.

Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin daily clarifying cleanser works great for my face. The smell at first, takes a little time to get used to but I eventually grew to like it. The smell is just like sweet tomatoes! It works very well for removing dirt and makeup on the face (excluding waterproof makeup and mascara of course).

The EOS evolution of smooth shave cream is okay but honestly not all that great. I have a drain net in the tub and the EOS shave cream sort of clogs it. I don't know if it's the oils mixed in with the product but it's a little annoying to have to run the water into the drain to clear it. It also doesn't really last too long after you put it on your arm or leg. You have to shave it right away or the effectiveness wears off fast.

This is Dead Sea Mineral Salt Soap. I think it works great and smells really nice but like the EOS shave cream, it also has a tendency to clog the drain net. -__-

My skin does feel rejuvinated after I use this though. It's like the salt in the soap takes out all the impurities from my skin through a process that I like to call osmosis. Sort of like how you get wrinkly after swimming for a long time in the ocean. The salty water is more concentrated than the inside of your cells so the water in your cells move toward the higher concentration of the salty water, probably taking a lot of toxins out with it.

A small collection. These soap bars were on sale for a good price so mom bought me a bunch. Luv ya mom! ^o^

The Yes to Carrots company has a lot of different names for their products depending on the main fruit or vegetable used. This particular one is called Yes to Blueberries and it's specialty is anti-aging. These two are the age refresh cleanser and eye firming treatment.

I was a bit disappointed with the Yes to Blueberries age refresh cleanser, mostly because it doesn't take off even the simplest of makeup: foundation. I don't expect facial cleansers to take off eye makeup because I know that eye makeup can be very stubborn as it's usually waterproof. But if the facial cleanser can't even take off foundation, I'm going to have a problem with it.

The eye firming treatment has this really strong spicy kind of smell, like the kind of spicy you smell in a flower. I don't personally care for that smell because it's fairly strong but I think it does prove to be rather effective in firming the delicate skin around the eye area.


Alas! More 'Yes To' products!

The Yes to Tomatoes clear skin moisturizer is very nice. It has a pleasant scent and it goes smoothly onto the skin. It's a facial moisturizer and it holds in moisture fairly well, I would say, above average. I just feel really healthy putting this stuff on my face because I know tomatoes have tons of antioxidants and this lotion is infused with tomato extracts.

Yes To Cucumbers is another spin off line and it focuses on soothing, refreshing, and cooling effects for the skin. I got the Yes To Cucumbers soothing eye gel and although it definitely cools the under eyes, it leaves this gel like film on the skin that peels over time. It's a little gross looking since it's like peeling skin except for the fact that it's peeling gel. Aside from that little fact, it probably wouldn't be a problem if you're simply putting this on before going to bed or taking a nap. Maybe if you're just doing a little spa at home, the gel film that this product leaves under your eyes shouldn't be an issue as you can just rinse it off. ;)

About a month ago, I started using the Alba sea plus renewal cream. After trying a good couple Alba products, I started to notice the trend of thick lotion. So, like most Alba products, it stays true to its nature and this facial moisturizer is rather thick in consistency. But it's good in a sense because a little goes a long way. The only thing that irks me is that it takes a bit of effort to blend into the skin because it's a thicker lotion. Therefore, I have to pull more on the skin on my face by rubbing this lotion in more and I feel like it's stretching out my skin, possibly causing premature wrinkling. In the end, I think I'll stay away from Alba products that's for the face and instead, buy hand lotion or body butter from them.

I haven't used the Avalon Organics ultimate moisture cream yet but I hope it's not as thick as the Alba face lotion...

Here's an Alba body cream/body butter. It works great and smells like coconut, yum! ^^


So far, aside from trying the My Beauty Diary face masks (sorry, not sure if those are cruelty free but I do know that they have parabens that I like to avoid) that my friend had gave to me, the Skin Food Rice Mask and the Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Mask are facial masks that you rub onto your face and let sit for about 15-20 minutes.

The Skin Food Rice mask is cruelty free as stated by the Korean website KARA. It smells amazingly good, similar to rice pudding, and it has tiny exfoliating beads in the mixture. My skin always feels softer and brighter after using this face mask.

The Laneige Strawberry Yogurt mask also smells amazing and yummy but I'm not sure if Laneige is cruelty free or not. Laneige is not listed on the KARA website and doesn't tell me anything as they haven't branched out to doing background checks on Asian companies. I'm yet again ashamed to say that I wasn't thinking much before buying this product and didn't do my research to see if it was tested on animals or not.

I shall try harder in future's time. u.u

DIY Bangs!

So yesterday, I surprised myself by gathering up the nerve to cut my own Japanese inspired bangs! I watched a couple tutorials on yt before attempting this and I'm so glad I did.

I took these pictures (below) after I got back from work for the day so sorry if my bangs look all nasty and oily... xP They're usually fluffier but you know how it goes after a long day. The hair usually gets flat and you get oil buildup, bleh..

I've been hesitant to get bangs for a while now because I was under the belief that if a person's face is not heart shaped or really small and skinny, bangs won't look good on them. I have proved to myself that this assumption is highly inaccurate. Bangs are not features made to make a person's face look fatter. It's supposed to cover up more of a person's face to make the face appear smaller! I also had many times where I would cut my bangs (doing a pretty bad job) in the past but after watching tutorials, I've realized that my trimming methods were really sloppy and ineffective. I was cutting my bangs too thin and not leaving enough hair to frame the face. I didn't even section off hair so omg, you can imagine what horrors I was doing... Live and learn. -___-

To start the process, I prepared the bathroom. I cut a plastic bag into a flat rectangle and lay it over my bathroom sink. The tools I used were a couple hair ties, a cup of water (that I would find out I didn't really need), a comb, and hair cutting scissors. First I had to prep my bangs. I sectioned off my hair making the hair line for the bangs slightly behind my ears. I wanted thicker looking bangs but not too thick so I didn't section off half way like it's usually done. I tied the hair that was not for the bangs back and tied the section of hair for the bangs in the front, evaluating the hair division and hair line before I decided to snip away. One of the yt videos suggested using a razor comb (which is basically a comb with a built-in razor) and uneven scissors which looked like one of the blades was a comb. I didn't have any of those tools so I just used simple hair cutting scissors. It worked okay for me but instead of having my bangs wet while cutting, I let them dry because it was so much easier for me to trim them evenly that way.

I was so happy with the results because my bangs looked a lot like the examples in my Japanese hair magazine. The bangs also seemed to take years off my age. I think that bangs in general can make a person look so much younger. I remember cutting my bangs before but they never turned out looking so chic! I made sure the bangs on the sides were longer so they can effectively frame my face. This creates a cute dolly look.

I'm generally scared to go to a hair stylist because I usually don't get the desired results and I don't like blaming other people for not fully understanding what I want.

I just love the results! I'm so happy because I actually created these bangs myself and I love taking pride in my own work.
So I created something beautiful AND saved money! Oh yeah! Double WIN!!! ''^o^''

Saturday, May 7, 2011

This past Tuesday...

OMFG it was so hot that day and it made more even more tired than I should have been. I had to go to work this past Tuesday morning and then right after, go to classes. I know it doesn't seem so bad but the commute is FAR and it's like I leave the house at 5am and then get home at 9pm. I guess some people regularly work crazy shifts like that but I'm not used to it so it can be like a slap in the face wake up call to the harsh reality of life. x(

Like I said earlier, it was really freakin hot that day but thankfully, mom had bought me a strawberry tart and it was sooooooooo refreshing! I'm so glad I had that on that particular day. It was like I was craving something not salty but not too sweet either and that cold strawberry tart was perfect in that moment.

My car has no A.C. so you can imagine me driving that thing all over with hot air blowing on my face while it's a dry 80 degrees plus outside.

Finally going on another trip!!!

Some family came to visit yesterday so I picked them up and brought them to the house. It was cool because I could show off my kakigori maker~! ^o^
I made the strawberry syrup and mixed the sweetened condensed milk with some 2% milk so and it went perfectly with the ice. The taste is comparable to goodie goodie ice cream but not as sweet. The family all thought it was delicious and refreshing.

I'll write about the kakigori maker in a future post since I don't have any pictures of the actual thing right now. It's so delicious and I'm so excited for that really hot day where I can make that and eat it with family. This summer is gonna be good.

My mom suggested that I go back with the family as an early summer trip since I'm finished with this semester of school. It's a little sad since I'll be leaving on Mother's Day but I did everything I could do in my power to make my mom feel special these past couple of days. And there's also the fact that my mom is probably working on Mother's Day...
She asked for a clean house so I cleaned the house on Friday. Then I bought her colorful roses and put a single pretty pink one in her room. Me and my sis wrote short notes on why we appreciate mom so much and I think she was happy with it. Mine was all long and detailed while my sister's was short and to the point. I think it's so funny that I'm still in the essay writing mode from this last intense week of studying for exams and writing papers. xP Either way, she said that both notes were very heartwarming and sweet. :D
I also got the chance to make her the new kakigori and she got the most perfect bowl of it. I'm preparing ice blocks for her while I'm away since it's gonna be really hot during the time I'm gone. I hear the temperatures are going to rise to the 80's.

I'm thinking about what I should take with me on this trip. I don't want to take too much because I like to shop and need space in my bag to bring stuff home. I'm mostly thinking about makeup actually, lol. I don't want to take any creams or liquids because I hate dealing with that crap. I'll have to make do with simple eye shadows, marker eyeliner, and foundation compacts. I think I'll try rocking the glasses look while I'm away just because I can't really do much with my eye makeup without all the necessities I'll be leaving at home.

I feel like I accomplished and got a lot done before leaving on this trip.

- I got all the maintenance with my doggie up to date by making a huge batch of her food, giving her lots of walks, and giving her a bath yesterday. She now smells like sweet baby shampoo ^^. I really have to find her a different source of shampoo though because I've been further educated and now know as a fact that Johnson and Johnson (which sells baby shampoo and many other cosmetics and lotions) tests on animals and I don't want to contribute to animal cruelty.

- I cleaned the house by vacuuming, dumping all the trash/recyclable items, washing the dishes, and folding blankets.

- I got the kakigori maker going and put all the sauces for ichigo kakigori into separate bottles, made special kakigori w/ice cream for mom, and prepared extra ice for mom before I leave on the trip (it's going to get really hot here this coming week. I think she'll want ichigo kakigori).

Sometimes I think to myself that I would make a perfect housewife, lol. I don't really tell anyone this but I'm finding that I actually enjoy cooking and cleaning. I dunno, it makes me feel productive and I feel like I have to DESERVE to have a break so I work hard to earn my relax time. x)
Then again, I like to do a lot of other stuff that requires organizing and getting stuff done.. :/

I passed both semester classes with flying colors since I never ditched once and studied most of the time. I'm a little disappointed with my most recent bio exam result though.. I thought I did really well on that exam but instead of getting a high A, I got a low A! D:<
Dammit, that teaches me to double check even though I was extremely careful on each of the 66 multiple choice questions... I did do pretty well on the take home exam though. 95/100 baybeh! I was aiming for 100 but eh, I'll never know what I got wrong. It's too bad our class can't see the tangible final exams since we're already out of school. I'm not so obsessed as to meet up with my instructor after we're out for the summer.

I'm so excited to do some shopping. Maybe I'll find stuff that I can't find here on my out-of-state trip. ^____^