Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back to school

I just got through my first week of school a few days ago. It was great! For those who don't know, I recently changed my major to multimedia graphic design (MGD), everything art and my original passion. ^__^

I was just kidding myself these past two years taking random classes... I know, kind of a waste of time but I won't call it that because nothing educational is a waste. I'd like to call it me finding my true passions in life. So these past two years, I've been taking all these science-based classes trying to get into some kind of medical degree but I really didn't do well. I also had NO plan so I wasn't really aiming for anything. Other than that, I was taking the basic prerequisite classes like college algebra, sociology, psychology, etc.

This semester, I'm taking classes that are actually applied to a plan for me to transfer. Exciting~! >_<
The classes are drawing I., 2-D graphic design, and adobe photoshop I.
They're all very fun and it's so funny because I have the same teacher for both drawing and 2-D graphic design classes. So I'll be seeing her 4 days a week opposed to 2 days a week, lol.
Photoshop was alright; a little intimidating at first because I have to somehow figure out how to operate a MAC computer which I've never used in my entire life except for kindergarden when those things were first coming out. I went in after classes to practice a little bit and it isn't so bad.

That's about it for my school life. Very fun and I'll probably post some of the artwork I make on here if they're nice enough. xD

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Anyway, these pics looks pretty blurry/bad quality on here but if you click on them, they come out really big so uh, beware.

So this is my little makeup workstation. I put it right next to my computer so I guess when I start making vids of something, it'll be easy to access everything.

You can see that I've only got a few brushes. I don't use too many. I'm fairly particular. There's also that big Sephora bag there. It's got all the eyeshadows. I'll post more pics later with the colors.

The tokidoki bag my aunty got for me. It's so cute! Thanks aunty DD! \(^o^)/

Here's the inside of the bag..

This is my baby! (">_<") .... lol, awww, the socks in the background ruin the picture! Here's the baby givin' some attitude!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Nikon Coolpix S210

Yay! I finally got myself a camera! It's as the title implies, a Nikon Coolpix model S210 with 8.0 Megapixels. Such a pretty plum color.. And I'm not being sarcastic. (>_<) While I happened to be at Walmart, I saw it was $119 so I went ahead and bought it since it was the last one and the price was good. The thing is, I actually saw it first at Target for $139.99 but they were sold out since Christmas. And THANK GOD they were! I would've gotten ripped off by a good $20! (Okay, it's not THAT much but I could get a lot of stuff with $20 you know......) Now I know not to trust electronic prices at Target since they apparently overcharge their cameras (even if it's only slight)! >:(

I used it while I was at the zoo to give it a test run and it didn't disappoint. The pictures were very clear, mind the ones where I was moving and then taking pictures.

I've also tried taking videos with this camera and they come out pretty clear. I'm very satisfied.
I still have yet to learn how to change the lighting modes but that shouldn't take too long. I'm procrastinating on reading the instructions...

So other than that, today, my car was egged! (.\_/.) grrrrr..
I was already leaving the house this morning to go to work and then I find this big spatter of raw egg on my car and of course I don't have time to clean it up. So I have to go through the humiliation of driving to work with this big egg yolk splatter on the hood of my car. It sucked but I tried my best to ignore it.

After work, I had to clean it all up because the longer you leave raw eggs on your car, the harder it will be to remove later.
I would love to believe that it will eventually crust off after a while but this is an urban legend unless you're waiting centuries.

It was so gross... I went into the house, got the pyrex pitcher and microwaved myself some hot water. Then I poured it over the raw eggs on my car and the smell was..... *shiver*, disgusting!
I would describe it like cooking rotten eggs but I haven't smelt rotten eggs recently so I wouldn't know. That's just what I though it smelt like. Yuck!!!

About an hour later, all the eggs still hadn't come off (most of it did though) and I was too tired to scrub anymore. I couldn't reach the middle of the windshield anyway without a stepstool (me being too short for my car) and I wasn't about to go look for it. (-__-)

Since I was already in my 'cleaning mode', I went ahead and cleaned my bathroom that was fairly filthy for the past two weeks, hehe, yeah, I know, gross out-! lmao
I don't wanna play the blame game but it's serioulsy mostly due to my sis. Her side of the sink is nasty with all her makeup sprawled all over the place and the water/soap residue from the sink is mixed in with all that junk........., blehh.
I try to tell her to clean it up but eventually it gets to be all yucky again. I'll take a pic sometime and you'll all see the truth. (o_O)
That cleaning took about an hour and a half.
I spent time taking down dirty laundry, wiping the mirror and sink, cleaning the toilet, and throwing away empty shampoo bottles.
It all made quite a nice difference. A lot less clutter. :D

lol, so enough of all my cleaning rambling.. I can get really carried away talking about cleaning. I think I get that from my dad... Or maybe my mom. Oh well, since they're both like that, I don't think I stood a chance of not catching this "clean gene." heheh

I'll be starting on taking some pics of my room or other interesting things soon to put on this blog.
I still gotta think of some makeup video ideas or maybe I might make a cooking video.
... Makeup and cooking.. That's a weird video combination to put on the same site but whatevah. They're what I like and they're both creative so why not right? \("^_^")/

That's all for today peeps. I'll update pics later. Until then! (@_@)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Holiday Shopping <3 <3 <3

at last, I have finally found a camera!!! it's this maroon-ish colored nikon. i went to target the other day and of course they were all out of that type of camera.. (-___-) just my luck...
they also told me that they've been out of stock of that camera since christmas!

that's like... 2 weeks already! (T.T) now i'll have to wait for who knows how long.

other than that, i really did get everything else i saved up for. :)

i went to old navy and got this white, i repeat, white winter jacket. i can't believe myself either. i usually NEVER buy white clothing, especially a jacket. it was just sooooo nice and it was on sale for 60% off! it was on boxing day and i didn't think that it could get any better than that. i ended up paying around $35 for the jacket which isn't too bad considering it's a feather down jacket that used to be at least $90.

annnd.. i went to ulta again. xP
that store is becoming a drug addiction.
i went there and bought a couple of nyx eyeshadows, each $4.99 and the urban decay wallpaper shadow book which was $34.

they're all very nice shadows but i recommend people not bothering to buy the nyx baby pink color because it's generic and you can most likely find a cheaper brand with the exact same color.
the other two, silver and frosted flakes were quite nice. i think the silver nyx shadow would go perfectly with black to make a very sultry smokey eye look. the frosted flakes would be a great highlighter to go with that.

urban decay never fails me so i was pretty cool with all the colors. i just wish that they wouldn't make those glittery eye shadows anymore... all the glitter particles end up falling off anyway. the shimmery eyeshadows are beautiful though.

i also went ahead and bought myself a new eyeliner marker (yes!). those i would have to say, work the best for me. i've tried the pencils and they scrape my eyes when i apply them and the colors from the eyeliner pencils always bleed and/or smudge on me.
on the other hand, the pen eyeliners have never or hardly smear or leak on my eyes and they have a softer and easier application. the eyeliner pens have NEVER scraped my eyes.
the one i bought from ulta was this physician's formula eyeliner pen and that was $5.99.
[here's a tip for all you ladies, make sure you buy most of the common brands from a target.
i just went to target the other day and they had the exact same physician's formula eyeliner pen and it was only around $5.09 or something!!! almost a dollar difference!!! so make sure that if you can find a makeup brand that you want in target, BUY it from target. if you ever buy makeup from ulta, make sure it's something that you can't find anywhere else.]

at target yesterday, i went ahead and looked for the camera as i specified earlier but they were out of stock.. grrrrrr..............
i then went ahead and got some nailpolish, black, and this other color... kinda like a very light, marble caramel.. i'll take a pic of all this stuff once i get that camera. ;)

there was also the small sonia kashuk eyeshadow brush that i've been waiting so long to get. that was i think, $9.99. i have the larger one and i curse myself for getting it because it's just too big and it doesn't grab the eyeshadow as good as my smaller brushes.
lol, when i look at all the brushes i have, it's so funny because i have almost all those sonia kashuk brushes from target and two of them i hardly even use anymore. what a waste... x[

okay, deoderant. now i know this is a somewhat wierd thing to be talking about but this deoderant works so well! also at target (i know, i'm a target junkie), i saw that the dove deoderant sticks were on sale so i decided to buy one. the smell that i liked the best was their grapefruit and lemon grass sage smell.
i put some one today and omg, it serves as a body spray/perfume too! it smells reeeeally good and i can smell it just standing still.
i'm gonna see how long this baby lasts. i've been wearing it since last night and it's like, 3:00pm now and the nice smell is still going strong lol.
i hope i don't sound gross while saying this, but i have been previously using the deoderant ban and compared to the dove, it really sucks! the aluminum percentage is higher AND it doesn't work half as good. (note: aluminum is said to be bad for you in deoderant)
i'd put on the ban in the morning and by midday, it would be 'ineffective'... (>_>)
it is unscented too and well, although it was unscented, i would still smell a scent if you know what i mean, lmao. it also said that it was supposed to go on clear but after a while, even though it was more of a gel, i still got that residue stuff from it. yuck.
so yeah, don't get ban unless you go with the scented ones i suppose, since the unscented ones are so ineffective and don't do crap.

okies, that's all for now.. when i get a camera, i'll post pics on here.