Sunday, December 6, 2009

Almost finished with this semester

I really shouldn't be writing in here this late.. ugh, I am so torn between using my other blog vs this blog.. I guess I'll just use the other blog for drama reviews or whatever since I really have no idea..

Anyway, I'm almost finished with this semester and I am so happy! ^^ Just two more days of school and I'm free for winter break! It's really too bad because I still have zero urge to shop and that's pretty much the only thing I can really do here. I've been wanting to go to this H-Mart downtown but it's a REALLY long drive down there and I don't wanna drive. I'm pretty sure that taking the bus there would take half a day considering all the transfers but I'll have to look into it.

I am so procrastinating on my paintings too. They're really graphicy.. If that makes any sense. Maybe I'll post them on here but I don't really want to. I'll have to make a watermark on them..

So, that's about it for now. I have two paintings left. One is a beach scene and another is Tokidoki inspired. ^__^

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wow, I haven't signed into here in FoReVeR!!!

Haha, It's been a while since I've been on this blog. I guess it's because I "thought" that I forgot the password to get into here and didn't believe I could retrieve it because my email for this account was deleted. It turns out that I didn't forget my password and ended up making an entirely new blog. o_O

Anyway, life's been pretty boring for the past few months. I finally ended the dreadful summer art class with the annoying teacher (... maybe 'annoying' isn't the word I'm really looking for. Think of it this way: she's one of those teachers that you just can't stand and it's very difficult to explain why because the problem runs so deep. It's almost like we were enemies or didn't like each other in a past life. It's that kind of feeling so I'm gonna go along with it). I also ended that history class and sadly, I got a B when I think I should have gotten an A with all the effort I put into the work and studying for the tests. But then I remembered that I ditched quite a bit so it all makes sense now. ~.~

Now I have a new art class, painting which I'm currently enjoying very much. My teacher is extremely organized and helpful and I'm having fun learning how to paint when I never really learned how. I believe that I've improved too from my 2-D class painting so it's a nice experience.
I also have 3-D design (required) and it's alright. I really don't care for 3-D art but I'm trying to be enthusiastic about it. My teacher for that class is very laid back and helpful so it's not as bad as I thought it would be.


Back to being bored. I am so bored right now. It's like I'm just going through the motions of life but I try to keep busy.......... actually, I'm not... -___-

I do have a few things that I should be working on like my play story which is due at the end of this month. It sucks because I started a story about this girl that fell from the sky and now it's starting to sound like that popular movie Stardust. ShiiiiiiiTake mushrooms.
I may have to start over again with something else. I'm no good with writing stories, seriously. It's like my mind is wired to only draw 2-D stuff. x~x

I've tried baking cookies and even being productive by doing housework too but they're both not doing much to ebb my boredom.

I was going to go shopping today but it was really cold outside so I decided to stay home and be a homebody. I sometimes feel that I could become rich in the future because I never have any real urges to spend money all the time. I have some days where I do want to go shopping and spend money but after a little while, I just go back into the 'saving mode' and I have no incentive to spend anything. Yeah, I'm gonna be one of those people where I look like I'm poor but I'm actually loaded. 8D


Okay, enough of my emo boredom.

Oh yeah, that's enough to make me and probably even you happy again. ^_^
You should watch the MV from Big Bang called Let me Hear Your Voice (the video below). T.O.P. looks VERY different in that MV. I actually wasn't sure if it was him in it. That's the magic of makeup and lighting.

Karyn is sitting here bothering me. I'm betting that she wants me to hurry up and take a bath so she can go on my computer to watch yt and go on myspace when I tell her not to. Bitch... She's reading my entries and she must be so surprised that I can read her so well. hahahaa
She thinks that she's bothering me but I don't caaaaaaaaare. lol

That's enough obsession for now. I'll put my next obsession topic on a different entry. *__*

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My EMO time

The background is changed to black yet again. I have a fairly short interest span so I can never really keep a background for long.

Some of the songs are emo too so bear with me. They're good songs though. Sometimes I like listening to rock/emo music and sometimes I'm into the direct opposite with happy pop/rock music. I guess it all depends on how I feel and right now, I'm sort of tired with thinking of ideas for my art class.

That class is a good 3 hours of brainstorming at once. -___-
Our history teacher also kinda had to bail out on us and our new history teacher has more workload, adding a book report and group presentations. Ick...

Okaaay, I'll stop complaining now since my life really isn't that difficult. That always makes me wonder though, does that really give other people the right to say that we people who don't live on our own have NO right to complain about ANYTHING at all? Personally, I think that's kind of unfair but there still is a fine line between complaining and whining. We're only human and if we didn't have complaints, we wouldn't BE human. Those were my thoughts before they flew out the window like most other passing ideas in my mind.

Friday, June 12, 2009

American Visual Kei?

I don't know why, but Davey Havoc (the lead singer of AFI) is pretty attractive... in a weird way. lol
Jade Puget is also the hottest American guitarist I've ever seen. *__*

I came across this MV some time ago and now I'm an instant fan. I never thought I'd ever see an American band that looks like visual kei (note: visual kei is this unique, punk/goth kind of look to a band and the music ranges from emo/gothic to super upbeat and hyper/happy sounding.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An Cafe New PV

This is a really interesting yet inevitable change that the band went through. I mean, here's one of their older and more commonplace MV's below:

A lot more lighthearted ne? I still like the change though since goth visual kei is always sexy.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Commemoration to Bad Couple

My next favorite drama that I just began watching on mysoju. I highly recommend this one. I've never actually gotten so close to laughing out loud before. The girl in this drama is REALLY funny. A must watch if you like lighthearted/feel-good dramas that are also romantic (in a cute/funny way) and sexy.

The basic storyline is that there is this woman, Dang Ja, that has a successful career as a fashion editor but wants to have a child. Only problem is that she is against the idea of getting married. She seeks out a man with the 'perfect genes' and eventually comes across this guy named Gi Chan who is said to be perfect in every way by a matchmaker lady she comes across. He is a botanist that seems to have no interest in women. Dang Ja is persistent though and does everything in her power to seduce him into making him sleep with her to get his 'genes'. Gi Chan is against the idea of having a child without marriage and commitment while Dang Ja is the exact opposite.

Booze!!!...... Jus' kidding!

I recently had a strawberry daiquiri to celebrate and it was super sweet! I shared it with my sis and parents so I didn't get any effects from it. I've never, ever been drunk before if that's believable.... Well, there was this one time I was sort of 'drunk' after I got drugged for my wisdom tooth removal and was heavily sedated but that's about it.

I'm always afraid of what I might say when I'm drunk whether it's something hurtful or if it's something super embarrassing about myself that I don't want others to know. >_>

Today, my manager was actually so nice! I did write a kinda mean entry about him earlier about his faults but sometimes, he can be sweet.
He bought me a breakfast strawberry jamba juice thing and it was pretty good. You can say that the cup of that was considered my meal for the day and I didn't have to eat my lunch I packed. It was that filling.
I'll say that I agree with my last coworker's metaphor about him being like a sour candy. He's sour on the outside but can be sweet on the inside... If that makes sense. lolz

The road trip has actually been advanced to Monday instead of Tuesday. So I'll be going there then. Hope that it's fun since I've never ridden in a car for over 2 hours.
I'll be sure to take some pics.

I may actually be able to go to Washington state for a trip after all. My dad was telling me that the flights were opening up during the last week of May. I won't expect to be able to go in the end but it would be fun if I could. Then I can check out all the Twilight places. xD

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Random update (note: pictures are from a couple months ago)

Babykins enjoying the sun after the unexpected frost. Sooo cuuuute! >.<
Isn't this just cozy? lol
I'll probably do a compare picture with this one. Now it's all green and sunny so wouldn't it be cool if there was this same picture except a summer scene? x3
Frosty tulips~. Sad thing is that out of the 10 tulips, only these two bloomed... T.T
Pink really is a strong color after all.

May 14th, 2009:
--I find it so hard to organize my thoughts these days. It's very frustrating at times. I'll bet it's because I'm having this internal debate on whether I should attempt enrolling into one of two colleges. I finally got the transfer class guide for one but also the other. I'm telling myself that I'll try going for whichever one is cheaper.
One of the colleges also wants me to add in 12 or so computer designs with all layers intact for them to look over to see what I can do on computer design programs (i.e. photoshop, photoshop illustrator, etc). That kind of sucks in a sense. Especially since I finished my photoshop class recently but I wasn't confident at the time to make anything special. All the files I have are simply touched up pics.
At least I found something though. I'll be finding out the tuition costs soon..

I'm still going to take summer courses this year. I've paid for them and everything so they're set. I'm actually looking forward to it. Drawing II. and U.S. History. yaaaaaaaaaaay. lol

Today while driving to the school campus to pick up transfer class info, I happened to bring up the topic of a road trip and that sparked my dad to come up with the idea to take a drive over the mountains to a small town in the northwest of our state. And we may hit a hot spring on the way. I'll be sure to take pictures of the scenery since I've heard that it's very nice. ^^
We will be heading out next week Tuesday.

Right now, I'm working on some pen/ink, watercolor, and marker artwork that I'd like to finish this summer. I'm one of the worst procrastinators so in reality, it isn't likely that I'll finish them. >_>;

I finally got my hands on some copic markers~! I'm so happy! x)
I think I'll call it an early birthday present from my mom because she bought me two. They're rather expensive too. Around $6.50 for one marker!!!.. But luckily, they were 30% off. I got the skin tone markers and they work SO well! Maybe I'll get more, if I can prove to myself that I can color effectively with the hand-me-down Tombo markers I have.

Yesterday I bought watercolor so I'm gonna try that out. My favorite type of media is probably watercolor and/or pen and ink. I've also found that I'm starting to really hate color pencil coloring. >:(
I had to do a couple of color pencil art pieces for school and I was getting so sick of them. It's like you work so hard to make something look nice with color pencil and in the end, you're never really satisfied with the outcome.

Enough of my art rambling for today. I'm going to finish up the drawing so I can paint or ink it in...... I'm actually a bit afraid of inking this particular picture in because I drew it so well.
That reminds me, I'll have to fix my copy machine to give me a piece of mind when making coloring decisions. ^_^;;

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I want to go outside!!!!!!

I want to go outside sooo badly today!!!! But I can't. It's so sad. I'm working right now and on break time. -__-

It's always like this. Every time the weather is super nice, I'm either stuck at work indoors or having to work on some project for my classes.

Grrrrr... So unfair.. And when it gets to later summer, the weather will be too hot. Right now, it's Spring so the temperature is perfect for just sitting out in the sun enjoying the atmosphere.

It's really very therapeutic. I recommend people sit out in the sun to relieve stress. Wear sunscreen though. Don't wanna get premature wrinklies.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Vampire Diaries, pretty good story and why Stephenie Meyer did NOT copy L.J. Smith

After reading Twilight, this is the next best thing that's ever happened to me. I know that in the beginning, there's the main character that's a stereotypical, spoiled, blond girl who's super popular and gets whatever she wants and of course first impressions would make the average person immediately have distaste for this character.

I gave it a chance though and I didn't regret my decision. She's actually quite a strong character that's deeper than she seems. She also has two great friends that are quite amusing, especially the psychic one.

The male lead of the story is this brooding vampire named Stefan and he's very similar to Edward with his "I'm a monster" self-hate attitude towards himself and his dark, sexy, and mysterious outward appearance.

The love rival is none other than Stefan's older brother Damon and he's the direct opposite of his brother. He's arrogant, selfish, and can be very cruel. He does whatever it takes to get what he wants. He does not hesitate to quell his instincts and purposefully feeds off of human blood, gaining more and more 'Power', as the book calls it.

Basically, Stefan is the new kid in school and Elena (the main blonde girl) wants to have him. So she tries her best to get to know him better. He's cold and distant to her in the beginning for his own personal, mysterious reasons and it upsets her. On homecoming night, she is humiliated by him once again and pushed over the edge so she impulsively leaves with losers from the football team on their little escapade to the local cemetary. Stefan eventually saves her from this drunk bastard who tries to take advantage of her and then they're together (kind of).

Later in the story, Stefan saves Elena again, ends up telling her his secret about being a vampire, and then brother Damon steps in. Very compelling and interesting story, even though the vocabulary isn't all that advanced. I haven't heard any stories like this in a while except for maybe in multiple manga stories/asian dramas with the two brothers being rivals, main girl is beautiful reincarnation/look alike, tragic past memories with emotionally scarred people,... etc, etc.


I've read a thread or two online that had some serious comparisons between the all popular Twilight and this book, The Vampire Diaries with speculation that Stephenie Meyer copied ideas from L.J. Smith.

I don't believe that Stephenie Meyer purposefully copied ideas from this older book. Her writing style is quite different with the advanced vocabulary and then there's the fact that her writing is is first person while L.J. Smith's Vampire Diaries book is written in third person. The many side characters are also vastly different, even the love rivals.

Both themes and ideas are common knowledge in my eyes. Of course, there would be the hero (vampire boy) and the heroine who would HAVE to be human for the book to have any appeal. People who read vampire romance novels consist mainly of females who of course, are human and they'd relate to a human girl most, making the book more popular.

The vampire male hero would have to have appeal of being mysterious/angsty and have to feel guilty and hate themselves for others to have sympathy for them. Most people will feel more sympathy for a character with some virtue instead of one that's overly arrogant and selfish. I'm not surprised at the similarity with the main vampire guys of both books drinking animal blood as a substitute for human blood. The idea of synthetic blood is already common in books from Charlaine Harris, Suzan Sizemore, and the Vampire Knight manga...... (I mean c'mon! They have comparisons too but nobody bitches about their similarities).

The story plays out with:

1.) the girl taking interest in the guy/vice verse
2.) the guy saving girl who starts to speculate about what he is
3.) leads to the vampire guy revealing his secret
4.) then the love rival steps in
5.) love triangle ensues and obstacles are formed
6.) eventually they all overcome this and the main hero and heroine live happily ever after

It's all a very simple formula for a vampire romance novel genre and although it's cliche, it still has high appeal in all its various forms.

With this said, I really don't believe that Stephenie Meyer copied ideas from L.J. Smith because with the vampire romance theme so common nowadays, most writers of this genre could come up with a similar idea without even reading Twilight or Vampire Diaries.

*And Tiff if you've read this long rant, sorry that I haven't commented any of your entries of late. I've tried a couple times and for whatever reason, they never posted.
Perhaps I'll reply to you on them when we email. ;)

So glad I have this blogger...

I'd just like to state to myself and whoever reads that I'm so happy that I've discovered blogger. It's not necessarily that I want a ton of people to read it and have it become this huge popular thing. I just see it as an 'internet diary' where I can sort out my thoughts and let out my frustrations (if I have any).

But it's kind of sad in a way because it's making me lazy to hand write things. Typing is just so much easier for me because it's quick and fast with just a tap of my fingers.

Hand writing is dying out. How sad..
That reminds me, I'll have to practice my script.

Artist block?

I seriously can't think of any good ideas for creative art right now. It really sucks. I believe that it's because I'm all caught up in college class planning.

I recently visited the MGD counselor of our college and of course, that led me to having to see yet another counselor. The whole problem was that I wanted to make sure the classes I took at this college would be able to transfer to the other college. It turns out that only 'academic' courses are guaranteed transfer and all other MGD courses are questionable.... shit.

I also have to make an appointment for my re-badging because where I work, we're required to have badges renewed every year...

Okay, so back to my artist block. It's so weird. Sometimes, I'm full of ideas and others, I have no idea of what to create. I'm hoping that it won't be this bad if I actually do get a career job in a creative art field where I have to be coming up with ideas constantly. Such pressure... lol

I guess all I can do right now is sit back and try to let this episode pass me by. It's happened before, believe me.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fuzz Fuzz getting her teeth cleaned lol

Food~! ..made by moi <3

I just love onigiri (riceballs). We have this hello kitty onigiri shaper and I really recommend that people buy it because it is so much easier than shaping these things yourself.... that is, unless you're just making onigiri balls. o_O

My sister is the one who actually made the cake part of this with cake mix but I frosted and decorated it with the strawberries/sprinkles. ^^

Monday, April 13, 2009

My cute tulips are growing up so fast!

I planted these tulips around November of 2008... Well, sometime last fall. And they grew!
Only two of them have bloomed so far but I am so proud lol. I've never grown tulips before so this is exciting. I'm thinking about planting more tulips in the front of our house since they seem to be so easy to grow. I only remember watering them a few times too!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Reasons why I dislike my boss at times

I thought I'd make a list to organize my thoughts and also to vent.

1. He makes me feel stupid and unintelligent by comparing me to others.

2. He compares me to my mom, making me feel inferior (as he seemingly has such a friendly relationship with her) which is completely unfair as she has a good 25 years of more life experience than me.

3. He always claims to be "just joking" with me but still his jokes make me feel really bad about myself. To give an example, today, he make a joke that sounded like this:
"I just met this guy, he's a really nice guy, very intelligent! I always thought Japanese people were intelligent, what happened to you?"

3. He always nags about me not answering my phone. When I miss one of his calls, he goes ballistic and tells me that I NEVER answer my phone and bitches about it constantly.

4. He never really listens to me. This includes arguments. He just walks out the shop before I have a chance to say anything. Also, when he's arguing and asking a question like"Why don't you answer your phone?" I give him an answer and then he says "no, no,.." and then repeats the question.

5. He doesn't seem to want to get to know me better at all and improve our manager/associate relationship, linking to the problem with him not giving me a chance to have a good chat with him. I always hoped that he would eventually get to know me better as me and not as some shadow of my mom. It's been three years and not much improvement aside from the fact that he finally calls me by my name.

I'm considering changing jobs but I'll just have to figure out what kind of job exactly would be good to replace this one.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Movies: March 2009

This month, I've seen Coraline, Confessions of a Shopaholic, The Reader, and Into the Wild.

Coraline is probably one of the best I've seen out of all of these but that's my personal bias since I love animated things. The animation is stop motion so it must have taken some time to get all the scenes right. It makes me appreciate all the work and detail the animators put into this film.

The story is quite dark. Some people might initially compare it with Tim Burton's work but the feel is very different when you watch it, especially after you hear the music. It's interesting because the music has a very lovely, lighthearted, wispy touch yet the underlying story and meaning is so sinister. I think it's this contrast that makes the movie so memorable and fun to watch.

The Reader was an intense movie and a must see if you like deep movies that make you think. I recall Kate Winslet won an academy award for that movie and she rightfully deserves it.

I wouldn't recommend the Confessions of a Shopaholic. I know a lot of people will probably say, "Oh, that was such a CUTE movie!" but although it is, its kind of stupid. And the main character is stupid and the movie doesn't go anywhere until the very, very end. I was waiting throughout the movie for something interesting to happen and it never really did. So yes, blah movie to me. I was expecting something at least funny.

I watched Into the Wild just last night and it was an.... enlightening movie. It's about this guy that gives up his material life to live out in the wild and he travels from New Virginia to Alaska.
It wasn't as deep as similar themed movies but not bad in general. I'd give it maybe a 7 or 8/10. To give an idea, I liked Cast Away a lot better.

So grossed out right now...

We've had this mouse problem in our house for about half a month and I'm pretty disgusted.

And it's not that I hate the mouse animal, it's just the diseases that they may carry such as hanta virus. Yuck!!! @#$#%@!!!!
It's airborn so I'm being so careful for mouse poop or whatever and not having it in my room.

Anyway, I'm at work today and I get a call from my sister and she tells me that she has baaaaad news and she's not sure if she should tell me lest I get paranoid.
I'm already guessing of what's coming. Yes, the horrid mouse. o____O

It happens to be that the cursed thing got into my makeup drawer! AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it did make my paranoia reach about a maximum of 100%, but it's a good thing that I found out right? I don't wanna be putting on makeup onto my eyes when the mouse was crawling all over it!
I had some false eyelashes in there so I had my sister dispose of it. T.T
I just bought those a day ago too and only used them once... *sniff.*

The rest of the stuff were enclosed mascara and eyeliner stuff so thank god, I can just disinfect them. All that makeup is too expensive to just toss out in the trash.

So before I go home tonight, I'm gonna have to stop by King Soopers and pick up some disinfectent and some kind of container to hold all that cosmetic stuff. Damn mouse! I don't even have any food in my room too! .\_/.

It's nasty and gross but hopefully, I'll get over it.. I'm a germaphobic by nature so it won't be easy.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

True Blood!!!!

I am so addicted to this show right now.
I first watched it a couple nights ago with my mom and it is sooooo goood (lol, good thing my lil sis wasn't watching)!

My brother works for this broadcasting company and all the workers there got a free preview DVD CD of the new HBO series, True Blood based on the Southern Vampire novels. I didn't watch it until months later because me and my closed minded ways didn't want to believe that an American drama series could be all that great. That show proved me so wrong!

It's pretty trashy and raw with all the swearing, sex, and racism stuff but I don't know, I just like it a LOT! I think it's because of the vampire theme which I love and the characters were so well played. In my opinion, the actors in this drama series are very talented, especially the girl who plays Tera. They're just so into their characters. It's really entertaining to watch.

I'm only on episode two right now and I have to watch it online because I have no idea when it plays on TV. I know it's of course on the HBO channel but uh, I have no idea of what time. I think it's like on Sunday nights but unfortunately I work at that time. -__-
Well, I don't particularly mind watching it online. Most of the shows I like are pretty hard to come by on TV.

So, whoever else is out there who are loyal followers of this series like myself, I've come across this site and it has some great links to watch the series.
They've got the full episodes and it doesn't seem like you have to download anything. I went to the movie4watch links.

Watch it if you love vampire stuff! It's pretty good omitting the sex, foul language, and rawness. >_<

I'm planning on reading the books too! I'm so excited!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Online Buys

Recently, I've been ordering stuff online because I can't find them anywhere in stores where I live.
They're all Japanese products. lol, Yeah, I love Japan.

First product, An Cafe Gokutama Rock Cafe CD. Fun songs. ^^
There's a lot of keyboard in this one.

Second product, An Cafe Magnya Carta CD. This is probably my favorite one out of all the CD's I've got from them. I think it's because I prefer the electric keyboard not mixed in with the rock music. Sometimes it's okay though. ^_-

Last CD I got from An Cafe, Ko Akuma Usagi no Koibumi to Machine Gun.
I can never remember the name of this CD. It's waaaaay to long. lol I don't know kanji either so that doesn't help me much. xP

There's only four songs on this and the CD costs just as much as a CD with 11 songs on it! Crazy isn't it?! I bought it mostly for the first song, My Heart Leaps for "C" but the other three aren't half bad.

I don't think I'll be getting the other CD's unless I'm in the area. I'm tired of ordering online haha.

Gatsby moving rubber #1 and #2. The purple is Gatsby Wild Shake moving rubber and the green is Gatsby Air Rise moving rubber (both are 80g).

I'm thinking the main difference is what kind of hair these two are for. The wild shake is for shorter hair and it mainly spikes it and the air rise is for medium length hair and it gives it volume.

Although In the end, I believe both gatsby's can spike hair.

That's all for now. I'm sort of tired of ordering things online but it's fun waiting for stuff in the mail. ^0^

Makeup: Eyeshadows

So, here's a few of my eyeshadows. They're all shadow books except for some NYX and MAC shadows that I bought recently. :)
I'll also give my reviews on a few.

And sorry again! The pictures come out super huge so I don't really recommend anyone clicking on them unless you want to see the pictures in super closeup detail. >.<
These are the single NYX eyeshadows I've bought. From left to right, there's: Silver, Frosted Flakes, and Baby Pink.

I don't really recommend you getting any of these shadows because they're so common. The only one that seems to be good in my opinion is the silver which would work great with black matte eyeshadow for a smokey eye look. I've experimented with the silver and other colors but with anything other than black it just seems to make my eyes look washed out. xP

The frosted flakes shadow is alright for a highlight but that's about it. And it's a fairly common color that's really not all that popular, even for a highlight.

The baby pink shadow is nothing special. It's like any other light pink eyeshadow out there. And you REALLY have to pack on the color for it to show. Not worth getting at all.

The MAC eyeshadows from left to right: Shale, Trax, and Creme de Violet
Like any eyeshadow from MAC, they don't disappoint. My favorites are the shale and trax colors. Shale is like a grayish purple and trax is a shiny maroon, nice for shadowing. ^_^

Urban Decay Wallpaper Shadow Box

Urban Decay Skull Shadow Box

I do recommend you clicking on this pic... I checked this one and trust me, it's a REALLY good picture for what the colors look like. @_@

This is my MAC 15 shadow palette. I had to go to the MAC store to get the eyeshadow fillers for this which takes almost an hour to drive to from my house. It kinda sucks so I don't usually go there. I should've filled it up completely the first time I went but I usually want to have planned out what colors I get.
There's so much to choose from with eyeshadows when it comes to MAC. -__-
Colors from left to right top to bottom: Star Violet, Swish, Parfait Amor, Stain Taupe, Ricepaper, Honey Lust, and Stars n' Rockets.

And lastly, this is the sucky Sephora violet eyeshadow palette. If you can see them, almost all the sparkly colors are pretty much useless because the 'sparkles' are these big glitter chunks that fall off so the result is this blah color with no shinyness.
Other than that, this is an okay palette but I mostly got it for the shiny colors which almost all of them suck except for the one on the top, third from the left... that maroonish color.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back to school

I just got through my first week of school a few days ago. It was great! For those who don't know, I recently changed my major to multimedia graphic design (MGD), everything art and my original passion. ^__^

I was just kidding myself these past two years taking random classes... I know, kind of a waste of time but I won't call it that because nothing educational is a waste. I'd like to call it me finding my true passions in life. So these past two years, I've been taking all these science-based classes trying to get into some kind of medical degree but I really didn't do well. I also had NO plan so I wasn't really aiming for anything. Other than that, I was taking the basic prerequisite classes like college algebra, sociology, psychology, etc.

This semester, I'm taking classes that are actually applied to a plan for me to transfer. Exciting~! >_<
The classes are drawing I., 2-D graphic design, and adobe photoshop I.
They're all very fun and it's so funny because I have the same teacher for both drawing and 2-D graphic design classes. So I'll be seeing her 4 days a week opposed to 2 days a week, lol.
Photoshop was alright; a little intimidating at first because I have to somehow figure out how to operate a MAC computer which I've never used in my entire life except for kindergarden when those things were first coming out. I went in after classes to practice a little bit and it isn't so bad.

That's about it for my school life. Very fun and I'll probably post some of the artwork I make on here if they're nice enough. xD

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Anyway, these pics looks pretty blurry/bad quality on here but if you click on them, they come out really big so uh, beware.

So this is my little makeup workstation. I put it right next to my computer so I guess when I start making vids of something, it'll be easy to access everything.

You can see that I've only got a few brushes. I don't use too many. I'm fairly particular. There's also that big Sephora bag there. It's got all the eyeshadows. I'll post more pics later with the colors.

The tokidoki bag my aunty got for me. It's so cute! Thanks aunty DD! \(^o^)/

Here's the inside of the bag..

This is my baby! (">_<") .... lol, awww, the socks in the background ruin the picture! Here's the baby givin' some attitude!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Nikon Coolpix S210

Yay! I finally got myself a camera! It's as the title implies, a Nikon Coolpix model S210 with 8.0 Megapixels. Such a pretty plum color.. And I'm not being sarcastic. (>_<) While I happened to be at Walmart, I saw it was $119 so I went ahead and bought it since it was the last one and the price was good. The thing is, I actually saw it first at Target for $139.99 but they were sold out since Christmas. And THANK GOD they were! I would've gotten ripped off by a good $20! (Okay, it's not THAT much but I could get a lot of stuff with $20 you know......) Now I know not to trust electronic prices at Target since they apparently overcharge their cameras (even if it's only slight)! >:(

I used it while I was at the zoo to give it a test run and it didn't disappoint. The pictures were very clear, mind the ones where I was moving and then taking pictures.

I've also tried taking videos with this camera and they come out pretty clear. I'm very satisfied.
I still have yet to learn how to change the lighting modes but that shouldn't take too long. I'm procrastinating on reading the instructions...

So other than that, today, my car was egged! (.\_/.) grrrrr..
I was already leaving the house this morning to go to work and then I find this big spatter of raw egg on my car and of course I don't have time to clean it up. So I have to go through the humiliation of driving to work with this big egg yolk splatter on the hood of my car. It sucked but I tried my best to ignore it.

After work, I had to clean it all up because the longer you leave raw eggs on your car, the harder it will be to remove later.
I would love to believe that it will eventually crust off after a while but this is an urban legend unless you're waiting centuries.

It was so gross... I went into the house, got the pyrex pitcher and microwaved myself some hot water. Then I poured it over the raw eggs on my car and the smell was..... *shiver*, disgusting!
I would describe it like cooking rotten eggs but I haven't smelt rotten eggs recently so I wouldn't know. That's just what I though it smelt like. Yuck!!!

About an hour later, all the eggs still hadn't come off (most of it did though) and I was too tired to scrub anymore. I couldn't reach the middle of the windshield anyway without a stepstool (me being too short for my car) and I wasn't about to go look for it. (-__-)

Since I was already in my 'cleaning mode', I went ahead and cleaned my bathroom that was fairly filthy for the past two weeks, hehe, yeah, I know, gross out-! lmao
I don't wanna play the blame game but it's serioulsy mostly due to my sis. Her side of the sink is nasty with all her makeup sprawled all over the place and the water/soap residue from the sink is mixed in with all that junk........., blehh.
I try to tell her to clean it up but eventually it gets to be all yucky again. I'll take a pic sometime and you'll all see the truth. (o_O)
That cleaning took about an hour and a half.
I spent time taking down dirty laundry, wiping the mirror and sink, cleaning the toilet, and throwing away empty shampoo bottles.
It all made quite a nice difference. A lot less clutter. :D

lol, so enough of all my cleaning rambling.. I can get really carried away talking about cleaning. I think I get that from my dad... Or maybe my mom. Oh well, since they're both like that, I don't think I stood a chance of not catching this "clean gene." heheh

I'll be starting on taking some pics of my room or other interesting things soon to put on this blog.
I still gotta think of some makeup video ideas or maybe I might make a cooking video.
... Makeup and cooking.. That's a weird video combination to put on the same site but whatevah. They're what I like and they're both creative so why not right? \("^_^")/

That's all for today peeps. I'll update pics later. Until then! (@_@)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Holiday Shopping <3 <3 <3

at last, I have finally found a camera!!! it's this maroon-ish colored nikon. i went to target the other day and of course they were all out of that type of camera.. (-___-) just my luck...
they also told me that they've been out of stock of that camera since christmas!

that's like... 2 weeks already! (T.T) now i'll have to wait for who knows how long.

other than that, i really did get everything else i saved up for. :)

i went to old navy and got this white, i repeat, white winter jacket. i can't believe myself either. i usually NEVER buy white clothing, especially a jacket. it was just sooooo nice and it was on sale for 60% off! it was on boxing day and i didn't think that it could get any better than that. i ended up paying around $35 for the jacket which isn't too bad considering it's a feather down jacket that used to be at least $90.

annnd.. i went to ulta again. xP
that store is becoming a drug addiction.
i went there and bought a couple of nyx eyeshadows, each $4.99 and the urban decay wallpaper shadow book which was $34.

they're all very nice shadows but i recommend people not bothering to buy the nyx baby pink color because it's generic and you can most likely find a cheaper brand with the exact same color.
the other two, silver and frosted flakes were quite nice. i think the silver nyx shadow would go perfectly with black to make a very sultry smokey eye look. the frosted flakes would be a great highlighter to go with that.

urban decay never fails me so i was pretty cool with all the colors. i just wish that they wouldn't make those glittery eye shadows anymore... all the glitter particles end up falling off anyway. the shimmery eyeshadows are beautiful though.

i also went ahead and bought myself a new eyeliner marker (yes!). those i would have to say, work the best for me. i've tried the pencils and they scrape my eyes when i apply them and the colors from the eyeliner pencils always bleed and/or smudge on me.
on the other hand, the pen eyeliners have never or hardly smear or leak on my eyes and they have a softer and easier application. the eyeliner pens have NEVER scraped my eyes.
the one i bought from ulta was this physician's formula eyeliner pen and that was $5.99.
[here's a tip for all you ladies, make sure you buy most of the common brands from a target.
i just went to target the other day and they had the exact same physician's formula eyeliner pen and it was only around $5.09 or something!!! almost a dollar difference!!! so make sure that if you can find a makeup brand that you want in target, BUY it from target. if you ever buy makeup from ulta, make sure it's something that you can't find anywhere else.]

at target yesterday, i went ahead and looked for the camera as i specified earlier but they were out of stock.. grrrrrr..............
i then went ahead and got some nailpolish, black, and this other color... kinda like a very light, marble caramel.. i'll take a pic of all this stuff once i get that camera. ;)

there was also the small sonia kashuk eyeshadow brush that i've been waiting so long to get. that was i think, $9.99. i have the larger one and i curse myself for getting it because it's just too big and it doesn't grab the eyeshadow as good as my smaller brushes.
lol, when i look at all the brushes i have, it's so funny because i have almost all those sonia kashuk brushes from target and two of them i hardly even use anymore. what a waste... x[

okay, deoderant. now i know this is a somewhat wierd thing to be talking about but this deoderant works so well! also at target (i know, i'm a target junkie), i saw that the dove deoderant sticks were on sale so i decided to buy one. the smell that i liked the best was their grapefruit and lemon grass sage smell.
i put some one today and omg, it serves as a body spray/perfume too! it smells reeeeally good and i can smell it just standing still.
i'm gonna see how long this baby lasts. i've been wearing it since last night and it's like, 3:00pm now and the nice smell is still going strong lol.
i hope i don't sound gross while saying this, but i have been previously using the deoderant ban and compared to the dove, it really sucks! the aluminum percentage is higher AND it doesn't work half as good. (note: aluminum is said to be bad for you in deoderant)
i'd put on the ban in the morning and by midday, it would be 'ineffective'... (>_>)
it is unscented too and well, although it was unscented, i would still smell a scent if you know what i mean, lmao. it also said that it was supposed to go on clear but after a while, even though it was more of a gel, i still got that residue stuff from it. yuck.
so yeah, don't get ban unless you go with the scented ones i suppose, since the unscented ones are so ineffective and don't do crap.

okies, that's all for now.. when i get a camera, i'll post pics on here.