Saturday, March 30, 2013

Summer parasols

I'm currently searching online for the perfect summer parasol.  I'm a lot more aware about the long-term damage of UV rays on the skin and the risk of skin cancer so I've decided to make a life change and use anti-UV parasols on sunny days.  I'm super obsessed with skin care so I've decided to adopt the Asian way and take an extra step to protect my skin.

One of the things I hate most is the sun blasting in my face so buying a parasol has been one of my best purchases so far.

I forgot to mention that I actually did purchase a parasol a couple weeks ago and it's almost perfect except for the fact that its diameter is slightly too wide for my preference.

< Umbrella, why u no smaller? )

Besides that small issue, the parasol works great and does a nice job of keeping the sun out of my face.  I don't really give a sh*t what people think because I get even more irritated when I can feel my face burning under the intense rays of the sun.

Most of America doesn't seem to be used to people carrying parasols and I hope that they start to catch on about the risks of skin cancer and premature aging.  They should take better care of their skin and stop being dumbasses spending their money on tanning salons.  It's like paying to make your skin uglier!  WTF, I'll never understand.  The most hilarious part of this is that some people actually believe that skin tanning is beneficial to the skin.....  I really want to go up to these people and be like......

  WTF!!!! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF?!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I'm currently trying to catch up on some studying but it's not that easy without my computer and everyone in the living room is so distracting..

I'll try to complete at least one practice quiz. *Grrrrrrrrrrr* Wth is my graphics card taking so long?!!! D:<
I'm literally dying of un-motivation!

Friday, March 29, 2013

My computer-less life so far

My computer is still down and I'm currently using a laptop in the living room.  It's not really the same though..

Today I went out shopping for a plastic drawer thing to put my clothes in.  I've had this cardboard makeshift dresser shelf thing for the longest time and I've finally graduated from it after all these years!  I'll post a pic later since I don't have the luxury of my computer yet. xP

I also found some clothes at Ross and I'm contemplating on whether I should go to the mall and look for clothes there.  I don't like to admit it but the mall really does have some of the best deals, even better than Ross.  I just hate having to run into all the kiosks there with the aggressive salespeople.

Vegetable pastas are something I've recently gotten into and I'm still trying to find a good recipe.  I'm not that great with dishes that don't contain meat unless it's ramen/soumen so creating this pasta is much more challenging.

While I was at our local farmer's market, I scoured the produce aisles in search of some good vegetables to go with pasta.  After experimenting, I've found that most vegetables will go well with pasta, but it's best to keep it simple and choose a few types of veggies so the taste of the dish doesn't get too overwhelming.  I've also found that the most important aspect of pasta is its sauce.  I didn't realize how important that was (here I was thinking that all I would have to do is pour some olive oil on it, lol).

My dream is to make Japanese mentaiko pasta..  I just have to find a store that sells fish roe.

That's about all I've been up to so far. I've started a new drama on Netflix called My Fair Lady and it's really funny.  It's about this poor guy who has a run-in with this vicious rich lady and through a slew of events, becomes her personal butler.  I was in serious need of a pick-me-up drama after the depressing/bittersweet ending of 49 Days.  I'm also happy because it casts the lead actor, Yoon Sang Hyun who I absolutely adored in Secret Garden.  He's one of the funniest actors I've seen in k-dramas.

Somehow I feel so lost and unorganized without my computer... ( T A T )

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It turns out the computer noise is coming from my graphics card! :o

So I looked into my computer issues (read blog post below for more detail) and it's not my hard drive or computer fans after all!  It's the graphics card!

I am amazed at the timing of when my computer decides to crap out on me.  It always has to be right before some kind of vacation or when I plan to use my computer a lot.  ( - ___ - )

It's so funny when I think back because when I first heard that motor noise, I was literally doing something like this:

In my desperation, derka derka! 8D

So I finally finished watching the k-drama 49 Days and it was so SAD!!!  Honestly, I was expecting the happily-ever-after kind of ending but the writers decided to do a 180 on me and create this ending that was the complete opposite of what I was expecting.  With that said, I was bawling my eyes out for the last few episodes;

I'm surprised my eyes didn't swell up that much the next day. :/

I'll probably be writing a review for it once I get my graphics card in the mail.  I hope it doesn't take too long.  I'm still amazed at how great that drama was and how it just drew me into the story.  It seemed like I couldn't really predict much and it threw in a lot of surprises for me.  And the BIGGEST catch was that there was absolutely NO kiss scenes whatsoever between the main characters!!!!!! ( @ O @ ) <@#$^%^#$%%?????!!!)
.... and yet I could feel how much they loved each other.  I feel like this is a drama that isn't tainted by anything physical and it's all emotional and you can see it in the characters' actions and just through how they express themselves with their eyes.....  *Sigh...* I loved it sooooo much and I can't wait to write a review for it~!

Today I went around to different thrift store because I'm trying to find a plastic dresser/drawer for some of my clothes.  I failed to find any though so I'll probably end up buying it from Target like I do with everything else.  xP

I had to order a new graphics card even though I dusted my current one; It's still making this annoying sound and it's sort of  letting off some kind of exhaust...  Well,  I'll have to wrap this post up soon or I might die from gas poisoning, lol.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I might be needing to replace my hard drive...

For the past couple of days, my computer has been making this strange. motor-like sound that's sometimes accompanied by a scratchy noise.

I tried to clean out my desktop and got a lot of dust out, but it seems like that wasn't the cause of the noise.

I dunno, I'll probably look up the issue soon.  I figured out how to open my desktop so hopefully I can pinpoint where the noise is coming from.

Perhaps it's not anything too serious as I'm still able to use my computer right now. :/

I can't let my computer die!  I need the internet!!! ( > ^ < );;

Common interview questions

Are you trying to find a better job right now?  Well hopefully this post will be helpful to all you job hunters!  I'm currently looking for another job and I'm finding that job interviewing is a much more in depth process than I thought.  I'll tell you about my recent interview experience and list a few common interview questions I recall over the years.

Today, I went to my first group interview ever!  Apparently a group interview is just like any other interview except there are a lot more people present when you answer interview questions and you also have to be more aggressive in the sense of taking action and answering as many questions as you can get your hands on. 

I was fairly nervous because I was told by the recruiter that I was responsible for answering many questions..  But as life likes to make a twist on things, it turns out that a good few people bailed out on the interview, leaving me with just one other person.  Seems like a good situation right? 

When I made it to the training room, I sat down behind a long white table across from two interviewers.  There was another candidate sitting a couple chairs to my right.

I had tried to prepare the night before by researching the company and finding out what kinds of questions they ask and what to expect.  The recruiter also told me of a few things I should expect such as what kinds of questions the interviewers would ask.

I ended up writing answers to possible interview questions and speaking them aloud to myself as if I were being asked.  I practiced throughout the night with possible interview questions.  But even with all that preparation, there always has to be just one little thing that is different from what I predicted.  Or maybe I just didn't practice enough, lol.

Anyway, with only two interviewers and two people, we had all thought that we would do the interview differently and have separate, personal interviews.  Unfortunately, one of the managers dropped in late and so there were three interviewers and two interviewees.

We ended up doing the interview as a group discussion. D:

I was asked a lot of questions about sales because hey, we live in a retail dominated world.  It was good for me because I have a ton of experience with sales and having the pressure to reach goals.

I thought that it would be a good idea for me to list as many interview questions that I can recall just for future reference.  Maybe this can help me and others in the future if we need to prepare for an interview.

Before I list the interview questions, here are some things that you must do before going to the interview:

Dress professionally
No matter where you apply to in a job, it's always best to show respect to the interviewer and present yourself professionally.  Don't wear jeans or khakis.  Make sure to wear dress pants or a dress skirt with stockings.  Wear dress shoes and a collared dress shirt or elegant blouse.  Accessorize minimally and keep your makeup and hair simple and natural.  Go for the clean-cut look.

Don't be arrogant 
It's not good if you appear like a show-off.  Although you may have some good experiences and things to talk about yourself, there is a difference between confident and cocky.  Present your accomplishments and strengths but be humble about it and don't make it seem like you have the job in the bag.

Show confidence
As I mentioned before, confidence is about 'stepping up to the plate' and presenting your accomplishments and backing them up even though you may not have much faith in them.  Be sure to make eye contact with the interviewers and avoid looking down at the table or anywhere else.  It will make you appear unfocused.  Try not to fidget with your hands/feet.

Present yourself as being self motivated
I hear from many sources that interviewers and hiring managers LOVE people who are self motivated because it shows that they will work hard without the manager hounding them to do their work.
(I'm super excited to say that this is how I presented myself in my interview today.  For example, when they asked me how competitive I was on a scale of one to ten, instead of outright lying and claiming to be a ten, I elaborated on how I used to be in an art major and from that time, I learned to push myself to do my personal best because I could never be the other person, I can only improve upon myself.)

OKAY!  So now onto the most common interview questions I've gotten.

1. What is your greatest accomplishment?
2. Why do you want to work for us?
3. What are your strengths/weaknesses?
4. Tell me about a challenging/difficult situation you've had to face and how did you deal with it?
5. Tell me about yourself.
6. How do you deal with an angry customer?

There are many informative websites that give information on how to prepare for an interview.  Here are a few cool ones I've found:

Hope this post was helpful and good luck!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tired with a headache... It's time to find a new job.

Maybe I'm just not a morning person.  I went into work this morning and we had to have a training session where they teach us about more hardcore selling...  *mental barf*

But before I forget, I started off my day with the lovely smell of barf.  Yes, barf.  Dog barf.....

Scruffy felt sick this morning and decided to throw up right under the blankets.  It also got on my sweat pants (reason why I'm feeling so much colder today).  So instead of enjoying my morning sipping some hot tea, I spent most of it cleaning off barf from my blanket and sweat pants.

Now back to the main topic.

I'm not all that into these 'class sessions' where there's expected participation for the discussions.

I'm extremely good at writing my answers but for whatever reason, it always gets awkward for me when we have to orally answer questions.  

First of all, I'm not really an obnoxious or loud person.  Anyway as far back as I can remember, whenever I tried to answer a question an instructor asked, for SOME reason, I would almost always get interrupted by some loudmouth who talks over me.  I start to say something but loudmouth only decides to talk at the very moment I do.  It's gotten so annoying that I eventually chose to not answer anything unless asked specifically or unless there's a super long silence.  I mean, wtf, why do people always have to decide to talk literally ONE SECOND after I start to?  So f*cking annoying.  So then I just decide to not say anything because hey, why compete with others who also know the answer and obviously want to get noticed?

Then people start to say I'm "so quiet."  I mean, okay, it's not like it's like they're claiming me to be shy because that's not quite true.  But they say it like it's a bad thing.  F*ck you social norms.  Whatever, quiet or not, at least I'm not easy to read.

So we had finally finished the agonizing 'class session' for the whole "take-it up a notch" with selling (did I mention we even had to role-play situations?) ORZ
I had to made up some cheesey-as-hell dialogue to get through that.  It's one of those moments where you mentally imagine yourself vomiting internally.

I headed back to work and it started off okay (albeit I got stuck again in an area that I like to avoid) and started putting stuff away.  In the middle of it, my manager comes up to me and tells me to do my job in this way instead of the way I usually do it.  I decided to just do what she says and at least TRY to do my work in her way just to see if it worked out any better than how I usually work.

Unfortunately for me, it didn't.  While I was working, I noticed that I rarely found anything and where it was supposed to be, and I had no idea of where the item went because I wasn't near the register (where I usually work) to scan the it for info.  I was also in an area where almost all the crap there looked the same.

My eyes also started to get really dry (I wear contacts) from looking around so much to find sh*t.  I know, this sounds like I'm such a wussy bitch but my eyes were seriously starting to get irritated in that pre-headache kind of way and even slightly blurry sometimes.  Maybe I was tired...  I dunno wtf was going on.  All I knew was that I was frustrated as hell from the stupid selling training session and from not being able to find out where things went in the Godforsaken area I was in.

It took me a good hour and 45 minutes to put away only one rack of product and a lot of the stuff I just bs'd and put it in some random spot where there were a lot of other 'lost items.'  I felt no remorse though because my manager was so insistent that I do my job HER way so whatever, if it's gonna be inefficient, then so be it!

 I did feel like I was crying inside.

I could have organized so much, possibly putting away more things that I'm better at locating and organizing the styles.  Instead, I took a super long time putting stuff away and half of the stuff I put away was probably in the wrong area.

When I looked like I was somewhat finished, she suggested to me again that I roll out another rack of stuff and put it away the same way.  NO (I thought).  I'm sorry but that way just doesn't work for me (plus my shift was almost over, thankyuuu almightly God in heaven! :D)

I felt like such a retard for almost my whole shift because I couldn't find anything and didn't really have any way of finding stuff without having to walk all the way back to the register.  And here my manager thought that doing the job her way would prevent me from walking back and forth..  *fffuuuuuuu......*

That's a good life lesson.  Just because someone wants you to do a certain job their way doesn't mean that it's the most efficient.  I just proved my own point.  It's too bad I let myself suffer doing that though.

I'm really trying to get a different job now because the job I have is starting to get on my nerves and in a bad, chronic way.

You know you should change your job when you start to dread going there as much as I am.  I think it's more my home department location that's driving me up the walls.

First of all, I work for a corporation.  And in any corporation, there's gonna be some kind of unreasonable pressure from the higher-ups.  Mine is to make my sales goal and also to get out credits.

Okay, so those two things don't sound that bad right?  Well what if I told you that on some, no, many days, it's almost impossible to make your sales goal?  And also, what if I told you that ONLY by being in a certain department at the perfectly right time, with the perfectly right person, with the perfectly right situation will get you a credit?

Yeah, so anyway, I'm going to list some contradictions to my job below and what has been gnawing away at my soul for the past few weeks:

1. Sales Goals: Managers expect you to score a high average weekly sales goal.  In my case, I'm in a department where there are tons of clearance items, tons of coupons, sometimes pre-sales that don't even apply to our goal, and if we get a credit out, it decreases the amount the customer is buying by 15-20%, lowering our sales goal.  A huge factor in an associate achieving their sales goal depends on their department location.

With this, I feel like the system is telling me, hey, I want you to sell this much but I'm going to give out all these coupons, put all these things on clearance, and make sure to put stuff away and clean.  Oh, and I also expect you to pre-sale items but those aren't applied to your goal.  Good luck!

2. Feeling happy for the customer after they purchase items: Again, sometimes customers have a ton of coupons where they could get as much as 30% off their purchases and they also buy a ton of clearance.  With this sales goal hanging over our head, how can we feel truly happy for the customer after they purchase stuff when they're using coupons and lowering the amount applied to our sales goal?  And even if we had coupons, why would we want to help them save money?

In all honesty, this makes me feel like a bad person because I can't even feel happy for the customer when they saved so much money.  I also feel bad withholding a coupon that I know I have.  It's pretty twisted.  The system tells us to feel happy for the customer after they buy stuff and yet they make us hide the fact that we have coupons, entice customers with a mountain of clearance that doesn't even put a dent in our sales goal, try to suck the life out of customers by pushing them to open store credits, and even going as far as to suggest other items to go with whatever they're buying when they're AT THE REGISTER.

3. Credits: We try and we try and we try harder.  Selling credits is the number one priority above all else.  If you don't make them because of either bad luck, bad timing for you,... it doesn't even matter.  Managers will get on your ass for this one.  It's really annoying because it's yet another contradiction.  If we make a credit, yay us but hey, we just lowered the amount applied to our sales goal but so much %.  It's also stupid because with everything being so cheap (clearance), wtf would someone even want to open a credit card for saving what......., $3?!!!  So with the credits, it's annoying that the associates that get praised for it are the ones who have it so  much easier because they're making transactions in the $100's.  I would love to see these same people work in our department just to see how good they really are at selling credits.

Well, here's what I feel like saying to the corporation:

*Sigh...* Maybe I just don't like my own department.  I've worked in almost all the departments of our store and I can honestly say that some departments have to work 10x harder than others.  For example, my department is possibly one of the busiest, most demanding, and most difficult above all others except maybe one other department.  No wonder some people seem happier than others.

I guess if I were to simply advertise off my shifts and pick up shifts in different areas, I would feel like I'm not abusing my body as much...  But then I would be hinting way too much that I don't like my home department.

But it's besides the point.  I'm currently working toward improving my life and getting a job that doesn't have so much contradictions and pressure for things that just aren't realistic.  I also feel like I can do so much better than what I'm currently doing.

I'm starting to feel as if the 'corporation' is trying to make me feel like I'm incompetent at my own job.  I'm trying my best and they only seem to want to push us further towards the edge just because sales aren't that great.

I'll give an example; In the class session, they talked to us about how we might be having a bad day and how that would affect the customer.  Not once did they mention anything about how we should deal with our feelings but pretty much disregarded them and went off on some weird tangent about how we should kiss the customer's ass etc, etc.  I mean, in reality, if an associate is feeling like complete sh*t, what are the chances that they'll actually kiss ass?  I don't think keeping ill feelings inside and accommodating a needy prick of a customer is going to do any good.

This seems like the more realistic outcome, lol.

Okay, so I feel like I'm becoming more incompetent and also my soul feels like it's withering away because of the contradictions I mentioned above.

Maybe I'm not meant to be at this job anymore.  I'm sort of surprised because I actually somewhat enjoyed it during the holidays and didn't seem to have any issues.  Maybe the corporate reality is starting to sink in and I'm realizing that I'm being used and abused.

Well, that's about all I have to say.  I have a headache now because of the accumulation of sh*t that happened to me this morning.  Maybe I pushed myself too hard mentally/physically.

I thought that I would have a lot more energy to walk my dogs but I don't think I will.  I have a headache and for some reason, my body feels cold even though it's not that cold in the house.  I hope I'm not coming down with something because I don't feel sick. :(

This is me right now.

Ironically, my headache is better now when it's already dark outside... so I'll just continue hanging out in my safe house.

Goodnight guys!  Hope you're having a better day than I did. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break is almost here!

I'm so excited right now because of a few reasons:

1. I finished my pathophys exam.
2. I finished my taxes and feel just a bit richer.
3. I set my work week where I work more for these last two weeks before spring break so I can actually have a break.

I planned it out so perfectly.  The only issue I have right now is this stuffy nose and slight cough I seem to be developing.  My stupid brother has strep throat and has been hacking away in the house without another care in the world.

My B and T cells seem to do their job really well though because although I do get some slight cold symptoms, it usually goes away within a few days and I never actually get the full blown illness.

Okay, skip forward a couple days later because I had to get back to this post.  My cold symptoms are almost completely gone.  I've been eating a lot of clementines and drinking lots of green tea so I think I'm okay now.  xD

And sorry if this is too much info, but I'm so glad I'm almost over 'that time of the month'.  It would really suck if I had to deal with it later..

Every time I get my period, I feel a bit like how Inuyasha feels during his time of the month where he turns human and is more vulnerable to demons, lol.

Sorry, horrible analogy I know but I really do feel this way, and this is the biggest reason why I hate dealing with it every single month.  This is especially when I have to work and I'm so much more susceptible to bitchy people (aka, the demons). 

Today is a really beautiful day.  It's really windy but the sun is out and the temperature is mild so despite the strong wind, it's nice weather.

I played a game of fetch with Scruffy and now I'm relaxing in my room.  I'm thinking of cooking more during my spring break because I've hardly been cooking these days.  It makes me a bit sad because I do love cooking.  On the other hand, my mom has been cooking a lot and she even made breakfast this morning.  She toasted some mini croissants and made cute turkey sandwiches.  ( ^ _ ^)

Not much else is going on.  I'm currently trying to find another job that's full-time.  I'm getting slightly tired of the redundancy of the cycle of putting away clothing or whatever it is I'm doing at my current job.  It's just gotten boring and tiring.  It's this feeling where you think you can do better than this.

There's not much else to report for now.  I'm just finishing up this week of school and some work days.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Online Haul: Skincare products from!

Yes!  I finally got my Sasa order!!!  It was a good day.  This is my first time ordering from  Although they had an insane shipping cost (when I saw it it was $15 shipping unless you pay >$75....  It seems that recently they changed it to $6 so I have no idea what they're doing......), they have some mean deals on their makeup and skincare products that you just can't top on other sites, even ebay.

The package was shipped on time and I received it in about a week from purchasing.

The just opened package

I must say, they are very efficient packers..

This may sound bad, but I bought all this stuff mostly for that pink fish-shaped facial scrubbie and so I could get free shipping.  xP
The fish scrubbie has been working really well for me and I have yet to see if if does anything for getting rid of/preventing blackheads.

Here's a list of the items I purchased, left to right, top to bottom:

- Juju Aquamoist Toner
- Juju Aquamoist Foam Facial Wash
- Sasatinnie Facial Cleansing Brush
- Suisse Program Recovery Eye Essence (FREE SAMPLE)
- Suisse Program Recovery Eye Gel Cream (FREE SAMPLE)
- Clinique City Block Oil Free Face Protector SPF40
- Skin Food Kiwi Yogurt Mask
- My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask 10 pack
- Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX

I've used almost all the product so far and I am liking the results!  I would do product reviews but most of these items are already super popular and have overall, highly positive reviews.  Maybe I'll do a review on something if I see any AMAZING results. ;)

I liked my experience with Sasa and I'm very happy that I didn't get any customs charges.  I'm hoping that their shipping is still about $6 for <$75 worth of items because let's get real, $15 shipping for a $7 item is ridiculous.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

My 'must have' apps for the android smartphone

Just for the record, I'm not including the basic and essential apps such as the camera, calendar, music player, messaging, clock, etc. just because we already know those are awesome and most smartphones have those as at default.  :)

#1 Youtube
I watch yt all the time so it would be weird if I didn't have this on my phone. xP  It's fairly good at predicting what I would want to watch but still not the best video predictor.

#2 MangaZoo
I stumbled across this app a long time ago and although there are a lot of other manga apps out there, I love Manga Zoo's organizing system; They provide little snapshots of each manga in your favorites section, categorize manga into different genres for you to easily browse, usually provides synopsis's of manga, checks off manga chapters you've already read, and lets you search your favorite mangaka.

#3 Gmail
Gmail, yahoo, or whatever other emailing system you use, it's really helpful to have an app for it.

#4 Instagram
Now don't get me wrong, I'm no pinterest hater, I simply downloaded Instagram first.  I was introduced to instagram by a cousin who lives in another state including pretty much all my other cousins.  I mostly use instagram to picture stalk them and see what they're up to, lol.  I also have fun looking up different 'hashtags' which are just categories that pictures are put into and find someone's pictures that I like.  It's also a pretty awesome way to see the world if you can't always travel to certain places.  Say there's someone in Japan posting pictures, you could 'follow' them and see their world through pictures.  I find that truly amazing.

#5 Netflix
Like youtube I also have netflix so eh, why not have it on my phone?  At first it was a novelty to have a movie or TV show playing on such a small screen while I'm laying in bed.  But now that I have a TV in my room, I don't have much of a need for it.  Then again, I could always use it to kill time somewhere if I have my charger in hand and a lot of data to spare.

#6 PhotoWonder
A girl's gotta camwhore sometime right?  I really like PhotoWonder's beautify option where you can do things from making your skin look nicer to making your eyes bigger.  Anyway, it's fun if you want to prettify yourself and have some vainity time on your phone.  lol

#7 Cat's Brightness
This app is good for me because it lets me easily adjust my screen brightness depending on how far gone my battery is.  This helps so much for conserving my phone's battery life.

#8 AccuWeather
This is a widget app meaning that it's already functional on the phone screen without having to hit an app icon.  I like this weather app because it's extremely detailed, accurate, and doesn't take too much space on the screen.  It also gives me over a week of extended forecast.

#9 Music Paradise
This is my special little app that I use to download music *It will be our little secret*.  It doesn't have all the music but it has quite a range of selection.  Hear a song you like?  Try looking it up on Music Paradise.  You just might find it on there and be able to download it to your phone!

#10 Cute Puppy Memo
Here's another widget that's super adorable.  It features a cute little dog of your choice with either a thinking bubble or voice bubble filled with all your notes.  It's super cute and a great notepad for your phone.  You can write stuff like a grocery list or things to do and you'll be constantly reminded of it each time you look at your phone.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Headphones, yogurt, and bubble tea

Do you ever have that moment where you buy something cool online only to find it in a store nearby?  ( -__-) ....
That happened recently but I'm very happy to say that I saved some money anyway simply by purchasing it online.

Online shopping  >  Regular shopping

The headphones in question are these white Sony headphones and I bought it for about $14.

Aren't they cute?

Overall, I'm happy with this purchase although I don't like the fact that the headphones flatten my hair.  I'm not sure how I'll get around that issue though.  Another awesome fact about these headphones is that they don't give me a headache!  Usually when I wear headbands, headphones, or anything else that clings to my head, I end up with a headache after just a few hours of wearing them.  Not with these babies!  But the downfall of the wideness of the headphones is that it makes the top of my head look flat unless I style my hair to compensate.

You won't get the sound quality of Bose or Beats headphones but these work well if you don't care for all the fancier stuff and just want something that looks cute. 

I found out today that these headphones also work well as earmuffs.  I walked through 30 degree weather with toasty warm ears for the first time in my life.  (" ^ . ^ ")

Change of topic, I've had a lot of yogurt for the past couple weeks.  Mochi balls and yogurt is soooo addicting!

 I don't care if it's snowing outside, I still want my yogies! ( > v < )
 The waffle cone was pretty good!

I wonder if the average person knows what mochi balls are or where they originated (Mochi is from Japan if you don't know)...  just because they're so common in yogurt shops now. 

Besides yogurt, I also ventured downtown and got some bubble tea/boba!

I had the red bean flavor and it tasted exactly like red beans but it was a bit too sweet for me.  Mom got the usual: Green tea.  The green tea is always good and it was actually a nice balance with my red bean flavor since the green tea boba is on the bland side.

It was a good day out.  I still think it sucks that all the good Asian cafe's and restaurants are downtown and we have to drive far to get there.

Sadly, I've been neglecting my game consoles.  I guess I've been busy with work and one of my classes.  AND the internet is my only downfall when it comes to time management.  Does anyone else have those moments where you get so absorbed with something on the internet such as:

- [ Insert topic ] Wiki
- Internet Memes
- Youtube surfing
- Google images
- Idol obsessing
- Wikipedia surfing
- Falling into the Tumblr black hole of gifs

Yeah, this is where you'll find me if I ever get sucked into mindless internet surfing.  And then after all that, I have no time for video games *sniff*.  

I still have to finish KHDDD, KH 358/2 Days and FFXIII-2.  I'm happy to say that I finished TWEWY a while ago although me being the noob that I am, set the majority of the boss fights to easy setting..

Anyway, I have a policy where I won't buy any new video games until I finish the ones I already bought and play the hell out of them first.  So sadly, I'll have to wait a bit longer to buy some shiny new PS3 games.

Here's the doggie pic of the day:

The first time I saw this guy sleeping with his tongue sticking out. lmao

That's about it for now.  I still  haven't gotten my huge Sasa order in the mail yet even though it's been a week.  *Grrrr...* 
Patience is a virtue!!!!!

Sorry guys, not the most interesting blog post but I really wanted to post these pics I edited with Line Camera.  xD