Friday, December 16, 2011

Finally finishing Kiosk job~!!! xDDDDD

I started working at this kiosk in the mall to earn some extra $$$ but now that I think back, it was a bit of sacrificed time with being so boring here.
Now that I've had the experience of working in a kiosk opposed to a shop, I would describe it as being at the very bottom of the retail food chain, at least, that's how it goes in our mall. People working at this kiosk cannot even go to the restroom without someone from another store watching our space for us. We're also sort of stuck standing here for a good 5 hours at a time without any lunch break or any break for that matter. :(
I'm proud of myself that I stuck it out for at least 3 months which most of it was during my school semester and I was pretty busy the whole time. This job actually did something good aside from earning money; it made this past semester practically fly by.
I admit this job wasn't completely crappy. It was just the slowness and boring long hours of time of just standing around aimlessly staring into space that sucked the life out of me.
Well, today shall be my last day here so I'm trying my very best to end it well. Yesterday somewhat mocked me because it was the busiest day I've ever had at this kiosk but then today it's the complete opposite.
Goodbye kiosk job. I shall leave you on good terms. :D

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pizza for B-Day

For my past birthday, my brother was super thoughtful and got me my favorite food! I had to work on my birthday but it seemed so worthwhile to come home to fresh pizza. ("^o^")

My expressions when I got home were literally like this:
(~_~)...(>_>)...(*o*)...(>w<)...("^_______^") *nom*<3 *nom*<3 *nom*<3

Pizza and breadsticks <3

It was delicious. (^w^) ~ <3

Crazy bread from Little Caesars is really good for a simply seasoned breadstick.

Thanks little bro-! (^_____________^)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Relaxing Day in May

I found these pics from 2011-05-14. It was a very peaceful day doing almost nothing, lol.

The house was so clean! I think it's because we had that quaint small coffee table instead of our usual large 6 seater one that was still with my dad in WA. Babycakes is resting in one of her favorite spots. :3

CLEAN~!!! (*o*)
This was one of those furikake packets from Uwaji. It's a pretty good idea to have egg, rice, and furikake mixed in one. It's one of those emergency food things where you didn't think about dinner and have no other options. xP

Good emergency food since we usually have rice and eggs on hand. ;)

Tea drawer.
Love the hot water dispenser. A MUST buy if you live in a cold environment. Worth every penny (as long as you get a fair price that is). We bought ours for around $100 a year or two ago.
Ahhh... Hoji-cha.......... ("^_____^") It makes me feel so toasty warm inside. <3 <3 <3

And here's the carb-packed midnight snack! Sourdough bread and maki wrapped arare! I know it's fattening but I LOVE my carbs! xo

Last visits to Washington...?

We stopped at this crepe stand in a mall near Seatac Airport. The display is so pretty and appealing. They have tuna and egg salad crepes but I'm not that adventurous.

Their crepes were good but they can't compare to the ones in Harajuku Japan. I think they just give too much because I get so full from these crepes.. I can't even eat a whole one unless I'm really hungry maybe.

One of the piers at Mukilteo Harbor. It was very low tide that day.

The water looks pretty clear here until it hits the deep point. I still get creeped out at what could be lurking in the murky waters of the Puget Sound.

Familiar scenery...

Good food from Bento Time. :)
There's something about bento that makes them so appealing. Perhaps all the choices?

Did lots of shopping at Uwaji's. I always get like this when I'm thinking I'll probably never come back. (-v-);;

This was all from early May, 2011 but me being me, I procrastinated this long and have all these backed up pictures. Just thought I'd share this one because it will always be a nice memory of having a sort of second home in Washington while my dad was working there. But it's also nice that he and my sis are back at home here safe and sound. Dad was getting really unhealthy and overweight in Washington. Like much of the West coast, they do have a wider selection of restaurants.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Spring 2011

It was so fresh and relaxing that day. The light, delicate fragrance of flowers filled the air and it was overcast and cool.

Kirei desu ne...

Tulips I planted a couple years back. They're doing so well now, I think they even multiplied~ :D My manager who's daughter sold these to me said that in the fall, I should dig up the bulbs and distribute them more evenly throughout the yard.

Their shape and color changes in direct sunlight.

I always look for these flowers on the main street. They look like cute pink puffballs of goodness. lol

It was a very beautiful and fragrant spring this year with cool, breezy weather. (^^)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tarzan of the Apes

I finished this book last night staying up until 1am. (>_<)

I really love the story of Tarzan. There's something very intriguing about a baby being raised by apes and learning to survive in the jungle.

Edgar Rice knows how to make his descriptions just so appealing. My eyes were glued to the pages whilst reading about the interactions between Tarzan and Jane. Jane was thinking most of the time how hot Tarzan was, lol. There's lots of reader candy with the constant reminders of how handsome and perfectly toned Tarzan's body is, hurhur. ;)

I'm a sucker for romance stories, especially with a hero as physically perfect and chivalrous as Tarzan.

The story is cool too and I'm patiently waiting for tomorrow when I can go to the library and borrow the next volume to see what happens with Tarzan and Jane~! I'm so happy because I checked the library last night and they had the book checked in. Guess not too many people are borrowing Edgar Rice books now? I wonder if the Harry Potter fans are still getting over the finale of the movie season so perhaps they're reading the HP book over again. (  " ̄∀ ̄")

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lucky Star

I started watching this after seeing a lot of Lucky Star hype on yt. I really liked Nostromo's Hypno Star AMV so that sort of made me more prompt with watching it.

This show is so full of cuteness and moe that it's coming out of my ears (">o<") I love the slice of life quality about it and the parodies this show makes are hilarious. A few memorable anime parodies this show does is Code Geass and Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I especially like Anime Tencho (AKA Meito Anizawa) from the manga shop, lol.

Crazy shop dude...... I'd be seriously scared to enter a store if a shopkeeper like this was in it, lol.

Konata is my fav character. I've never seen an anime otaku that was female. I like her relaxed, fun-loving personality (n_n) She's really short like me so maybe I feel a higher kinsman-ship with her as I'm short, orz. She has this personality that I really like. Maybe it's that anime craziness yet she's so funny about it. . xD

I recommend this anime to anyone who's looking for a slice of life type of story with excellent animation that parodies and questions Japanese culture and anime through the lives of your average schoolgirls (well................ maybe not so average, haha).


Animation: 5/5
Story: 4/5
Seiyuu: 5/5
Music: 5/5
Re watch: 4/5

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hard Sleeper

I slept till past noon again... *Sigh..* not something I'm too proud of. I got carried away last night updating blogger. (-__-) It can be too addicting figuring out the html and browsing cute widgets~

Work was slightly boring this past weekend but it was better on Sunday. Sometimes the sales are just so dead, time passes by very slowly. It's a good thing I brought a book but sometimes even that doesn't help because I can't be reading my book for a long stretch of time while lots of people are coming in and out of the shop (it's somewhat rude).. May I make note that even though there can be lots of people if the sales are dead, it still feels like a slow day. (T^T)

So it makes sense that I would spend all that remaining brainpower figuring out html coding at 2:00 in the morning ne??? (>.<)

I'd better get myself REALLY busy today so I can fall asleep at a more appropriate time. Perhaps I'll be more tired. Can't have this going on while school's in session. I plan to take my dogs for a looooong walk and maybe cook something up. Make use of myself, you know?

I think tuna roll sushi is good for tonight. :3 The two babies are sleeping around. Poor things. It's super hot outside right now, in the 90's and I can't be walking them in THAT. It's like torture, especially toward the older Lady. I'll have to wait until the heat wave passes.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

FFVII Crisis Core: Cool game

This game is so much fun! I can never get enough of Final Fantasy.

My brother's awesomeness really shined through this time because he lent me his PSP! :DDDD

So nowz I can play all the games I never got to, and of my first victims are FINAL FANTASY VII CRISIS CORE!!! And yess, lots of Final Fantasy bishie power ensues~!

I only really like Zach tho. Zach Fair is Love. He's so cute and cool at the same time. I get tired of the emo Final Fantasy guys. Maybe that's why I like Tidus, Sora, and Ventus so much. They're all so happy. ( ^ _ ^ )

I don't think I'm halfway through this one yet so I still get to enjoy the suspense of the game. When I first started playing and saw the battle system, I thought I would be BORED out of my mind but it eventually sucked me in and now I'm addicted-! (o.O) The battle system's a lot like Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (maybe I'll elaborate more in another post, too lazy right now).

Really fun game, great story, I already read spoilers but the game is so good that I still wanna find out how the story goes. ;)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 1 & 2

Hooray for the 100th post~! (^0^)

I finally got to watching the last installment of the Harry Potter series (The Deathly Hallows Pt2) last night with my dad (and may I add that he was so loud, especially on the quiet parts of the movie, I even had to elbow him and tell him to be quiet... And then he's laugh at inappropriate times, so embarrassing, thank God it was dark).

Sorry to say but after viewing it for the first time, I really prefer Pt1. I don't know why, maybe it's because I liked the scenery better or those particular scenes opposed to the 2nd part of the movie. My favorite scenes were the one with the doe patronus and Harry & party running down the streets of London and when they infiltrated the ministry.

I'd have to watch the last Hp movie again to give a better review because sometimes when I watch the movie again, I have a better impression of it.

The last movie was full of effects and flare. I was trying REALLY hard not to compare it to the book. Don't know why but I had a harder time not comparing this part of the last movie compared the the one before this. I guess it's because of very pivotal scenes that I expect the movie to stay loyal to the book and the movie didn't deliver on some of those aspects. Not sure why they would choose certain locations and certain ways of portraying certain scenes when they could have easily done it in the book's location. That's my only peeve. I also didn't really care for that falling scene with Harry and Voldemort because it was quite funny when it's probably not supposed to be. I can already picture my sister laughing her ass off while watching that scene as she can't take too many things seriously. xP

I really do have a lot of criticism for this movie. I don't know why, I guess I didn't feel that clever magic that I felt in pt1 like how Harry, Ron, and Hermione infiltrated the ministry. I noticed that there weren't nearly as many settings as there was in pt1. The conclusion came quite fast for me. I didn't have too much issue with the acting as the cast is already brilliant with their character delivery. Well, that's my initial reaction to it.

The epilogue was meh. I can't see them as adults with a transition that close but what can they do. Even though the epilogue was somewhat cheeseball-ish, I feel it still was needed.. Guess that part can't really be helped, especially when Harry named his son Albus Severus Potter.... Yikes.

Overall, I can't give a very good review right now but I just wanted to give my initial reaction which wasn't as great as I wished. Maybe it's because I was sitting next to my dad who couldn't shut up and it sort of ruined the atmosphere for me? Who knows, I'll have to see when I watch it again.

Lots of people are saying that it's a great ending so eeeeeh, maybe there's something wrong with my evaluation? (>_<)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Vacation Blues... Y.Y

OMG, So long since I posted AGAIN! lolz, no surprise there.

I got back from my trip to Japan and I got my forgotten purse back. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED-! \(^o^)/

Lets rewind back about a month ago to the end of the Singapore trip. I'm sure this probably happens a lot but I forgot an item on the plane and of course it has to be the most important thing I'm carrying; Yes, my purse. I forgot it on a plane in Japan and our connection was too close for me to go back and get it. I basically survived without my purse essentials like my wallet, phone, PSP (well, okay I probably don't need that one..) for roughly a month. There were a couple more expensive items in there like prescription reading glasses and my camera so I'm sooo happy that the Japanese people who found and dealt with my purse were so honest. I have a new respect for their honesty and integrity.

We got to the airport, went through customs, and then went to the baggage claim. It was a little wait but the guy was very helpful and led us to the right area and they brought my purse to me. The place was literally called "The Meeting Area."

Yikes, SO off topic. I always go off on a tangent, xP. So back to my topic of vacation blues. We got back from Japan on Tuesday and I felt so tired! I don't remember feeling like this the last time I travelled; I'm starting to wonder if my age is catching up to me... lolz

So the next two free days of my week, I just don't feel like doing anything. I don't even have an appetite nor desire for any kind of activity. I really just played on the PSP because I could think of nothing else that I'd want to do. I felt so unmotivated. I guess I did wash a few dishes here and there and let the dogs outside but that's about it. Thinking back on it, I must have been such a drab.

Then Friday rolls in and I can't even get up at the right time for work. It's like my internal clock is all wrong.

Right now it's the end of Friday and I think that I may have gotten at least somewhat back on track. I hate this post vacation depression so much. I'm glad that it seems like I'm getting out of it with the help of work. I really believe that having a job helps enormously with getting over the vacation blues. (^.^)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Giving L-O-V-E

We brought back Maxwell Scruffles (I renamed him that as it's close enough to his real name) about a week ago. It was a pretty crazy day actually.

The farewell wasn't too dramatic because it was just the father who was at home while the rest of the family was out. I think it may have been more sad for little Maxwell because that was probably the last time he'd see his brother... (;_;) He was very calm in the car. Sometimes I wonder how he feels because he accepts his fate so easily. When we got back, we re-introduced the two doggies in the backyard and Lady was accepting of him yet again. He was also well behaved. Maxwell was the more mellow of the two dogs as his brother didn't like Lady.

So we got home, and only an hour later, my dad and sis arrive from their road trip. So yeah, C-R-A-Z-Y family reunion~! We spent a lot of time just getting everyone settled down, including Maxwell, and unpacking. For some reason, he doesn't like men so he was barking at my dad and he barked at my sis too. Maybe it's because the whole situation contained too many changes for him.

He warmed up to my sis very quickly and a few days later, to my dad as well. Maxwell is still wary of my bro, most likely because my brother is hardly ever around, being either at work or playing video games in his room.. But he's stopped barking and growling at him so that's a good sign (^_~).

At first, I really wondered if I could love Maxwell as much as my own dog. I was so anxious and worried about if they would fight or if one would get jealous and resentful of the other. Of course in the end, my worries proved to be almost meaningless.

He sits like this often and it's so funny looking. xD

Over time, I'm growing to love little Maxwell more and more and I'm even appreciating and loving my own dog more. It's like, instead of thinking in the way that it's double the work with two dogs, it's more like double the love! ("^o^")

They're both so cute together. They walk, eat, and even sleep well together. I don't get the vibes that they're jealous of each other at all. In fact, I'm even giving my own dog more attention than before. I can take one for a walk and not feel bad about the other being at home because there's someone else in the family to take care of him/her. And if I get back home with one of the doggies, they greet each other. Cute, yeah? \(^.^)/

I love them both so much and I feel like my heart has gotten bigger because I'm actually starting to love another dog as much as my own. It's a very nice feeling because I feel like I'm a better person to truly open my heart to another dog.

My Singapore Travel Story

My bad, I went on yet another month hiatus...

Right now, it's raining and very cozy in the house. (^w^) My babycakes is scared of rainy weather, stemmed from her fear of thunder so she's leaning her whole weight against my leg under my desk. Kawaisoooo..

To catch up from what happened this whole time, I got back from my trip to Singapore before the last week of June. It was so hot there, I'd honestly describe the heat as being around 100 times more intense than Hawaii. We sweat a LOT during our trip and the night didn't give us any mercy either. Thank heaven's we had AC in the hotel.

Here's the area where we stayed. It looks reminiscent of the Chinatowns in America. Honestly, it was safer than it looks.

The teeny tiny bathroom, lol.

First time in my life I've ever had this kind of bathing experience...

The place we stayed at wasn't exactly the highest rated, lol. Very interesting experience to have the sink, toilet, and shower (if you can call it that) all fitting into a very small area without any tub for the bath. At first, it was quite the shock but after a while, we really didn't care, as long as we could wash off at the end of the day. We would get that sweaty and gross. (-___-)

It was cool though to experience a different country's culture and people. There were a lot of Chinese and Indian people living there. Singapore is a micro-nation so we could probably travel around that whole island within an hour by car, tho we didn't rent a car. Everyone speaks English there so it was easy to get around without the language barrier. They have a great subway system which is how we got around.

The food in Singapore seemed to consist of a lot of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Indian food. There were some western food areas in their gigantic malls. You find a lot of places called "Hawker Centres" where there are lots of food shops lined up and in the middle, a large seating area. We saw many of these in the malls. All of the food is of great quality and inexpensive. Their portions are small so of course, most of the people are skinny.

Food center in the basement of one of the mega malls. I'm not really sure if this kind of area is considered a hawker center.

This one seemed to fit the hawker center atmosphere more since it was outdoors. Okay, just to take note, I'm gonna seriously be food spamming after this picture, didn't take all those pics for nothin'! (*_*) FOOD SPAM... BEGIN!

First stuff we ate in Singapore. It was so good that I ate it all before I could take the pic! lolz I believe it was fish ball noodle soup. Yummm

LOL, fork about to attack food.

Fancy Desserts <3

The stone pot bibimbap always bakes the rice on the bottom so it's all crunchy.... which is why I prefer my bibimbap in a simple bowl. I'm not a fan of crunchy rice. D:

We had a lot of these tempura bentos (^o^).

All the food in Singapore is soooo goooooooooooood!!! I miss the food already.

Watermelon Tango

And Mango Tango. These are super yummy. Must have in Singapore if you pass by a Rockery.

Egg noodle.
Da best chicken and rice I ever had. ;)

These boba weren't from Singapore but they are SO good and it was on the way.. We stopped in Seattle at Oasis (BEST boba AKA bubble tea) before heading off on our flight to Narita. It took about 3 flights. (@_@)

This mango ice wasn't all that great but still okay. This was one of those foods that looked a lot prettier in the picture. It's good we didn't come across to many of these kinds of things.

Now onto the MALLS !

Singapore has a ton of malls that are maybe 6-8 stories high including 1-2 basement levels. All these malls are air conditioned so it gives so much relief to the vicious humidity and heat outside. You can seriously get dehydrated by all the sweating you do while walking around.
With so many malls, you can probably buy anything you want too. I only wonder where these Singaporeans put all their stuff as the majority of the population resides in apartments. We took the train out to the north side of the island and it's amazing how many of these 50-something-story apartment buildings tower over what looks like cleared out rain forest areas.


To wrap it all up, Singapore is a beautiful island country omit the intense heat and humidity. It seems like the people have a strong shopping culture with so many malls and places to eat food. I had fun visiting Singapore as the people there are nice and friendly and it was cool being almost halfway around the world and experiencing at least a piece of these people's lives.

The only thing that confused me was with all the Japanese and Korean influence, what exactly was the culture of Singapore? I was a little baffled by that because there's obviously Chinese and Indian people who may have followed Buddhism or Hinduism or some other religion but the 'culture' of Singapore is what I didn't quite grasp. For example, Japanese, American, and Korean people obviously have their own culture but what is the culture of Singapore? I did more research and found that Singapore is known as a melting pot of many different cultures with the Malay culture serving as a sort of anchor for everything else.

All of this makes me think about the American culture because America contains so many mixed ethnicity's of people. I actually don't know about WTH American culture IS aside from being fat bastards who waste and use up too many resources. D: