Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I dyed my hurr!: Kao Liese Bubble Hair Color, Milk Tea Brown

Don't make fun of my fingers, I already know they're short and fat! lol

My hair is really stubborn.  No matter what hair dye I use to lighten it, the results are almost always the same.  Even when my hair is already lightened, it somehow still manages to retain that same coppery brown color... image

In this case, I seemed to have gotten the 'generic' result for "Dark color hair..."

I dyed my virgin Asian black/dark brown hair and here are the results:

 Window lighting. (Somehow this always alters the color)

 Indirect daylight lighting

 Bathroom lighting

Box color to actual hair comparison in low light.  Seems like it was right after all.  xP

On an everyday basis, my hair color looks like a cross between window lighting and indirect daylight lighting.

I was honestly freaked out at first because my hair initially looked like it was slightly bleached orange.  But after a few days, it darkened down to what is is now.  I know, weird.

Overall, the milk tea brown isn't a bad color if you have black/dark brown hair and want just a subtle change.  I also LOVE the foam application!  My hair is about shoulder length and one box was sufficient for me to color all my hair.  It was also a very neat application with hardly any mess and it was super easy for me to get to all my hair.  Usually this is more of an issue with pasty hair dyes.

I'll probably stick with this color for a while.  It's actually not bad and I'm really curious to see if it lightens my hair more when I have to re-touch my roots and eventually color my hair again.

While I'm still on the topic of hair products, I recently went to Sally's to get more hair dye to neutralize the coppery red color (as I was initially super disappointed with it).  I tried this blonde ash color recommended by one of the ladies there with a strand test and it took out the copper but darkened my hair as well.image

I'm still debating whether I should go back to them to try a lighter color (they said I could go back if I did a strand test and didn't like the color)..  It seems like such a pain to have to change it while I have another hair color already on my hair.  I mean, what will I do when I have to do my roots?  D:

I also bought an ombre packet.  I did another strand test and after sitting around like an idiot wondering why the magic powder didn't work, I realized I should try heating it.  So I heated the hair (in the foil) with a blowdryer and the color changed immediately!

 Isn't that awesome?  Just imagine how much lighter it would had been if I heated it right away!

And if anyone doesn't know what an ombre is, it's basically a gradient of color going lightest from the tips of the hair and darker towards the top of the head.  I noticed this new trend that came out this summer but I dunno, it could be just me who's outdated and this phenomena happened a while ago...

The ombre gives a lot of dimension to the hair and what's cool is that you can bleach your hair without the chemicals damaging your scalp!

Exhibit A: basic ombre

And ombre can be used with pretty much any color.  Popular colors besides the straight bleach would be red, blue, and purple.

I'm still unsure of if I wanna do this or not but I'm leaning towards doing it.  It looks super cute, especially with curls.  And once I grow my hair out, I'll be able to achieve the look.  x)


LoveChloe said...

Wow!! That is such a pretty colour!! I wish i can dye my hair but too bad my parent won't let me! >.<

MiNapi said...

@LoveChloe, Thankyuuu!! "^^"
Black hair is just as beautiful! Hopefully your parents will let you do what you want with your hair. My parents somehow never cared what color I dyed my hair. xD