Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fashion blunder (for a short person)

Today I'd like to talk about a big fashion blunder I made yesterday.

You know you've made a fashion blunder when you see yourself in a nearby mirror and realize how BAD you look.

That was me yesterday at the mall.  I decided to go after work and I decided to wear a T-shirt under my work shirt.  I also wore a light knit cardigan over my T-shirt.  But this is not the worst part.

To top it off, I was wearing tight black jeans/jeggings and old sneakers.  

Yes... sneakers. ( > ~ < )

I'm a short person.  My legs aren't that long and so I need to be careful of what I wear.

Even if a person isn't that short, depending on if their proportions are such that their upper body or lower body are longer or shorter than the other, they'll need to compensate.

What I mean is that if you wear something top heavy, you'll probably want to wear something tight or slimming for your lower body.  And vice verse.

I'll be real here, my old sneakers are ugly.  AND my legs are short.  Pair up tight black jeans, ugly sneakers, short legs, and top heavy clothing and that creates a recipe for disaster.

I'm sure there are exceptions such as if the sneakers weren't ugly and perhaps matched the color of the pants so that it will elongate the legs but alas, that's another topic.

To remedy this situation, I should have worn something tighter for my upper body.  Maybe a fitted T-shirt without the cardigan or a tighter fitting jacket.

Even better, I should NOT have worn those old sneakers with my black jeans.  The color of my jeans and the sneakers do not match so that combination just cut off a few inches of my legs and made them appear even shorter.  Maybe I should have worn different footwear.

I'll be sure to post a picture of this fashion blunder and a solution.

I always like to learn from my fashion mistakes and hopefully this tip is helpful to anyone else who has short legs like me.

It's good to create balance in outfits, especially if your upper or lower body is somewhat longer or shorter than the other. :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Current Anime & Legend of Korra Book 3

Space Dandy

One of my coworkers convinced me to try out this anime and it's the most f*cking hilarious thing I've ever seen.

Space Dandy is unique in the sense that it doesn't follow a plot and goes in whatever direction it sees fit.  The characters even die in some episodes, only magically coming back to life in new ones.  It's also playful and experimental in its art and animation styles and explores various concepts and topics.

 Sailor Moon Crystal

I'm not sure how I found out about this reboot but since Sailor Moon is so popular, I would have found out some way or another.

I've only watched a few episodes and I'm excited to see where the story goes once all the scouts are introduced.  The animation style also seems to be loyal to the manga art style.

Free! Eternal Summer

Watched the first anime, and I'm really happy the second didn't take too long to be released.

I'm glad Rin got a much needed attitude adjustment.  He's actually likeable now!  With the main conflict removed, there's been a new character introduction so that's interesting.  I also like the new theme of the guys transitioning into adulthood and having to anticipate life out of high school.

Sword Art Online

I stick with this anime just because it's so damn pretty.  The story in my honest opinion, is good but not great.  It doesn't have that suspense factor to keep me hooked; basically, I'm not anticipating the next episode and can go months on end without watching.

This is a rare and a perfect example of an anime with a so-so story and gorgeous animation that makes me want to at least finish it.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Produced by the same studio (A-1 Pictures) as Sword Art Online, Magi has a slightly less serious tone and is more about fun and adventure.

The art style is also more relaxed and although not as beautiful as Sword Art Online, still just as lovely to watch.  I think I saw lots of exotic cosplays of this anime and finally decided to watch it .

Kill La Kill

Don't let the cutesy art style fool you. Kill La Kill is all about high energy and high action.  The art style is VERY flexible.  In one moment it can be 'Lucky Star' cute and a few seconds later, a nuclear warhead goes off and it switches up to a Gurren Lagann-like action sequence.

The story also has an interesting theme of upper and lower class; status and power revolve around a peculiar system of special uniforms that people earn through being the best fighter at a school.

Avatar Legend of Korra Book 3:  Change

My fav, fav, fav American anime-styled animation ever~!  I'm super excited about this season, especially with all the fun new characters being introduced and the new locations the story will explore.

If you haven't heard of Avatar the Last Airbender (not the shitty movie btw), then where have you been??  Under a rock?!!  Well go online and watch this show NOW! 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

2014 Summer Hawaii Trip Pt 1: Shirokiya and USS Arizona Memorial

Here's my long awaited pictures from my family visit back to sunny HI~!  I had lots of fun on this trip and re-visited many places.

Pretty red ginger that's forever growing near grandma's apartment.
Bird of Paradise
 Shirokiya is a really popular Japanese store in Ala Moana shopping mall.  It's been there since Ala Moana opened in 1959!

I was surprised at how different Shirokiya was when I visited with grams and my auntie.  It's been maybe 5-8 years since I've been there.  

It seems like they have less stuff like books and magazines and opted for having lots of food and beauty items instead.
All the food is on the upper level.  It's set up quite similarly to Japan with various cubic-like spaces for each seller resulting in a sort of food maze.

 You'll find bento's galore up here.
  Lower level.  They set up a pretty seating area.  Downstairs you'll find a couple of bakeries and other various items like plants, omiyage, electronics, beauty items, etc.  Not much selection for the books and magazines though..

 Nice view of some fancy apartment buildings outside.

Dad and I went to the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.  I thought it would be good to pay respects.  It's been a while since I've been there.  Last time I went was on a school trip in elementary or middle school.  It didn't seem like much changed.

Lots of these myna birds all over the place.  They can be noisy. D:
People board this ferry at scheduled times to see the Arizona Memorial after watching a theatrical video about the events of Pearl Harbor.

The entire memorial is white in color, including the interior.
 You can see the top of the ship.  There's still oil leaking out of it.
While I was reading the wall of names, I noticed how none of the names were of Asian men.  Well, maybe there might have been one or two but overall, they were all white men.  I learned that it was uncommon for people of various ethnicity's to be enlisted in the military at the time; only later would other ethnicity's enlist.

Lots of neat stuff to look at.... like this bomb.
 Man powered 'suicide' torpedo that Japanese soldiers would pilot.  
 Me being a doofus.  I'm too short for this thing.. lmao
$3 hot dogs but they really hit the spot on this hot day. ^^

We had a good time.  I'm glad I visited even though it was slightly brief.  It's always a good thing to remember and reflect on history so that we can learn from it and become more civilized.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Movie night: Lucy

Today I decided to go see the movie "Lucy" after work with sis.

After meeting incentives for my job, me and other coworkers on our team all got gift cards and one of them was for the local theater. ^^

"Lucy" is about an American woman studying in Taiwan who gets thrown into a drug trafficking deal.  She's knocked out and wakes up on a hotel bed to find out she's been turned into a 'drug mule' that's assigned to transport drugs to Europe.

Under unknown circumstances she becomes held captive by Taiwanese thugs, gets abused and kicked in the abdomen, and that causes the bag of drugs to break and wreak havoc in her system.  Eventually, she finds that the drug somehow gave her superhuman control over her brain.

The movie was really entertaining and I was always anticipating what she would do next as her ability to control her brain increased.

In the beginning of the movie, I took note of how the scenes would switch between 'Discovery Channel-like' recordings of animal behavior in the wild and how they related to the context of the scenes with Lucy or whatever Morgan Freeman Science guy was explaining.

There were many skeptical questions (regarding the plausibility of scientific facts) that came to mind but I put my criticism on the back burner since this was such a treat to watch.

 Scarlett Johansson is so badass in this movie.

The visuals and the way everything was set up created just the right moods to fit each of the scenes.  It also helps that all the settings are just so pretty to look at!  I especially enjoyed the beginning of the movie where Lucy was first taken to the drug dealers and the operating room scene where she has the heartfelt phone call with her mother.

This is one of those movies where there is only ONE main character and no other characters have much significance.  Most movies place great importance on character interaction.  "Lucy" is unique in the way that it doesn't rely on character's deeper relations to one another.

But that's okay because the character Lucy is truly a piece of work.  One of the main themes around her is the fact that the more percentage of her brain she uses, the less Human she becomes.

At the very beginning of the movie, viewers can take note of how she's so vulnerable and scared but as time goes on, she loses her fear and eventually becomes an emotionless shell of what she once was.

Just look at those beautiful colors... the dramatic lighting!

The ending of this movie also gave arise to a whole new set of questions and skepticism.  But I like movies that make me question and think about them long after watching.  I also think that the main theme of this movie wasn't so much on scientific facts anyway, but life's purpose on a grand scale.

"Lucy" was great fun to watch.  The settings were pretty and exotic (esp. since this was partially shot in Taiwan).  This is also one of the most visually appealing action movies I've ever watched.  The action scenes were amazingly choreographed, the car chase being the shining gem that stands apart from the rest.

The scientific facts are so outlandish yet the movie is so entertaining that I still have fun watching.