Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spring skipped out this year & Mother's Day Adventures

Starting off with a beautiful shot of the sunset.

It's really hot these days and this has been going on since April.  I'm seriously considering that maybe global warming isn't total bs after all.  :/

The temperature has been in the 80's and it only backs down into the high 70's on cooler days.  I find it a bit sad because my tulips really took a beating this year.  There were rarely any days with mild spring weather and instead, we were met with either super cold snowy days or scorching hot days... wtf.

It's like it's getting hotter and dryer each year.  Here's proof:

The spring from a couple years ago was so much more flowery with much, much cooler weather.  Now look at it...  My tulips are dry and deader than ever and flowers were pretty much nonexistent save for a few blossoms here and there.

This year, it's like we jumped straight into summer without having the chance to enjoy the spring weather and flowers.  I'm really mad at Mother Nature about this because I was so looking forward to spring flowers after the dry spring we had the previous year as well.

The result of bipolar weather extremes... ( T . T )

Anyway, I have one day left of work and then I get to paaartay!  lol, jk.

But yeah, I'll get a good break.  I'm not sure what I'll be doing since I'm trying to save money but I do know that I have a lot of job searching to do and TV shows to catch up on (aka, Game of Thrones!!!). ;)

I finally finished watching Xam'd: Lost Memories and I'll be writing a mini review on the ending of the series very soon.  I was slightly disappointed with the second arc of that anime..

Since I didn't make a post about Mother's Day, I thought I would talk about it in this post.  Me and my family ended up going up to the mountain foothills for a hike.  We went around 2pm and it was pretty hot.  I like hiking but I hate hot weather.  It sucks away at my soul.

At least Scruffy had fun. x)

Scruffs cooling off his paws in the creek.  It's cute how he's not really a water loving dog yet he'll still explore the creek.

For some reason, this house reminded me of rural Europe.

 Wandering into the mini waterfall.

The Scruffle only eats the freshest greens... lol

Game of Thrones scenery! :D

"Okay, I'm outta here."

"The hiiiiills are alive... with the sound of muuuuusiiiiic!"

 Goodbye rural house.  You shall be missed.

It was a good day.  A beautiful day actually.  I just wish it was a little cooler.  xD

This is a patbingsu/kakigori watermelon combo I created.  It has sweet red beans, vanilla ice cream, shaved ice, chopped watermelon, and strawberry/kiwi ice syrup.

It's really refreshing and delicious for hot summer days and even nights!  This was the first 'pakigori' of the summer.  

This is the only thing that makes me look forward to inferno weather. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beauty Tips #1

This "Beauty Tips" post is a new idea I came up with for myself and anyone else who's interested in how to apply makeup effectively.
I always end up with questions while using makeup like how I can make my foundation last longer, how to keep my eyeliner from smudging, and so on.

I've decided to make note of helpful makeup tips I've come across while experimenting different techniques.

Hopefully others will find this helpful. :D

How to keep eyeliner from smudging:

What I do is apply ONLY Waterproof Cover Girl mascara on my bottom and top lashes.  I've found that Cover Girl mascara has the ultimate waterproof formula; I can tight-line my eyes, draw in eyeliner, and it still doesn't smear.

I discourage applying another type of waterproof mascara as a first layer because after testing this method, it led to the mascara smudging.  If you must apply a first layer of some other mascara, use a white or clear colored lash primer.


How to prevent fine lines from showing around eyes when applying foundation/concealer:

I've read that keeping the area around the eye area well moisturized and using a silicone based primer will help to prevent fine lines from showing when you smile and your eyes squint.

After experimenting several times I found that fine lines around my eyes were being accentuated by applying too much foundation, concealer, and blush.  The silicone primer is supposed to fill in tiny crevices in the skin and create a smooth surface for foundation; as a result, fine lines are reduced. 

I use the Smashbox Photo Finish (Oil Free) Foundation primer and that has worked really well for me.

I believe that it's best not to layer concealers.  Just choose the best one and use a dab of that under each eye.  The more you layer concealer, the more fine lines are accentuated and that looks worse than the actual dark circles because it makes your skin look older than it is.

Natural everyday makeup VS Photo makeup

Please, please, please, do NOT mix these two together.  Even if it's the best looking natural makeup, if you're planning on taking photos with family/friends, you'll have to go for the photo makeup which is a bit darker, more defined, and exaggerated.

Lets face it.  Natural makeup isn't going to show up in photos from far away.  I know because this has happened to me countless times.  The only way natural makeup is going to work in photos is if you're taking photos up close and personal.

For your average day when you plan to take pictures, you want to be picture ready with everything a little to a bit darker, and accentuated.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

How to say "NO" without saying no

Have you ever been around this person who always seems to ask favors of you?  Do you feel like you're a sap who's being taken advantage of?  And do you have a difficult time just telling them "NO?"

Well today is your lucky day because this post is just for you guys! :D

I thought about this issue today because I recently encountered a person that tried to take advantage of my kindness at work this afternoon; I now realize how important it is for us nice folks to be prepared.

I can completely relate to this situation because I'm the type of person who wants to please everyone and I usually don't refuse if someone asks something of me (except for money & car rides, lol).

First lets talk about my experience at work.


The area I was in generally needs keys to open locked items and it's kind of annoying because there's so many workers but only two pairs of keys.

One of my coworkers was with a customer and she asked me if I could find her the keys.  I was okay with it at first since it would be easy for me to ask another coworker nearby for the keys I saw she had.  So I get the keys and hand them to her and she takes them from me with a blank stare on her face without even thanking me.  I seriously get mad if people don't show their appreciation for others going out of their way for them.

It's not my duty to get the keys for her.  She's actually responsible for doing that on her own and NOT RELYING ON OTHER COWORKERS TO GET IT FOR HER.

I was doing her a FAVOR and all she can manage is a silent frown on her face. 

Moving on to the part where she actually takes advantage of my kindness, I happened to walk past her on my way to another department and she stops me with a stupid smile on her face, and has the nerve to ask if I could get the keys for her again.

Now here is where I feel like I was the Queen of Awesome because my mind quickly processed what I had to do.

I gave an excuse.

I told her that I was called to this other department so I couldn't do it.  In simpler terms, I was telling her that I was too busy.

So she probably ended up getting herself the damn keys.  Hah!

Just to be clear, to me, this isn't about getting the keys, and I'm not actually mad about that simple act or task.  What truly irritates me in this situation is that I was being kind and doing something nice for someone else but not only did the person outwardly lack appreciation, but they also had abuse my good intentions and selfishly use it to their advantage.


I think this is totally the way to rebuke those that try to take advantage of you.  All you have to do is come up with some excuse whether it's true or if it's a lie.  It doesn't even matter.

And don't feel bad because you're lying.  It's wrong of these people to take advantage of your kindness in the first place; Why is it so bad to protect yourself with a lie?

I believe that if you're not hurting anyone with it, it's completely okay to tell a little lie.  Of course there's things like cheating that's bad but that's a different topic.

Another example is with my friend from class.

She was telling me about how people would always ask her for money and she would give it to them because they would pressure her into it and she told me that it was really hard for her to say "no."

So I gave her the advice that if she couldn't say 'no', she should give them an *excuse* for why she couldn't give them money.  I told her that she should tell them she was saving up for something like a car or even better, education.  Remember, "study" and "education" are the magic words! :3

There you have it.  If you have a hard time saying no, simply say you're busy with (insert excuse) or give any other kind of excuse, even if you have to make it up.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Finally free! :D

Yesssss!  I'm finally finished with spring semester!!!! (ノ〃^▽^〃)ノ。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚オメデトー♪

I'm so happy because for the last few days I was really wanting to move on with my life already.  xD All you people who've been through finals know what I'm talking about!

I (sort of) tried my best to study really hard for the last couple of days and I think it paid off since I got a B on my last exam.  YaY!  tuzki44

Right now I'm very cozy in my bedroom watching a good K-drama after a day's hard work.

 Can you guess the K-drama?  Hint: The name in the subtitles

I'm quite ecstatic because I accomplished everything I planned such as buying my mom roses for Mother's Day, making a test batch of chocolate strawberries, baking her shortbread cookies, and getting all my ingredients ready for the chapchae dish I'll be making her either tomorrow or on Sunday.  It feels good to get everything done on a checklist. image

Here's the strawberries.

This is my first time making them and they turned out really well.  They make a great Mother's Day gift.  A good *tip* is to make sure the strawberries are completely dry and at room temperature before you dip them in the chocolate.  It's also less messy to place them on parchment or wax paper.  I had to put them in the fridge because the chocolate was refusing to solidify.

 I'll probably go out tomorrow after work and buy some white chocolate to make them look prettier. (≧ω≦)

This may sound strange after my initial hype but I'm actually missing school a little because I made a really great friend this semester.  We would usually walk together after class to the parking lot and just talk for an hour about anything and everything.  It's pretty crazy how much we have in common.  She likes k-dramas as much as I do, is interested in Japanese/Korean cosmetics, likes anime, and it's just like our personalities are so similar...  I feel like she's the sister/friend I've never had in so long!

I've met a lot of people in my life but none of them had similar interests as I did nor did their personality click with mine that well.  So I think it's really special for me to have met her.

I was actually been in the same class as her in the past but we sat at different tables and never got the chance to talk.

I now believe that if you can find a person who inspires you, who you can connect and share ideas with, and who has similar interests, you should make sure to grab onto that opportunity and get to know them better.  Sometimes these chances don't come around too often.

She's actually the one who inspired me to make chocolate strawberries! :D
So we've decided to keep in touch though emails and texts.  We might even meet up for lunch this summer and if we're lucky, get into the same volunteer program.

Yea, btw, I volunteered at a hospital so I'll be going to an interview for that soon. *crosses fingers*
I thought it would be a good idea because:

1. I'll be able to help people in my spare time without school in the way

2. I can expose myself to the medical field of work

3. I can (hopefully) gain some experience with filing and administrative work as I'm currently trying to get that type of job

I've also been inspired to start this 'ootd' aka Outfit of the Day kind of thing where I take pics of what I'm wearing and post them on my blog.  Sort of like a little fashion update.  I think I can manage it now because I have enough clothes to make some interesting combinations.

What I have right now is pretty simple but I'll post them anyway.

 Today's ootd.  I wore a pale pink chiffon collard long-sleeved top (Forever21), an A-line beige skirt (Forever21), and sheer black stockings (Target).  These are my house slippers. xP  

Not pictured here, but to complete the look, I 'stole' my sis's light brown heeled boots (Wet Seal) and the bag is a cute light gray/beige toned purse from WalMart.  Don't be judging! lol, my motto is if it looks good and sturdy, then get it! xD

I thought this was a cool combo because the top and skirt both had a color tone going on and it gave my look a very elegant, sophisticated, and almost steam-punk influenced appearance simply by virtue of the color tones.

This was my ootd from a couple days ago.  Stupid pic wouldn't rotate the other way...  In this I'm wearing a loose color block red/navy knit pattern sweater (Forever21) and this cute medium-length black/gray checkered skirt my Aunty got me from Okinawa.  Footwear is simple dark brown flat boots (Payless Shoes).

This is a simple cozy look although I've learned that unless you're super skinny, it's best to pair a more fitted top with a long skirt as it will appear more flattering to the figure.  But I was going for comfort so I guess it depends on the occasion.

Moving on to music!

If you haven't heard of him yet, you should check out POGO remixes on youtube NOW! xD  The first remix I saw from him was Upular and it's absolutely breathtaking.  He gets movies/any other video footage and uses their sounds to make music.  His work has a very dreamlike feeling and I'm in love with his songs!  They also make you want to watch the movies again. x)

Make sure to check out not only his popular movie remixes but his other work as well.  They're all so beautiful and inspiring to listen to if you appreciate remixed music.

And not only is his music ecstasy to my ears, but it's also given me the desire to draw again.  Hopefully I'll post some of the artwork I create through his music on my blog in the near future. (^^)

I've been obsessed with these few (below) and the tunes are already stuck in my head.  I find myself humming them throughout the day. tuzki06

"I, day, I work, all... day."  Story of my life, lol, jk. (・∀・ )

Friday, May 3, 2013

Idiot driver blaring their high beam lights

WARNING: This is a rant and has a lot of bad language.  Read at your own discretion.

I'm sorry but I just had to put up this rant.  It's still been annoying the hell out of me every time I think about it.

I think I mentioned before but one of the things I hate most in this world is light glaring in my face.  It doesn't matter if it's sunlight, flashlights, car lights............  you get the picture.

Back to my story.

I had a short shift at work last night so I ended up coming home fairly late, around 9:30pm.  I was unfortunate enough to have the worst timing ever because as I was getting towards my house to park in the driveway, there was this car in front of the house facing me with super bright lights.  At first I thought, "what an asshole, why are they just parked there?"  But then as I got closer, I found that it was not a stranger, but worse.  It was my sister's friend who was blaring her f*cking car's high beams right IN MY FACE.  I was trying to pass her car and while doing that, she continued to blare her high beams and didn't even have the decency to briefly shut them off so I could see.

I might be able to understand a person with high beams on while on the highway but this was in a residential area!!!
What a f*cking brainless bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, seriously, what kind of mo-fo idiot does that?  Even the most dumbass drivers understand that high beams are used for the ummm, highways?

And if you've ever had high beams up close and personal in your face, I describe it as being so bright, that you honest-to-God cannot see ANYTHING.  It's like everything in front of you is whited out, even if you're looking away from the light source.  This IS a driving hazard is it not?

That empty-headed bitch was lucky I didn't decide to crash into her sorry ass.  I would have loved to give her a little fender-bender and 'accidentally' turn right into her car, just so she might fix that loose screw in her head and abstain from her idiocy.

So after I told my sister about it, instead of apologizing on her friend's behalf like a decent person would, she only gave me a confirmation that her friend really was using her high beam car lights because her actual car lights were broken. WTF?!??!!!  How irresponsible is that?  So she's using her high beams as her car lights at night just because it's convenient for HER and risking other drivers' lives in the process?  That's seriously messed up........ and people think I have issues.

I've been debating whether I should take out my anger on my sister or not for her friend's idiotic and inconsiderate behavior.  I'm starting to think that maybe I will because like her 'friend', she apparently has no decency that an average human being should have.  So as a responsible person, I should return the favor to teach her a lesson.

Again, sorry for the intense, ultra pissy rant. It's just one of those days where I was extremely PO'd.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Such a beautiful spring day !

Yesterday was a perfect day with perfect weather... (´-ω-`)

It was slightly breezy with overcast skies.  The temperature was in the high 60's.  I don't know about other people but I L-O-V-E overcast weather; It protects us from the sun's heat and creates awesome lighting for photography.  I also like how it just cools everything down and makes the foliage appear so much more lush.  I'm glad the plants got a break because it was so freaking hot for the past couple of days. ಠ_ಠ

After pathophys class, I went with my mom to this dog park that had a swimming pond.  Pretty cool~!

Scruffy wasn't really into the dog pond and he steered clear of the water.  I wasn't too bummed though since I'm sure that pond is infested with who knows what.  People say it's pretty clean as long as the water is flowing but I'm still wary. (¬_¬)
I was chatting with a few park-goers and they were telling me about how their dog had diarrhea for 3 weeks after swimming in that pond.

There was also a nice walk from the park to a historic street filled with cute little shops.  I felt like I was in another time.  All the houses there were really small and dainty, sort of what you would find in a 50's movie.

After walking back to the car, we drove to this yogurt place called Tutti Frutti.  Imho, the name is kind of gross for yogurt; it sounds like a taffi shop! xP

Despite the name, their yogurt was really amazing.  I heard it's soy-based yogurt so that earns some points from me.  I love my soy.

I tried many of the flavors and they were super yummy!  I tried melon (tastes exactly like a melona bar), original tart (delish), and green tea (exactly like green tea with a milder flavor).

It seemed like they could do no wrong with their flavors.  Nothing was too sweet or too bland.  They didn't even taste like they had soy in them!

After that, we finished off our food-run with some good-old fast food fries.  lol

It was a good day. ( ^ _ ^ )