Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kawaii DIY mini potted plants at Target

While browsing in Target's 'dollar' section, I came across these super cute DIY mini potted plants~!

Right now I saw they had strawberry, forget-me-not, and poppy seeds.  I decided against strawberries because I was thinking about it possibly attracting bugs. :P

I've always thought about trying to grow my own mini plants but never got to it.  I'm trying to grow the little seedlings right now and after researching a bit, I found that it's good to keep them in a warm environment with adequate moisture.  I also read something that suggested I place the germinating seeds on top of the fridge because apparently it's warmer than the rest of the house up there.

I put some plastic wrap over the mini pots and poked a few holes in them to hold in the moisture.  Here's what they look like now..

Hopefully I'm doing this right.  It would be cute to have mini flowers on my windowsill.  ( ^ _ ^ )

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gossip Bug

Today was my first day back to work after a week.  For some reason, I was overly hyper today.  But it wasn't like I entered work feeling like the social butterfly of the year.  I started my day walking in on one of my fellow associates from my home department and she loves to talk; I mean, she REALLY loves to talk.  So I entertain her by sticking around, (mostly) listening.

I think it all started when I ran into one of my previous teachers a little bit later.  Only problem is, it's been 10 whole years since I've seen the lady so although I clearly recognize her face, I cannot for the life of me connect her face to 'who' she is.  This is probably the first time I felt like I had memory loss or a form of amnesia.  I felt pretty stupid because she obviously knew who I was but I had no idea who she was.

Anyone else run into this etiquette hell?  So she comes over and gives me a big hug and I sort of go along with it because I do recognize her; I just have no idea of who she is.  I couldn't cover up my oblivion so I came out clean and told her I can recognize her face but don't know where she's from.  I was pretty flustered because I was embarrassed that I couldn't even remember my own teacher even though she clearly remembered me.

From that point on, I started to get real babbly.  I always get yappy when I'm nervous, I really hate it!  It's like a super bad habit!  I get nervous, then try to fill in any empty space with conversation...  Even I get surprised with my breath control as I let out super long phrases in a single breath.

So after all that, I start to chat up one of my other coworkers who's in the same department as me, talking about my funny experience meeting a teacher I haven't seen in years.  I don't know what happened afterward but then I started to talk about other coworkers.  The whole time, my subconscious is screaming at me, "WHY?!" but I can't explain and continue blabbing.  Maybe it was because I was still feeling anxious from the embarrassment of not knowing my own teacher....  I have no idea.  I don't really think I was talking crap but it was parallel to it.  I personally don't like stooping to talking about other people's business because it makes me feel bad afterward and I ask myself why I even care.

Perhaps as a Human being, we're naturally nosy and curious to know about our fellow Humans.  Or it could be me not wanting to divulge any of my personal information to others and so without much of myself to talk about, I talk about other people.  Hm, it seems that I've answered my own question!  So I got gossipy today because:

1.) I'm a private person who is too stingy to give out detailed info about my own life.


2.) I was nervous and therefore, overly talkative.

Both of these things combined made me all the more susceptible to being a gossipy biatch!  I've gotta work on my nervous babbling issues.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Some winter cooking

Even though it's been getting warmer these days, I'm still inspired to cook hot stews and soups.  x3

Here's a few of the dishes I've made over the past couple of weeks.

 Beef Curry

This may sound silly but my inspirations for making any kind of stew comes from watching Brock cook in the show Pokemon.  I still remember watching it as a child and my earliest memories of anime characters cooking was seeing Brock cook for his friends.  Because of this, I always think about his stews when I make my own.  xP

I even cut up the potatoes into more spherical shapes to achieve the anime aesthetics.

And does anyone else notice that food always looks tastier in Anime?  Their food always looks so delicious!!!


Now back to my own dishes...


I really wanted to put our portable hot pot to use so I looked up some recipes similar to oden and came across nikujaga.  It's beef and potatoes mixed in a shoyu/mirin broth.  This is one of those dishes where you can add whatever you want to make your own unique flavor.  I added some onions and carrots so mine looks a lot more like stew and it tasted great!


Yet another Japanese food that I recall Brock making.  I still find it absolutely hilarious that the people who wrote the translations for the English dub had the voice actors call the onigiri (aka riceball) a, and I quote, "Jelly-Filled Doughnut!"  ( o __ O ) ...
I'm so glad that in recent dubs of anime, they're starting to properly name Japanese foods/names although they still call mochi "Jelly-Buns" in Fruits Basket.  WTF is up with the "Jelly" names for foods with filling?  lmao 

Custard Pie

This is a recipe that I had to slowly perfect over time.  The trick to making the perfect custard pie is to bake the pie longer on a lower heat, (around 300 degrees F) and on the lower rack in the oven.  I also use evaporated milk opposed to regular milk.  I tried baking this custard in pyrex bowls (because I always have extra custard) but when I do, the bottom cooks too fast.

The 'pie' works so well because the pie crust protects the custard from cooking too quickly on the bottom.  When baking custard, you have to make sure that the custard is not boiling.  The boiling of the custard will leave your custard with bubbles in it and ruin the ultra smooth texture that it should have.  Custard pie is actually a really easy recipe, I even used a ready to bake pie crust as I'm too lazy to make my own.

That's about all the recipes I made recently.  I've been so bored lately, probably because I haven't been picking up many shifts at work...  Well, this is all for my dog's recovery from her surgery.  The poor girl is older so she has to have a bump removed from her ear.  I hope it isn't too serious.

I'm slightly annoyed right now because I have this invoice hovering over my head.  Apparently the shippers or whoever is responsible feels like they can give me an invoice with no info on how to actually pay the bill...  I'll save this for another blog post since it's a whole different story. 

And a metaphor of my inner turmoil

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My top 5 favorite anime characters

1. Kyoko Mogami (Skip Beat)

Kyoko is possibly the ultimate shoujo character.  She has the whole package: hardworking, funny, intelligent, talented, cunning, kind, humble, strong-willed... the list goes on.  I like her because she inspires me to push myself to become better.  xP  

2. Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket)

Tohru is kind, empathetic, and hardworking and I really love her for these traits.  Instead of getting mad at people, she tries to understand their reasoning for doing certain things and shows kindness instead of hate.  I think that's something to really admire in a person because they are so uncommon.

3. Ginko (Mushi-Shi)

Ginko is cool just because he is.  He never seems to overreact or get mad about anything and usually has on his signature poker face.  I like how Ginko seems aloof but still sincerely cares about the people he encounters.  He also goes by a truly amazing quote, "Don't let yourself be blinded by fear or anger."  This makes Ginko the type of person who tries to understand the situation giving him a high level of empathy.

4. Sophie Hatter (Howl's Moving Castle)

I like Sophie because instead of sitting around and sulking about her problems, she goes out and does something about it.  She's also really kind and caring towards others and considerate of their feelings even though she may not like them.

5. Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club)

Tamaki holds a special place in my heart because he's so funny!  I was debating on whether I like him or Vash better because they have really similar personalities.  Tamaki may act flamboyant and silly but he's a really smart guy who observes people and can understand their intentions.  He's also selfless because he can't even realize his own feelings yet he has a deep understanding of others and tries his best to help them.  Tamaki is such a sweet guy, deserving of his 'princely' title.  ( "^ __ ^" )

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

And this just happened...

Something new, something spontaneous, something crazy...  I've been waiting a long time for something interesting to happen so I could blog about it.  Well, I just asked for this one...

It's about 6pm in the afternoon.  I fell asleep near my heater fan whilst doing some youtube surfing.  As I open my eyes, I see the familiar chestnut colored fur of my Jack Russell Terrier as he lifts his skinny little leg to PEE right onto a pillow.  His pillow to be more precise.

I was fairly shocked because hey, if the first thing you woke up to was a dog peeing on your bed, I'm sure you would probably react the same.  In a way, I was lucky because I got to scold him on the spot.  It's not everyday that I catch my dog at the scene of the crime and I always feel a certain satisfaction when I do, lol.  Although this time, I was a little out of it since I was just waking up.

Somehow, I'm not really mad about the whole thing.  That's what a nap does for you!  xD    

My biggest debate now is if I should ban him from my bedroom for a while, just to give him a wake-up call...  This has happened before when we first adopted him and since I'm such a procrastinator, it took me at least a month to clean out my bed sheets and mattress after he peed on it.  After not being able to go in my room for that long, I think the little bozu learned his lesson because his accidents never happened after that until now.

I don't think I can completely blame my dog for his actions today because before I fell asleep, I had asked my mom to let the dogs outside to pee and I found out later that she ended up not letting my boy outside.  Her reasoning for it was because he never went downstairs when she called him.  Hmmm.

My bed sheets were due for some washing anyway and after that cat nap, I'm feeling quite rejuvenated!  Right now my dog is getting some silent treatment.  He has to know that peeing on the bed isn't going to sit well with me.

And a last funny fact: after telling my brother about Scruffy peeing on my bed, he actually let Scruffs into his room and guess what, he peed on my brother's bed as well! lololol  I wonder if that little dog is upset about something.  It seems like he's throwing a tantrum...  ( >  __ >);

Friday, January 11, 2013

5 Pet Peeves

*NOTE: Lots of swearing and bad language await you in this post.  Read at your own discretion.

I was inspired to create this post after watching some youtube videos of people elaborating on what annoys them the most.  Anyway, lets start with my major annoyances!  :D

1.) People who don't express thanks

This one really gets to me and to all those people who do this and assume others know that you're thankful, go-to-hell.  We're not mind readers!  When people don't express thanks, even if they do feel thankful inside, the other party WILL assume in the end that this person is a totally unappreciative jackass.  They shouldn't go accepting something or some favor without acknowledging someone's sacrificed time and energy on them.  I honestly feel like people who act this way believe they're entitled to walking all over other people's good intentions which is just not cool.

2.) "Mall walkers" aka. People who think they own the sidewalk/walkway

I encounter these assholes from time to time and in my case, it's probably worse simply because I'm short.  When I encounter people taller than me (and this is almost always), who start to pull their mall walking crap and begin to lean toward my side of the walkway when they have at least two people's worth of space on their side, it really pisses me off!  I mean, what's the big deal?  Do they think that just because they're bigger than me, they automatically have the right to take up the entire sidewalk with their fat ass?

3.) Egotistical pricks

I'm only too familiar with this peeve because there's one living under the same roof as me, my own brother!  When I say egotistical, I mean a person who thinks they're hot sh*t and treats everyone else like they're idiots.  They also don't miss even the tiniest opportunity to ridicule someone else.  I honestly believe these people are insecure deep down and as a result, feel the need to make others feel bad to make themselves feel better.

4.) Selfish people

Here's another peeve where most unfortunately, this person is yet again my own brother.  Sad to say but so far in my life, he is the most selfish person I've EVER met.  Why so you ask?  My brother is the type of person who quite literally, expects you to give him a favor before he gives you a favor.  If you ask him for something, he'll say something along the lines of, "Why should I do you a favor?  You never do anything for me."  The most annoying and frustrating thing about this statement of his is that it's completely untrue and basically means that he fails to recall and/or acknowledge the kind things I've done for him over time.  After a while, I start to wonder why I should even bother doing nice things for him; It's not like he's even adding up these actions in his sick little checklist of favors I supposedly owe him before he does anything nice for me.

5.) Slow ass drivers

I think that anyone who drives can relate to this is some way.  When I say slow ass drivers, I'm not talking about the ones going exactly at the speed limit; I get them, they're simply sticklers to the rules.  The people I'm b*tching about here are the ones who drive under the speed limit (with no slow cars in front of them) when there's an obvious sign with the speed limit posted.  The most mind-raping part of this though is the fact that most of the people I see doing this are young!  I mean, it's not an old man/woman I see in the driver's seat but a person maybe in their mid fourties or even twenties!  Another annoying fact about these slow-as-f*ck drivers is that some of these bastards even go the extra mile and try to cut back in front of you if you get in front of them or even try to prevent you from getting in front of them by speeding up when you switch to the other lane.


I read an inspiring entry from blogger, RamonaChampion and she talked about how there are so many negative things that happen to us in life that sometimes, we just need a way to deflect these bad thoughts.  She suggested thinking about sweet baby coconuts whenever something bad happens and I thought that was just too cute!  x3  Sometimes, just thinking about a cute word or phrase can deflect negative feelings.

I also try to go by the saying, "When people try to bring you down, they're only doing so because you are above them" and it actually works for the most part.

It's not easy being like THIS all the time...

But sometimes, it's so hard to go by even a quote as amazing as that, especially with the example I shared above with my selfish and egotistical brother.

To deflect the most negative feelings, I find it helps to think about all the good things that happen to me in life and not bothering with people who drag me down, even if it is my own family.  If he doesn't want to be a nice person to me, why should I bother being a nice person to him?  I know there's a saying that people shouldn't stoop down to the other person's level and be mean or whatever but what if doing nice deeds for a person who doesn't even acknowledge what you do for them kill you slowly inside and fester angry wounds?  Should you still continue to torture yourself in that way just to avoid "stooping to their level?"  I think NOT!

I've already tried to avoid playing into his little game of who owes what.  But apparently, even when I do try being kind and do nice things for him, he obviously doesn't take my kind actions into account so I might as well not try anymore.  If he ever comes to me asking for favors, you know what my answer will be?  "Why should I do you a favor?  You've never done anything for me!"

I think that in certain cases such as the one I specified above, you are completely entitled to giving the person in question a taste of their own bitter medicine.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Dark Edge Eyes

I was so excited at the time when I successfully created this look but of course got lazy and ended up not posting it...

I was originally going for the look Cassie wore in Nicki Minaj's video "The Boys" but since my eyes don't have that certain hollowness that Cassie's has, it didn't work too well on me.  For some reason, whenever I try to do some really dramatic looking makeup for my eyes, they end up looking like sh*t!  xD

So after playing around and watching some tutorials, I came up with this.  The main emphasis is on the outer corners of the eyes where I used a black eyeshadow to really intensify the look.  You can honestly use any kind of lighter eyeshadow to the middle part of the eye.  I used a shimmery rice paper/beige color.  The middle part of the eyelid isn't too dramatic with just a slight gradient from the outer edge going inward.  This gives a great contrast between the outer part of the eye and the inner part.

I used false lashes since this look was dramatic and I needed the extra boost.

I also found out after watching tutorials that fluffy blending eyeshadow brushes are a MUST if you want to create beautiful gradient and blending effects for your eyemakeup.  You have to be very careful with dark eyeshadows, especially black eyeshadow because it can get really messy if you blend wrong and a pain to clean off.  What you do first is dab on the black eyeshadow to the corners of your eyes (with a separate eyeshadow brush) and then with the fluffy blending brush, lightly brush the color inward toward the center of your eyelid to create the gradient effect.

This eyemakeup is very versatile because you can play around with a lot of different colors and you can add on more dark shadow or eyeliner to intensify the appearance of the eyes.

Hot Pot!!!

Yes, it's that time of year!  I finally mustered up the enthusiasm to bust out our hot pot and put it to some good use.  I couldn't really decide between oden and miso ozoni so I eventually combined both and created something new!

Here it is, my beautiful creation...

I thought of ozoni because it was New Year's day and it's this traditional Japanese dish that's eaten in Japan on New Year's.  My parents also brought back some mochi pieces that were given to them by this awesome lady at the party; Since ozoni calls for mochi pieces, everything just fell into place.

I added a lot of things that would have gone with oden such boiled eggs, spinach, and tofu.  I was thinking about adding mushrooms and many other things but there's picky eaters in my family so I decided against it.

This dish came out really well and it was super fun eating right out of that hotpot.  I'm thinking of using it for ramen too when my sis gets over her stomach flu.  x3

Hotpots are really fun for family and friends and I highly recommend anyone getting something like this for the cold winter months.