Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cake Pops!

I'm finally finished with this semester of school!!! So excited!

I made cake pops with my mom last night and it was pretty fun but somewhat hard work with the chocolate dipping. -.-
We had to keep re filling the chocolate dip supply and reheating it. That stuff cools off fast after dipping! (I know, big deal right? But mind you, we were doing this at like 11 at night and I was up since 6.)

Lots of work but it was fun because it was like working in a candy shop making pretty chocolates. ^^
At the very end, we would glaze contrasting colored chocolate over the cake pops so they looked just like the chocolate factory sweets!

And, funny thing is, I came to work today and my manager showed me this huge box of See's chocolates and said someone left it for us so we can all eat it. O_O
They're gonna make me so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat...

I'm planning on bringing in some cake pops for my co workers since they are so SWEET, not even our own family could eat them all. I probably could eat only one in a day. Kills off your sugar fix in an instant.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Funny how life can get so busy in mere seconds

It's almost the end of the semester and I'm so happy since I'll be over with these classes that I've been sticking it out with (since I had changed my major a couple months back).

But now, I have to focus on getting a 'career' entry job which will take me some time. Finding a job is a job in itself... -__-
I'll probably have to focus on financial aid too so that kind of sucks. I like to pay off my debts at the moment. I'm sure many people hate the feeling of something hanging over their head all the time.

All of this extra stuff I have to do is interlinked with the career in question that I changed to. I'm sure that it will be a good idea this time to actually get a job in the related field to get a more clear idea of the job itself. That was my mistake with what I had been doing for these past two years. Although I'm happy that I can at least get an associates degree for all the time I put into it.

I hear other students telling me that it's common for major changes in uni but I still feel shitty about the whole ordeal. I feel so fortunate to have a supporting family. I just wish I were smarter in the beginning. I'm not sure how it "could have been" if this or that happened before. I don't like to think about the past.. I just want to focus on the future. I think it's hard sometimes because my parents might bring up mistakes I've made before. They're probably trying to prevent me from making these mistakes again but bringing up shit from the past just makes me feel depressed and unmotivated. Sort of working against what it's meant to do...

Anyway, I'm just gonna continue to stick this mothafucka out and finish the semester. Although I'll try to job hunt in-between.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Yogurt Place-!!! ^__^

I am so happy right now. Today I got to go to The Red Mango with my mom that recently opened up closer to where we live. Their yogurt is so yummy and I feel so fortunate that we have one that's in a much more convenient location. All the other yogurt places that we would go to in the past were way off somewhere in another city and it really sucked having to drive so far just to get a nice cup of frozen yogurt. So we wouldn't get frozen yogurt that often... T^T

But now, we can go as often as we want without feeling the dread of a long drive and fearing traffic on the way home. ^__________________^

The yogurt and toppings there are self-served so it's pretty cool. Although the yogurt machine takes a bit of getting used to. The yogurt comes out fairly slowly.

Their original and pomegranate yogurt, I think, are their killer flavors. Those are both soooo good and perfect. One is sweet/tangy and the other is sweet but with a very slight tang to it. There were a lot of other flavors too like Blueberry, Apricot, and Banana. I didn't really want to try those but I did try: Original, Pomegranate, Vanilla, Coconut, and Pumpkin (o.O). I know, PUMPKIN?! I thought it was a pretty weird flavor to have but my mom tried it and gave me some so I ended up tasting. It was actually not that bad but I personally don't care for pumpkin as a yogurt flavor. All the other yogurts I tasted were quite good but the Original and Pomegranate were definitely the best. :D

Yessssss! Pomegranate!!!  \( "^ o ^" )/  If your Red Mango has only self-served, maybe one day you can make your yogurt look this good (once you master the yogurt machine) lol. Mine didn't look even close to this pretty. lmao It was so yummy though! ^x^

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another great movie: Hp7 Pt1

This past Monday, I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt1 with a friend and it was so awesome! The movie was filmed brilliantly. There's a lot of thrilling parts along with many buildups of tension, even if this isn't the most exciting half of the book. The director did a great job with it.

The acting was also very convincing and all the actors in my opinion did an amazing job in their roles. I was moved.

I didn't compare the movie to the book since I hadn't read it in a while. I chose not to read it beforehand. I think people should enjoy the movie for what it is and not expect it to be a complete visual of the book.

If you're thinking about seeing this movie, the extra money for going to an earlier screening is definitely worth it. I usually go to AMC theatres and it's $10.50 for the regular price until around 2-3 weeks later when people can start using coupons. I didn't wanna wait around and have some random idiot spoil the whole movie so I saw it earlier with a friend. I'm so happy that all the movies I've been seeing at full price so far have been nothing less of superb.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Disney's Tangled: Beautiful, Engaging, and Magical

I saw the Tangled movie this past Thanksgiving with my sister. I usually don't like to pay full price for AMC movies but I gotta say, this is one of the best $21 I've ever spent on a theatrical movie. Even my sis, who isn't much of a critic, said that this was wayyyy better than the last 2D Disney flick, The Princess and the Frog. She said that she felt the magic with Tangled but not with the other movie. I think so too.
I honestly wasn't expecting much from Tangled, just because a lot of the animations that have been coming out lately weren't so great. The trailer also had all this crappy music paired with it so I was like, okaaaay, is this going to be like one of THOSE movies?

But this was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The 3D animation was absolutely gorgeous and a real treat to watch. The story was also funny and moving, with endearing characters. There was none of that mainstream shitty music. The songs in the movie were original with the characters singing and beautiful orchestrated music. This is probably my favorite Disney movie as of now.

This movie is a twist on the story of Rapunzel but it was a really awesome improv by Disney. The story was so interesting and kept me watching throughout the entire thing. And the main characters balanced each other out extremely well. Usually either the guy or the girl takes the center stage but they were both pretty equal in that respect.

Flynn is so hot! I was like, sexy Disney character? And he's MEANING to be? wtf!! So sexay!!!! XDDDD

The horse, Maximus and the chameleon, Pascal, didn't talk at all but they had such presence!

The setting of the movie was extremely gorgeous. It makes me wish that I had a cool fresh green forest like that near my house. ^^

I won't say much more or else I'll spoil the movie. It was just amazing all around. Very well rounded and well deserving of being the 50th animated movie from Disney Studios.

I think I'll probably even buy the DVD when it comes out. The movie is THAT enjoyable to watch.

Stupid, annoying, asshole people

NOTE: I will be swearing a lot in this post so if you're offended by that kind of thing, don't read this. In any post that is labed 'rants,' there may or may not be cussing/swearing in it. You have been warned.

I don't like to write about stupid shit that's going on in my life on my blog but sometimes, it is bothering me so much that I just HAVE to write about it somewhere.

This past Thanksgiving week, I basically had to bust my ass off cooking, cleaning, and repeating that process from Monday through Thursday. To clear things up, there is the question, "Why was I the only one who had to cook?" Well, me being me, I am a pretty kind hearted person. My mom is busy with her clinicals for school and my brother is just a lazy bastard so I can't say much more there. My father and sister were out of state so it's not like they could have done anything. I stepped up to the plate the week before when my mom said that she wasn't going to cook anything for Thanksgiving and took the responsibility of cooking the entire Thanksgiving dinner for the family (excluding the chicken katsu that my brother agreed to make when I mentioned it to him).

I think I did alright on Monday. Actually, Monday was quite a nice day. Everything went as planned, shopping for the ingredients, spending some leisure time shopping for my own things like clothes, and then coming back home, giving the doggie her attention for the day, and then starting on the cooking. I made about a few dishes that day. I was going to space out the cooking so I wouldnt' be too overworked.

The next couple days were a bit more tough. I think I had been doing most of the cleaning/cooking thing on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then on Thursday, I wanted extra money so I worked that morning and then came home to make the Turkey.

This day is when the hell started, I'm pretty tired out because who knew that cooking only a few dishes would take so much time out of two days? So when I'm coming home from work, I have my December bus pass (I had gone and bought it ahead of time). It's about 5 days before this month ends and the bus driver is like, "aren't you supposed to have the gray bus pass?" I'm thinking, 'wtf?....... gray? The November bus pass is fucking green you idiot').

I said that I had the December bus pass and I had been told before that it was okay to have the next month's bus pass a few days or so ahead of time. He let me get on the bus without having to pay anything but then when I sit down, he starts to talk shit and bitch about it being 5 days and the cost of the bus is $8 and then multiply that but two and then multiply that by fucking 5 days. There was also this old bitch sitting in the front and she was talking shit with the bus driver too. It's not like I don't have a November bus pass. My brother actually had it the week before and just didn't return it to me. I had also gone on the bus before with a different driver and he was cool with the December bus pass.

I'm on the bus, thinking about how I'm gonna cook that turkey and prep it. I haven't actually cooked a turkey before. I get a call from my co-worker and I briefly tell her about my experience on the bus but I'm being nice and I talk no shit about anyone, even if they were talking shit about me and bitching about a stupid bus pass that's only 5 days early.

I can understand that they might have been all like, "oh my god, the wrong bus pass! The world is gonna end!!!" but yeah, I just brushed that off. Okay, so my brother didn't return my bus pass or maybe I should have gotten it from him. Whatever. I accepted their bitching just because I accepted that I was a bit at fault.

BUT THEN! We are getting off the bus, I'm thinking I'll just call it a truce and say thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to the bus driver for letting me get on with my bus pass, even if he was bitching about something so trivial (it's not even a week early but he and that stupid bitch were making it seem that way).
So when I'm walking off the bus, the old bitch who was sitting right in front of me, I swear she said something along these lines, "At least I had the right bus pass, hahahaha." I was thinking in my mind at that moment, "omfg, is she fucking kidding me? How can people still be going on about something so stupid. She could at least say that to my face, cowardly, ugly, BITCH, BITCH, BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And it sounded like she was saying it to make herself seem better too. I didn't say anything at that point. I just gave a slight nod to the bus driver and got off.

I thought about it and maybe she's just jealous and sad with her life so if she has the chance, she would just put down other people to make herself feel better. That's how insecure she is. The bus driver was a bit of an asshole too. He seems nice and like a typical jokester but it's like he likes to cause conflict if there's an opening for it.

So that was my morning. I hate these types of people in the world that try to make your life miserable just because their life is probably miserable. They can all just go to hell. Bitches.

After that, my day was alright but then my mom was being kind of a bitch at the end of the day, talking about how I was the dishes in the toilet or something. I dunno, maybe one of her metaphors. I'm a clean freak. Why the fuck would I wash dishes in a frikin toilet? At that moment, my brother says, "You wash the dishes in the toilet? Are you an idiot?" After being unfairly judged like that, I laid down the line and said that I wasn't going to wash dishes anymore if everyone thinks that I was them in a toilet. WTF...
So now I'm just going to wash my own dishes. Everyone is on their fucking own. They can wash their own damn dishes. I keep to my word. So people better not piss me off or fuck with me.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Games update: Final Fantasy XIII

I can't believe it but I actually got the opportunity to play FFXIII~! I don't even have a PS3 or XBox but my bro was nice enough to let me borrow his and his friend had the game so he let me borrow that. Awesome points to both of them!

I finished this game a while back, probably in June or July 2010. So sorry that I didn't make a post after that.. I guess the summer laziness got to me. xP

The game, I must say was absolutely beautiful. The graphics, story, music, and everything was truly lovely and I really enjoyed playing it. The battle mode was also very quick and ran smoothly.

A lot of people say this game is boring which, I would say is true to a certain extent. Although the story and everything about the game is gorgeous, it drags on for a long time and the plot is highly linear. When I say linear, I mean that there are no side quests and the story just plows straight ahead. There aren't that many supporting characters with backgrounds aside from the main ones so maybe that's what makes it so tiring and even boring. It's good to have tension in a story and anticipation but if the story is offering what's next so quickly without any time to create tension, that's what makes it boring.

I thought that one thing cool about this game was that the main character was a strong female lead. That in itself was pretty awesome. Go feminism! lol

Lightning is the first playable character and obviously one of the main protagonists. The creators said that she's supposed to be like the female version of Cloud from FFVII. I think they did that justice. She is a badass afterall and probably the girl-crush of tons of chicks around the world. That makes sense to me because she does have a very masculine air about her.

The story begins with people on a train in an event called "The Purge" and the people on there are being evacuated from the floating continent called Cocoon. Lightning is with this dude Sazh and he's sort of tagging along with her for his own reasons. The plot follows the points of views from each of the main characters on their journey to complete their 'focus' before they run out of time and turn into beings called 'Seith' which are monsters. I won't say any more or I'll spoil the story. Final Fantasy always likes to keep us confused and reveal things slowly.

You meet a few memorable douches along the way... Note, the guy above. He was probably the douchiest of them all. Even more than the old bastard pictured below:


In the end, it's a pretty cool game. But be prepared for a good 45+ hours to finish this bad boy. It's long as hell.

The pic right above is two of the FFXIII games. Although there is a Final Fantasy XIII, there are three versions of it (Agito isn't included in the pic). I really wanna play the one with Noctis (the silver haired dude). It looks really interesting in a more serious version of Kingdom Hearts kind of way. It's funny too because I'm soo into K-pop and stuffs so when I saw Noctis, I thought about how he resembles Eli from U Kiss in certain pics. lmao

They look really similar in these pics right? I mean, just imagine Eli with the exact same hair and same colored eyes. He'd make an awesome cosplay. xDDD

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Korean dramas (how do I still have time for these?): You're Beautiful K-Drama Review

This drama, called "You're Beautiful," is one of the most recent that I've watched through and finished. It was a little boring in the beginning but if you get through that episode or two, it gets really interesting and fun.

I think that the actors were chosen well, it seems funny to me because it has the typical archetypes of characters. Like the quiet, serious guy who never seems to get the girl, the happy-go-lucky naive guy, and the main dude who is kind of an ass yet funny and eventually gets the girl. I was a little surprised at how long it took the main guy to change his attitude though. He did have some slight character changes but it could have been more. The main girl was P-R-E-T-T-Y over-the-top naive so it made me sort of annoyed at her for the most part.

Here's the main dude. I thought this scene captured his "true" self. lmao

The story is about this nun chick who has a twin bro. He is overseas going through some kind of cosmetic surgery rehabilitation so his manager cons the girl into disguising herself as a dude so that she can join a band in her brother's place. So ya, the typical gender-bender drama. I've seen a few before like Hana Kimi but it wasn't as good as this.

Sexy beast.

It's really funny, especially with the main dude who actually has a quirk; he's a germaphobe. lol He's pretty hot in this drama. I didn't think I'd care for him with his super emo hair.

The only peeve I had with this drama is the fact that the lead girl can be so LAME! I mean, she did the stupidest things that make me think, really? Are you seriously that dumb!? It made me sad for the actress who had to play someone who had almost no common sense. I mean, I know there are the 'naive girl' AKA 'stupid girl' characters in dramas, the most notable being Ariel Lin in 'It Started with a Kiss' but she was known for being stupid from the very beginning. I actually had some respect for Park Shin Hye before she started to act like she got brain damage after moving into those guys' apartment. (-__-) Sorry if I sound harsh but she seriously got into some of the most stupid situations and she acted like she had no backbone most of the time. She did toughen up at the end but by that time, I was like, meh.

Before this drama, I was watching Cinderella's Sister and somehow, enjoying it (it's fairly dramatic and I'm usually not into that). I think I just liked how the heroine was so strong but also had weaknesses that she tries to hide. Then there' s her stepsister who is sort of like a foil to her character. Very fun to watch but I still haven't gotten to the end yet. I started watching Goong. Woot! They finally posted it up again! It's been so long but for whatever reason, the copywriters liked to attack that particular drama. I'm trying to get through it quickly just in case the vids get taken off again for god knows how long... D:
That's been stalling my finishing up with the Cinderella Sister drama. I've almost finished watching it but then I got into Goong. lol

There's actually sooo many interesting looking dramas coming out right now. It's fun going on mysoju and checking out what's new. Thankyuuu so much mysoju! Don't know what I'd do on boring nights without you!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ZOMG, Five whole months without a post?!!!

Hey, I'm back again. It's been so long and so much has happened since June.

It's crazy. To start off, I changed my major around September time.. Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaah... -___-;;
Awkward to admit now seeing my previous posts about how I was so much more enthusiastic about the whole art/media design thing.

I finally got myself into uni and yet it's so much different than what I imagined. So cliche right? It's sad, but I've learned to accept my mistakes, learn from them, and move on. It's the only way to live without drowning in regret.

I think I was doing alright in the beginning but then I get a nervous breakdown (a story for another time) and then in another class, I'm having issues with having the right program and my grades suffering just because of a program version. In the end, I drop that particular class and everything just snowballed from there.

Over this short period of time, I'm surprised at how much I learned about myself and my truest, personal values. I think that this is something that probably can't be taught and has to be learned through experience. It's a very precious thing to know one's values. I feel sad at times at how little I knew myself for these past years; but then again, I'm happy that I've found a bit more about myself this early in my life. There are probably worse cases in the world.

We're all working on film in class right now and it's so not my thing... But! I have to get through this. It will only make me stronger in the future I guess. I seriously do NOT want to think about another group project though, especially a group project working on a film.. Maybe I won't even have a chance to get a partner and then I can ask the teacher if I can work on my own. I have a group project right now for another class and although I am fortunate with having such great group members, I still prefer to work solo on these types of things. There is so much coordination involved, I wonder how directors do it.

Putting all the art stuff aside, based on my new found personal values, I've decided to get back in the medical field and work to help people in that way. I think that I might get more self satisfaction out of something like that. And it helps that I have a fairly extensive biology background in school. I also like my free time so it's nice in the sense where the work won't be "coming home with me." I've found that having deadline pressures is not the way I want to live my life.

So, that's all that's happened with school. Changed major and sticking it out for the rest of the semester. I wish myself luck towards the end because I will need all that I can get.

Friday, June 18, 2010

WA: 4th Day

Today seemed to be a rather relaxing day. I got up early because yesterday, Karyn and I found out that the ceiling in the kitchen was leaking and the plumber was going to be coming in at 10am and briefly turning off the water in the house.

We headed out to Northgate Shopping Mall because I suggested it. It's a nice, quaint mall with a lot of nice clothing stores and such. I didn't really get to explore it much because of our limited time before my dad went to work so I stopped in a Payless shoes and bought a pair of heels for $9 from their sale. The saleslady was really open and nice. ^^

Sadly, because of all my time spend looking at one of my fav things (shoes), I didn't get to check out the food court. T.T

My sis and dad were sort of waiting for a while for me to get finished I think so after buying the shoes, we left for lunch.

We had lunch at the Phoenix restaurant which is a Vietnamese restaurant and they have some mean phu. It was so good! I have to say that the taste there is even better than our beloved phu duy in our hometown.. Although there was less tofu in compared to Phu Duy's tofu phu.
Sister ordered egg rolls and those were delicious as well. She had this shish kabob thing with fatty steak and I suppose she enjoyed it. It had a nice taste but I could tell that it was so fatty.
My dad had the steak phu and so his soup was a darker brown color.

After lunch, we headed back to the house and my dad went to work. My sis and I were camera whores for a little while and then we walked to a nearby QFC and bought her ingredients to make this really cheesy dish with tater tots. To me, it seems more like a chip dip than an actual meal..
She enjoyed it though and had her heart set on making this dish for a while. I finally put that to rest. It was an enjoyable walk to the store too so we got to talk and strengthen our sisterly bond. ^^

Sis cooked the tater tot dish when we got back and we were basically just couch potatoes for the rest of the day. I really didn't feel like catching a bus again and tomorrow, dad was telling us that we might go to either and outlet mall or Port Angeles so I'm really excited.

WA: 3rd Day

So today I got up, and went to Walmart with dad because I had to get that camera returned. It took a while at customer service so I ended up just going down to the photo department myself and returning the blasted thing. The people at the Walmart customer service were trying to get someone from the photo department to come up front to customer service to check the camera and after 15 minutes, I just told them that I could go back there myself and get the deed done.

I did so and then I got a different camera, WITH, a lithion battery. It's a Sony cybershot and I hope that it doesn't let me down because it cost me a good $200.

Before dropping us off back home, we stopped by at QFC and bought some food to last us the night. I got a turkey sandwich and my sister got some flatbread, bourgin cheese, and this TV dinner thing that was mashed p0tatoes, a chicken patty, and corn. Pretty disgusting in my opinion..

Dad dropped us off back home and I sort of just hung out during that time. I believe that this was the day that me and my sister organized her clothing that was a mess in the living room and put all that shit in the closet.

Once we got that done, I cooked some rice and made salad so that I could eat that with curry and rice. Dad has this big container of beef curry in his fridge and I thought it would be a good idea to start eating that up.

For this day, my sister and I really just stayed at home, cleaned, and cooked. xP

WA: 2nd Day

The next morning, Wednesday, I woke up early so that dad could take me to Walmart to get a camera. I got this Canon camera that had around 20x zoom power and got it all locked and ready to take to Seattle.

After Walmart, dad dropped me and my sister off at the transit station and from there, we caught a bus to Seattle.

The weather was still cloudy and misty but that didn't dampen our spirits. We got to the city, intending to get off near Uwajimaya village as we found there was a lovely food court there but unfortunately, we got off much too early. I suppose we miscalculated how much further it was because we were thinking that it was a quick few blocks away. We were so wrong.

At this point, I'm guessing that we got off somewhere near the space needle as it took us a good 2 hours to walk there. This includes meandering up and down the steep hills of the city, trying to find the right avenue to take us there. -__-

The up side about all of this is that I basically saw a lot of the city such as Pikes Market and Westlake shopping center. We also saw plenty of back streets and different sides of the city other than the major tourist areas.

I got some nice shots of the city with the camera so I'll upload when I get back home. The only sucky thing about the camera is that it took AA batteries and I realized that I wanted the lithion charger. I was planning to return it the next day for a different camera (making me unable to use it in the city at that point), even though I really wanted the Canon.
But that story is for the next day...

We finally got to Uwajimaya in one piece. I had this yogurt from.... I think it was called Utopia but I don't really remember. My sister had her usual chicken and rice. x3

After eating, we both walked around the store a bit and found a nice cake roll and a few other items like manapua and chocolate so we bought those. Then we went into the Kinokuniya bookstore that's attached to the main store and looked in there for a long time at magazines and manga. It was fun.

Then we found a bus stop nearby and took that back to the transit station and another bus back home.

When we got back, we hung out and watched TV. I don't remember exactly what we ate for din din..

Then we went to bed, tired from all that walking and excitement.

WA: 1st Day

I got to Washington on Tuesday night and it was pouring rain! I had to wait at the airport for around an hour so I walked to the light rail station and got to get a good look at the sound transit system. The train looks really nice and I'm hoping that I get to ride it at least once while I'm here. Chances are that I will get to ride on that lovely train. It reminds me a little bit of the public trains in Asia.

I hope that they become more prominent in America over time. ^^

I got picked up by my dad and sister after that and we went back to his apartment. Not much time to do anything there because it was so late so I took a quick shower and went straight to bed.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Difference Between Anime and Disney

I don't know why but I feel like I have to make a post on this one. Today on the bus, I was thinking about what the big difference is between Disney and anime I came to a conclusion.

Aside from the HUGE fact that Disney characters and Anime characters look very different and the culture behind the stories have their vast contrasts, it has to do with the movements of the characters and the emphasis on space and setting.

Disney animations have beautiful paintings of settings for their backgrounds but they mostly serve JUST as a backgrounds. The settings in Disney films don't seem to move around or come alive like the characters do. They seem to mostly act as a ground for the characters and objects that the characters interact with.

The settings in anime features come to life. For example, the grass is shown moving with the wind or the rustling of the trees can be seen and heard. Maybe there might be scene that simply shows the babbling brook or stream.

If Disney animations show moving settings, it seems like the characters have to interact with it for it to be alive. In Anime, the settings can come alive on their own without the interference of the characters.

In a sense, settings in Disney animation films seem to be more dead compared to Anime films because the settings in Disney films come alive usually when a character interacts with it opposed to Anime where the settings come alive on their own and they are shown exclusively doing so with almost equal screentime with the characters. And when I say, "come alive," I mean that the settings are being animated like grass moving, trees moving, water moving, etc.

The harmonious balance between nature and characters is obvious in Anime but not so obvious in Disney. Hopefully, Disney will catch on and start to put more emphasis on the portrayal of the beauty of nature and settings as it makes the feature film so much more wonderful as a whole.

Now for character movements; this part is fairly difficult to explain because when comparing anime movements to Disney movements, the differences are that some movements are exaggerated, yet not exaggerated, simple, yet not that simple. It is full of contradictions because the way the characters move are done in rather different ways.

Animated Disney characters have very fluid movement. Therefore, it's rather realistic. Anime character's movements are not as fluid and the different positions of their movements don't have as many in-between movements. So it's like one position quickly jumps to the next with Anime.

Some Anime's do have very fluid movement but the difference with those is that the camera angles and movements are highly contrasted with Disney because the exaggerated movements in Anime characters have to do with a combination of the camera movements/angles AND the character's movements while in Disney, it's mostly the characters that are moving and not so much the camera.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can't get to sleep so I'm writing this...

So right now, I'm just awake and even though I pulled an all-nighter from yesterday, I still can't get to sleep at this time. -__-

It's funny when I think about it. Today, I went out with my mom shopping for wedding outfits. She needed a dress so I helped her out in picking one. We also looked in a few shoe stores because I insisted that I might need new dress shoes. After looking through all these shoes, I realized that I really don't need them. I find it so amusing that I have to physically go to the store and actually look through all the shoes to realize this. The way my mind works still baffles me.

I finally went out and bought new acrylic paints today so maybe now, I'll finally get started on painting. Before summer, I promised myself that I would work on art stuff this summer since I wasn't going to school. It's also to help me because I'm the type of person who feels depressed if I'm not doing anything productive and I do count artwork as something productive. Sometimes cooking and doing household chores/errands isn't enough. xP

So tomorrow, I'll be going out with mom and sis to finish off the wedding outfit mission once and for all and I don't think that'll take long. lol

That's about it for now. I cooked some spaghetti for the family and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards and I feel happy knowing that I did something to contribute. ^^

As for art stuff, I really should get my ass moving on digital paintings at the very least. The field I'm getting into is all about digital artwork and I am SOOO behind on it, it's crazy!
The sad thing is that I am so poor that I can't even afford to buy photoshop right now... enough of my bitching, I'll just have to settle for traditional media which I have no problem with. I just get a little worried because I like to be prepared and have at least somewhat of a foundation of experience.

I'm happy because I'll finally be able to read through the acrylic art book I borrowed from the library and utilize it. The book has all kinds of useful techniques and it'll be fun to experiment. ^.^

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I found my cameraa!!! lol

Guess what! Just a few days after that post about losing my camera, I actually found it! erm.. well, 'I' didn't technically. Okay, so my sister found it. She was wearing this jacket and it was in the jacket pocket. -.-;
Of course I would never have looked there.

Now I'm all happies because I can finally post the pictures for the newest updates as of now!

Okay, so first, the tulips! More of them survived and bloomed and they are so beautiful-!

Pretty, ne? ^^ The trees were also very lovely that day.

Aside from all the nature pics, I did take a few of the recent paintings that I dug out of my car. Although they are so ugly that I won't be posting them on here. x(
My bad for mentioning but not delivering.

Since I'm not posting those and I'm running out of picture ideas, I'll post pics of some of the stuffs I got from my WA trip and of course, online buys~! ^.^

First off, the WA items!

I bought a ton of magz from Kinokuniya in the Seattle Uwajimaya. There were more than just these three. Around $60 worth. >_>;; Like I said earlier, Japan books=overpriced..
A lot of them were idol magazines because they have the most fun pics, especially with cute guys. x3
I did get a couple that were food magazines. Maybe I'll post them later but I was too lazy to find them in my room and take a picture.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, I bought a couple manga. Di[e]ce is one of my favorites. The artwork and storyline is very nice and it has a good shelf life since I can look through them over and over again and it never gets old. I don't read Japanese, I just understand a few sparse phrases here and there so maybe that's a contributing factor. lol I've read the translations online. xP

Aaaaaaaand.. There's that little Rilakuma photobook (I have yet to put stuff in it) and some stationary. These are the few other things that I bought from that Kinokuniya. I blew a lot of money away in there and Daiso.

So for Daiso.. I got some scarves,... cute tissues, small containers... mostly the 100 yen type of stuff. I got this furoshiki thing but I haven't used it yet. Maybe I should tie it into a bag and leave it that way since I'm obviously slacking on the bento box thing. [I'll post pics later, maybe]

OKAY! Now for the online buys. It's not much but these things were soooooooooooooo worth it!

The Sketch Note was from Morning Glory online and the Copic Multiliner was from ebay. They are both awesomeness. I just love the sketchbook cover design. Sky themes must be my thing?
Here's a few of my sketches:

Zach Fair, FFVII Crisis Core: Kinda crappy but I'm still practicing on my realism! lol, You know how it is with art; you just have to keep working on it and eventually, it comes through. ^_^

Drawn shortly after watching Alice in Wonderland (not such a great movie though. sry....)

Sketch of Lady-kins

Some lady I made up while thinking about Final Fantasy hehe.

Dude with yatcha inspired hair. I love her manga colorings so I tried to imitate it. I'll probably experiment with other manga artists in the future but for now, I really like her straightfoward and extremely effective coloring technique.

All the colored drawings were done in colored pencil btw and Zach Fair was created with charcoal pencils. ^w~

So anyway, I did organize my closet recently. I bought this fold out hanging shelf thingy and stuck it in my closet to sort out the scarves.

I tried making a makeup brush holder too for... more effectiveness in drying brushes. Basically, I was trying to figure out how to hang them upside down. This is what I came up with so far,

lol, don't laugh. Lots of people are using this 'hanger' design. xD
Last but not least, for another online buy, this was about a couple months ago but whatever. They're Morning Glory stationary that I bought online since we don't have a store around that sells this stuff. I'm a fan of snail mail once in a while so of course I have to have nice stationary.

That's it for tonight! ^.~ 'night loves!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I lost my cameraaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

Grrr.. So annoying! Don't you hate it when you lose things but it's lost in your own home? I gotta find it because I finished school this semester (YAY! ^^) and so I have more time to do leisure things like cook, bake, art stuff, and just enjoying life!

And today, I made kimbap. It is kind of bland to my Japanese palette. I'm used to sushi. So I made a side sauce for it and I think that helps. :D

If only I had my camera, I could have taken a picture of it... -__- Dammit.

Here's what it would have looked like, just without a few of the items in the kimbap like the spinach, pickled daikon, etc..:

I borrowed this image from thewreckoning82 on photobucket. So, much thanks and credits to him/her for the picture! Sadly, it's not my kimbap T.T

The kimbap I made actually has less condiments to it. lol
I ended up not buying the pickled daikon because the pack it came in was too much and I wasn't sure if the family would even like the kimbap. I also didn't get any spinach because I waited too long and it was gone from the fridge by the time I got to making it. xP

Ugh.. I so wanna take a picture of my beautiful kimbap! >_<
Maybe next time, I'll use fresh tuna instead of the fishcake.. I'm not a fan of fishcake. bleh

I'm listening to Final Fantasy songs/music right now. I just LUV them! They're so beautiful, especially because they put so much effort into these theme songs. Not like all that mainstream crap that's been coming out.

The songs I've been hearing recently on the radio are so pointless. I'll admit, they do have a somewhat addicting tune but that's about it. The rest is just trash. The lyrics don't have much deep meaning (it's usually about sex.... wth?) and the chorus, eh.. I don't even want to go there. There's this repeating one word thing going on and I HATE it! People have to realize that this usually works for techno and trance songs, not really your basic R&B and pop.

Sorry, I love to rant sometimes.

It's so funny because although all the drama and hectic-ness before the exams is over, I still have so much to do! Seeing the counselor's applying for financial aid and whatnot. I finally applied to a university and got accepted! Woohoooo!!!

I'm not sure what else to say for now.. I'm so not in the writing mood and I'm hungry.. So now I'm going to go and eat that kimbap!

Bye lovely readers! ^.~

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lots of stuff happening!

It's been a while I know. xD
This past March, I went to Washington state on a trip and got to take some great pics there. There are a ton of monster trees and it's just crazy. o_O

Like here,

... and here,

Where I live, there aren't trees anywhere near that tall so I was pretty overwhelmed when I first visited there.
I remember going to Seattle a long time ago but I guess I never really visited any other place besides the city, lol.

I think the thing I enjoyed the most about WA aside from the lovely scenery was the Uwajimaya market and Daiso stores in the city. I'm a huge sucker for Japanese things so when I went there, I was like, *o*

The Uwajimaya market offers a ton of stuff ranging from kitchenware to books (they have a huge Kinokuniya bookstore in the market), to baked goods. And sure, the books in the Kinokuniya are very overpriced, probably double the original price but hey, what do you expect from a Japanese store?

When I looked at the parking thing, I was reminded of how hardcore Japanese people are with time limits. xP

I went into this Daiso store right across the street and they've got some nice cheap stuff. Cheaper than Uwajimaya at least! Lots of cute cups, plastic ware, makeup, bags, stationary, etc. Everything in there is about $1.50 with the exception of some stuff like scarfs which were $4. Not so bad considering I've bought scarves for $10 and up. The scarves were good quality too. :)
The only thing about that store is that all sales are FINAL so you're pretty much screwed if u get a defective item (I think).

So other than all that Washington stuff, I came back home and now I'm finishing off this semester of school. I'm doing pretty well, I just have this Illustrator II class that isn't as enjoyable as I would like. -__-
Here's the story, I emailed the teacher beforehand asking him if it was okay for me to jump into Illustrator II without taking Illustrator I (I won't get into much detail about this. It has to do with transfers). Anyway, he told me it was fine so I went into that class with NO experience with Illustrator whatsoever and well, it's not going all that great. :(
Not blaming the teacher or nothing. It's just how it is and I accept it.

Aside from that, I'm trying to get back into my 'cooking' mode so today, I made kimchi jigae for my mom and I. ^^

I think it came out quite well. But after some experience from making it a couple times, the taste really depends on what kind of kimchi you use. The version I make is the vegetarian version because I don't use any meat. Usually, pork is cooked with this jigae but I just used tofu. Either way, I consider this fairly healthy aside from the fact that it has a lot of sodium.

I also made balsamic rice to go with this; balsamic rice smells soooo good! :D

That's about it for today. It's super late so I might update this entry later. Bye!

Monday, February 15, 2010


My mom bought these tulips around the 4th of Feb and they were so prettiful! ^^
They lasted a pretty long time because even though they bloomed, the petals would close at night. It was cool. xP
The colors were also so vibrant. The pink ones are almost the exact same color as my mini ceramic/clay tulips. I'll take a pic and post it on here when I get the chance.

and semi closed! x>

This is the larger bunch. I think there were about 5-6 blossoms in this one. It was more of a reddish color.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another boring day...

I know I didn't write this when it actually happened but about a month or two ago, my dad got me a heater! ^^
It was extremely useful since it got really cold from the last couple months and so I'd use it at night. The little Suppo-chin took a liking to it. x3

She likes the fireplace too but it's broken right now so she has to take the heater. lol
I still think this pose is so funny. xD

Since I'm already on a roll with my doggie pictures, here's a couple more cute/funny poses!

She looks up...

And goes back to sleep. lolz .......... I love my dog.

I was going to upload this picture on the last post but I was too lazy. See, I did buy a $30 perfume if u didn't believe me last time. To the right is my fav lipstick so far. It's a light nude pink color from Revlon and I got it on sale for around $2. Further right is the origami star thing I finished. Thanks to Aunty Shari who got me the cute star glass bottle. On the left is the green bear thing that I bought a long time ago and it's holding the egg that my cuz Brandon got me. hehe, I'm so sentimental.

Today I was pretty bored so I took my dog for a walk and then just cooked stuff. I made somen salad, miso shiru, and rice. Wooooooooooooooooo-!!!! Asian sensation~!!! v@o@v
I *accidentally* put too much miso in the miso shiru so I had to dump some out and then add more water. It was kind of a pain in the butthole.
And when I was getting ready to chop up the lettuce for the somen salad, there was a caterpillar on the lettuce. I was sort of grossed out since I watched animal planet before and got paranoid out about finding sliced up snail in the lettuce and getting encephalitis and dying. o_O
I washed the lettuce extra good.