Friday, February 17, 2017

Absorbed in my hobbies

Baby kale sprouts
As my job hunt continues, I need things to focus on to keep from despairing. That sounds depressing.. But it's so true. It's not easy to find a job these days.

I started gardening and the first plants I tried were kale seeds. My mom had them and intended to grow kale last year but never got to it. I beat her to the punch and planted these little guys. And they grew! I'm really happy because I always thought of myself as a plant killer. Hopefully by doing my research, I'll have good results with the kale.

I also planted some flower seeds: morning glories, forget-me-nots, bachelor's buttons, and oriental poppies. I'm a bit worried about the poppies. Some describe them to be like a weed although I guess they're picky? There were some reviews talking about how poppies can be difficult to grow in pots. Other reviews say they're easy to grow. We'll see.

My other favorite hobby is cooking and baking. I made cream stew again last week. It turned out very good! I'm glad that anime recipe is still working well.

A few days later, I used my vegan chocolate cake recipe to make some chocolate muffins. I saw someone on a youtube video eating one and it looked so delicious! I had to make some myself. The ones I buy at the store are a bit too sweet for my liking.

I've been eating out more often (with the fam). I took some food pics. Yeah, I'm one of those Asian girls that likes to take pictures of food I eat when I'm out. :P  I also baked chocolate cookies (I bake these a lot) but since it's so common, I didn't take a pretty picture. Maybe next time!

Kale pizza from a 'natural food' restaurant. The pizza had good flavor but the crust was somewhat wet...

The restaurant had these long tables and running across it was a cute succulent display. It was fake though. :(

We went to that same restaurant on a different day with my mom's friend and I got a half basil chicken sandwich. I'm glad I got the half. This was perfect for me!The bread was slightly too toasted but it was still yummy.

I went with my mom and sister to a local Vietnamese restaurant. I had the beef pho and it was delicious as usual. The vegetables they provide are always very fresh and the food is served piping hot.

The new server there is super nice and accommodating. He's probably the best waiter I've ever had at a Vietnamese restaurant. I speculate he might be new to English (not sure, just a guess!) but it doesn't interfere with his work. I really respect him for his diligence. My sister kinda stopped drinking her water after a while though because he has this thing where if our water goes down maybe an inch, he would stop by to refill it right away! lol It gets a little awkward since we're not used to being doted on so much by our server.

Sorry, not a pretty picture. I was too impatient.
This is the bibimbap I had last night. Just one day after having pho, my dad wanted to go out to eat (he was kind of stressed/mad at my grandma) so I went with him. We chose a K-BBQ restaurant because I mentioned before that I wanted bibimbap. I'm sad to say that our experience there with our servers was the polar opposite of what I got from the Vietnamese restaurant. If you want to read my rant about that place, you can find it here or just read the post prior to this one. ;)

Right now, we're dog sitting again. I'm really happy; I love dogs and the two little guys are super cute!

This one is super soft. Softer than the softest plush doll.. x3 He likes to spend time in my brother's room so unfortunately, I don't see him as often as I would like.

My mom and I do the most work in taking care of the dogs. She usually feeds them breakfast and I feed them lunch/snacks/dinner. I probably take them for more walks too, just because... you know, my unemployed bum status. 

I took Scruffs for a walk before the two dogs came over. I think he was happy. It was a nice day for a walk and I finally took him on the trail he wanted to see.

The weather has been so beautiful and warm these days. I'm actually missing my cozy snowy weather. It's strange that I haven't seen it at all this February.

Our shitty service at the Korean restaurant

This happened yesterday when my dad and I went to get dinner at a Korean BBQ restaurant.

When we first arrived, everything was still sunshine and rainbows. We were finally going to get some Korean food~! There weren't many people there, maybe two tables besides us and we were greeted and seated. After a little while, this waitress comes by. Unsmiling, she takes our order in a just-get-it-done fashion. I'm not particularly peeved by this so things are still 'okay'. She brings over the banchan (side dishes) and sort of plops them on the table, making a small thud with each dish. I noticed other tables were treated in a similar manner with different waiters. I don't like it when servers set dishes on the table and let them clunk loudly, ESPECIALLY with lightweight dishes like banchan. I mean, really? I honestly think it just gives an impression of the server being angry. We got our food pretty damn quick. I ordered a bibimbap and my dad got the sushi. I weakly tried to steer him toward getting a Korean dish instead since it was a Korean BBQ restaurant but he insisted on sushi and a beer.

The bibimbap was okay. Nothing spectacular. It's not a hot dish so I won't deduct points for that but the taste wasn't anything amazing. I don't think it was worth the $10. My dad's sushi on the other hand, was pretty terrible. The rice was on the verge of getting hard and on top of that, it was cold! I don't expect sushi to be hot but I expect it to be room temperature and made with fresh rice. The sushi we got felt like it was made from day old rice and was sitting in the fridge for a few minutes prior to reaching our table. Not worth the price!!! >:(  My dad asked that waitress if he could get his beer and she was like, "Oh. Okay." and left without ever returning. He had to ask another waiter for his beer. We finish our food and we're waiting around. My dad asks the waitress if they got our takeout order of bulgogi (for my brother) and she was like, "Oh... No." and just walks back toward the kitchen.       



I think my dad stopped her again since she never, EVER asked if we needed anything and asked her for a box for the shitty sushi. Of course, she says "Okay." and never returns again. So again, same story. Dad asks a different waiter for a takeout box and he brings it to him promptly.

We finally get to leave and of course, no one notices us leaving/they don't give a shit so we just walk out of there. Not that I expected a "bye, thank you!"

I mentioned all of this to my dad after we left. I asked if he even bothered tipping. My dad must be really nice because he left 15%. He had to ask for someone else for help 3 times! When I think back on it, maybe he shouldn't have tipped at all. But we weren't sure who our assigned waiter was (if we ever had one) so we didn't want to burn some innocent waiter if it was a shared tip; the people he asked did get his things right away after all.

I think that restaurant seriously needs to work on their customer service or just get rid of that shitty waitress. I read some reviews on the restaurant; other people have complained about that same waitress and the staff in general! They won't be able to rely on their monopoly status of being the only Korean BBQ restaurant in the area for long.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Job hunting *Siiiiiiiiiigh...*

A cake mom got for me ^^
It's been about a month and I'm super happy to say that I passed that NCLEX exam!! ***\(^ o ^)/***

Flowers from my sister.. (>w<)
Once celebrations were over, reality soon kicked in and now I'm doing what most sane people hate doing..... Job hunting. Bleh

I was so stressed about everything that happened: pressure to pass the NCLEX, the job hunt, anticipating buying a new place, hoping I won't be an unemployed sack of potatoes for too long withering away until not even my reputation can save me... All this stress seemed to implode within me and I ended up having what's called a stress rash. I admit, it kind of sucked although I won't complain much since I'm sure worse things could happen; I should be grateful that it was only an itchy rash on my torso and arms. Somehow, my face was spared. (o_O)

Now it's been about half a month since I passed NCLEX and my stress rash seems to be going away. I started to drink some peppermint tea a few days ago and that's when the symptoms of my rash began to disappear! I was no longer so itchy and I could see the rash fading. I don't know if this is coincidence or not but it's good to note this little detail.

I'm trying hard not to get too stressed right now because I want that rash to disappear for good! I'm working on finding the most efficient way to job hunt. I try to be somewhat selective because I want to avoid the nightmare of accepting a job that I despise working at. (Note: this has happened to me before).

Our nursing program required us to complete a portfolio in our last semester and I'm really glad they did. My portfolio helps me to focus on improving my resume and cover letter. It also helps me to prepare for a potential interview.

Right now, I have a sort of schedule of when I apply for jobs. I don't do it every day because if I do, the quality of my applications seem to decrease and I begin to dread applying for jobs. So I take weekends as my 'free' days. I also don't let myself apply for jobs that I know I will hate. I stay away from the jobs with bonus incentives; I always get really suspicious of these kinds of job posts. I think to myself, "what's the catch?"

Besides job hunting, I've been focusing more on just helping around the house since I'm unemployed. I do chores like washing dishes, vacuuming, taking care of Scruff, cooking, etc. I know, I'm basically a housewife. But hey, there's no shame in that! I also help more with my grandma. Today I took her to the store and helped her choose some reading glasses. Since my stress rash, I've been trying to get more in touch with nature and my spiritual side. I started gardening with planting some kale seeds. I plan to plant some morning glories and grow some herbs indoors. I think it's been helping me. I'm going to put more effort into spending less time on youtube and playing FFXV and more time with productive tasks. These tasks include:
  • Housework
  • Cooking / Baking
  • Paying attention to Scruff
  • Helping grandma
  • Reading (ideally self enrichment books)
  • Applying for jobs
  • Preparing for interview
  • Doing practice questions to maintain nursing knowledge (I know, I'm sick for doing this again)
  • Gardening
  • Blogging ;)