Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Anime Food!: Ramen & Curry Rice

Woooo hooooooooooo, my first 'official' Anime food attempt~!!!!image

I'm super obsessed with anime food because it looks so damn delicious in every anime I watch and it makes me really, really hungry-!  So I decided to re-create these dishes.

I've tried doing this in the past and many times, failing at making it look just as delicious...  But!  I'm stepping up my game now so I hope you guys enjoy this series of blogs I'm starting.  Maybe it will get you all inspired to re-create your own anime food!


My first dish that I decided to make is the famous ramen!  I'm sure you all have drooled over this dish in an anime at some point.  I swear, ramen must show up in every other anime.

Okay, I know this isn't an 'exact' replica but I'll try harder in the future!  I was rushing on this one and it literally took me only 5 minutes to whip up! ( > ~ <)

I really don't like ham (sorry to all you hammie lovers) so I decided to substitute it with kamaboko (fish cake) instead.

This is a super easy dish to create.


- 1/2 boiled egg
- Ichiban traditional ramen
- Kamaboko
- Green onions

Boil the noodles as you would with any ramen packet and plop in the rest of the ingredients at the end.
Thanks to mom for the awesome ramen bowl!!! image Btw, a good ramen bowl makes ALL the difference!

Onto the next dish!  This one is also common and it is the tasty curry rice!

This one took a bit longer to create and I know it's far from perfection.  Let me tell you why.

I'd like to point out that I made a lame mistake that I haven't realized for years!  The curry dish that I always thought was curry in anime was probably hayashi rice!!!!!  image  Yeah, I was super shocked.  All this time, I've been desperately trying to recreate this dish by using curry.  fml...  ORZ

So to all you anime food lovers who think that this more liquidy stew thing is curry, *bzzzzzt!* *bzzzzzzzt!!  Stop right there because that's probably hayashi rice!  There's actually a different type of boxed cube seasoning for it called hayashi instead of curry.

What's the difference you ask?  Well, curry is much, much, MUCH thicker in consistency as you can see by the picture while the hayashi mix is way more liquidy.


- Golden Curry or hayashi rice boxed mix
- Water
- Carrots
- Potatoes
- Onion
- Peas
- Celery
- Vegetable oil
- Beef (sliced into cubes)
- Pepper

Simply follow the instructions on the box and you're all set to go.

Even though I'm disappointed in the consistency of the curry, I'm still proud of a little fact with the potatoes.  I carefully shaped them into the spherical shapes you see in the picture (above) to more closely resemble its anime counterpart.  image It's what I do for love.  xD

Anyway, it could be curry rice or it could be hayashi rice.  YOU decide.  I suppose it would depend on if you want a thicker stew kind of consistency or a more liquidy consistency as so commonly portrayed in anime.

Hope you all enjoyed this new series of blog posts!  I'll definitely be creating more Anime Food posts in the future.  It's really fun and I feel it also shows how anime can inspire a person to get creative-! ( ^ o ^)

Anime pictures from Animu Food 

Monday, July 29, 2013

My day of grocery shopping

Today started off cloudy and drizzly.  It was nice because I love cool weather.  ^^  I decided to test out my new circle lenses too and they actually were pretty comfortable for the whole day!  I put them on around 1:00 this afternoon and I still have them on right now!  At first I didn't think I could keep them on for more than 4 hours..  Anyway, I don't recommend anyone wearing these babies over 5 hours but yea, I wanted to see how long they could stay on my eyes comfortably.  Alas, a topic for a different post.

I decided to do some grocery shopping today because I wanted to re-create some anime dishes that I drooled over the night previously.  xD  I promise I'll post about it later!  I think it would be better suited for another topic.

The places I went to were Super Target, the local farmers market, and the local Asian food market.

Being the savvy shopper I am (lol), I decided to go to the farthest market first: the Asian food market, because I was planning on buying eggs at the farmer's market and didn't want them to spoil.  I found a lot of cool stuff from there that I didn't know they had such as fried tofu and various udon noodles (I bought a packet btw).  Unfortunately, I failed to find the sakura denbu I so desperately sought after.    (T ^T)
I ended up buying:
- Nori sheets x2
- Udon noodle packet x1
- Ichiban ramen x6 (I gotta stash!)
- Pocky (always gotta get one of these)
- Green tea x3
- Panko (dried bread crumbs for deep frying) x2
- Kamaboko (fish cake)
- Frozen steamed cabbage buns
- Steamed rice in a leaf thing (for the father)

After that I stopped by Super Target and the farmer's market and got the rest of my ingredients which consisted of mostly vegetables and some body washes.  I needed a new mascara so I ended up getting the Rimmel ScandalEyes Mascara and another vanity item, Rimmel's Glam Eyes Quad Shadow in 002 Smokey Brun.  I couldn't resist as the colors were too tempting.

 Aren't these colors pretty?  It makes me want to create different looks with it and post them on this blog.   ( ^ . ^ )

I ended up buying about $110 worth of items.  Not too much damage seeing as I haven't gone grocery shopping once this month.  My estimate of how much I would spend was also really close!  Usually when I shop, I try not nitpick too much on the prices, as long as they aren't astronomically expensive.  I do try to get the cheaper option though.  xD

Sorry if this post was boring, just grocery shopping.  For some reason, it was a fun task and made me feel productive, lol.

I'll be posting another topic later on the foods I made today.  I created two dishes out of the ingredients I bought, not bad for a day of shopping!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I dyed my hurr!: Kao Liese Bubble Hair Color, Milk Tea Brown

Don't make fun of my fingers, I already know they're short and fat! lol

My hair is really stubborn.  No matter what hair dye I use to lighten it, the results are almost always the same.  Even when my hair is already lightened, it somehow still manages to retain that same coppery brown color... image

In this case, I seemed to have gotten the 'generic' result for "Dark color hair..."

I dyed my virgin Asian black/dark brown hair and here are the results:

 Window lighting. (Somehow this always alters the color)

 Indirect daylight lighting

 Bathroom lighting

Box color to actual hair comparison in low light.  Seems like it was right after all.  xP

On an everyday basis, my hair color looks like a cross between window lighting and indirect daylight lighting.

I was honestly freaked out at first because my hair initially looked like it was slightly bleached orange.  But after a few days, it darkened down to what is is now.  I know, weird.

Overall, the milk tea brown isn't a bad color if you have black/dark brown hair and want just a subtle change.  I also LOVE the foam application!  My hair is about shoulder length and one box was sufficient for me to color all my hair.  It was also a very neat application with hardly any mess and it was super easy for me to get to all my hair.  Usually this is more of an issue with pasty hair dyes.

I'll probably stick with this color for a while.  It's actually not bad and I'm really curious to see if it lightens my hair more when I have to re-touch my roots and eventually color my hair again.

While I'm still on the topic of hair products, I recently went to Sally's to get more hair dye to neutralize the coppery red color (as I was initially super disappointed with it).  I tried this blonde ash color recommended by one of the ladies there with a strand test and it took out the copper but darkened my hair as well.image

I'm still debating whether I should go back to them to try a lighter color (they said I could go back if I did a strand test and didn't like the color)..  It seems like such a pain to have to change it while I have another hair color already on my hair.  I mean, what will I do when I have to do my roots?  D:

I also bought an ombre packet.  I did another strand test and after sitting around like an idiot wondering why the magic powder didn't work, I realized I should try heating it.  So I heated the hair (in the foil) with a blowdryer and the color changed immediately!

 Isn't that awesome?  Just imagine how much lighter it would had been if I heated it right away!

And if anyone doesn't know what an ombre is, it's basically a gradient of color going lightest from the tips of the hair and darker towards the top of the head.  I noticed this new trend that came out this summer but I dunno, it could be just me who's outdated and this phenomena happened a while ago...

The ombre gives a lot of dimension to the hair and what's cool is that you can bleach your hair without the chemicals damaging your scalp!

Exhibit A: basic ombre

And ombre can be used with pretty much any color.  Popular colors besides the straight bleach would be red, blue, and purple.

I'm still unsure of if I wanna do this or not but I'm leaning towards doing it.  It looks super cute, especially with curls.  And once I grow my hair out, I'll be able to achieve the look.  x)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Anime crushes!

Have any of you anime watchers ever have an anime crush?  C'mon, don't lie... I know you do! xD

Just a warning, this is gonna be a total otaku fangirl-ish post so if that's not your cup of tea, the red 'x' button is on the top right corner (top left if you're a Mac user).

There's a lot of anime guys I admire but not necessarily swoon over.  So to clarify, these are the anime guys that I find hot, more or less.  Sorry if this is super nerdy and crazy but that's how I felt about these dudes when I first saw them and still kinda do today. (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

The first guy is really special because I was this young girl watching her first anime series ever and I have never obsessed over an anime character as much as I obsessed over him.  Just picture this, here's this little teen girl who, instead of fawning over the latest boy band, is instead is obsessing over an anime guy.  xD












So this special honor goes to Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing!


Holy sh*t! I was super obsessed with this guy.  And I know I'm throwing around the word 'obsessed' a lot but in this case, I really was.

The first time I watched Gundam Wing was once upon a time when a show called Toonami existed on Cartoon Network.

I thought he was so cool and idk, seems like in that time period, there were a lot of popular silent/cool anime guys.

I think I liked Heero so much because he was so badass.  He seemed serious and cold on the outside but on the inside, he was a decent guy who had morals and knew what he was doing was f*cked up.  That's probably why he was so willing to kill himself all the damn time. 


Who doesn't like Inuyasha?  He's a typical tsundere that's just so cute.  He can also be really cool when he's serious.

Not only that, but he looks super hot.  I mean, long silky white hair, liquid golden eyes, fluffy white ears?  I'm not surprised there's so many doujinshi about him.


Ren has this special charisma that makes him so irresistible.  He has many aspects to his personality and even after 200 chapters, he still retains a mystery about him. There aren't that many male shoujo manga characters that I anticipate reading in manga as much as him.

I feel like he stands out among shoujo male protagonists because of his deep personality that isn't fully understood and we're always wondering what he'll do next.  I find it funny that the mangaka makes him ridiculously tall..  It doesn't seem necessary considering how sexy he is already with that personality.


Where to begin...  One could call Tidus my Final Fantasy gateway drug.  xD  The first time I saw Tidus, I didn't think I have ever seen a more realistically beautiful character in a game, ever.

Before him, the majority of characters I had been exposed to were all the silent emo types.  So his optimism and happy personality was a refreshing change; it also helped that he was cute as hell.


Here's a character that I like for slightly more shallow reasons.  xP  I mean, he's super handsome!  Has anyone else noticed?  Total hottie! 

Noel is my dream come true of a realistic-looking Sora with a more serious personality.  He's also my ideal guy, being chivalrous, kind, and mature.

(I just noticed that for Final Fantasy characters, I seem to prefer the melee/warrior types. lmao)

Omg, just let me marry his voice. lol  If there's any ultimate masculine character out there, it's Roy Mustang.  He's so suave and handsome.  I also find him funny when he gets teased by other characters and loses his cool. 

And has anyone else seen him pissed?

 Sexy level increased by 9000000000000000000000000000!!!

That's about all I can think of.  Only these characters can make my inner otaku fan-girl scream.

Who are your anime crushes? :3

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Quickie update: Pending blogs

Hi guys!  Sorry I haven't dropped in for so long.  I've been somewhat busy with work and just getting over my day of corporate slavery (sorry for the previous long emo rant btw, lol).

Nothing new going on yet.  I've been downloading a lot of new anime series to go through so look forward to some reviews!  I'm currently re-watching FMA Brotherhood just because it's so amazing no matter how many times I watch it.

Today was okay.  I switched shifts with a coworker yesterday so I could get a longer shift today (yay me for assertiveness!).  It was quite unexpected but I needed more hours anyway.  Speaking of work, omg, I've still been applying online and nothing has come up yet...  Why???!!!!!  xP

We had a large shipment of products today so I was unpacking a lot of jewelry/accessory items.  It's pretty fun at first but after a while, you start to wonder why the people doing the packing don't just put everything in one big bag and make it simpler for everyone else.  D:  So after unpacking all that cr*p, I started to realize that I really do like accessories and I'm thinking that I would really like to expand my jewelry collection.  I don't have much jewelry to begin with and I've started to see the light and how accessories can really make the outfit.  Of course, as cute as our jewelry is, I'll probably purchase mine from a different vendor because of my solemn oath not to shop where I work.

My sister was nice today and bought a candy apple for mom.  We all shared it and it was super delicious!  I believe it tasted better because we shared it.  ^^

Last week we bought strawberry mochi ice cream from a local Asian market and this time it was perfect!  (Last time we bought it, it turned out sort of stale and nasty.)  But this time we got it right!

So delicious!  The mochi part was super chewy and the ice cream was perfect!

So far I've had two training days of office assistant volunteer work and that's been fun.  There's a lot of cool people volunteering at the hospital and I hope to meet more of them.  The weather hasn't been helping lately because it's so freaking hot every time I have to drive home.......  First world problems, lol.

Because of my procrastination issues, I have a list of possible blog post ideas.  Hopefully I can get to them all since they're things I really want to talk about.

- A youtube trend POSTED
- Summer fashion 2013 POSTED
- Anime crushes (super otaku but whatevs, lmao) POSTED 
- Relative I have issues relating to
- British TV show review
- Several anime reviews
- American TV show brief review POSTED
- Anime Food! POSTED 

Hope you all are enjoying the summer heat while it lasts!  Tomorrow I might go out shopping, who knows...  XD

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Corporate slave

Here I am in my cozy room sipping some fruit punch soda (it's really refreshing btw ^^).  It's still drizzling outside.  I guess monsoon season has officially started because I've noticed the steady increase in rainfall.  Not that I'm complaining.  ;)  I really love the rain. 

It's like all of the crap from earlier never happened.  As I left from work, the weather mocked me with its cool, steady drops of rain and the sun giving its last farewell for the day, peaking through the clouds.  I even saw a double rainbow!

Today, I was literally the definition of a corporate slave.  Below is Urban Dictionary's definition:

"1. corporate slave  

The people who make the business world go round and round, without them executives might actually have to do something besides make rules to make it more difficult for the slaves under them to do their job. Corporate slaves are easily identifiable by the vacant look in their eyes as they are always overworked, underpaid and underappreciated." Urban Dictionary

I currently work part-time (baito) at a department store and in all honesty, it usually isn't that bad.  It  just happened to be 100 times worse today than it normally is because it was a sale day and that means lots of people with lots of messes.  With that said, it's days like today that make me realize my position and how I'm actually a corporate slave, no matter how much managers like to sugar-coat it.

Firstly, I will mention that with it being a department store, not every associate is equal.  It's insanely unfair.  There can be two associates in the store, both get paid the same rate, and yet one has to work their ass off all day, barely keeping their head above water, while the other can be loafing around, and chatting with other associates by mere virtue of which department they're scheduled in.

Secondly, I work in an unfortunate department where there's a ton of clothing and that means it can easily turn into a vicious cycle.  What I'm trying to say is there can be so many piles of clothing to put away and yet we get absolutely nowhere with it because more clothes will always be piling up faster than we could ever hope to put away.

Thirdly, I don't know why the f*ck the corporation does nothing about this, but there are NO fitting room attendants to control the flow of clothing in and out of fitting rooms.  This means that even though there's a pitiful joke of a sign saying "only 6 garments per customer," people will still take as many pieces of clothing as they please into fitting rooms and frequently leave piles upon piles of clothing to be hung back on hangers.  This takes even more time away from actually putting the clothes away.

I have a sales goal but I felt like I spent every precious minute of my time putting away go-backs (aka, clothes).  If I didn't spend time putting stuff away, it would pile up and create a living hell for the next person who comes to work.  I'm a decent person so I sucked it up and did my slave work.

It was a sad day and I literally felt like a slave the entire time.  There's nothing worse than working your ass off and getting nowhere with it.  It's completely self-defeating.  I would put away so many go-backs only to find more messy fitting rooms and more messy clearance racks and more messy EVERYTHING waiting for me after are mere half hour.  I put away one piece of clothing, I get 20 more...

And not only was I being ridiculously overworked, but the fact of me feeling like a slave made me really hate myself...  Like, why in the world do I put myself through this sh*t?  Idk how exactly to explain it but it's like the feeling of when you don't like/are ashamed of who you are, and then you start to think that everyone is against you.  It's a really sh*tty place to be in.

I was also getting the feeling that the managers working today were turning up their noses and wouldn't even look at us in our pitiful situation.  Sort of like they saw us as this ugly issue that they decided to overlook because they couldn't face it.  When we needed the most help, they turned a blind eye.  It's like they pretended that we didn't exist.  I feel this way because I would see managers walking through our department but not once did they evaluate the situation or even give some advice as to how we could improve it.  We had no direction given to us.  We were on our own.

A good example is when one of my coworkers and I decided to get a large Z-rack to organize some clothing on and just help us so we wouldn't be piling a five foot tower of clothing on the customer service counter.  All the available clothing racks were full and customers were piling clothes in the doorway of the fitting room.  It was disgusting and ridiculous but I couldn't really blame them because there was no available rack to put them on.

One of our managers comes around and gives the heat to my coworker (as I was at lunch), telling her that she has to get all those clothes on the Z-rack put away and has to get the Z-rack back on the docks.  I can understand that she's mad because we can't have Z-racks out (which is ridiculous btw) but my MAIN issue is that she not once offered advice on 'what' to do with the excess go-backs.  What the f*ck do they expect us to do with all that extra clothing?!!  All the racks were filled.  Did she want us to throw them on the floor?

It's days like this where I wish I could just quit this job I got myself into.  I'm wishing internally that I had accepted another job offer (in the beginning) at a different store that doesn't have.... you guessed it!  Clothes. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

I really don't want to be working at this place another holiday season where we have days that are locked and we're required to work them.  I usually give away my shifts in my designated hell of an area and pick up shifts in different departments that are 100x easier than my own.

I would suggest to anyone that if you're ever considering working in a clothing store, PLEASE, PLEEEASE, PLEEEEEEEEEEASE rethink your options!  Applying to clothing stores is just asking for retail hell, fitting room attendant or not.

I've been trying so hard to find another job too but all my efforts don't seem to be yielding any results.  I wonder if applying for jobs online isn't effective.  I always question myself about that yet most of the jobs I've gotten were from applying online...

Maybe someday I'll look back on that moment while I was sitting in my sauna of a car on break, desperately calling a number from a job posting for an interview, only to meet with disappointment after the hiring agent tells me that the position was filled, and think to myself, "it wasn't meant to be" as I've gotten an even better job offer.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Liebster nomination!

Helloooou!  I recently got, tagged? by Nyanette for the Liebster Award nomination!

So, I don't know many bloggers and I'm too lazy to make up good questions, forgive me! Dx
With that said, I won't be tagging/nominating anyone.

But I'll be more than happy to answer the questions! (^__^)

1. Who is your style icon/hero (if you have one)?

My favorite hero has to be Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II.

He's been through so much cr*p, being called a nobody (how sh*tty is that?) and that his only purpose is to help recover the memories of a guy he's never even met.  He was also born into the world with no idea of who he was and when he finally found a place where he thought he belonged, had to find out that he joined some weird cult and also lost a great friend.

To put the icing on the cake, at the very end of his journey, he found out that he would eventually have to (in a way) end his life to complete Sora's memories.  He was in this situation where he was living in someone else's (Sora's) shadow all his life and yet he turned it around and somehow realized his own unique personality and qualities.  That is true awesomeness.

His story was just so sad and yet he persevered to the end.  He really is admirable. 

2.What are you 3 favourite things to do?

- Spending time with my two fur babies.
- Watching TV shows and movies/video games
- Anything creative: drawing, putting outfits together, cooking, blogging, etc.

3. Who would play you in the movie of your life?

I guess Moon Geun Young?  lol, I'm just saying mostly because she looks similar enough to me to play that role.  Not trying to be conceited here I promise!  Moon Geun Young is so beautiful and I'm not nearly as pretty as she is. xD  I'm also not Korean nor do I speak Korean but I love their culture!

I also feel like her personality (at least in the dramas I watched) is fairly similar to how I would act like how she's sometimes cute/ditzy and then other times she can be really serious.  I feel like I'm like a two sided-coin in that respect as well.

 4. If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, which one would you wear?

I would wear a really pretty/casual flowy dress, a matching necklace/accessories, a light long sleeved cardigan, and some nice dress shoes.

 <  .   .   .  Something like this perhaps?

                    With these shoes...

5. What would be the theme song to your life?

Omg, such a hard question!!!  Ummm...  I guess I'll choose three songs by Owl City because I love his happy sounding songs.  For the first part of my life during childhood, it would be Fireflies, then during my first life breakdown in college, Cave In, and the last part, Alligator Sky.

I feel like Fireflies is a song full of wonder and promise, much like how a child thinks with endless imagination so that would be my childhood as I liked to daydream and wonder about the world.

With Cave In, I believe it's about a person trying to achieve their life goals and dreams.  They try to keep themselves together under the pressure, falling down in the middle yet getting back up and continuing on with their life with renewed goals in the end..  Story of my life, lol.

Then the last song, Alligator Sky is a very optimistic song about just..., life!  I think it teaches us to treat life as an adventure and to have fun with it.  I love the positive vibe it has and I guess you could say that it's how I strongly aspire to live my life.

6. If you could be any animal for the day, which one would it be?

I would be a hawk so I could fly high in the sky!

7. What is your favourite song by your favourite band?

I don't have a favorite song because I like too many!  xD  I also get tired of many...  I'll give a few of my favorite bands and they are SID, Fall Out Boy, and Owl City.

8. If you could have any superpower what would you have and why?

I would want to be able to teleport to any time and place in the universe, being able to see my destination before I teleport and being able to take someone with me.  Can you tell I've thought this out? lol

9. What is your favorite sandwich filling?

Two of the more unhealthy things: egg salad or tuna salad... ( - w - )

10. What is your favorite fashion brand?

I don't have a brand I stick to.  However, it seems like the majority of my clothing hails from Forever21.

11. What is the worst film you've ever read?

I'm guessing this is talking about a movie?  Because, in my life, I  haven't ever read a bad book because if a book was bad, I would have never gotten past the first chapter.

As for movies, M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender takes the cake.  It was literally the worst film I've ever laid my eyes on and I couldn't even get past the first few scenes without cringing.  I ended up not watching the full film and instead watched highly disappointed reviewers' videos.

He literally made the worst movie in the history of all time and took a sh*t on an awesome series.  D:

Whew!  This was fun! :D  Thanks Nyanette for the nomination!  Check out her blog at:

Monday, July 8, 2013

I LOVE thrift stores!!!

Hello again~!  I procrastinated on this blog for about a week so when I talk about it, just keep in mind that this happened about a week ago.  ;)

*Flashback to one week ago...*

Today was pretty hot but I braved the weather and drove out anyway in my car without AC. XD
It was somewhat torturous because I got lost and drove around in circles for almost an hour trying to find the damn place. lol

The reason I wanted to go out today is because I was in dire need of a new black cardigan for work.  I didn't want to go spending the average $10 for a cardigan though so instead of going to the mall, I thought, "Hey!  Why not go to a thift store?"

So off I drove.  First I dropped off my sister and I decided to take her all the way to her workplace because I 'thought' it would be on the way to the nearest Goodwill.  I was wrong hence me driving in circles.  Dx

But I finally made it there after my memory decided to kick in and I was determined to find something.  I eventually found a nice pair of jeans shorts and a casual black collared top with short sleeves.  I was thinking about getting another pair of shorts but quickly changed my mind after seeing faded 'mystery' stains on the bottom. lmao

After Goodwill, I drove down the road and luckily there was another thrift store there with tons of goodies waiting to be discovered.

I found at least $38 worth of stuff from there and this was for 10 items!  It was an amazing find because I found so many things that I failed to find in stores like Ross or anything else in the mall.  There were actually items that I really needed for work such as the black cardigan and some dark blouses.  I also found beige colored cardigans because I can never have enough of those. xP  There was also this super cute red flower print black skirt that I thought would look great with a black tank and some accessories.

My thrift store haul.  

I only screwed up on one of the pieces (the black polka dotted blouse) that had a hole on the front but it's not that noticeable. 

Now that I've tasted the cheapness of thrift store clothing, I may not be able to turn back!  Well, at least for simple clothing such as cardigans, tanks, shorts, etc.  I found that I couldn't find any good dresses (probably due to the fact that I'm short and below average height...).  Although there really weren't any dresses I was interested in.

It seems like thrift stores have a ton of those simple clothing items in supply that you can buy for a much cheaper price than most mall store clearance; I calculated and with how much I spent, it was only an average of about $4 per item!  I'm sure I could get an even better deal if I watched the prices more because there was this cool electronic sign that said certain colored tags would be within a range of 75% off to 25% off, depending on the day.

From this experience, it's opened my eyes to how awesome thrift stores can be and that it's not only good to your wallet, but also good for the environment where we can re-use items instead of adding to the landfills.  

It's really hot in my room right now so I'm not inclined to putting outfits together with this haul..  Sorry guys!  Maybe next time.  If I do, I'll be sure to upload them to this post! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Life lessons

I went on a refreshing walk this evening and it made me think about things I've learned throughout my life.  I was so happy that it was breezy because it kept the evil mosquitoes at bay.  Unfortunately I didn't get to see the stars but I did see some beautiful silhouettes of clouds..

1. If you want something done, don't expect people to come to you.  You have to go to to them.

2. You can influence people but you can't control their actions, values, or beliefs.

3. Complaining won't get you anywhere.  It's better to think of solutions to your problems.

4. What matters isn't what other people think of you; only you know your true self and no one can take that away from you.

5. You have the power to become who you want to be, you just have to be willing to put in the effort.