Tuesday, December 30, 2008

An Cafe Spam!!!

Shounen-Ai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (  "> V <" )




I've been meaning to make some kind of official log of my ratings on all the dramas I've seen (at least, by what I remember...).  I'm updating this as often as I can, the most recent dramas I'm watching are at the top of each genre.
Hope someone finds this drama guide helpful. 

NOTE: If I haven't rated the drama, it's probably because I haven't finished watching it.

I'll try to keep this updated.

-Kill Me, Heal Me [.../10]
-Mask [.../10]
-Healer [9/10]
-Yong Pal [.../10]
-Oh my Ghost [8/10]
-The Heirs [.../10]
-The Innocent Man [10/10]
-49 Days [10/10]   
-Cheongdamdong Alice [8/10]
-Heartstrings [6/10]
-Flower Boy Next Door [8/10]
-Panda and Hedgehog [7/10]
-City Hunter [8/10]
-Big [7/10]
-Ojakgyo Brothers [10/10]
-Rooftop Prince [10/10]
-Mischievous Kiss [7.5/10] 
-Lie to Me [9/10]
-Witch Yoo Hee [10/10]
-Winter Sonata [9/10]
-Bad Couple [8/10]
-Oh! My Lady [9/10]
-Goong [10/10]
-Full House [10/10]

-The Naked Kitchen [8/10]
-Antique [9/10]
-...ing [9/10]
-You're my Pet [10/10]


-Hungry! [10/10]
-Zettai Kareshi [6.5/10]
-Kimi wa Petto [7.5/10]
-Gokusen [8/10]
-Hana Yori Dango [8/10]


-Great Teacher Onizuka



-Skip Beat! [8/10]
-Devil Beside You [8.5/10]
-Hana Kimi (Taiwanese version) [7/10]
-ToGetHer [8.5/10


Below are dramas that I don't think are worth watching OR just couldn't get through the beginning because it was either too boring, too cliche, too stupid, or too slow moving.  I've rated some of these dramas where I finished the series.  As for the reason why I suffered through watching, I'm not sure... D:

-Operation Proposal (Korean)
-Why Why Love (Taiwanese)
-Miss No Good (Taiwanese)
-Snow White (Korean) [WATCHED, 4/10]
-Hearts in Bali (Korean) [WATCHED, 4.5/10]
-My Lucky Star (Taiwanese)
-Itazura na Kiss (Japanese)
-Who are You (Korean)
-Love Marriage (Korean)
-Single Dad in Love (Korean)
-Princess Lulu (Korean)
-Love or Bread (Taiwanese)
-They Kissed Again (Taiwanese) [WATCHED, 4/10]
-Easy Fortune Happy Life (Taiwanese)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Witch Yoo Hee = AwEsOmE!!!

This is the drama that I'm watching as of now, Witch Yoo Hee. It's rather impressive because I never thought that I would get so into it after the half point of the drama where my interest in most usually dies out.

Han Ga In acts as Yoo Hee in this drama and I gotta say, she does a kick ass job with her role. She's mean, nasty, witchy, and a cold hearted snake as her character is expected to be. Her character also grows a lot throughout the drama which I do like. I feel it shows that the character learns things along the way and gradually changes into a better person.

Another actor that I love, love, love is Jae Hee who acts as Moo Ryong. I've actually seen him in another drama called One Mom and Three Dads and he did a great job with that too.
Jae Hee has a way of making his character so endearing and heartwarming that I can't seem to get enough of watching him. x3

Look at that face~! He's such a cutie!!!
Below is my Jae Hee spam. It's not much but beware of the cutehotness.

smexy beast!

I lOVE Jae Hee!!! (^o^)
He's my fav Korean actor so far.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


recently, i've watched the movie twilight on christmas eve! :D
it was a fairly good movie. i'm one of those people who read the book first so bear with me on my picky-ness.

it's very 'real' in the style of filming. i think it's mostly thanks to the music which isn't like the dramatic harry potter orchestrated music in the background. this movie actually had some songs incorporated. i seriously thought that this movie.... well, i was more like HOPING for this movie to have the dramatic orchestrated music but ah, no matter.
it was also filmed in the exact location of the book so that's definitely a plus with the true and beautiful forest of forks washington, including the eerie and misty beach of la push.

lol, the funny thing is that during the early half of the movie, i started to have the urge to pee (of course -__-). i had to suffer through it until the part where bella is in the ballet studio with the bad vampire and by that time, i think my bladder went numb.......... o_O

soooo, the special effects were okay. i think that most people were probably expecting something more because this was a big theatre movie. but yeah, what else can you think of?.. xmen effects? not likely.. i haven't seen many superhero action where they are moving extremely fast. i can only refer to the buffy series or charmed. how much better can you get? seriously... or else if they didn't do that 'whooshing' kind of effect, they most likely wouldn't have to use ANY effects with the person moving so fast, that they seem to appear and reappear without even moving!

as for the storyline, they did a so so job. in the beginning, it seemed like they were breezing through and only slowed down when the vampire action started. not that it's a bad thing, but it did leave out a lot of character development and relationship development with bella and edward.

and omg, they could have done SUCH a better job with the bella/jacob la push scene. i mean, wth didn't they film it when it was dark? that would've made the mood so much better!!! i was kinda irked by that part because it seemed like they were just speeding through it and i really loved that part of the book...

okay, so enough of my pissing.. the movie was alright but in my opinion, they really could've re-thought what parts of the book to speed through and what parts to spend a little more effort on.

and lastly, man, were eric and mike annoying! both actors did a REALLY good job with their characters! x)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

New game, YaY~!!!

I recently got this game from my bro and I LUV it!! With lots of hearts. It's turning out to be a lot better and much more rich story-wise compared to the Final Fantasy III on the DS.

Guess what...? There's voice overs in this one too! *SqueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeL*!!!!! ^o^

Saturday, December 13, 2008

First time shopping at Sephora! Can you believe it?

Sephora Flashy Liner, $8. It is SO worth it. I use mine everyday now. It's my new undereye highlighter. I was previously using Revlon Diamond Lust [great product], but it's somewhat of a pain to apply (it's kinda dusty in texture because it's meant to be an eyeshadow). I think it's discontinued but now I have nothing to fear since I found the magical highlighter pencil! And it's waterproof!

The Sephora Enchanted Purple Palette cost $26. I WOULDN'T, and I repeat, WOULDN'T recommend anyone buying this product. Although it seems pretty and shiny with lovely colors, they don't last on your eyes, even with a primer. The glittery colors don't last as the glitter falls off your eyelids during the day and ends up on your cheeks.
I've tried applying this a couple of times and at the end of the day, all the shiny colors or any colors are dull and worn-looking. It's rather sad... well, at least I didn't pay $38 for it which is the average cost of eye shadow palette sets. :/

This is the Stila SPF15 Bronzer in Sun Shade for $28 that I got along with the Stila liquid foundations. It's nice if your face color tone is uneven with the rest of your body. You can apply this to your face to even the skin tone out or you can use it to create more depth to your face by applying it to the outer edges of your cheeks or wherever else you need more depth.

Along with this bronzer, I got the brush that matched with it. That cost me $26.

I got two Stila Natural finish oil-free liquid foundation both $38 (one for me and one for my sis). It works rather well and blends into my skin very nicely. It's not too thick and it's actually rather liquidy. If you want a thicker foundation, you'd probably want to get something else like Revlon Color Stay liquid foundation. That formula is MUCH thicker and actually has slightly better coverage. The Stila offers more of a natural look.

Okay, so all this stuff added up together cost me a grand total of...... dun dun duuuuun!, $168, plus tax!!! OMG!! xP
This probably seems like nothing to those other girls that've been shopping for this stuff for wayyy longer than I... lol

This was actually my first time shopping at Sephora too... Kinda sad but in the earlier years of my life, I was never really interested in makeup. I would always walk by and think, "damn, there's a strong smell of perfume in there...." o_O

Soooo, anyway, remember that Sephora eyeshadow palette?.. Don't get it. It's not worth the money.
I'm finally convinced that I will go to the MAC cosmetic store and just buy the damn palette eyeshadow deal... Everyone says MAC eyeshadow is the best, so I will have to judge that. Might as well give it a chance.
If you're ever thinking about getting MAC eyeshadow, I've found that making your own eyeshadow palette is cheaper and you get more colors.

A single MAC eyeshadow costs $14.50 which is kind of above average for just ONE color.

If you go in the making your own palette direction, then you'll have to first buy an empty palette.
A four eyeshadow palette case costs $3.50 and a fifteen eyeshadow palette case costs $12.
The single eyeshadows that you can put in these palette cases cost $11.
See? Sounds like a better deal huh? Especially since you can get different colors, yay! ^o^

Internet issues...

So remember in my last post where I 'thought' I got my internet all readily set up? Well, it turns out that I ruined the connection of another computer in the process. >_>

Eventually, it took another couple hours on the phone with Quest Technical Customer service to get it all straightened out..

I felt kind of bad but hey, I was listening to the instructions on someone on the phone..
Now I'm thinking to myself that maybe I shouldn't give the person I talked with a review at all because even though I was connected to the internet, it threw off the connection for someone else and that means that the instruction I got was not adequate. >:(

As of now, my computer's internet service is running rather smoothly and if it ever does get disconnected, I can always try connecting with the key number I got off the router/modem thingy.
But right now, for some reason, the internet on the guest account is working but the internet doesn't want to connect on the main administrator's account. How annoying. -___-

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I installed my own internet-! Yay!!!!

So today, I ended up hooking up the internet myself! I'm so proud. ^___^

I actually had a bit of a problem in the beginning but after calling customer service (for the internet company), I got some help and it all worked out.

They basically had to find the password number for our home modum and then I simply clicked on start, connect, selected our modum, typed in our password, and "poof!"... wireless internet connected! ;)

I had to go that route because when I tried connecting with the instruction CD, it didn't work.. -_-
The whole process took really long on the phone with the nice customer service girl but it was really helpful in the end and I'm sure that we both learned something. At least, how to connect to the internet with the wireless router when the instruction CD or connection fails. xP

And another thing I forgot to mention in the last post, I actually had a wireless USB and antenna thing opposed to a wireless card. Hm.. No wonder it was only $25. lol

In the end, I literally saved myself $50~! Now I can use that money for something else... per say.. Crocs Nadia boots!!! Woo Hooooooooooo!!! These things are so cute! And even though crocs aren't the most fashionable things in the world, they are freakin' comfortable! I can literally stand up with crocs shoes for 9 hours straight (my job sort of requires it) and when I get home, my feet don't hurt at all! Now with any other shoe, my feet are all achey when the day's over and that says something.
"CROCS RULE FOR COMFORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
They're about $59.99 last I checked the site.. (yup, Imma bargain hunter).
I've still gotta verify so when I go to the store, they really are that price. You see I've checked at other places and they were selling for around $10 extra....

So two lessons today:
One, be a bargain hunter because it's worth it and two, try doing things yourself if you have an instruction manual because you can save money and feel more accomplishment with the things you do. And you also learn more new things.

..In my eyes, both save money and I think that's reason enough. ( $ v $ )

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

love, bread, and ripoffs

Okay, I'm gonna sort of change my opinion on this drama after watching it for a while up to maybe... ep 5. What really urked me is the fact that Ariel Lin, once again, made herself an utter, pitiful, victim and Joe Cheng was the offender. I mean, he's the one who's broke, stupid, etc, etc, and yet Ariel Lin is somehow placed in a super pitiful position being victimized by none other than Joe Cheng.

I know I'm sounding super feminist right now but this was the exact same kind of theme going on from their other drama together with It Started With a Kiss AND its sequel. It's a super annoying theme that the script writers yet again pulled out of their ass.

So uh, if you wanna be thoroughly annoyed, be my guest to watch past episode five and give yourself a continuous migrane of how poor Ariel has to suffer as a victim of Joe.

I actually wrote a lot for the ripoff part. It just got deleted after I copied and I accidentally copied something else (the picture... -__-).
This had to do with the computer technician. I called them and made an appointment before thinking. The price they charged me was $50!!!
And this is just for slipping that card into the desktop computer and connecting the internet!

I ended up cancelling this appointment and am going to try installing that card myself. I was told that I only have to plug it into the CPU... I think that's what it's called.. I've got a desktop if that makes any more sense.

So a word of advice: DON'T get a wireless internet card installed for $50 because that's a serious ripoff. I've been told that maybe if the wireless card was included, it MIGHT be worth it.
I actually bought the card separate and that cost me only $25.

Thank god I didn't go through with that whole computer technician installation gig... Saved me $50.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Internet-!... and a few peeves.

Just a couple more days until I can safely say that i have internet on my computer! >_<

Above is the sally hansen hard as nails xtreme wear. I've tried the black and lighter pink color (not the one above) and it works great! a LOT better than the diamond strength nailpolish I might add.
So I do recommend this type of nailpolish because it was so easy to put on and it looks really smooth on the nails.
That's all for today.
G'night loves!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Final Fantasy III - Crystal Tower answers

I remember asking this question long ago on yahoo answers. So if any FFII DS players out there have this question, here is my answer:

I had asked about being stuck in the Crystal Tower not being able to find this Xande guy.

Anyway, I finally found out that you have to go into the door on the left wing of the tower to the north. When you get to this special doorway, you actually have a cutscene where you use the 'crystal's light' to open that passageway.

Then you get into this passageway area and there's this treasure chest. When you walk downward from that treasure chest, there's actually an opening in the right side of the wall and you can walk that way. You can figure everything easily from there. Good luck!

[Note:] You have to be well above level 50.. Maybe level 60 or 70 to beat the game smoothly.
And once you beat Xande which in my opinion, was fairly easy at level 50, you'll have to keep continuing foward and won't be able to go back and save or anything. So it's not really a good place to level up unless you have a shitload of hi-potions, elixirs, and other supplies.
I tried this whole deal around level 52 and i got my ass served. It sucked. And then since I couldn't save, I had to do everything... levelling up, gathering items from chests and such all over AGAIN.

So, prepare before you go and fight Xande, even though he's easy to beat. Good luck.

An Cafe's New members

Ewwwwww.. the dude second from the left.. i don't remember his name but his hair is so FUGLY! I miss Bou!! I don't like this new guy who looks like something died under his hat!!! >~<

Glasses, Computer, Camera, Kotatsu

so i've gotta get new glasses this week! ^o^i'm excited~! wonder what kinds of glasses i should get... because right now i have the classic seattle-looking glasses. black rims all around. kinda jrockish actually.i only wear them in the house so it doesn't really matter they look. i was thinking maybe pink glasses would be cute. ^^ ... but i've still gotta make an appointment. -_-

there's also the computer that i'm dealing with. recently, my stupid laptop died and it hasn't even been 5 years... it was an acer btw. don't get those. they kinda suck and overheat just by watching videos.
now i've got this new hp verde desktop. so nice. ''>v<''
i've still gotta hook it up to the net so that sucks. more and more time slipping away to play on my new computer.. T^T sniff...
i hope people in the world realize how nice and convenient it is to have a computer at home with internet.... i go home and if i want to do anything on the net, i have to drive 6 miles or so out to a local library and use the computers there. when i think about this, i can feel my life draining. lol, okay, not exactly but something like that. i'm an internet addict. well.. not the Warcraft or gamer kind of addict but i NEED the internet at home!!! O_O look at my eyes!!! they're so awake because i don't have my daily does of internet crack!!!!!!!

*ahem.... * aside from that, i still need a camera. so i can put cool new pics on here! ^___^ believe it or not, i have no camera. computer, ds, cell phone, (insert other anonymous electronics), but no camera. can u believe it?i'm debating whether to buy a video camera that can also take pictures or a camera that can also take videos. ugh.. it's proving very hard to decide and i'll probably have to do more research.whenever i get to building that kotatsu, i'd like to video tape the process and put it on youtube so that other people can also build their own kotatsu's! Yaaay!!!
trust me, i've looked on youtube and i didn't find ANY vids on how to build a kotatsu. it sucks! all i've seen was this tutorial thing that's somewhat difficult to follow. not trying to offend, the graphic pictures are nice but i still didn't get how to build the kotatsu just by that guide.. maybe i'm just not architecturally literate? o_O

okies, so that's all for today. i've still gotta figure out how to post pics on here.