Saturday, June 13, 2009

My EMO time

The background is changed to black yet again. I have a fairly short interest span so I can never really keep a background for long.

Some of the songs are emo too so bear with me. They're good songs though. Sometimes I like listening to rock/emo music and sometimes I'm into the direct opposite with happy pop/rock music. I guess it all depends on how I feel and right now, I'm sort of tired with thinking of ideas for my art class.

That class is a good 3 hours of brainstorming at once. -___-
Our history teacher also kinda had to bail out on us and our new history teacher has more workload, adding a book report and group presentations. Ick...

Okaaay, I'll stop complaining now since my life really isn't that difficult. That always makes me wonder though, does that really give other people the right to say that we people who don't live on our own have NO right to complain about ANYTHING at all? Personally, I think that's kind of unfair but there still is a fine line between complaining and whining. We're only human and if we didn't have complaints, we wouldn't BE human. Those were my thoughts before they flew out the window like most other passing ideas in my mind.

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