Monday, November 16, 2009

Wow, I haven't signed into here in FoReVeR!!!

Haha, It's been a while since I've been on this blog. I guess it's because I "thought" that I forgot the password to get into here and didn't believe I could retrieve it because my email for this account was deleted. It turns out that I didn't forget my password and ended up making an entirely new blog. o_O

Anyway, life's been pretty boring for the past few months. I finally ended the dreadful summer art class with the annoying teacher (... maybe 'annoying' isn't the word I'm really looking for. Think of it this way: she's one of those teachers that you just can't stand and it's very difficult to explain why because the problem runs so deep. It's almost like we were enemies or didn't like each other in a past life. It's that kind of feeling so I'm gonna go along with it). I also ended that history class and sadly, I got a B when I think I should have gotten an A with all the effort I put into the work and studying for the tests. But then I remembered that I ditched quite a bit so it all makes sense now. ~.~

Now I have a new art class, painting which I'm currently enjoying very much. My teacher is extremely organized and helpful and I'm having fun learning how to paint when I never really learned how. I believe that I've improved too from my 2-D class painting so it's a nice experience.
I also have 3-D design (required) and it's alright. I really don't care for 3-D art but I'm trying to be enthusiastic about it. My teacher for that class is very laid back and helpful so it's not as bad as I thought it would be.


Back to being bored. I am so bored right now. It's like I'm just going through the motions of life but I try to keep busy.......... actually, I'm not... -___-

I do have a few things that I should be working on like my play story which is due at the end of this month. It sucks because I started a story about this girl that fell from the sky and now it's starting to sound like that popular movie Stardust. ShiiiiiiiTake mushrooms.
I may have to start over again with something else. I'm no good with writing stories, seriously. It's like my mind is wired to only draw 2-D stuff. x~x

I've tried baking cookies and even being productive by doing housework too but they're both not doing much to ebb my boredom.

I was going to go shopping today but it was really cold outside so I decided to stay home and be a homebody. I sometimes feel that I could become rich in the future because I never have any real urges to spend money all the time. I have some days where I do want to go shopping and spend money but after a little while, I just go back into the 'saving mode' and I have no incentive to spend anything. Yeah, I'm gonna be one of those people where I look like I'm poor but I'm actually loaded. 8D


Okay, enough of my emo boredom.

Oh yeah, that's enough to make me and probably even you happy again. ^_^
You should watch the MV from Big Bang called Let me Hear Your Voice (the video below). T.O.P. looks VERY different in that MV. I actually wasn't sure if it was him in it. That's the magic of makeup and lighting.

Karyn is sitting here bothering me. I'm betting that she wants me to hurry up and take a bath so she can go on my computer to watch yt and go on myspace when I tell her not to. Bitch... She's reading my entries and she must be so surprised that I can read her so well. hahahaa
She thinks that she's bothering me but I don't caaaaaaaaare. lol

That's enough obsession for now. I'll put my next obsession topic on a different entry. *__*

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