Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lots of stuff happening!

It's been a while I know. xD
This past March, I went to Washington state on a trip and got to take some great pics there. There are a ton of monster trees and it's just crazy. o_O

Like here,

... and here,

Where I live, there aren't trees anywhere near that tall so I was pretty overwhelmed when I first visited there.
I remember going to Seattle a long time ago but I guess I never really visited any other place besides the city, lol.

I think the thing I enjoyed the most about WA aside from the lovely scenery was the Uwajimaya market and Daiso stores in the city. I'm a huge sucker for Japanese things so when I went there, I was like, *o*

The Uwajimaya market offers a ton of stuff ranging from kitchenware to books (they have a huge Kinokuniya bookstore in the market), to baked goods. And sure, the books in the Kinokuniya are very overpriced, probably double the original price but hey, what do you expect from a Japanese store?

When I looked at the parking thing, I was reminded of how hardcore Japanese people are with time limits. xP

I went into this Daiso store right across the street and they've got some nice cheap stuff. Cheaper than Uwajimaya at least! Lots of cute cups, plastic ware, makeup, bags, stationary, etc. Everything in there is about $1.50 with the exception of some stuff like scarfs which were $4. Not so bad considering I've bought scarves for $10 and up. The scarves were good quality too. :)
The only thing about that store is that all sales are FINAL so you're pretty much screwed if u get a defective item (I think).

So other than all that Washington stuff, I came back home and now I'm finishing off this semester of school. I'm doing pretty well, I just have this Illustrator II class that isn't as enjoyable as I would like. -__-
Here's the story, I emailed the teacher beforehand asking him if it was okay for me to jump into Illustrator II without taking Illustrator I (I won't get into much detail about this. It has to do with transfers). Anyway, he told me it was fine so I went into that class with NO experience with Illustrator whatsoever and well, it's not going all that great. :(
Not blaming the teacher or nothing. It's just how it is and I accept it.

Aside from that, I'm trying to get back into my 'cooking' mode so today, I made kimchi jigae for my mom and I. ^^

I think it came out quite well. But after some experience from making it a couple times, the taste really depends on what kind of kimchi you use. The version I make is the vegetarian version because I don't use any meat. Usually, pork is cooked with this jigae but I just used tofu. Either way, I consider this fairly healthy aside from the fact that it has a lot of sodium.

I also made balsamic rice to go with this; balsamic rice smells soooo good! :D

That's about it for today. It's super late so I might update this entry later. Bye!

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