Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lots and lots of Fooooood!!!

Soo, it's been long yet again and I always take pictures planning on writing something with them but then I slack off and end up with a lot of pics that I could possibly post.

A couple of my relatives came to visit recently and it was really nice. It makes me a bit sad that they couldn't stay longer. I do miss the feeling of having extended family around. My grandma left some of this cooking powder so I could use it to make quick and easy dishes. The first one I made was the Chinese fried rice.

The packet...

Some prep items...
Mixing chicken with the powder...

And the final masterpiece! LOL, looks like what I could buy from Panda Express but it tastes so much bettah! >V<
I gave this to my dog.., JUST KIDDING! ohohoho

I put a lot of sesame oil in the rice so I don't really know what the powder tastes like. -.-
You know, when you put a lot of sesame oil in something, that flavor can really overpower everything else if you put just a little bit.

I finally made another ichigo (strawberry) dessert with ice cream! ^^

Strawberries mixed with ice cream! So you can feel healthier eating it when it really isn't that much of a difference! lolz

I was rather proud of this one since my mom had rebuked me when I said I was going to mix strawberries in the ice cream. She was like, "you're mixing STRAWBERRIES in it? That's not a good combination...."
Hah! But then I made it once and was eating it, she tried some and said, "Oh! This is really good!"
*sigh...* Closed minded-ness with old age? lol, sorry, but that's exactly what I was thinking at that moment. -___-

So she had asked me to make it for her again so I did but then she eats the whole thing! I never even got one bit of this lovely dessert piece... T^T *sniff..*

While my relatives where here, I also made a few dishes for them. I was pretty happy about it since I only usually cook for either my immediate family or co-workers. I got to make my grandma and aunty tuna roll sushi. This is an older pic but I must say, at this point, it's one of my specialties. I've been making it for so long. I believe that I have sort of perfected it already. xD

The sushi I made for them looked like this, omit the red powder. ^__^
I think they liked it. My grandma really liked the soumen salad though. She just couldn't stop talking about it. She's so funny. XDDD

And to add more to the food hype, while me and my mom were at one of the Asian markets, we finally bought this Tiger grill pan that I've been eyeing for a long time. It's winter so it's time to have a nice hot pot at the table. So I convinced my mom to buy it. I HAVE been using it though so it's not a waste. It cost around $120 but I think it's worth it if you want to have hot stew right at the table or have the experience of cooking and immediately eating it off the grill with family/friends.

Isn't it awesome? There are actually two pans it comes with. One has the grill lines on it and the other is flat and probably for some type of light stew or soup.

The first thing we grilled on it was actually some shoyu chicken which turned out really great. These are the onions marinated in balsamic salad dressing that my mom was making. It looked pretty good but I'm not into sour onions. xP

We had to be fairly careful with the oil type of frying stuff because that sh*t can splatter! I cooked some mini hamburger patties on it not long ago and it was splattering oil everywhere (now that I think back, maybe I put the temp up too high...). I had to hold the cover up as a shield. The chicken wasn't as bad.
I think that whole ordeal was because I had added a watery seasoned mixture to the meat. So I guess it made it more...... juicy?

We're still making my cute doggie's food. It looks something like this (note: older pic):

We haven't used this croc pot for a while though since we recently bought a huge croc pot. I'm happy about it though. Mostly because this croc pot wasn't removable from the electric heating part so I would have to take this whole thing and carefully rinse it in the sink to clean. >_<

That's about all the food for now.

I did buy this Whitman's Sampler chocolate about a day ago as a Valentine's thing for work and those chocolates were really good! I think I'll buy some for my own family. ^^

Not sure if I'll make cupcakes or something for work when it's actually closer to Valentine's Day. Depends if I'm in the mood.. I was super early this year with this kind of thing so I was a little embarrassed. But hey! I was at the store and saw the chocos, why not buy it now when it's on sale right? x)

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