Friday, December 16, 2011

Finally finishing Kiosk job~!!! xDDDDD

I started working at this kiosk in the mall to earn some extra $$$ but now that I think back, it was a bit of sacrificed time with being so boring here.
Now that I've had the experience of working in a kiosk opposed to a shop, I would describe it as being at the very bottom of the retail food chain, at least, that's how it goes in our mall. People working at this kiosk cannot even go to the restroom without someone from another store watching our space for us. We're also sort of stuck standing here for a good 5 hours at a time without any lunch break or any break for that matter. :(
I'm proud of myself that I stuck it out for at least 3 months which most of it was during my school semester and I was pretty busy the whole time. This job actually did something good aside from earning money; it made this past semester practically fly by.
I admit this job wasn't completely crappy. It was just the slowness and boring long hours of time of just standing around aimlessly staring into space that sucked the life out of me.
Well, today shall be my last day here so I'm trying my very best to end it well. Yesterday somewhat mocked me because it was the busiest day I've ever had at this kiosk but then today it's the complete opposite.
Goodbye kiosk job. I shall leave you on good terms. :D

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