Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Code Geass: Sexy bishounen, bishoujo, and MECHAS!!!

Somehow I can always find more good anime even after watching an amazing one as Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood which has so much caliber.

So after getting depressed over FMA Brotherhood ending, I thought about all the anime I saw in pictures but never watched and came across none other than the Code Geass series.

The series is VERY good. Story and animation both A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and thankfully, consistent as well. I'm so happy that anime coming out these days are consistent in their quality. Basically the story is about this hot guy named Lelouch (exiled prince of Britannia) who fate has it, meets a mysterious girl that gives him the power of "Geass." This grants him the power to tell people to do whatever he wants. So he goes ahead and uses it to bring down the Britannian Empire (who is in the process of taking over every country on Earth) so he can make a better world for his disabled sister. That's about it in a nutshell.

I didn't watch it all this time, maybe because I just wasn't sure about it. My bro watched this before me and he would always joke about how all the male characters have no penis, lmao. It makes sense though because YES, I admit I am a bit of a perv, but the dudes in this anime wear REALLY tight spandex suits (come on, we can't help but look there!) and there's nothing, not even space for one! lol I also find it funny that their legs/arms are ridiculously long and skinny. Damn anime characters having stick legs. lol But their eyes, *sigh* beautiful. I like to draw manga/anime so I always appreciate unique looking eyes. The animators did a great job.

I guess you just get used to the artwork after watching the anime. It really is beautiful and Lelouch especially is quite the pretty boy. I have a new respect for CLAMP after watching Code Geass. They come up with the most kick ass character designs. *Artwork from CLAMP above*. Their designs will give people eyegasms, I swear. (*_*)

SO! Unfortunately for naive me, when I borrowed the Code Geass DVD's, I ended up watching the R2 series first AKA, season 2 of Code Geass. AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, how could I have been so dumb??!! The writers did a very nice job with the storyboarding though because I didn't really have any problem keeping up even if I didn't watch the first series. I was just confused with all the flash backs and would wonder, are they ever going to get to these? lol Little did stupid me know that the flashbacks were from season 1.
I saw the ending and was like (@o@)! WHY~~~~~~~~~~~~
***I won't give any spoilers if you haven't watched it but it's one of the best endings I've ever seen in an anime***

Now I'm watching season one online (sometimes I wonder why I borrow anime DVD's when I can find almost anything I want on the internet.. (-__-)

I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes action, a little romance, comedy, and a cool and original story.

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