Sunday, April 29, 2012

How I'm spending my Spring of 2012

Soooooo, after my lovely Christmas and New Years, it was back to the grinds for me.  This semester was a bit more busy with two heavy science classes, Anatomy/Phys II and Microbio along with Microecon!  XD

I know in previous school posts that I said that my attitude towards school had changed toward the more scholarly?  Well, it has changed yet again.  Fickle me!  Yeh, so this semester I've been more laid back about everything which is good and bad I guess.  I feel sometimes that I should just attend and enjoy my classes and the material should come to me better than if I stress myself out over everything.  I think it worked to a certain extent.

We've got finals coming this week for the science classes and I'm honestly more worried about microbio because we have a good amount of diseases to remember..  (-__-)  I'm wracking my brains just trying to figure out how to categorize everything.

I'm finding myself actually enjoying my microecon class.  I always shunned myself from economics courses but it's actually not bad if you end up with a good instructor which thank my lucky stars, I did.  :)

Anatomy is cool.  I ended up really liking my teacher even though I thought she was slightly boring during the early weeks of the semester.  I also have cool table mates but they hardly showed up in the second half of the semester. I wonder how they study, lol.  Awkward situation with everyone at my table gone most of the time but for whatever reason, maybe because shit like this has happened in the past, I feel more at peace with it and in a way, it cancels out possible drama.  :/

I'm fairly excited for this semester to end because this is the last semester before I can finally get onto the waitlist for the program I want to get into.  I hope that everything goes smoothly.  After this, I just have pathophys to take and I should be set!

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