Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bumming in the basement

Great news!  The guys have finally started our flooring after the whole one month wait resulting from shitty scheduling, yay!!! :DDDD

We were originally supposed to get the flooring done in mid July but that got cancelled and we were rescheduled one month later, after we already moved our bedding and stuff into the basement.

So during that fine time in July, I spent most of it in..... wait for it................... the basement.  (-__-)  I would sometimes crawl back to my empty bedroom and hang out in there since I missed it, boohoo. (T~T )  There were some perks to the basement though as I've said in the previous post, it's a lot cooler down here, temperature-wise.

Now everyone really is "one big happy family" because we're all sleeping down here... well, more like living down here.  We can't exactly do much upstairs while the flooring guys are hammering and sanding away.

Here's something you'll probably find funny.  Wanna know how I've been enduring my confinement to the basement these days?
I've been sleeping till between 10am-2pm and only creeping out of here after the guys leave at 3pm, lol.  So basically, I've become the most hermit-like ever in my life.

"LET ME LEAVE THE BASEMEEEEEEEEEENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Kermit, Hermit,............ close enough. xP

I can't complain too much though.  We have internet so I'll survive.  But get this, the internet router decided to crap out on us right before the flooring guys were going to start their job.  So we had to survive around 4 days down here without any wondrous internet amusement until the new router came in the mail.  That I must say, sucked balls.  (o_O)

But when I would go upstairs each day to see their work, the floor looks really nice!  They've finally reached our bedrooms now and it's a cool, novelty kind of feeling.  I feel like it's more of a difference to me seeing the wooden flooring in the bedrooms more so than in the living rooms because I've become so accustomed to having only carpet in bedrooms.............  Sad.
But now I can finally live my Japanese bedroom dream!!! x3  I've always been so envious of seeing Japanese houses with their beautiful wooden flooring.  I find it truly amazing that we actually have that privilege now.
I'm so grateful-! (^_____________^) 

Recently sis got a second job (I swear that girl is a workaholic) and is busy with that so I don't see her too often.  Not that I care too much.  Lately she's been really absorbed in her smartphone so even if she were home, I'd probably just find her lying around somewhere with it.  Our parents are really happy about it since she used to bum around the house during her free time, lol.

I think it's good that she keeps herself busy with jobs.  I don't think I'm like her in that respect.  I LIKE my free time.  It lets me research and organize, find new things to cook, BLOG, or just stuff I can improve on through hobbies. Luvin' the hobbies.  I'd probably make the perfect housewife, no joke.

When we finally got the internet back and running, I went on a mini K-drama craze and watched a little more than a few episodes of K-dramas like Big and Ojakgyo Brothers, respectfully.  Especially Ojakgyo Brothers.  

This show is SUPERB!  I love it so much with all it's family dynamic glory.  (*__*)  The pacing, storyline, relationships, everything, I can only say perfect.

I've also been on instagram a bit more than I thought I would.  I mostly post pics of food though.  nom nom nom!
Maybe the whole instagram addiction is resulted from not having internet for so long and I had to use what little data I had left on the phone.  Somehow instagram kept me pretty occupied editing pics, looking at pics, etc...

Speaking of apps, my bro got me kinda-sorta addicted to this cellphone game called Rage of Bahamut so I played a bit of that.  I also used my manga app a lot because I LOOOOOOOOOOVE manga and that didn't take up nearly as much data as Rage of Bahamut.  I actually suck at that game, gotta trade for better cards.  I've just been quest spamming. lol   While I still had some internet data on my phone, I used it for Netflix and was watching K-drama, Secret Garden.  That show is pretty damn good if you like a more mature, slightly comedic drama.
I pulled out my trusty Nintendo DS (I knew I would need that again someday!) during the last few internet-less days to play some Pokemon White.  I really wanna figure out how to connect that to the wifi. 

Oh yes, and I finally finished watching season 2 of Game of Thrones (thanks to my bro for helping me the video files).  I swear that show is just so amazing, I can't explain how great it is to me in words!........... and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) is a sexy beast. 

 I have a weakness for pretty English guys

Of course I had to finish off the season BEFORE I needed it most (during my boring, no-internet time downstairs)..  Well, when all else fails, your smartphone will be there for you during internet hardship.

When I think back, during this summer I was seriously considering visiting England on my own.  That plan never really came into effect though mostly because when I think about how much it would cost........... I just can't do it...  (u__u);; 
It might also be because our family already has a few trips coming up in a few months and I wanna save my money for those.  Ahhh, choices, choices.

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