Sunday, January 12, 2014

Creepy TV show...

Hey guys!  I've been super obsessed with this horror television series called American Horror Story.

 Has anyone watched it yet?

I saw it for the first time on Netflix about a week ago.  Some coworkers were talking about it and they said it was really good.  Since it was on Netflix, I thought I might as well watch the first episode.

Just so you guys know, I'm a big scaredy cat when it comes to horrors and thrillers.  Usually I steer clear away from them.  I get so paranoid after watching and I hate that feeling of being afraid to go to my own bathroom. D:  My coworkers assured me that this series wasn't that scary and it's mostly 'creepy'.

They were right, but I still got slightly paranoid.  XD  I must say, the show is quite gripping and keeps you wanting to watch more and see the mystery unravel.

 Still having second thoughts about watching? ( ""> w <"" )

Season 1 is called Murder House; it's about a family that moves into a house well known for its previous owners that died were murdered/committed suicide there.  Ghosts are the theme for the first season and it's fairly scary and creepy with a good amount of things jumping out but it's not scary like well known thriller/horror movies.  And the more you learn about the ghosts in the house, the less scary they seem.

I surprise myself by watching this, especially at night.  ( > __ > ;;) ...  

The series is really good and I'm looking forward to watching the third season which is about witchcraft.  The awesome thing about this series is that you can start off with any season you want because they're told through anthologies.  Each season has its own separate storyline. ^^

Although it's somewhat scary, I'm enjoying this series (especially with the sexy beast pictured above.) image


Gem said...

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award here:

lovepirate said...

I don't know this series but I'm not sure if I'd watch it. I usually get scared super easily, too. xD"

MiNapi said...

@Gem, Thank you!!!

@lovepirate, The first season was pretty good and not horribly scary. I do admit I was slightly scared at night before going to bed a few times.. I watched it mostly for Evan Peters. (">w<")