Thursday, June 12, 2014

Back from vacay and sick! D:

Hello again!

Apologies for not posting in so long.  Where have I been all this time?

In Hawaii-!!! image  More specifically, on the island of Oahu.  I decided to go back with dad to visit family and some friends.  Especially Grams.  I always feel sad when leaving her because she always says how she will miss us when we leave and that she misses us when we're not there.  It's heart wrenching. ( > ^ < )  We spent a lot of time together while we were still living on Oahu.

It was a nice trip, besides the fact that I was sick with a cough on my way there.  Coughs really suck for me because they don't seem to want to go away.  Even when the congestion is gone, the stupid cough persists for weeks..  And get this, I actually got sick AGAIN when leaving.  It's like, I had my first cold while going there, then it may or may not have gone away, and then I catch another cold for my trip back home.  Thanks Hawaii! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Now I'm back and ready to blog again.  These past few days, I've been taking it easy at home with my horrible, persistent cough.  The congestion I don't mind but the cough, I hate!! (ಠ_ಠ) I decided to make use of my sloth time in the house playing video games (FFXIII Lightning Returns), catching up on the latest episode of Game of Thrones, researching stuff, blowing my nose, and trying not to cough up my last meal.  I've been trying to purge this cold by OD-ing on green tea and VitC.  I don't know if it's gonna work but I really did myself in today with the green tea.  I bought a teapot at Don Quixote in Honolulu and used it to boil the green tea leaves we've had in our pantry for about a year.  I drank about two teapots full (maybe 6-7 cups).  I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

I'll post all the pics from my trip later.  Still gotta edit them. x3


Nyanette said...


I hope you had a good trip :)

Glad to see you're back and I hope you get better soon!

I've also added you on the 3DS, my friend code is: 5000-3993-7357

Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

Hope you have a good week,


lovepirate said...

Hey, thanks for your comment and good to see you're back. ;) ♥
I hope you'll get rid of your cold soon and looking forward to seeing your vacation pictures. *_*