Thursday, July 24, 2014

Losing weight

I've started this thing called a diet.

And this thing called cardio.

And this thing called pilates.

I know this is quite strange for me because I'm one to shun away from any kind of exercise and opt for eating less.

So what inspired me to lose weight?  Well, after a while of seeing all these Asian celebrities and Kpop idols being so slim, I thought, "hey!  I want to be skinny too!"

And that's my shallow reason for wanting to lose weight.

But don't get me wrong, I don't believe in starving myself to death.  I want to become slimmer, but a healthy slim, not the anorexic kind.

At first when I started weighing myself, it looked like I suddenly lost 2kg, but then I realized that I was probably just bloated and it was all water weight. haha

It's been a blast though.  After downloading the 'myfitnesspal' app, I've put in my goal of losing 5kg.

The myfitnesspal is quite useful because it spans out the calories so a person isn't starving themselves to death.  I think it's about 0.5kg per week.  It also logs nutrients, exercise, etc and it's really good at looking up food by scanning a barcode.

We'll see how this goes.  I'm excited because I can run on a treadmill while watching Kpop music videos.  Can't get much more inspiration than that!


まり said...

good luck with that! I'm on my journey to lose weight too, Idk when it'll start though lol

MiNapi said...

@まりさん Thank you!! And same to you! ^^

lovepirate said...

Good luck with your diet and exercising! :3 I also just started a diet again because I just weigh too much atm in my opinion. =_= It really bothers me that my pants don't fit anymore and I want to be as slim as I used to be.