Sunday, January 18, 2015

Random thoughts

1. When you see people driving in cars, do you ever make judgments about them based on what kind of car they're driving?  Like, "oh, a middle aged man driving a van...  He probably has kids." or "old man driving a BMW. That must be his retirement car."

2. I've gotten really into smartphone otome games.  It makes me feel like I'm using my imagination again. If anyone judges, I say, "At least I'm not playing candycrush all day."

3. Some wise lyrics from a 2pm kpop song: "Energy is the gift of youth, distress is the poison of youth."

4. It's amazing what perspective can do. It has the power to make old problems look like nothing.

5. Don't postpone happiness.  Be happy NOW.  Make the most of any situation you're in.  Make the most of life.

6. Do your best! You won't have regrets if you know you're giving it your all.

7. Don't worry so much about the future that you forget to live in the present.

8. Why is it that watching Pokemon makes my worries fly away?

9. If you're ever wronged by anyone and feel angry at them, try to think about all the bad things they didn't do to you.  They might not seem like such a terrible person if you think that way.  Sometimes, thinking, "it could be worse" will help you keep your calm and your sanity.

10. Worried about waking up early?  Adjust your schedule so that you go to bed and wake up at the same time.  You can still do the fun things you did late in the evenings.  You'll just be doing them earlier in the morning.  Hey, that's something I can wake up to!

11. 'Fuzzy fleece' is the cold terminator.  Seriously, try it.  My freezing feet get hot with just one pair of those socks.

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lovepirate said...

But... but. ;__; I also play Candy Crush. XDDD"
And gosh, I would die without fleeze socks in winter! x)