Sunday, April 12, 2015

Life Update: 2015-04-12

Hello again. I haven't done one of these life updates in a long time. I'm sure many can guess that it's because nothing interesting has been happening lately and I have no interest in writing about my boring life. orz  *Warning, emo post below*

But I suppose that recently, something has been quite eventful; I've finally started the college program I've been waiting so long to get into (a little over 2 years to be exact) and I'm almost finished with the first semester! \ ( "> v <" ) / I think that if people have been reading my blog from the beginning, it will seem like I've been in school for-f*cking-ever which is kinda true and kinda not. I've been in and out of school for the past almost decade to be exact.

I would say that my life is about 70% school and 30% 'me' time. I'm extremely fortunate and lucky enough to not have to be working during this program. There are some people flip-flopping their sleeping schedule, working night shift and doing this in the day and it makes me feel sick thinking about it.
I've worked night shift and let's just say it has left me with some mental scarring and the start of my hormonal acne adventure.

Maybe it's because I have no social/work life outside of school or maybe it's because I'm so focused on saving what money I have and avoid buying things and having fun.... I feel so blah and unmotivated. I think this is reflected really well in my instagram. When I look back at older posts, I notice that I put so much more effort into making fun pictures and maybe just the way I saw the beauty in things. Pictures I post now are good quality (imo), but kind of boring and lifeless. That's what I think anyway.

So what do I do with my 30% me time that doesn't involve going out where I can spend money? It's limited. I usually just walk my dog, or watch movies, or play otome/video games, or do a DIY facial, or play on my phone, or cook/bake, or daydream, or study more...  It's the life of a homebody, really.

If a person can't spend money, it's like a form of independence/freedom has been taken away.

Again, I am so grateful that I'm not working during this program, but it seems to have come with a price (small as it is) and that is a social life or just life outside of school. Consequentially, this ties in with my feelings of isolation from my peers. I have this need to hide my living and work situation from others, therefore, being less truthful with them and having to distance myself. Sad, but true. Yeah, I could tell them the truth. But I've already seen this happen with another girl who was more open and people made comments and joked with her as if she were rich. Wtf.

I'm lucky enough to have met another girl who has a similar living situation as me and although she works part time, it's not like the common work other people in our class are doing. So I feel a closer connection with her. (^^) We're also pretty close in age.

I hope that once I finish this program (if I get to that point), it'll enable me to move to wherever I want to go. It was my purpose from the beginning; Being able to find a stable job in this terrible economic job market we have today. I'm quite bored where I live and I guess it's a mixture of not finding enough people with similar interests as me and not being interested in what is offered where I live. I'm sorry, I complain a lot... xP

There are many times where I daydream and wonder if I were to move west, I would find what I am looking for in life.

I don't want to end this post on a depressing note so I'll mention how I cracked my Galaxy phone again. Yes, this has happened before and I tried to fix my phone, causing me to most likely, have to spend more money to fix it.. I shopped around and found the lowest price to fix my phone was $165. It was not too bad because I found another shop that was gonna charge me $185 + tax. D:<

This place that I got my phone fixed through is called icracked and they did a very nice job, even putting this screen protector thing where the front of the screen appears to have an extra protective layer of screen on it.

Okay, so this is what happened with icracked. I'll start with what icracked is. is an online service where you contact an appointment manager to make an appointment for you with a tech in your location. In the US, there are techs all over the country. So they make this appointment (and if I were you, I would find out and confirm how much the fix is going to cost you). The nice thing is that you can choose your appointment location. I chose to meet the tech after my class ended on the college campus. He had a t-shirt with the company logo on it so at least I knew he was legit.

So as we talked, he told me that all his supplies were in his truck and that he would need to take my phone to there to fix it.  Okay, hold up!!! In my mind, all kinds of red flags were going off like if this guy was going to try to kidnap me or steal my phone. I made it a point that I was NOT going to follow him to his truck. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and let him take my phone to his truck but I would wait in the library.

So I waited and after about 40 min, I went out and he was waiting with my phone. I was thinking, ''OMG!!! He actually didn't steal it!!!!" lol

I made the payment with his credit card swiper attached to his phone and he said that the receipt would go to my email. Everything went smoothly and I feel like I can trust and that it is not a scam.

I'm now keeping my phone in a protective case forever. The first time I fixed my phone, it cost me around $250 and I had to spend another $165 less than a year later because in the most ironic way, I dropped my phone while I was trying to put it in its case. *fffffffffffffffff...* Yeah, you can laugh, it's ironic and hilarious.

Now, I'll get back to baking cookies to give away. I'm trying to use up all the granulated sugar and white flour we have because our family is moving away from processed white sugar and flour. Did you know that sugar ages the skin? I'm sorry, it's depressing but true. That means no more added sugar for me if I can help it. It's so hard and uh, physically impossible to avoid sugar altogether but at the very least, I can avoid added sugar.

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lovepirate said...

I hope your situation will change to a more cheerful one soon! Keep fighting. :)
And while reading your story about fixing your phone... I'm glad I never dropped mine so badly that it had to be fixed. @_@ So pricey.