Thursday, May 21, 2015

Starting summer with an unexpected rainy season

It's been a little over a weeks since the first semester of the college program finished.  I'm happy to say that I passed and I'll be moving on to the second semester in the fall. \ ("^ v ^") /  I'm sad that some of my classmates didn't make it to the next semester; I hope they can figure out a new path in their lives and new opportunities.

Before this semester ended, I tried getting a summer job applying online and although I got an interview, I realized that because of my school situation, I'm not the most ideal candidate for many jobs.  Fall semester will start in a few months requiring my full-time commitment and because I would probably have to quit after a few months well...  it decreases my desirability by a lot.

I recently texted my manager from a previous job, begging politely informing her of my new found summer availability.  She hasn't texted me back but it's only been a few days and in my experience, she only texts back when she has a valid response.  I hope they have extra hours this summer.

The weather has been very rainy/cloudy.  Kind of like Seattle weather actually and it's really been bringing my mood down! D:  I'm not exaggerating.  This weather has been persisting for weeks without end.  When was the last time I saw a blue sky?..  I can't remember. 

I've been somewhat of a nerd and have been getting some reading assignments done for next semester.  It's been going slow but at least I'm reading the damn book, right? lol  If only reading textbooks was as easy and fast as reading good fiction...

Of course, anime watching is a given and I finally finished Psycho Pass 2!  It was pretty awesome but did not meet the caliber of the first season.  And I don't really think it's because of the absence of Kougami.  Maybe it's because the wrong side characters were emphasized, leaving out greater, untapped potential from others *cough* Ginoza *cough*.  Btw, Ginoza got so hot in this season!  Character development at its best. 


I think I should try finishing Guilty Crown but it's been so boring for the first few episodes!  I need more patience with these things.  I hear really great reviews about it but if I can't get through the first few eps....  

Oh yeah, something exciting that's happening this summer is that my youngest cousin will finally visit us from Hawaii and my grandma is going to be moving in with us!!  I'm very excited because I've always felt somewhat lonely with our family out here with no other relatives and we'll finally have more family here.  I'm feeling very optimistic about this because my grandma has been lonely, living on her own for so long and only seeing family (even when they're all living on the same island) a handful of times a month.  So maybe she'll be happier here with us and having someone with her most of the time.  Maybe her health will improve!

Now I can show off my cooking skills by making her all kinds of food.  XD

With Grams moving here, my parents are making some renovations around the house (like the bathroom) which is also exciting. 

I started outlining/coloring some old drawing of Ash and Pikachu.  I liked creating the tree.  Maybe I'll do more practice with tree coloring.  It's more fun than I thought. 

I'm no longer pursing a career in the arts but I still find myself enjoying it.  I've been going through old drawings and adding color to them.  That was one of my big problems.  I would always start on a project but give up on it too soon and leave it as a rough, unfinished drawing.

I can't think of much more to talk about...  I got this really kawaii mug from mom recently.  She knows my taste too well. 

I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer.  I hate hot weather but with with all these cloudy and rainy days, I'm actually wishing for some sunshine. o( > ^ < )o

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