Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer heat

I would describe myself as a flower. I wither in the heat and cold. And this summer has been relentlessly hot. Too hot to go for a leisurely stroll outside.

Temperatures regularly soar up and above 90 degrees almost everyday. We haven't had the forgiving rainstorms in the afternoons to dampen the heat either. It makes me worry about what global warming is doing.

So I've been spending a ridiculous amount of time doing the Netflix and chill thing. Except with less Netflix and more streaming on the internet. I've almost finished both seasons of The Flash and this is within a few weeks time. (That's fast for me, no pun intended).

I just don't want to go shopping all the damn time and besides the movies and a gross, crowded pool, there really isn't much to do besides watching TV or browsing the net.

I also want to avoid skin damage at and avoid the heat. I had enough of that in Seoul. We were walking around outside in the peak heat of the day regularly.

People around might hate on me for this but I decided not to go with my dad back to Hawaii. I got really sick on the flight back to our city from San Francisco and I'm having this sick feeling thinking about getting back on a stuffy plane to Hawaii. I honestly think I'll push myself over the edge and get sick if I get on that flight. I'm sorry toward my cousin because I was supposed to go to her graduation, but I just don't think I can do this after only a couple of weeks after traveling to Seoul. It's obviously way more boring but I'm staying home for this trip. 

I'll post about the Seoul trip later. It's so damn hot right now.

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