Saturday, March 26, 2011

Overcast day, pinwheels, and flowers

Here are the cute pinwheels that we got from a dollar store. They make cute little spinning sounds in the wind..

Why is it that I always post so late and miss out on some great blogger writings? Errg.... -__-

To sum up what I missed, my Spring Break didn't amount to much, unfortunately.. I ended up NOT going to that Red Riding Hood movie since I was advised not to. People were saying that it was really bad. I went online too and the reviews were not so great, the negativity towards that movie was too much so I decided against it. I'm gonna wait for the movie to come out on DVD for this one. So sad, I was so looking forward to seeing another movie in theatres again... Oh well, there's always Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and Hp7 pt2 to look forward to~! ^^

I took a few pictures of the rainy day we were having around Wednesday or Thursday. A little Spring Rain but no snow storm this year... Very odd.. u.u

For this picture, I really HAD to photoshop the colors. They were just so dull! It was a very gray day.

Baby leaves..

More baby leaves.

The tulips have not bloomed yet...

I personally think this daffodil is really out of place (it's located right behind the tulips) but since it was technically there first, I can't say much. >_<
Gawd, I so wanna pull it out and place it somewhere else!

A bunch of daffodils. This one is a short bunch of flowers and the other one before this is a single, tall daffodil. :/

Last but not least, the two potted plants that my mom stuck in the ground. They look so dead right now that I can't really remember what kinds of flowers they were. Hopefully they'll bloom next year looking less like dead onions and more like pretty flowers. ^^

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