Friday, March 11, 2011

Things to look forward to: March 2011

I think having something to look forward to is so important in everyday life. It drives us to move on and accomplish things that we could never do without some kind of positive energy.

So, here's a few things that I'm personally looking forward to:

I completely understand if people make comparisons with this movie and Twilight. I mean, who wouldn't? Same director, similar concept, same fantasy element, blah blah blah...
However, I'm willing to give this movie a chance and am looking forward to seeing this during my Spring Break~! ^o^
It looks like there will probably be a much, much better storyline compared to Twilight as this movie's based off a popular fairy tale. The scenery also looked breathtaking after getting a few glimpses from the trailer. I can't wait. And Red Riding Hood's long flowing red cloak, *sigh*, beautiful... It really made me want to get a red cloak of my own!

I'm so excited since it's been a while since I've been to a theatrical movie. T^T

I read a few books on Little Red Riding Hood; I have an insatiable appetite for good fairy tales. I've also read some remakes of the fairy tales such as Scarlett Moon for the Red Riding Hood story and I was so intrigued by the dark sexuality it presented; The wolf being some mysterious and dangerous guy and the girl being fairly naive and drawn to his darkness... *cough, Twilight, cough!* xP

After briefly discussing whether this Red Riding Hood movie was based off Scarlett Moon by Debbie Vigue with a yt buddy, we've come to the conclusion that it's not; the story is obviously different with a whole new cast of characters.
Oh well, I always look forward to a good remake. Hopefully I won't be disappointed. The reviews I saw on this movie were equally good and bad so yeah, we'll see.

And if you can believe this, I'm actually looking forward to a.... SPEECH! I seriously don't know why but I am looking forward to this thing. For speech class (why am I taking a speech class you ask? Well, first, for the last class credit needed for my associates and second, simply to learn to speak better in public), we had to pick an aspect of a culture and write a speech on it. I believe that it'll be due after Spring Break. I picked Soju (Korean alchohol) because it looked interesting and I always see Koreans chugging this shit down in all the dramas I watch, lol.

I found some interesting facts about Korean "drinking culture" too so I'd like to speak about that.

Yesterday I was getting really pumped and excited about this. I was even thinking about going out and buying a Soju bottle so I could try it for myself and show the class and maybe even act how how Korean's drink this beverage. I found this interesting little fact yesterday that I didn't know before: When younger Koreans drink with an elder or anyone who is senior to them, they should turn their head away and drink instead of facing the other person because it's considered polite. I saw this action in a ahem, lol, K-drama and I thought the girl was embarrassed! LOL!

If I do end up buying this, I would hope to get the fruit flavored soju.. I've done some research and some people describe drinking soju by stating that it's like drinking nailpolish remover or gasoline! Ick, I hope that's not true.. Makes me scared to buy it.. >_>

My last speech was on a historical public figure and I think I gained a lot of confidence from that last speech. I used all the guidelines my instructor gave us and I think it was rather effective! I'll be careful not to get cocky though.. xP This has happened when I was younger in science classes and did lead to my downfall of being too careless; I was too overconfident.

Recently, I've gotten this clothing addiction where I can never have enough clothes and if I get the chance to shop, I will do it! Of course, only if there's a good deal.

This girl is one of my fav fashion models. She's just so adorable, I don't think many girls can hate her since she has this look that's so cute, innocent, and full of happiness. ^-^
I think she's super efficient at modeling since I wanna buy all the clothes she wears. >.<

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