Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finally finished Rooftop Prince~!!!

I skipped out on so many of these reviews that I'm falling behind...  I recall watching and finishing about 3 more dramas earlier this year: Bachelor's Vegetable Store, Hungry!, and most recently finished, Rooftop Prince~!!!  <3 (^o^)

This drama was really funny and had a good balance of happy, sad, and hilarious scenes.  All the actors were great, I especially enjoyed watching the prince and his three musketeers and their adaptation to the 20th century from the Joseon era. x3

I honestly never thought that I would get into watching DBSK's Micky Yoochun in a drama but I was pleasantly surprised and found that he has an amazing talent for acting as well as singing.  He has proved himself attractive as an actor in my eyes ("*o*")

Micky, how are you so flawless~~~?!  \(>o<)/

I don't speak Korean but I felt that his performance as a Joseon prince was quite good and to me, it seemed like he did the role justice.

I love these guys!

The "three musketeers," as I like to call them, were really cute and were great supporting actors.  I kind of wish they had bigger roles in the story.

'Dead eyes' lololololol

These two were so adorable together.  They probably rival the couple in Micky's earlier drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal (which I plan to watch very soon).

I like to call these two "The Saintly Couple"  Every time I see them together, they give off this heavenly aura..  my eyes!
They were also way too innocent and gullible in the drama.  The writers could have toned down the gullible factor with these two.  Some scenes were just torturous to watch because it's like, "Really?  This guy has tricked you multiple times,...  WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET IT???!!!!"

I was slightly sad at the end because it seemed like the Prince had to live out the rest of his life and die without Bak Ha and then Bak Ha meets the Prince's reincarnation maybe a week or two later.  So in a way, it's like he had to suffer a lot longer than she did.

I try to think of it as the Prince lived out his life and died, but when he died, his soul was placed into the comatose Tae Young (his reincarnation) and a part of him recognized Bak Ha and inside of Bak Ha, Bu Yong's (Bak Ha's previous incarnation) soul recognized the Prince.  So in the end, they were finally 'together' again.

I put my best effort not to think about how LONG the Prince must have had to suffer living out the rest of his life in Joseon without Bak Ha.  (T^T)

Otherwise, this was a drama with one of the strongest and most interesting ending wrap-up I've ever seen.

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