Friday, June 8, 2012

Getting back my GAME on!!!

Somehow I always get some type of my brother's "hand-me-down" games, consoles or any other kind of electronic device to borrow.  Last time it was his PSP, then it was his LCD computer screen, now it's his Xbox360.  Since he so kindly let me borrow it, I thought I might as well use it and play FFXIII again.  I've played that game before but I had a lot of fun and since I have time now, I thought, why not do a replay with that one?

I put two boxes below the xbox; I read somewhere online that it's bad to put it directly on the carpet.  Something about the carpet blocking and clogging the vents underneath.

I ordered FFXIII online.  I was thinking about just ordering the PS3 version but my brother is using the PS3 for playing netflix and it's in the basement up high on a shelf in front of a giant treadmill; not a good location to play video games (-.-).  I was close to also ordering FFXIII-2 but I might try waiting that one out until my brother perhaps lends me the PS3 or moves it to a better location. lol


I borrowed a few games from my bro but I can't really get into them.  There's Assassin's Creed Brotherhood which (sorry fans) I just really don't get.  Yes, it's graphics are beautiful and it probably has a great storyline too but I don't know, I must be a hardcore Final Fantasy fan because those are the only RPGs I've connected with so far.  I'm also not really a hardcore gamer so I suck at most games, lmao.  There's also Nier by Square Enix but I don't like the character designs or the setting so I quit with that one.  Lastly, I borrowed Lost Odyssey but I gotta fix the first disc because it somehow got scratched in the xbox (>_>)...

Aside from those games, maybe I'll find other good JRPGs to play on the xbox.  It would be sad for a good game console to go to waste after playing only FFXIII...

And THIS!  I somehow got my hands on a spare TV too!!!  I had to move my cosmetics over to my main desk but hopefully it will be worth it.  One of my latest projects is to connect this TV to my PC so I can play netflix or K-dramas on it.  We'll see.  So far I just have the Y-cable for audio (pictured below the television).  I still need to VGA cable.

 Here's where it's connected and you can see the TV is fairly close to the PC.  Why the tape on the TV you ask?  Well no, it's not broken.  That's there because with me being ultra sensitive to light in my room and not being able to sleep with any light on, I had to cover that blue light on the TV that still was on even when I turned off the damn thing.  xP

I really hope this works.  It would be so much better to watch dramas and such on a larger television instead of sitting with (most likely) bad posture at my computer.  No matter how conscientious I am about good posture at the comp, I'm sure I'm still defecting back to poor posture anyways.  (>_<)

 I'll end this post with a cute pic of Scruffy since I haven't been showing much doggy love on my posts lately.  x3

Please ignore my fat leg, and take in the cuteness, lol.

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