Friday, June 8, 2012

Went to the Korean side of town today for BBQ

Right now I'm still getting over my "meat-hangover" lol.  If you don't know what that is, it's an endearing term I've made up just now about how I feel after eating all that meat.  It feels like I still haven't digested and sorry if this sounds gross, but if I burp, I can still taste the meat mixed with sikhye.  xP

I went with my parents and sis to a Korean BBQ restaurant downtown and I finally got the chance to participate in the activity of grilling my own meat at the table! :DDD  Actually, dad and I did most of the work, my mom wasn't really into that, just eating the meat lol.  My sis was the same, she didn't show interest in grilling. (-_-)

We ordered three kinds of meat, bulgogi, some other plain thin sliced meat, and chicken.  Lots of grilling work was left to me and dad.  But it was fun and I feel it's something cool to do at a restaurant, especially if you have a group of people.  I guess it could be cool with two people too but it would be easier if we ordered less meat.  The bulgogi was DELICIOUS and I enjoyed the thin sliced meat but imo, the chicken was meh.  I think if we ever do this again, we should just get two orders of bulgogi and other types of dishes like bibimbap.  It looks like they give lots of meat on platters but one dish of meat is only good for one small serving per person if there's 3-4 people.

May I also mention that Koreans are crazy about their side dishes so we had a ton of those.  I love Korean side dishes because it's like a really cool variety of appetizers or pupus as my dad likes to call them.  OMG I'm still burping up sikhye smelling burps, nasty.  ANYWAY, yeah, excuse my grossness but I do have a major case of meat-hangover.  Meat takes so long to digest and not any easier for me as I hardly eat beef.  That reminds me, at the end of din din, we got complimentary cups of sikhye which is a cup of heavenly refreshing deliciousness. 

I  used to call Sikhye "the sweet rice drink."  My mom had asked the waiter what the drink was but I don't know if he mentioned 'sikhye.'  He simply said that it aids in digestion.  I was contempt to believe his claim because the drink really just seemed like sugar and water with rice in it so I researched when I got home and found that it indeed aids in digestion and has a few other claimed health benefits such as preventing constipation and lowering blood pressure.  The reason for this is because sikhye is a fermented drink and contains bacteria that helps the digestion process.  I didn't find too much aside from that.  I think I may try making my own sikhye, just for the fun of it.  :D

The dinner was really nice and it was a nice way to spend the evening with family.  It's too bad that all the authentic Korean restaurants are so far down south from where we live. If only we had a good korean bbq nearby.  There's also all the Korean supermarkets down there too including H-Mart.  Love the atmosphere of that store. :3
I went there maybe a couple weeks ago and bought some shampoos.  Japanese shampoos smell soooo nice!  And guess what, first thing I see when I entered the store were ramyun advertised by none other than Micky Yoochun!!!  <3  Funny how this is right after I finish watching Rooftop Prince lol.

I really want to go to H-Mart again and I feel like I might be seeing that store again soon as I'll need to buy some ingredients for a few Korean recipes that I'm eyeing on food blogs.  (^.^)

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