Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Update April 2013

And again I procrastinate horribly...  I try to make it a goal to blog every week but it's hard for me since I can never be consistently motivated.  ╮(─▽─)╭

So what have I been up to for these past few weeks?

Where to start..  The first week, I was working on updating my blog layout, moving things here and there, changing up the background, updating the header picture, and just organizing categories and labels for all my posts.
I also still have my pathophys class that should be over in only a few weeks~!tuzki13

I'm mostly working extra this week (gotta save up the cash moneys), and waiting for my two orders in the mail.  I recently purchased some products from RoseRoseShop because they have awesome prices on their Korean cosmetics.  It's only taking forever to get here though...
I also ordered a shorter peacoat and that's taking forever to get here as well.  *Sigh* this is the price I pay for cheaper costs...

When I finally get the my orders in the mail, I'll be sure to blog about it with product reviews and such because there were a lot of neat items such as serum sunscreen and lip tints that I've never purchased before so I'm super excited!  :D

I've still been watching K-dramas; my craving for them has not gone away.  So many new dramas are coming out and I can never keep up!  I even found out that Full House was re-made with new actors.  I'm not too sure about watching it though because the character's hairstyles are so outrageous (I might not be able to take it) and the girl looks too much like an ajumma with her Asian-Afro.

Now I know you're probably thinking I'm being shallow but seriously, watch this trailer and tell me then what you think:

Here's a few of the dramas I've been watching these days:

The Innocent Man (Nice Guy)

This is a melodrama and doesn't really have much comedy but it's really awesome if you like watching dramas about love, betrayal, and revenge.

The story is about this guy who was in love with this girl but she accidentally murdered a man and agreed to let her guy friend take the fall for her.  He lost almost everything and eventually finds out that she was a gold digging whore who married into a wealthy family.  He then decides to take revenge on her by pursuing her stepdaughter.

 Full House

I'm actually re-watching this drama with my sis because she has never seen this timeless classic.  I recall watching this a while back, it must have been over 4 years now and it still hasn't gotten old.

I can still laugh at 'Miss Wonderbra' (lady on the left) as she has the strangest preference of showing off her pushup bra in almost every outfit she wears, even the one in the pic above! tuzki65

As for the story, it's about this girl who's friends trick her into going off on a trip to China only to sell off her house and take all her money (yea, like this could actually happen in real life? lol)

She eventually finds out that a popular movie star has purchased her house and  she vows to get it back, even signing a fake marriage contract with the actor.  This drama super cute, has a ton of sweet moments, and is a pioneer in the cohabitation drama genre.

*Available on Netflix*

Stars Falling from the Sky

This is another drama that I'm re-watching after seeing it on Netflix.  I still find it insanely adorable, especially with all the kids involved.

This drama is about a spoiled girl who only seems to care for herself and her needs.  She has had a mad crush on this lawyer for years but can never get his attention.  Her parents somehow die in a freak car accident, leaving her to care for her 5 siblings.  She somehow gets a job working in the lawyer's house and sneaks her siblings in with her.

Once again, this is under the popular genre of a cohabitation drama where the girl lives with the guy.

*Available on Netflix*

Moving on to cartoons/anime, I have been watching...

I have officially jumped onto the Adventure Time bandwagon.

The show is hilarious and I love it.  I've almost caught up to the current episode that's most recently aired after my Adventure time marathon for the past few days.  I would watch this show non-stop for at least a few hours/day.

The only anime I've been sticking to right now is called Xam'd: Lost Memories (available on Netflix) and it's produced by Aniplex and Bones.

It's a cool story with amazing animation; it's like a mix of a Miyazaki movie and FMA Brotherhood.  It's a real treat to watch and the story is intriguing and mysterious.

I don't have much more to say, sorry... tuzki61  I guess my life isn't all that eventful right now; it's mostly routine stuff.  

Hopefully I should be writing another post soon for my haul from RoseRoseShop!

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