Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hot as frick

It's been so HOT these days...  It's so bad that it's hard to get to sleep....

I don't have a themostat in my room but I'm guessing it must be in the high 80's since it's usually somewhere in the 90's during the day.  What sucks more is that there's no breeze!  Mother nature, why must you be so cruel?!  D:

I've been spending most of my days job hunting online and just trying to save $$$ really.  I'm putting my foot down to not push myself so hard at work because believe it or not, working at a department store with clothing is more strenuous than one may think.  I had an awesome talk with one of my coworkers last night (who actually talks with me) about how it sucks so much to work in women's clothing.  There's lots of times where I feel like I'm an alien since I can't seem to connect with anyone.  She reminded me that I might not be from another planet after all. x3

A couple of days ago, I had a "never again" moment where I somehow agreed to work an 8 hour shift in my home department (u know, the one with tons of clothes).  It must have been my money hungry nature that prompted me to do that because it was a holiday and so I thought, 'Yay, extra holiday pay!!!" 

So I did get holiday pay but the amount I got never would have changed whether I worked 4 hours or 8 hours.  Much to my dismay, I should have just told my manager that I'll stick to my 4 hour shift.  I know I told myself before that I'll never work a 7 hour shift in that area again but it seems I had to learn yet another lesson: Not even for holidays because it won't make a difference.

I don't think I got to sleep last night until around 3am.  My poor Scruffy would climb out of bed and lay himself flat on the wood floor since it was so hot. image

I'll stop talking about how hot it is right now.  It's just making me think about it more.  XD

I finally got to make hayashi rice!  I graduated from hayashi rice noob-hood and bought the right box mix.

 Went to the local Japanese market and this was the only option.  Kinda disappointing but whatev's.

It turned out really yummy although I've still got a long way to go on presentation.

Back to me trying to save money, it can be pretty difficult since I do like to shop, I just have to suppress it by finding other things to do that's well, free.  Unfortunately for me, that's mostly being a couch potato and watching TV or anime or lazing around and reading manga.  Which is why I started making these brief anime reviews with all the new anime I've picked up.  I don't know if I'll make one for manga since I read so many.  Maybe if I could find a way to find certain categories and collect enough titles to fit into that.

I bought a couple new circle lenses and BB creams online so I'll see if I can post some reviews on those.  There's also the new CC cream trend that's been going on for a while but I don't think I'm a fan of this one.  I tried the Tony Moly CC cream and it's not all that great.  I'll post a review for that too.

I'll end this blog with a funny meme of Levi Heichou I found, I hope everyone is having a nice week!:

 If they kill him off I'll be so PO'd.


Nyanette said...

Lol that meme XD

It's the same here. You look out the window and it seems alright but you go outside and you're sweating buckets!!

MayClover said...

haha that last picture XD
It was also really warm here few weeks ago but it really changed! We have lots of rain now (and cold wind :P). Sometimes it's a bit sunny.. ah well at least I can sleep XD