Thursday, November 21, 2013

Should I or shouldn't I?

I'm at a sort of crossroad right now.  Recently, I've 'temporarily' landed a new job.  It pays better, I won't have to deal with clothes, and I have a set schedule.  But it's temporary.. D:

The reason I'm starting to think about the big 'Q' word is also because there's upcoming schedule conflicts and I'm starting to feel the effects of the "downer culture" in the workplace.  What is "downer culture?"  I'll give an example.

I walk into the break room for my 30 minute lunch.  I open the door and there's a bunch of my coworkers chatting.  Great.  Walking over, I grab a seat and sit nearby.  Now one would hope that coworkers could have a nice chat about some mindless cr*p about the weather or even a TV show they watched recently.  I wouldn't even mind if they were talking politics.  But no, 90% of the time, they're b*tching about work and repeating sh*t that everyone already knows about.  They're not thinking of solutions.  They're complaining.  Which is totally understandable in a stressful job but seriously, we're all on break.  Could we leave out work related stuff for at least this sacred amount of time we have to be away from it all?  I notice there's a newbie nearby and I FEEL for her.  I mean, she's just started this job and I can only imagine what she must be thinking being in this room of disgruntled associates complaining about the job she just got hired for.  Trust me, I've been in her shoes and that doesn't help with new hires.  It's like tying an anchor to the fresh morale of the workplace and letting it sink into the farthest depths of the abyss.

That is "downer culture."  It's when the majority of the workplace has a dark, grim, and sad outlook of their job.  When coworkers talk with each other, a lot of it is complaining about their job without including proactive measures to fix their problems.  It's complaining without solution.  And it can potentially reduce the enthusiasm and optimism of the workplace, much like a cold wind blowing out a small candle. 

A person may not notice it right away, but it's there, varying from minimal to larger levels and beyond.

Now back to the main question.  Should I quit?  I really want to.  I have a new job, there's some schedule conflicts coming up, and I don't want to deal with them.  And I hardly ever work at that job anymore. 

This spring, I'll be taking a CNA course to get certified and I know there will be many schedule conflicts...  The thing is, this job I want to quit has these certain, 'special' work days where we can't deal with them until a few days before.  It's pretty lame and for a job that has so much flexibility, this is a glaring flaw in the system.

Well, I'll keep thinking about it.  I've gotta sort out my pros and cons. ;)

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