Monday, February 17, 2014

Do you still dream about your first crush?

It's been about 8 years and I still dream about the guy...  It's so weird.  Why would I care about a person that I didn't even know well after so long?  My subconscious doesn't seem to want to let him go.

My mind always had a strange way taking an interest in guys.  Like, they didn't necessarily have to be super handsome or good-looking.  It's like my mind just takes a random interest in someone and it might not even be my 'ideal' type!

When I was in high school,  for SOME reason, I took an interest in this tall, skinny, Asian-looking white dude.  Well, I think he was white.  He looked kind of Asian since he had straight black/brown hair, pale skin, and dark eyes but I could tell that he wasn't pure Asian.  Plus, his last name was English.  Who knows, he might have been mixed.

This is the guy that would haunt my (every so often) dreams.  I do admit, he was pretty cute having nice skin, dark eyes, and silky hair.  I think I may have liked him partially because he had things that I didn't have such as tall height, a skinny body, and... I think he was smart too?  xD  I wasn't the smartest kid in high school.  His personality was also kind of cool. 

I really admired the guy, even though to the average person, he may have looked slightly nerdy.  He was one of the boys that I was so nervous to be around that I couldn't even talk with him.  Unfortunately for me, I'm the kind of girl who would probably seem cold to the guy I like...  D:

There are times when I wonder what he's doing right now.  Is he the same or different from before?  What is he like?  I admit to doing the whole 'stalker-ish' thing with trying to look him up on facebook or online but I've never found him. 

Do you guys have a long ago crush that still shows up in dreams?


lovepirate said...

Yes, I can relate! xD
I sometimes dream about my crushes, too. Doesn't happen too often, though. But when I do, it's always a mean dream, like my crush doing things to me I secretly wished for. Stupid brain! xD

MayClover said...

Aww :)
Sounds like an Ikemen/Bishounen from a manga haha! ;)