Monday, February 3, 2014

What up buttercups? 8D

Hello, hello!  How is everyone doing?  I must be doing pretty well since I actually made a new post within a reasonable amount of time, lol.

The last post was a insanely long one about why I think an anime couple should be together forever...  Sorry, it was obsessive, I know.  I just love that couple and if anyone else watches the anime, maybe you'll understand my feels.  xD

A long cold front has hit us once again.  This has resulted in me and my dogs reverting to couch potatoes.

One thing I'm happy about tho, is that I finally got my YesStyle package and it arrived before it snowed!

I got 2 jackets, a beanie, and two leggings.  Initially I ordered 3 jackets but one was indefinitely out of stock.  D:  It's kind of disappointing since their website didn't even have a notice that they were out of stock..  Well, what can you do?...

Below are the jackets I got delivered.

Here's what the jackets look like on me.

Please excuse the stupid pose.  I have short legs and these boots were..  well I needed them but they weren't the best to wear with this jacket.

So for all you other short ladies out there, if a jacket sits too close to your knees, make sure to wear some high heeled shoes (that is, if you want the look to be well balanced).  For us short people, we've gotta be careful not to offset the balance between our upper body and our lower body.

This jacket is larger than I expected so it kinda makes me too 'top-heavy'.  So I gotta balance it out by making my legs appear longer with high shoes.

[Will post the next jacket later...]

One of the things that surprised me was how good the beanie fit on my head.  It was so flattering and I'm shocked because in all my life, every single beanie I've bought never really sat right on me.  

I would see pictures of girls with beanies and they would sit just perfectly and give just the right amount of volume to the top of their head and I'd wonder why mine looked so flat and stupid.

Apparently, it really is the beanie that makes the difference.  I dunno, maybe I'm not wearing my other beanies right but this one, I don't even have to pre-volumize my hair and it looks great.

[I'll post a pic later..  ^^]

 Another item that I got in the mail after an eternal wait was my new phone case~! image 

I'm pretty sure this is an imitation gucci case; it was quite cheap, around $10.

I purchased it from ebay.  This case took a whole month to ship out to me.  That teaches me not to order online during the holidays...  

Luckily, it was worth it because I'm so happy with this case!  The quality feels very nice for the price I paid and it goes perfectly with the keychain my mom got for me.  The poor bear was stuck in a box for the longest time.

I started a CNA class that I go to on Saturdays.  It's a long class, about 8 hours but the time goes by quite fast after 12pm.  I'm so happy I picked the Saturday classes instead of two classes during the week.  It really frees up so much time for me to do other things.

The CNA class is much different from any other academic class I've taken.  It's more 'hands on' kind of stuff.  We have to learn certain skills such as proper hand washing, taking vital signs, and how to put on a PPE gown.

Alright, onto my more favored topics, television-!

Recently, I finished season 3 of American Horror Story, "American Horror Story Coven".

The ending was okay but the season overall was not exactly on par with the first two..  It just didn't have that particular excitement.  It might be because it wasn't as scary?

 Now that all the shows I usually watch: Once Upon a Time (both series) and American Horror story aren't going to have new episodes until March, I'm catching up on Downton Abbey. xD  It's a good show if one wants to learn more about that time period where dukes and duchesses reigned supreme and about the downfall of that society.

Let's see, I also watched Ender's Game yesterday.

It was a good movie with extremely gorgeous graphics.  I watched this in HD and damn!  It might surpass Prometheus in how great the graphics are.

Another movie I watched recently was Frozen.

  I don't know if I'll do a review on it since my reaction was different after watching it a couple times.  

The first time I watched it, I found it to be a bit dull and predictable.  The songs seemed cheesy and over the top and it would be too obvious when the characters would break into song.

The second time watching it, I liked the songs a lot more and I really enjoyed Elsa's character development throughout the film.  It's great how Disney is evolving away from the 'love at first sight' theme and showing that people should get to know each other to see if it really is 'true love'.  It's a wise message.

 Off to another topic, has anyone else seen the FFXIII Lightning Returns Demo?  I have a PS3 so I saw it in the Playstation store and tried it out.  

It looks great but I think some of Lightning's outfits are sort of lame..  Regardless, the new battle system is fun.  It seems like a throwback to FFX-2 with the 'class' change of the character.

 A battle filled with sexual tension!

Sometimes I wish Lightning was a guy.  She's too hot and manly to be a girl. xD

 Lumina reminds me of how Shuyin resembled Tidus in FFX-2.  Hopefully this doesn't become a 'thing' with FF games. 

I'm happy this game is on the PS3.  At least I won't have to wait forever to play it.  I'm too poor to get a brand new game console.  I've also heard from many game enthusiasts that we're all wasting our time with game consoles since all games may eventually end up on the PC (since no video game console will ever surpass the power of the PC).

That's about all that's going on in my life at the moment.  CNA class is at the forefront of my mind since it's such a new experience.  And since the weather's cold, that means more TV and video games and couch potato  laziness.  It's so unpleasant and icy outside... it doesn't look like it's gonna let up soon either.

 I'll just have to hibernate for another week or so.  ;D


lovepirate said...

I'm really curious about seeing the pictures of you modeling your gets. :D
Ah~ and Lightning is just too hot even as a girl, isn't she? *Q*;

MayClover said...

I still haven't seen Frozen I think I'm the only one whaha. XD