Monday, August 11, 2014

Movie night: Lucy

Today I decided to go see the movie "Lucy" after work with sis.

After meeting incentives for my job, me and other coworkers on our team all got gift cards and one of them was for the local theater. ^^

"Lucy" is about an American woman studying in Taiwan who gets thrown into a drug trafficking deal.  She's knocked out and wakes up on a hotel bed to find out she's been turned into a 'drug mule' that's assigned to transport drugs to Europe.

Under unknown circumstances she becomes held captive by Taiwanese thugs, gets abused and kicked in the abdomen, and that causes the bag of drugs to break and wreak havoc in her system.  Eventually, she finds that the drug somehow gave her superhuman control over her brain.

The movie was really entertaining and I was always anticipating what she would do next as her ability to control her brain increased.

In the beginning of the movie, I took note of how the scenes would switch between 'Discovery Channel-like' recordings of animal behavior in the wild and how they related to the context of the scenes with Lucy or whatever Morgan Freeman Science guy was explaining.

There were many skeptical questions (regarding the plausibility of scientific facts) that came to mind but I put my criticism on the back burner since this was such a treat to watch.

 Scarlett Johansson is so badass in this movie.

The visuals and the way everything was set up created just the right moods to fit each of the scenes.  It also helps that all the settings are just so pretty to look at!  I especially enjoyed the beginning of the movie where Lucy was first taken to the drug dealers and the operating room scene where she has the heartfelt phone call with her mother.

This is one of those movies where there is only ONE main character and no other characters have much significance.  Most movies place great importance on character interaction.  "Lucy" is unique in the way that it doesn't rely on character's deeper relations to one another.

But that's okay because the character Lucy is truly a piece of work.  One of the main themes around her is the fact that the more percentage of her brain she uses, the less Human she becomes.

At the very beginning of the movie, viewers can take note of how she's so vulnerable and scared but as time goes on, she loses her fear and eventually becomes an emotionless shell of what she once was.

Just look at those beautiful colors... the dramatic lighting!

The ending of this movie also gave arise to a whole new set of questions and skepticism.  But I like movies that make me question and think about them long after watching.  I also think that the main theme of this movie wasn't so much on scientific facts anyway, but life's purpose on a grand scale.

"Lucy" was great fun to watch.  The settings were pretty and exotic (esp. since this was partially shot in Taiwan).  This is also one of the most visually appealing action movies I've ever watched.  The action scenes were amazingly choreographed, the car chase being the shining gem that stands apart from the rest.

The scientific facts are so outlandish yet the movie is so entertaining that I still have fun watching.

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lovepirate said...

Damn, I haven't watched this yet but I'm effin' serious about doing it. :D So great that you liked it, now I can't wait to go to the movies.