Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Current Anime & Legend of Korra Book 3

Space Dandy

One of my coworkers convinced me to try out this anime and it's the most f*cking hilarious thing I've ever seen.

Space Dandy is unique in the sense that it doesn't follow a plot and goes in whatever direction it sees fit.  The characters even die in some episodes, only magically coming back to life in new ones.  It's also playful and experimental in its art and animation styles and explores various concepts and topics.

 Sailor Moon Crystal

I'm not sure how I found out about this reboot but since Sailor Moon is so popular, I would have found out some way or another.

I've only watched a few episodes and I'm excited to see where the story goes once all the scouts are introduced.  The animation style also seems to be loyal to the manga art style.

Free! Eternal Summer

Watched the first anime, and I'm really happy the second didn't take too long to be released.

I'm glad Rin got a much needed attitude adjustment.  He's actually likeable now!  With the main conflict removed, there's been a new character introduction so that's interesting.  I also like the new theme of the guys transitioning into adulthood and having to anticipate life out of high school.

Sword Art Online

I stick with this anime just because it's so damn pretty.  The story in my honest opinion, is good but not great.  It doesn't have that suspense factor to keep me hooked; basically, I'm not anticipating the next episode and can go months on end without watching.

This is a rare and a perfect example of an anime with a so-so story and gorgeous animation that makes me want to at least finish it.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Produced by the same studio (A-1 Pictures) as Sword Art Online, Magi has a slightly less serious tone and is more about fun and adventure.

The art style is also more relaxed and although not as beautiful as Sword Art Online, still just as lovely to watch.  I think I saw lots of exotic cosplays of this anime and finally decided to watch it .

Kill La Kill

Don't let the cutesy art style fool you. Kill La Kill is all about high energy and high action.  The art style is VERY flexible.  In one moment it can be 'Lucky Star' cute and a few seconds later, a nuclear warhead goes off and it switches up to a Gurren Lagann-like action sequence.

The story also has an interesting theme of upper and lower class; status and power revolve around a peculiar system of special uniforms that people earn through being the best fighter at a school.

Avatar Legend of Korra Book 3:  Change

My fav, fav, fav American anime-styled animation ever~!  I'm super excited about this season, especially with all the fun new characters being introduced and the new locations the story will explore.

If you haven't heard of Avatar the Last Airbender (not the shitty movie btw), then where have you been??  Under a rock?!!  Well go online and watch this show NOW! 

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lovepirate said...

Good picks. :)
I also think that Rin has become way more likeable in the second season of free!
Have to admit that I only watched the movie The Last Airbender, though, and I didn't like it too much. .__. Maybe I should start watching the television seasons?