Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fashion blunder (for a short person)

Today I'd like to talk about a big fashion blunder I made yesterday.

You know you've made a fashion blunder when you see yourself in a nearby mirror and realize how BAD you look.

That was me yesterday at the mall.  I decided to go after work and I decided to wear a T-shirt under my work shirt.  I also wore a light knit cardigan over my T-shirt.  But this is not the worst part.

To top it off, I was wearing tight black jeans/jeggings and old sneakers.  

Yes... sneakers. ( > ~ < )

I'm a short person.  My legs aren't that long and so I need to be careful of what I wear.

Even if a person isn't that short, depending on if their proportions are such that their upper body or lower body are longer or shorter than the other, they'll need to compensate.

What I mean is that if you wear something top heavy, you'll probably want to wear something tight or slimming for your lower body.  And vice verse.

I'll be real here, my old sneakers are ugly.  AND my legs are short.  Pair up tight black jeans, ugly sneakers, short legs, and top heavy clothing and that creates a recipe for disaster.

I'm sure there are exceptions such as if the sneakers weren't ugly and perhaps matched the color of the pants so that it will elongate the legs but alas, that's another topic.

To remedy this situation, I should have worn something tighter for my upper body.  Maybe a fitted T-shirt without the cardigan or a tighter fitting jacket.

Even better, I should NOT have worn those old sneakers with my black jeans.  The color of my jeans and the sneakers do not match so that combination just cut off a few inches of my legs and made them appear even shorter.  Maybe I should have worn different footwear.

I'll be sure to post a picture of this fashion blunder and a solution.

I always like to learn from my fashion mistakes and hopefully this tip is helpful to anyone else who has short legs like me.

It's good to create balance in outfits, especially if your upper or lower body is somewhat longer or shorter than the other. :)

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lovepirate said...

Tell me more, now I'm curious. XD Please post a picture! But I'm sure it wasn't THAT bad. ;)